or i'm just easily amused


The fact that these two are voiced by the same actor never ceases to amuse me. 


These guys are also voiced by the same person: 

Now someone give me an AU where Shredder’s trying to catch experiments and Donnie just sits around making sandwiches all day. And he offers Shredder a bologna sandwich and Shredder’s just like, “I DON’T LIKE BOLOGNA!…… too fatty.”  

//honestly I’m so easily pleased, I laugh over the stupiest things.

I started playing Arkham City, seeing that I only have the challenges left in Asylum and wanna play the story more and Bruce is chained up and walking past this criminals and you can hear one shouting in the background “You’ll pick up the soap FOR ME” and I just placed my controller to the side and laughed for two minutes

i have no clue what happened but my phone has stripped away the lead vocals and at least one instrument from every song on it. it’s actually really interesting tho because u can clearly hear all the backing vocals and instruments that you don’t normally hear. some thoughts on arctic monkeys: stripped edition:

  • it’s really cool to hear all the guitar and drum parts on wpsiatwin and it feels like i’m chilling in matt’s parents’ basement while they practice
  • the view from the afternoon instrumental version sounds really good wtf they should’ve released it as a bside or something
  • fwn sounds cool but there’s nothing particularly interesting i can think of to mention
  • humbug is really interesting to listen to because a bunch of instruments got stripped away. like the jeweller’s hands is just one guitar (jamie’s i think), drums, and a xylophone. i feel like i’m standing there in the recording studio with them as they record different parts of the songs
  • potion approaching has hand claps. lots of them.
  • there’s a howling wind sound in the part of crying lightning where it gets quiet and it’s just alex singing and the drums
  • u know the vocals the rest of the band does in the live version of secret door? (the oohs and ahs) those are in the recorded version too!
  • alex does harmonizing backing vocals that i’ve never ever noticed in a lot of sias songs and they’re lovely
  • brick by brick with no vocals except nick singing “brick by brick” in an extremely low voice is incredibly amusing
  • josh homme’s harmonies on all my own stunts sound really cool and i’ve never noticed them either
  • am sung entirely by matt helders in falsetto is an experience. it sounds really funny tbh
  • falsetto. falsetto everywhere.
  • i wanna be yours in falsetto sounds like a bad 90′s r&b song