or i'll hate it in a month

  • Ravenclaw: There are no good modern horror movies. The genre is dying.
  • *new horror movie comes out*
  • Ravenclaw: i mUSt sEE IT!

Shout out to all the people who are having Mother’s Day shoved in their faces even though their mothers were abusive, neglectful, or absent. I know it feels like everyone is forgetting you or leaving you behind, but please know that you’re not alone, and you have every right to hate or ignore this holiday.

Inktober/Mobtober day 2: Divided

I’ve never completed something traditional so fast in my life.

How is it that only a month ago I was perfectly satisfied with my life. I actually thought I was pretty, I even began to love myself. But now, everything comes falling down and I hate myself again. All of my confidence just disappeared and I feel miserable.
—  Excerpts of stories I’ll never finish// #204

the mindy project aesthetic ⇨  dr. mindy lahiri

“I’m not picky. I just have high standards.”

( for my darlings @mindykahling and @alienrumi ♡ )


*shows up a month late w starbucks and yt rewind inspired art* 

dan and phil on bikes in yt rewind had me feelin Some Kind Of Way and then this happened 

When his hands brush my thighs
I find myself obsessively praying for forgiveness from my head
who repeatedly tells me,
“Your sins will make you suffer two times more in hell.”

When his eyes trail the bottom of my chin
all the way to the space between my eyebrows
I find my eyes demanding to meet his
but they study the floor instead

When he calls me by my name
my ears tune out the rest of the world
and his voice repeats over and over again
As if the way the letters of my name roll off of his tongue
love the taste of his mouth
more than they love being a part of me

when he disappears for weeks or months
I close the door to my heart
but always forget to lock up
for when he shows up after causing a thunderstorm
like the wreckage never existed
my heart falls under cardiac arrest

“How many times,” it begs me
“how many more times will I rip open my stitches for him to enter?”
it says weakly,
it is so full of love
that is has food poisoning
I whisper back,
“Until nothing is left of you anymore.

—  I hate that I love you 

hi, if you’re having a good day remember that once the team found neil after baltimore and he came back to palmetto, he literally sat down with all of them and told them that he was planning on leaving by the end of the season, planning on telling the fbi everything, like…. not even 48 hours after being kidnapped, tortured and almost killed, he sat down and told them that he had accepted that he’d die in a few months, that he started to spend more time and put some effort into his relationships with the team because he knew he didn’t had much time left. that he wanted to keep playing with them, that he wanted them to win and then die a fox once his time was over. they literally had to sit and hear it all coming from neil after everything that happened that night. andrew was right by his fucking side and had to hear that he planned on dying all along right after realizing that he could never recover from it if that ever happened. they had spent the other night thinking what if, what if, imagining everything that could have happened to neil and then seeing on his face and arms everything that did happened ONLY to have to do it all over again, but knowing the entire truth about him now, with the knowledge that the past few months were a goodbye and the feeling of what’s like to lose neil fresh in their memory.

LadyNoir July- Day 1 Patience

Ladybug had messed up.

She hadn’t, in fact, Chat had been pleased because she had left slip a tiny bit of information about her civilian life.

The conversation had started innocently enough after patrol Chat had been complaining about Plagg’s love for cheese, and how it made him smell like old feet. Ladybug had giggled and said she counted her lucky stars because Tikki loved cookies.

“Which is good, because my parents own a bakery and I live right upstairs, so cookie galore!” She laughed, and Chat stared at her as she suddenly stopped, realising what she had said.

“A baker’s daughter? I always thought you were bun-derful!” He kept up his cool demeanour, but on the inside, he was jumping for joy. If his lady was relaxed enough to let slip this, maybe soon she’d be okay with revealing identities.

Ladybug groaned at the pun and laid back on the roof they were on, looking up at the stars.

She had always guarded her civilian life and all details about it. It would be too dangerous for them to know each other’s identities, what if Chat was enslaved by one of the Akuma like he was with Dark Cupid?

You’re scared, said a little voice in her head, you’re just scared what he would think of you.

It was true, she was worried about the Akuma, but she was more worried about what people would think, what Chat Noir would think if they found out she was just clumsy, normal Marinette.

“My Lady?” Chat’s grin had faded slightly, as the silence had ensued. “Can I… ask you something?”

His green eyes met her blue ones, and she nodded slightly. He hesitated slightly, almost slightly afraid to ask, after Ladybug had fallen silent.

“Do you think… do you think that we could see each other? Like, our civilian selves?” He was met with momentary silence.

She thought about it, she really truly thought about it. Ladybug trusted no one more than she trusted Chat. Sure, he was a bit of a flirt, but he was always there for her, especially recently when they’d taken to talking and hanging out after patrols more often.

“Chat, I-“

“It’s all right, I get it, it’s safer if we don’t know.” They both frowned.

“I wasn’t saying no,” Ladybug whispered. Chat’s face lit up like a Christmas tree, and his signature grin made another appearance.

“I, I just need some time.” Chat didn’t stop grinning and held out his hand to help her up.

She pulled him into a hug instead. Chat was surprised but didn’t miss a beat before replying.

“Take all the time in the world bugaboo, I’ll still be here.” She hugged him tighter, resting her head on his shoulder.

He could be patient, he could be anything for her.

It’s sufficiently late and my dash is sufficiently dead where I feel like I can probably say this without too many people seeing it and starting discourse.

The Pens were my first team. I loved them passionately, and I have a different Main Squeeze now, but I still feel loyalty to this team. I’ve been feeling for a while though that I can’t say anything about them, especially around game time, because half my dash hates the Pens. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to hate a team, and I understand that there are annoying fans in the fanbase. But every post I scroll past where people talk about Nashville defeating the evil or about how every Pens fan needs to choke just makes me bite back my thoughts and slink back into whatever non-NHL distraction I’ve found for myself. It’s part of the reason I couldn’t enjoy this year’s playoffs, and why I turned completely to junior hockey after the first round.

I don’t have a problem with people cheering for the Preds. Half the mutuals I love very much and that I talk to on a daily basis cheer against my team while I’m talking to them (cough everyone cheering for the Griffins in the Calder Cup Finals). I don’t know when the Pens became that team that it was cool to hate, where you send threatening anons to Pens fans after games simply because they dared to be a fan. But lately it’s felt more and more like Pens fans have no place in this fandom, and this makes me sad.

(This is not aimed at anyone btw, I don’t keep track of which urls are pro or anti Pens. This is just my dash, as a whole)

Tsukkiyama Month 2017, day 6: Virtual Reality.

Tsukishima probably already named them.