or i'll haunt you

So here’s the thing - I don’t want you to forget me. I want to be the reflection you see when you look in your morning cup of coffee, wondering what happened and why I’m no longer around. I want to be in the sound of people chattering in the background, when you can’t remember the sound of my voice calling your name anymore. I want to be the face you search for in a crowd, even knowing I am no where near and there’s no possible way it could be my own. Call me selfish, but I want every second I’m gone to ache.

To put it simply, I don’t want you to have a moment’s peace… I hope I fucking haunt you forever.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #64

Hey, honey pie. Yes you. Listen to what this ghostly queen has to say…

You wanna put yourself in the same universe as your favorite character? Do it. You’re lovely and you deserve it and your fave is so happy to have you there!! You make them!!!! So happy!!!!!!

Dearest, hear me when I say that self shipping and self inserting are beautiful things. You have the power to put yourself there in that world, and absolutely no one can take that away from you. You are so wonderfully capable.

You are not cringey, weird, ect. Give yourself powers! Make your hair whatever color you want it to be! Be a part of a character’s family if you want! Date them! Heck, marry them! I’ll support you if no one else does.

Point is, you’re allowed to self ship/insert. Don’t let some sour grape tell you otherwise, my dear. Consider my little corner of Tumblr here a safe space for this kind of thing.

Feel free to pop in my ask box and gush about your fave. You’re always welcome to visit my little haunted kingdom here 💜

pssst, if you’re interested in all my unposted recolors (wms hair recolors) you can find them in this post!!

it’s like more than 40 recolors, you gotta find the meshes yourself. a simple googling will probably do the trick.
if you have any questions regarding where to find a mesh or any problems you can send me an ask. i’ll update this whenever i recolor more hairs! 

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[part one] & [part two]

3:36 am

i go through of all the words i would tell you
if you were next to me
i stumbled over the right way to tell you i love you
so i told you all the things i love about you
i couldn’t help it
i turned to hug you
my arm became insignificant as it destroyed your hallucination
just like the words that came so easily

(via @glimpseofmylife)

cobwebsayings  asked:

honestly can you just recommend your favorite masterposts if that's not too much trouble? thANK YOU ILYSM XX

Hi!!!! This was such a nice ask to answer because being buried in Ziam masterposts is exactly the kind of way I like to spend my time. So thanks for sending it!

This is by no means an exhaustive list (there are so many excellent masterposts I missed, I just know it 😭) and I included some of my other faves in recent Ziam asks. But if I don’t post this now, I’ll just keep messing with it for another month, SO ANYWAY SHUT UP ELLE HERE WE GO:  

Some Ziam family masterposts because I love them:

All I’ll say is buckle up for this one because it’s fucking WILD

Matching Ziam

Who really is Zayn’s girlfriend? (this one is so fun)

Zayn’s unrequited love tweets 

Poor Niall with the four of you (this has both Ziam and Larry)

Masterpost of sweet, patient Louis third-wheeling it

A masterpost of things Zayn does to Liam and Liam just takes it

Zayn’s extra fond face in 2014 

Liam’s many “Zayn faces”

The extreme shadiness of Zayn’s 21st birthday

Protective Ziam

The UAN Vegas Masterpost (be sure to check out their other UAN masterposts as well; I only singled out Vegas because WHAT A DAY.)

I just think this one is sweet!

The iconic and watchable masterpost: The Story of Ziam

And I’m also gonna link you to zappowziamfeelsbomb‘s Masterpost of Masterposts even though I can’t really figure out how to get them to work anymore? LOL HELPFUL! (But seriously, if anyone can, please let me know!) These masterposts were a big deal to me in my Ziam infancy, so it seems only right they get a place on this list! 

Hope this helps!! Enjoy! xxx


They hurt me
They remind me
They haunt me
They kill me.
That’s all I have now
I just have memories
I don’t have that moment anymore
I just know how I felt,
What was said,
And who I was with
And it kills me
Some moments I want back,
I don’t want them at all
They kill me
Maybe not on the outside,
But on the inside,
I’m being torn apart
My mind is hell,
I have wounds on my heart
That I’ve tried to sew shut,
A mess in my head,
And broken trust
My memories tear me down
Day after day,
Night after night
I can’t take it
They haunt me,
They hurt me,
They kill me
Slowly from the inside out
They won’t go away,
They are here
To stay

-By: Holly Forsman

You can’t even forgot his skin on your fingertips and yes you don’t allow yourself to remember the things he said at night but you still recall the way your stomach flutter when he pronounce your name that night over and over like a nightingale voice and you still wonder will your ear buzz and burn and will your heart feel less dead if you hear him calls you good morning and good night just one more time, you’re not over him.

You’re not over him, his name won’t come off your wall no matter how many times you paint another man’s name over it cause it was there, somehow, hiding behind “I should’ve call him” and your picture of what should’ve been, he was always there in a bunch of arranged letters you called prose and he was there but he wasn’t and you can’t fucking stand it so you tell people you’ve moved on and you tell them you doubted it was love in the first place but if he come back even if a part of his heart is in another girl’s palms and another part was on another girl’s arms; you’ll take him back. You’ll take him back everytime.

—  owlandowly // i’ll even took your lies as truth

A year ago today I was going through one of the worst experiences of my life trying to make it through my hospital stay and induction. Solidarity to the mamas w absolutely shit labor and birth stories. 💪We survived. I wish everyone had a good story. Myself included. So glad it’s a year in the past, every day of distance is a relief.
Wistful that she’ll never be just months old after tomorrow. Looking forward to the party. But it’s hard to feel celebratory thinking about a year ago. I just feel tense. Which is probably why I’ve got a migraine. Tomorrow. Tomorrow will be better. Good. Celebratory. Tomorrow is the day I met you and that will always be a beautiful day, no matter what led up to it. 🌅

How do you stand in front of the person that you love and tell them that you are the reason that they aren’t with the one they love?” I ask. “You don’t” is your simple reply. You pause, not daring to look at me and the air is thick with unsaid feelings, what-could-have-been’s and a million of the infinities that we never got to see. “If you really love them then you’ll let them be happy; even if that happiness lies in the arms of someone else.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #10 (Delilah D’Amore)