or i wish it was


The musical is legitimately perfect, each actor put so much effort into capturing their characters. There’s so much emotion in every song it’s everything a PJO adaptation should be, finally.

I’m too spent to write up a full report tonight, but I promise there will be one! For now here are some pictures of the stage before and after the show, and the Playbill! And @percyyoulittleshit already shared because I spastically sent her a message during intermission ANNABETH NOT ONLY HAS BLONDE HAIR, BUT BLONDE CURLY HAIR. I didn’t think that would matter so much to me, but it literally took it from watching an actor on stage to seeing Annabeth.

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With Phara Jedi I have a pressing question, would she break the rule of nowhere relationships for mercy and would she question being a part of the Jedi order constantly?

Yes. You’re on point. But at the same time, Angela kind of keeps her from turning to the dark side c:

you know i’m not even upset about the hug anymore. i’m upset because i’m seeing so many people hurt because of it. i can deal with my own hurt and disappointment but i can’t stand seeing people so heartbroken. that’s what makes me so angry. that because of the crap they pulled, so many people are hurt once again, and many people feel so disrespected and stepped on because of that hug. because it was supposed to be something happy. because it was supposed to be something meaningful. because it was supposed to be that “swan queen might never happen but at least we got a hug” moment for us. because it was supposed to be our consolation, something we could all happily remember even if swan queen doesn’t become canon. but adam and eddy took that away from a lot of people. so now instead of seeing people happy, i see people disgusted, angry, sad, and heartbroken. as if queerbaiting wasn’t enough to do the job. how cruel can you fucking be?

As expected our PRO MARK proved himself again today! He won against bang jaemin in the 1 vs 1 battle!! 57 vs 43 CRIES.. SO PROUD OF HIM LIKE EVERY WEEK! Always improving and never making any mistakes. Our pride Mark LEEgend! SO BLESSED WITH HIM ♡ ♡ ♡ LET’S WIN THIS BB ~ IN THE FINALS!!



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How was Canada ;)

canada was good!!!!!

im gonna compare it 2 seattle bc they’re really close 

- everyone carries an umbrella. like wtf. if ur in seattle and u carry an umbrella around ur seen as a dorky tourist. idk why but america is dumb and we should carry umbrellas 

- everyone was super fashionable?? like maybe it was just bc i was in downtown vancouver but literally everyone was dressed super nice and it was weird. did not see any flannel or northface despite the fact that this is the PNW. even the gotdamn dogs were all well-groomed and purebreds like wtf 

- all the cars are super $$ and nice. i literally only saw BMW’s and Porsche’s in downtown vancouver. i was hoping for like a beat-up shitty car but no even the cars are nice here 

- THE TRAIN SYSTEM god bless ok the train system was so easy and so nice and so SIMPLE like wtf Seattle doesn’t have any sort of train system and getting around is a nightmare

- ppl stand only on the right side of the escalators??? i don’t understand this one at all @ canada wyd 

- the streets were super nice!! like there were tons of cool stores along the streets and it felt very…chic? like you could just walk around all day and not get tired of it. idk but seattle has a much more…”grunge-y” feel to it and i didn’t get that vibe from BC at all 

- despite it being a port town there wasnt much of a ocean smell??? like there was a bunch of seagulls and stuff but it didn’t really have that “ocean spray” smell to it. also was very VERY quiet at night for a big city which i was surprised, i.e. not very many sirens or cars honking or just night-life noise