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Things Overheard in Dorms
  • “That’s the fourth time this week you’ve brought up cannibalizing me. Should I be worried?”
  • “So needless to say, she peed on me.”
  • “Wow, this Heineken has such a smooth finish!”
  • “Do you think I can fit an entire orange in my mouth?”
  • “If I hear someone sing Hamilton in the shower again I’m joining them in their shower so I can drown them.”
  • “Someone just gave me a free cake. Should I be worried?”
  • “How did they manage to get that in BOTH shower stalls!?”
  • “How much caffeine is poisonous? Asking for myself, I’m actually worried.”
  • faintly, as though yelled from in a room down the hall “Can you come hand me my Swiss rolls? My head spins if I sit up.”
  • “Well you see, Marxism is actually” *anguished yelling from multiple people*
  • “Why is Ross sitting in a box in the hallway with a sweatervest draped over his head?” “Stress.”
  • “What’s the difference between an undergraduate research assistant and a random nosy 19 year old? Less than you’d think!”
  • “Let Bob Ross caress your happy little struggles away.”
  • “He talks like he thinks the world is waiting with bated breath to hear what he thinks about Fight Club.”
  • *screaming in harmony with a vacuum*
Pro revenge by whistle blowing.

(long story)

One of my first jobs out of college wasn’t really a true job. I interviewed at a proprietary trading firm and was offered a job as one of their traders. Looking back, it was naive to join such a firm and this was right before the ‘08 crash. They sold themselves as being pro traders and all you had to do was put up some capital which got added to the group’s pooled fund. After that, you went through training and once the boss thought you were ready, you would 'go live’ with your trading account. There were no paychecks, but you did get to keep most of your profits. Later on, I learned that the bosses of such groups made money by either taking a cut from your profits or by taking a fee from your traded volume. This group skimmed from both sides taking 15% from your profits and a fee from your trading volume which came out to about $1.5 every 100 shares traded.

For months, I spent time learning from the “Pros,” and then I began to realize along with some of the other newbies, that the only person making money was the boss. The turnover for new traders was high. Some people lasted a month, others a year or two. As I got to know people around the office, I began finding out that very few made any money at all. The boss was a micromanager and watched the risk monitor for his group like a hawk. If you hit -$50 in a day, you were locked out and couldn’t trade anymore throughout the day. Also, you were limited to trading stocks up to $40 per share with a max size of 200 shares. It was very difficult to make a living trading like this.

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geminidragonjasminealexandra replied to your chat “Garrus: Inappropriate dick jokes running faster than Udina and the…”

Also Jaal LOVES to EAT OUT… at nice restaurants.

He is a gROWING boy who needs to keep up his strength, and no dish is too rich for Sahuna’s #1 darling. Imported at gREAT EXPENSE from the Milky Way. The other mothers should be jealous.

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Hey, I was wondering, a couple of friends and i are making OCs based off Cakes?. it's set in like..A modern kingdom. the Princess is Red Cream *Based off Red Velvet Cake*. The Cliche of The princess who doesnt want to be a princess.. A butler *No name and is based off Cheese Cake* And the Jester. *No name again and based off Angel Cake* and we were wondering if you wanted to join in with us?

Idk if I’d have time to join in with anything proper, but a cake kingdom sounds fun!

The good knight Sir Battenburg, stepping up to the plate!



Taken (Part 12)

Pairing: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Summary: When Sam, the reader’s fiancee, is kidnapped with no explanation, the reader uses the help of Dean to find her lost love.  However, many unforeseen things happen on the journey to find Sam. How will Dean and the reader deal with developing feelings for one another?
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,263
Tags: canon-level gore/violence, situational angst, eventual Dean x Reader
A/N: Let me know what you think!!



“Can I join you?” you asked, breaking the silence.

Dean jumped slightly at your voice and glanced over at you, surprised.  When he realized who it was, he relaxed and nodded, remaining silent.  He returned his gaze back up to the heavens.

“Didn’t take you for a stargazer,” you murmured, settling next to him on the small bench.

“I’m not.”

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Sets of Stars (Jumin x MC)

Jumin joins you outside, to find you’re unable to see the stars in the sky. 

Word Count: 639

I haven’t got much to say other than I hope you enjoy and have a terrific day! Thank you!


You stood on the balcony, sitting upon one of the ornate wicker chairs, your gaze aimed up to the sky.

Only to find nothing.

The clouds left the sky murky, not a star to be seen above you. 

It couldn’t help but leave you a bit disappointed, memories of how the small lights would twinkle in the sky as a child.

Perhaps you were a bit nostalgic, but you missed it nonetheless.


You were snapped from your thoughts as your husband, Jumin joined you on the balcony, slipping off his jacket to blanket you.

“Hey!” You lifted your head up, smiling tenderly as you saw him. “What’s up?”

“I just wanted to check in on you. It’s getting rather cold after all.”

“I know it’s just…” You sighed, entwining your hand with his own. “I was just hoping I’d be able to see the stars. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to and I was just hoping I could again.” 

Jumin looked upwards, furrowing his brow as he was met with the same sight you saw. 

“Oh, darling, I’m sorry,” He narrowed his gaze, thinking. “you know, next time we go on a trip I promise to take you to the most starry place in the world, that way you can see them again.” 

“You don’t have to do that I’d want you to pick someplace you’d want to go to too-”

“Dear, you don’t have to worry about that.” He chuckled softly, squeezing your hand fondly. “As long as you’re with me I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.” 

You let out a small breath of disbelief, standing up to face him as you pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, curling his hair through your fingertips. “Thank you, really.” 

“Of course.” He hummed, grinning. “But if you were to ask me, the brightest star is right in front of me.” 

You took a moment to process his words, you cheeks slowly grower redder and redder by the second before you buried your head in the crook of his neck, muttering incoherent responses.

He had snickered weakly, wrapping his arms around your waist as he continued to speak.

“I’m serious darling, everything about you is brighter and far better than any star I’ve ever seen.” He continued, weaving his fingers through your hair. “Why, you’re brighter than the sun. After all, not even the sun was able to light up my life like you did.” 

Your eyes widened to the size of saucers, shifting back as you cupped his face in your hands. “Well, you know what?”


“You’re my shooting star. Because you made my dream come true.” 

“I did?” He tipped his head curiously, raising a brow. “What was your dream?”

“To be with you, silly!” 

He seemed almost in shock, his mouth opening to speak but never quite able to come up with the words. 

Instead, he simply pulled you close to embrace you, holding you as though you would blow away with the slightest breeze.

You sank into him, listening to his almost serene heartbeat.

And you spoke. 

“I love you.” You muttered.

You found whenever you said those words a hint of awe would strike his expression as though he didn’t know what he did to deserve those words.

But he deserved it more than anybody.

“I love you too.” He cooed, a small, crooked smile gracing his lips.

And in the moment, even without the stars, the world shined brighter than ever before.

SJM Podcast - Guests

Dear SJM Nerds,

First of all, thank you infinitely to everyone who’s shown so much enthusiasm for the idea of a SJM-centric podcast. It’s been hugely encouraging, and it’s been so much fun discussing ideas with everyone and hearing what interests y’all. Announcements, FAQ, and Info up ahead!

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Getting ready before their performance! Mila will skate to a mermaid themed song while Sara is going for a traditional latin dance! (i could be less vague but i would love to hear people imagining what they could be!)

Day 1: Domestic / Future

Day 2: Friends to Lovers / Hobbies

Join MilaSara Week! <3

psst: are you also happy about the pics from the yoi calendar?? i feel so blessed tbh can you believe we are being kinda teased with mila and sara i feel so blessed i dont want to get my hopes up up up and then get sad but this is yoi so i dont even know what to think

maybe i can’t stop the downpour, but i will always join you for a walk in the rain; zack/trini (friendship)

Every Saturday, after detention, Zack and Trini, meet at the highest peak on the mountain and talk. It happened without planning. One day she climbed up and he was sitting there, as if he was waiting for her.

Being a power ranger had helped the two of them feel less alone in the whirlwind of high school. Finally, they had friends. No, family, she corrected herself instantly. She started to find herself dreading the inevitable move to a new school, a new town, a new life. Would she be lucky enough to experience this feeling twice in a lifetime?

read the rest at ao3!

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Hello! Can I request high school au hcs of Dazai, Chuuya, Akutagawa, and Atsushi please? Thank you!

Yup!Hope you enjoy this :D Want more school AU? click here

I was very inspired by this request! Thank you for sending it in honey!!

Dazai Osamu

  • He’s a 3rd year student
  • Dazai flirts with girls every single day to the point of pissing Chuuya off
  • buys lunch from the school’s cafeteria (yakisoba bread,melon bread,onigiris…) now I’m hungry..
  • Looks up to Odasaku-senpai
  • He’s in the double-suicide club that will close down because It doesn’t have enough members.
  • Atsushi was kind so he decided to join his senpai’s double-suicide adventures
  • Dazai is doing well in sleeping (sleeps most of the time in class)
  • His favourite spot in the school is the rooftop but also the nurse office
  • He enjoys sleeping in the nurse office
  • likes doodling on Chuuya’s notes
  • Prays Kunikida to help him revising for tests
  • He piss Chuuya off everytime that he managed to get a decent grade without even studying
  • He’s the type of person who’d use the rolling pencil with numbers on it (Like Midorima Shintarou from KNB)

Nakahara Chuuya

  • He’s a 3rd year student as well, in the same class as Dazai
  • He wears glasses at school I want to see it!
  • fight&compete with Dazai everyday and on every occasion possible
  • especially on Valentine’s Day to see who has gotten the most chocolate
  • Renown for his gorgeous looks and style
  • in the Judo club 
  • ‘height don’t matter as long as you have the right technique’
  • Is very looked-up to and respected by his kouhais
  • He performs well in every subjects
  • He’s got very good grades (amongst the top students)
  • his favourite place in school is the rooftop
  • prefers to bring a bento from home
  • Chuuya seems like he doesn’t work hard but at home he works harder than anybody else
  • he goes to cram school on weekends
  • also have different part-times jobs (waiter,convenience store clerk,sommelier)

Akutagawa Ryunosuke

  • He’s a 1rst year,he sits at the back of the classroom near the window
  • sometimes space out and is wondering what the heck he’s doing here
  • notice me senpai all over the way
  • Akutagawa is the lone wolf
  • He would work hard;excel in sports and academics so that Dazai will somehow notice him
  • Higuchi is his secret admirer
  • He gets irritated quickly+ is scary and that may be the reason why he doesn’t have many friends but Akutagawa doesn’t care anyway 
  • He’d either be in the archery club or the go-home club
  • has his secret spot at school 
  • His favourite subjects might be Sciences and Japanese Calligraphy
  • His notes are so neatly organized

Nakajima Atsushi

  • He’s a 1rst year student,sitting in the front row
  • He doesn’t have many friends because he’s scared he might bother them
  • He doesn’t know it but there’s a ‘Protect Atsushi at all cost squad’ at his school consisted of Yosano,Naomi,Haruno and Kyouka
  • class rep (because no one wanted to do it)
  • try to help the lone wolf to make more friends
  • Dazai-san’s disciple
  • in the cooking club with Kyouka
  • He likes cooking chazuke at lunch
  • enjoys being in the library
  • Atsushi performs quite well in Japanese Litterature and History
  • has really cute notes (doodles little tigers on them)

Your request reminds me of this official art btw :

Okay :D Before your utterly confused, let me explain. 

 Today, March 27, marks the day I first joined tumblr, making this day the first anniversary for my blog. I just want to say, thank you so so much. Through out the year, there have been many ups and downs. I have made many new friends here, i’ve meet great artist, improved my art soooo much, and am blessed to have everyone still here by my side. All of you, all 650+ followers, or people who just stalk me, or people who have found me just now, thank you for being here. I would have never gotten this far without anyone’s help. I seriously can not express my gratitude in words. So much has happened it just makes me so happy :’) 

 As a celebration. I’ll hold a huge art raffle!! ( I SWEAR I’LL ACTUALLY DRAW ART FOR EACH WINNER UNLIKE THE PAST ART RAFFLES )

So ~~ Lets start with the obvious rules :3 

 1. Only two entries per person! One reblog, one like. Please only reblog ONCE.

2. Most people would say “make sure your following me” but i’ll let it slide this time. Anyone can participate! No one needs to follow me ,but its greatly appreciated. 

 3. After I post the winners, I will private message each of them so get what you want drawn ready incase your a winner! ☆ ( If its an OC or a character from an anime/otome game/video game/what ever, make sure to have a ref for me ^^) 

4. No NSFW. I can’t draw it nor am I allowed to owo Like, I can literally draw anything besides NSFW. 

 5. If you read the rules, please reblog this with “clouds” ( with reblog or in tag ) Just gotta make sure no one is just randomly reblogging this ;) 

 Now to the prizes ~ ( Examples will be shown ) 

1st Place ( One winner ) Complete drawing with color, shading, effects, tons of detail, background + a bonus sketch of anything :D 

( Text isnt really added. This drawing just needed text )

2nd Place ( Two winners ) Complete drawing with color, shading, effects, and background. 

( Text isnt really added. This drawing just needed text )

3rd Place ( Two Winners ) Complete drawing with color, shading, background

4th Place ( Three Winners ) Half drawing with color, simple shading, and simple background. ( I dont really have a picture to show sorry ;; ) 

 ( Runner ups are added every 100 notes on this post. Runner ups get a colored sketch ) 

 Welp, thats it. If I need to add anything else i’ll be just reblog this post with the missing info. It will end on April 10!! Good luck everyone and again, thank you!!

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So who had the worse baby fever with baby Pharah? Gabe? If so how about #9 Reaper vs Pharah with Satya for more drama?

Me, reading this prompt: I can’t believe Pharah’s going to snap Reaper over her knee like kindling.

Oh hey! This can count for my “Symmetra joins the team” ficlet! Sweet!

Lúcio’s knee was bouncing up and down as he and Pharah sat across from each other in the Orca.

“Nervous?” said Pharah, folding her arms.

Lúcio took off one ear of his headphones. “What?” his knee stopped bobbing. 

Pharah smirked. “Never mind,” she said.

 Lúcio glanced out the window of the Orca and shuddered a little at the gleaming white city below.

“You are nervous,” said Pharah, leaning forward.

“Eh, this place just always creeped me out when I had concerts here,” said Lúcio, “I mean any place called ‘Utopaea’ has got to have some messed-up stuff under the surface.” He glanced back out the window, “I mean even from here it’s like…It’s too clean. It’s too bright.” 

“Well most of it is hard-light constructs,” said Pharah.

“So who are we supposed to be picking up again?” D.Va piped up, glancing up from the game she was playing using her MEKA’s projection screen.

“Satya Vaswani,” said Pharah, picking up a tablet and scrolling through it, “And we aren’t really picking her up, just making sure she has some security on her flight to Oasis.”

“Wait–Vaswani?” said Lúcio leaning forward.

Pharah turned the tablet around to show Lúcio the photo of her.

“Symmetra,” said Lúcio, his brow furrowing.

“Sym–what?” said Pharah.

“That’s like, her supervillain name,” said Lúcio glancing up from the tablet.

“Her what?” Pharah sat back in her seat, “Lúcio–She’s an architech.”

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Just Some SAMPERV Love

I’ve been going through a lot in my personal life lately and logging on to tumblr to talk to everyone has helped me so much. I promise I won’t get cheesy but you all mean a lot to me, even if we’ve only talked a few times. Seeing everyone stick up for each other made me happy. I’m so thankful I have a little internet family that I know has each other’s backs. 

I try to have a personal relationship with everyone on this list but sometimes I forget to message back or things get hectic. So always feel free to say hi or come to me if you need anything. 

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Other Members


Shower Moments

Writer - @dammntwilightsaga

Requested - Nope

Disclaimer - I do not own any of The Twilight Saga’s characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Twilight

Summary – Reader(F) thinks she is alone in the house she shares with her imprinter/fiance Sam so she jumps in the shower but is surprised by him when he comes home early and joins her

Warning(s) - intimate moment (showering together), flashback of previous (accidental) abuse, short, fluff

I changed some things from the book/movie (Sam also has a brother in this, just to help the plot)

A/N - Request are open :)

Originally posted by imlostinsantacarla

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Les Mis 1992 (cartoon) Group Watch

I’m very excited to inform everyone that this Saturday, April 1st we’re beginning a new lengthy series to watch, in return to our roots as a Shoujo Cosette group! This is a Classic 90s cartoon in French and one of the most faithful adaptations of the series that I know of, and I’m sure all of you will love it as much as I do. 

The essential stuff:

  • The date and time is Saturday April 1st at 4pm GMT
  • Each episode runs about 20 minutes long. If we’re doing this a la Shoujo Cosette, we’ll watch up to 4 episodes per week with an intermission between every two. 
  • All episodes are entirely in French, although this week will Definitely have English subtitles as well, so this should be no barrier to entry.
  • The meeting “place” is the group watch Slack team (Team Shoujo Cosette)
  • Contact me if you want to join in! And please do so before Saturday! You can reach me on Tumblr or by email: teamshoujocosette[at]gmail.com

  • The continuity of this series is VITALLY important, so it’s very important that everyone start with us THIS Saturday if you want to watch the series.

Group Watch FAQ is here if you have more questions (or you can just ask me or @vapaus-ystavyys-tasaarvo)


Cuddles! Cuddles! Cuddles!


Fic request: 
Need moar cuddles! CrankgameplaysXReader cuddles!!!!! 💙💙💙 

I did this as a really laid-back, short fic, because I just listened to some really relaxing music and I’m really drowsy now. 

Originally posted by notsosepticeye

Videos? Edited. 
Housework? Cleaned and done. 
Loose strings? Tied and put away. 
You sighed. The day was done. You were finished. 
Exhausted, you collapsed on the couch. Your muscles ached but you were too tired to move now that you were vertical. 
You allowed your eyes to close. And just as you drifted off, you felt a body crawl on top of you and curl up against you. 
You peeked open one eye to find Ethan had joined you. He slid one arm under your body, cradling your back as he hugged you. His other hand linked with yours, resting between you as you scotched over to make room for him. 
He sighed as he settled beside you. His head resting in the crook of your neck, allowing you to lay your chin on his hair. 
You didn’t talk. 
His hand on your back drew patterns along your spine. Aimlessly wandering over your skin as he pulled you against him.
You lifted your free hand and started running your fingers through his hair.
You felt him sigh again. Content with the position.
Ethan tilted his head, pressing his lips on the corner of your mouth. You smiled and nuzzled him, too drowsy to do anything else.
He gave your waist a squeeze as he laid his head back onto your shoulder.
Somewhere in the house you heard Mark recording. A low, quiet sound every so often at something in the game.
Ethan started to snore quietly. His warm body rising and falling with each breath.
You smiled, closing your eyes again and also drifting into sleep. 

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You can't just let Ehasz off the hook for obvious plotholes just because an episode was written by Bryke. For example, you recently mentioned the Kyoshi Warriors weren't supposed to be at the Boiling Rock, so Ty Lee shouldn't have been able to join them - this is exactly the type of glaring continuity slip-up that a HEAD WRITER is supposed to catch.

Aaron Ehasz didn’t want Ty Lee to join the Kyoshi Warriors, though. So I can’t blame him for that. He didn’t want Aang and Katara to get into a relationship, either. And he said that Aang hitting the rock to unblock his chakra was “silly”. He was responding like a viewer would. Meaning he had no say in that decision. Sounds like Bryke had full control over the Book 3 finale. I am sure he argued with them about how certain things were stupid, but they didn’t listen.

anonymous asked:

"Orochimaru helped out in the war. So we gotta forgive him." Okay, going by the logical, Hitler was helping Germany's economy. Do we forgive him as well? Sometimes the Naruto fandom makes me cry. (Ps. Love your blog.)

By their logic, any one who agree to join the army can get away with mass murder. That’s not how it works, you don’t get to be above the laws just because you showed up in the battlefield and hardly didn’t even do anything.

Why do people say “we” have to forgive them. Orochimaru did nothing you or me, we have nothing to forgive. He killed thousands of innocent people, he killed babies. Only those victims had the rights to forgive him, and forgiveness doesn’t mean no punishment.  Orochimaru owed me nothing, but as someone who know murder is a crime, I feel he should be punished, he should be brought to justice.

The fact Naruto and Konoha cared about whether Orochimaru was useful in their war more than bringing justice to the victims shows they’re selfish and lack humanity.