or i'm going to hack into the system

Just Imagine

Imagine Voltron in its first fight against Prince Lotor, and Lotor somehow is able to comunicate (maybe he got one of his cronies to hack Voltron’s communication system). So the entire time Voltron is fighting, they hear Lotor making snide comments in the background, like “Is that the best you have?” “My father must have been weak if he couldn’t squash you like the bugs you are.” And it looks like the Galra are going to win, and Voltron is about to lose when Lotor makes a remark about how, after he kills Voltron, earth is next one to go.

And Lance fucking looses it.

Suddenly, enemy ships are being cut and frozen left and right, the number of Galra ships decreasing rapidly. All the while Lance is screaming over the intercom, saying things in English and Spanish alike. But everyone, including Lotor, gets the gist of what he is trying to say:

“Get anywhere near earth and I will fuck you up.”

Lotor never hacked into Voltron’s communication system again.

  • Kara: Supergirl won't be available next Tuesday
  • Alex: What? why?
  • Kara: I got jury duty
  • Alex: Now I'm imagining you going as Supergirl
  • Alex: Can I get someone to hack the system and changed Kara Danvers to Supergirl? Can you imagine how shock they'll be when they're roll calling and come across you?
Ninja Skype: Baruto & Sarada
  • Baruto: hey!
  • Sarada: oh hey.
  • Baruto: why did you give me that note to Skype you today? Couldn't you just ask me.
  • Sarada: well the thing is I heard boys carry cooties so I don't think I wanna contract that from you. So Skype was the only option I could think of.
  • Baruto: cooties?! I don't have that? Who the heck said I had cooties dattebasa?
  • Sarada: my mom did. Also my dad thinks I like you.
  • Baruto: you do??
  • Sarada: no, I said my DAD thinks I like you I never said I liked you.
  • Baruto: aw. I mean-- whatever it's not like I care dattebasa.
  • Sarada: wait hold-- someone's here.. shh.. Dad?
  • Sasuke: keep going. I must see if I can hack into his system.
  • Sarada: dad that's the printer.
  • Baruto: what is he doing
  • Sarada: my dad thinks the only way to stop me from talking to you on Skype is to erase the internet.
  • Baruto: is he trying to delete the icon?
  • Sarada: I'm hanging up this is getting weird.
  • Sasuke: NO YOULL LOOSE THE SIGNAL. I saw this in a spy movie once.
Penguins of Madagascar {Sentence Starters}
  • "We take this shame to our graves."
  • "Every time a villain calls in, this happens."
  • "Hello! Are you my family?"
  • "Hey, this could be our thing! What're we going to call it?"
  • "It's like talking to my parents."
  • "Look! It's the miracle of birth."
  • "He hacked into our system!"
  • "You're hideously disfigured and will probably be hunted for sport."
  • "We're not going anywhere with you."
  • "We gotta blend in. River dance."
  • "I thought that was what we were all nodding about."
  • "We're still going to need that victory cake!"
  • "I don't wanna die, I'm squishy!"
  • "You don't have a family, and we're all going to die. Sorry."
  • "How long do we stand here like this?"
  • "I'm the monster. Everyone made that clear to me every day in my entire life."
  • "Follow me, boys! We're going in hot!"
  • "We are really awesome at this!"
  • "You are the most meaningful and valued member of this team."
  • "They gave us badges!"
  • "You were supposed to handcuff them to the raft!"
Saeyoung has to go on a trip and wants Saeran to stay with another RFA member! Saeran's thoughts on each member:
  • Jaehee: I don't like coffee. Oh, computer? Maybe I can hack into another shop's system so she'll get more customers! (Jahee: NO, DON'T DO THAT!)
  • Zen: What are you doing? Get away from me with that damn camera!
  • Jumin: Great. Another cat freak. Ugh.
  • Yoosung: Games. Games. Games. Games. I'm hungry, is there any food? Uhhh, this has mold on it.
  • Saeran: Brother. Get back now. I'm gonna die with these so called friends of yours! HALP!
  • BONUS V: You remembered what happened last time, yeah?

anonymous asked:

Could you please explain the whole 4chan thing? I'm afraid I don't quite understand what's going on... Thanks :)

People from tumblr apparently messed with some people on 4chan. I have no idea what the tumblr people did, but now a bunch of people from 4chan are retaliating in some nasty ways. 

1. They’re spamming a lot of popular tags with terrible pictures of rape and murder and dead animals and things like that. They’ve been scheduling to post for the next couple of weeks with the hopes that they can shut down our tagging system.

2. They’re saying they’re going to hack accounts and flood people’s dashes with the same sort of pictures.

3. They have a long list of blogs they’re planning on targeting specifically. And beside the urls they have notes like “This person had a blood phobia.” They’re pretty much planning to intentionally give people panic attacks by submitting photos of things they have phobias of. One of the notes even said something like “MAKE THEM DIE." 

4. They’re planning to raid the selfie tags (like #me #my face and #selfie), take people’s faces, and photoshop them onto pornographic pictures. This is highly illegal, especially if you’re a minor. If this happens to you, do not say anything to the person who posted it. Take screencaps and immediately take them to your local authorities. 

5. They created an instructional picture telling people how to "Stop the 4chan raid.” Except the instruction don’t stop anything… What they do is mess with your operating system to make your computer stop functioning. So if you see something like this DON’T FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

Best thing to do is avoid the tags until this all blows over, and if you post selfies, don’t tag them. And for the love of all things holy, DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. Don’t reblog the pictures, don’t send them messages, don’t go over to 4chan and poke the bee hive. Just let them get bored and go back to the shithole they came from. 

the cw should hire me to write my space crack au as the spin off we could have the wayward daughters in space (hear me out, not just one home but an entire planet of bad ass ladies) and dean building ships from space debris and charlie hacking into defense systems in far away galaxies and cas excitedly taking dean to places he hasn’t visited since the dawn of time and sam discovering libraries containing books older and full of more knowledge about the universe than he ever thought possible and death 100% hating his life because he’s in charge of making sure none of them get into too much trouble out there and also kevin is still alive and bobby comes to visit sometimes and john gets sucked into a black hole.