or i've gotten stepped on

anonymous asked:

Hey I know this isn't Sherlock but just curious, do you ship Destiel?

I only saw the first season of Supernatural so I never even got to the part where Castiel was in it jsodfjposdfcposcdoe 

lilgengar  asked:

hello! if you wouldn't mind, could you please explain how to tan your character on the island? i've always tried during the summer time but i've never gotten it to work!

of course! ima do it by steps to make it easier to understand

  • has to be between the times of 12pm and 3pm
  • wear nothing but a tshirt or tank top
  • no shoes, no headgear and no accessories 
  • stand anywhere on the island (as long as you’re not in the shade)
  • leave your game alone for 15 minutes or do some fishing if you’d like!)
  • do this once a day, everyday until you get the tan you’re satisfied with