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Please, Vote

I do not understand how anyone can think voting for Trump is the best choice after watching that debate. Like Hillary, hate her, I don’t care — she’s better than Trump. And yet, somehow, polls are still coming in at nearly 50-50.

It seemed impossible, watching that debate, but the numbers don’t lie. This could happen.

I’m not old enough to vote, but if I was, I’d vote Hillary. So to anyone who is thinking about voting third party or not voting at all because you think both candidates suck, DON’T. Because like it or not, we’re getting one of them. And I’m honestly scared of what will happen if it ends up being Trump.

So our Sword-cerer got possessed by that week’s villain, and we had to kill the Sword-cerer. They came back as a ghost until we could find a place to revive them. After we figured out a little bit about what was going on, this happened.

Cleric: “Y'know what, at least you didn’t come back as an asshole ghost.
Ghost Sword-cerer: “Nah, you’re already the party asshole.”
Cleric: (spends next five minutes trying to fight a ghost)

And of course, when our Sword-corer was revived…

Sword-cerer: “Haha, finally!” I set myself on fire and just feel the pleasantly warm flames. I’m finally back.

Imagine fanboy!Woozi trying to calm himself down after watching the comeback teaser for his favorite artist.

  • Marinette:*playing Mystic Messenger* See Alya? This boy is the cutest one!
  • Adrien:*overhearing the conversation* Oh, who are girls talking about?
  • Marinette:*flustered* Oh, uh...it's this dating sim app...where you try to get guys to like you...I'm trying to get this boy to date me right now...*shows Adrien the app*
  • Adrien:*sees Yoosung* Oh wow, he looks a lot like me!
  • Marinette:*screams internally*
  • Alya:*stares into the camera like she's on the office*

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Hello~ I'm the anon that asked about the Dongwoo pool clip a few days ago lol I've been watching so many Infinite videos over the last week and I'm in love with them 😍 I was wondering, could you tell me some of your favorite or interesting facts about each member? Thank you so much :) I really love your blog 💖

Okay you’re my favourite anon at the moment because I LOVE TALKING ABOUT INFINITE OMG COME SIT BY THE FIRE AND LET ME TELL YOU THINGS!


  • Birthday: 28th April 1989
  • Birthplace: Jeonju, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He was in a rock band at high school
  • He auditioned for SM and JYP before getting into Woollim (who he auditioned for because he was a huge fan of Nell)
  • Sunggyu used to be pretty nervous around dogs, but after doing Birth of a Family with INFINITE he got a lot better
  • He’s actually really clever, when he puts his mind to it. You can see how intelligent he is on The Genius
  • Watch him on 4things Show because it really gives you a good insight into his personality
  • He doesn’t have a good stomach when it comes to foreign food and always takes Korean food with him when he travels abroad
  • Even though he is strict and the other members often mock him, he’s a good leader and truly cares about them. Just watch the first episode of Showtime and you will see what I mean
  • When they were in Japan for concerts recently, both Sungyeol and Sungjong had their birthdays there and Sunggyu personally went out to buy them clothes as gifts
  • He has an allergy to certain types of metals and so he has to be careful about the jewelry he wears (I have the same allergy :3)


  • Birthday: 22nd November 1990
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He used to be a dance teacher before he joined Infinite
  • He is really close to his family. His mum has been on TV shows with him, and he posts pictures of his niece Sebin all the time. Sadly, his dad passed away a few weeks ago. Both his parents always attended his concerts, even ones abroad. He had a box he kept full of receipts and notes of things his parents had got for him so that he could eventually pay them back
  • He’s a really kindhearted and caring person who puts others first and is totally loving towards the other members and the fans
  • He always takes the time to read fan letters, and there are numerous pictures of him doing it at airports before boarding flights
  • He self composed his solo stage for the That Summer 3 Concerts this year
  • His laugh could probably cure all diseases in the world
  • He dressed as a woman on this show and was prettier than I can ever hope to be
  • Dongwoo is a very very heavy sleeper
  • One time he farted on national TV


  • Birthday: 8th February 1991
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: B
  • He tried pole dancing on Star King
  • He originally wanted go be a solo singer when he auditioned for Woollim
  • Pre-debut, he was a model for a shopping mall and catalogs
  • Woohyun has an older brother called Boohyun who owns a barbecue restaurant in Seoul
  • He is really close friends with SHINee’s Key and was in the sub-unit ToHeart with him
  • This is my favourite performance of Woohyun’s, from Immortal Song earlier this year when he got the highest score for an idol on the show
  • His audition song for Woollim was Lately by Stevie Wonder
  • He’s known for being the creator of the finger heart, or at least for popularising it
  • He may seem like a total greaseball and like he’s never serious, but he’s a really sweet, thoughtful and loving person. Sometimes he just has too much love, I think. He loves the fans so much, he even wrote and composed a song for them: 함께 (Together)


  • Birthday: 28th March 1991
  • Birthplace: Busan, South Korea
  • Blood Type: AB
  • He is an a-ma-zing dancer, and his performance with Choi Hyojin on Hit The Stage is a thing of absolute beauty that I will never get over
  • He has a YouTube channel called REAL HOYA where he occasionally  posts covers of songs ~
  • Hoya dropped out of high school to follow his dream of being a dancer (but he did get his high school diploma later on)
  • He has acted in dramas, one of my favourites being Reply 1997
  • He is known for his pretty R-rated solo stages
  • He’s got a lot of sass, is known for his sharp tongue and judging faces, and often makes weird jokes only he seems to find funny. He’s also a little awkward baby
  • Hoya has been writing and composing a lot, and a song he co-composed is on the new album - One Day. He also wrote this song, which he performed for 4things Show.
  • He used to have to wear glasses, but had laser eye surgery last year
  • He has two brothers, one older, one younger. And! His birth name was Hodong, but his parents changed it to Howon as their was a popular comedian/MC called Hodong at the time


  • Birthday: 27th August 1991
  • Birthplace: Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Blood Type: B
  • He used to study acting at the SM Academy before becoming a trainee at Woollim. He originally didn’t want to be a singer
  • One of his nicknames was Choding (elementary school student) because he was known as a prankster and joker, but he has tried to move away from that image in recent years
  • He has acted in dramas (Please Remember Princess, High School Love On, D-Day and more)
  • Sungyeol always aims to entertain, and his solo/special stages are always amazing
  • During Sesame Player, Sungyeol went through the members’ stuff while they slept and also fed them vinegar bananas
  • He has a younger brother called Daeyeol who is a Woollim trainee
  • He had a cat called Jureumi (which means ‘wrinkles’) but she lives with a member of Woollim staff now. He also has a dog called Aga (baby).
  • He was scouted for Woollim instead of auditioning and was the last member to join INFINITE
  • Sungyeol is a really sweet, funny, kind and caring person. Even though people often mistake him for being childish and silly, he’s a very sensitive guy who takes any criticism to heart and is always trying to be the best he can be


  • Birthday: 13th March 1992
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Blood Type: O
  • Myungsoo was scouted for Woollim too, probably because of his flowerboy looks. He is INFINITE’s visual.
  • He chose the stage name L because of the character in the manga/anime Death Note - he looked a little like him when he had longer hair
  • People say he has two sides to him: L and Myungsoo
  • He has acted in lots of dramas, including ones in Japan. He speaks Japanese well. 
  • He has a cat called Byul (Star)
  • He is known for doing a lot of charity work with disabled children and with animals too
  • Myungsoo loves photography and has actually released his own photobooks in both Korea and Japan (L’s Bravo Viewtiful). You can often spot him with a camera and even his instagram is full of artsy shots.
  • He can play the guitar
  • The other members always tease him for constantly wearing black, but he knows he looks good so who really cares :3


  • Birthday: 3rd September 1993
  • Birthplace: Gwangju, South Korea
  • Blood Type: A
  • He is known for being extremely good at girl group dances
  • He is definitely the “maknae on top” and although he gets teased a lot by the other members, it’s clear that they adore him
  • One time he pretended to be a zombie and has never lived it down
  • One time he awkwardly acted in a drama and has never lived it down (lemon candy)
  • Sungjong is really interested in fashion and often attends shows during Seoul Fashion Week. He always looks freaking flawless, just look through some of his fantaken photos…
  • He is also known for doing charity work
  • He lived with the CEO of Woollim for a while as a trainee so that they could make sure he was attending school
  • He has a teddy bear which he hits whenever he is mad
  • Sungjong has had hate for years over the way he looks or acts, and it means he sometimes overthinks things and worries about his image. Recently he lost 10kg for this comeback by only eating a spoon of food a day. It’s worrying! So we gotta make sure we give him a ton of extra love ~

More important videos to watch:

I hope you find this useful and please do love INFINITE a lot!!! 

I was at an elementary school playground with my high school friends, who I haven’t seen in like four years. I was wiping down the playground equipment with food grease from a bucket in order to show initiative to my boss.

When I got to the rope ladder, I found a very small, blue pelican. Then I saw it had come from a little pile of eggs balanced precariously on the rope ladder. “You guys,” I said, running over to my friends; “I think a pelican laid eggs on that… um…” I had forgotten the phrase ‘rope ladder.’ I quickly improvised: “the spider-man thing!”

We all hurried back to the nest and discovered that there were even smaller Pelicans climbing all over the eggs. They were brown, and I knew that pelicans don’t turn blue until a little later.

Then I started calling all of my friends by names of the characters from The Office.


First Real Autumn by CeJae B.
Via Flickr:
Took this on the last day SLFG2014 (hosted by the lovely Valerie Kasinski) after pretty much everyone had already left and we were getting ready to leave the cottage. My lovely Emma Johnson was the best human tripod ever. I can’t tell you how much I miss the Northeast and the chill autumn air and my new friends, but I can guarantee that I’ll be back one day. I haven’t felt this inspired to create new work in a very very long time, and I can’t wait to share some new work finally! For the first time ever, I was disappointed to be coming back to California after a meeup. I would have given up my new comfy mattress and suffered through the back pain over and over again to be back in rural New York where fall actually feels like…fall.

You know what I want to see more of? Drift and Ultra Magnus forging a friendship together after Drift comes back into the fold.

Originally they’re so awkward around each other because, well, the only template they have for interacting with each other is just arguing about literally everything like they used to - and even that only when Rodimus brings it up. But when they don’t have anything to argue about, they don’t know how to interact with each other at all.

Magnus being the first to break the silence and say what he’s been thinking: “I’m sorry for the way you were treated on the Lost Light, by others and especially by myself. I could have been much more understanding of your history, and - regardless - I should have been much more respectful of your command position.”

Drift, dumbfounded, not even bothering to accept the apology before protesting: “What? I nearly - I thought I got you killed! I should be apologizing to you!”

The two of them arguing for a while - “You in no way can assume complete responsibility for the events leading to my injury.” - “I can assume enough responsibility to apologize!” - before finally deciding that arguing about it is useless and dropping the matter, but not before a lot of the unspoken tension in their relationship has been aired.

Drift trying to teach Magnus meditation. Magnus nervously sharing some of his poetry with Drift. Sparring. Drift maybe trying to write some poems of his own. Drift meeting Minimus Ambus for the first time. The two of them just gradually and tentatively going from awkward former enemies to good friends.

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And another thing: when I took spanish in high school, our teacher told us the masculine of "this" is "este" and the feminine is "esta" and that's as far as we got. But I was listening to a podcast the other day, and they said that the masculine is "esto" and the general 'this' is "esto" as well. Cual profesor es verdad? No sé...

Both are correct.

The demonstratives are used in accordance with what follows them.

este / esta / esto / estos / estas - “this/these”

With the demonstratives este/esta you’re talking about “this” which is the closest. But este needs a masculine noun to come after it (in general). There are other times when you might see este used as “this one”

este libro = this book

esta playa = this beach

estos libros = these books

estas playas = these beaches

An esto is using neutral gender, which exists in Spanish but is typically considered masculine-ish. But really it means the absence of gender, so you use it for an implied subject that isn’t stated, it can be a subject or a concept or an abstract statement… while este if used alone is a stand-in for a specific noun you’re thinking of.

por esto = because of this

esto no es cierto = that’s not true

este es mi favorito = this one is my favorite

este es mi deseo = that’s my desire

ese / esa / eso / esos / esas - “that/those”

Implies more distance, like mid-range but the same rules generally apply.

ese libro = that book

esa playa = that beach

esos libros = those books

esas playas = those beaches

por eso = because of that

And ese can in some countries can mean “dude”. Also ese can mean “the letter S”

aquel / aquella / aquello / aquellos / aquellas - “that one over there / those over there”

Even more distance here. And aquello shows up more in formal things. Like in an essay, if I were referencing something I already wrote use aquello… you also use it to convey a sense of distance or that time has passed like there’s a song aquello que me diste “that thing you gave me”

You sometimes use aquel which an accent (or at least it sometimes happens) aquél “him (over there)”… I don’t know how common that is anymore. Usually you see aquel without one; and in some proverbs you see aquel used like “whosoever” 

aquel libro = that book over there

aquella playa = that beach over there

aquellos libros = those books over there

aquellas playas = those books over there

por aquello = because of that [distance]

*Note: You don’t see estes used as “these” …ever? (to the best of my knowledge)… it’s always estos for “these”. Saying estes means “easts”… like more than one “east”. Same how eses really means “multiple S’s” not “those”… or sometimes “dudes”

You also used to see them with accent marks if you were being emphatic, but i think that’s mostly not used anymore. Older works might have it.

Is a potato still a potato if you throw it off a cliff? Sure, until it hits the ground, at which point you might say it has become mashed potatoes. Now mashed potatoes and potatoes may seem to be functionally the same to anyone unfamiliar with the two but those who have eaten both can attest that there is a world of difference. So in my opinion, at the point that a potato becomes mashed potatoes, it stops being potato.

But then did you really make those mashed potatoes? You threw it off the cliff after all, but I posit that throwing a potato off a cliff does not equal the resulting mashed potatoes, as it was the laws and whims of the universe that decided that when a potato hits the ground at high speed, it should become mashed. To take the resultant mashed potatoes, I would at best be partaking in Nature’s bounteous mashy gift, at worst stealing her hard smashed spuds, but either way I cannot truly take the credit for this not-potatoes coming into being.

And therefor your honour, I plead not guilty to manslaughter and cannibalism.


Even though I’m alive, I need to make sure
So as I aim for the deep seabed, I’ll breathe once again

after painting the first lance my brother came and said “do you remember that naruto op diver? this could be gayer if keith comes to save him and shit”


A bit of a personal update here. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a 16 day trip to Indonesia. I am doing on location art for a project to help preserve orangutans. 

I am not sure how good access to electricity and internet will be so that will probably mean less updates. I will bring my sketchbook and do some sketches and stuff and hopefully post them if I get the chance.

For when I get back I plan to work some more on getting my new webcomic rolling. Of course I will also regularly post Silly Lyra comics and all the other good old stuff.

This is also a good time to announce that I’ll be attending Ponycon UK right after I come back from Indonesia. Later this year I’ll also be at BronyScot, so hopefully I’ll see you there!

I thought I’d leave a nice Lyra comic before leaving, so here’s that if you haven’t seen it already

I’m really hyped for the trip and wish everyone the best, see you!

Birthday Project for Javi!

So as you may know, our man Javi has a birthday coming up and there are plans in the works. Check it out after the cut (no reason, I just like using cuts):

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I feel like you're going to look back at your comments on tumblr after all of this is over and regret them. What happens if trump becomes president, the economy gets better, gun violence goes down with his policies in place, etc.. trump shares a lot of the same views as hillary, but he's going to more aggressively apply them If you would just take a second, stop insulting him and listen and try to understand what he's saying, and what background he's coming from, I'm sure you'd change your mind

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I've felt like complete and utter worthless crap and I was just wondering if you could think of any paladins with mental diseases/disorders, especially autism. I wanna feel like I'm not just an idiot for once.

I have autism. I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 14, ten years after a misdiagnosis that negatively effected my education for a long time. It hasn’t been easy for me, and yet, here I am.I know very well the frustrations that can come with this kind of life. I still deal with them, everyday, but I learned how to deal with it. 

You’re going to learn too. I don’t know where on the spectrum you are, but if you can take anything from my example, its that our condition doesn’t stop us from learning to be wiser, kinder, braver, than anyone else. I know you have that strength in you too. I have faith in you.

Text to My Love
  • Lucy:I'm so tired.
  • Jared:Me too baby. How was your flight home?
  • Lucy:It was okay. Belle napped almost the whole way. I had to come right to work and once I was done with hair and makeup I passed out on a couch.
  • Jared:The boys totally passed out when you left. When they woke up, Shep started looking for you and Belle. He started crying when I told him you went back to LA.
  • Lucy:Awe my little boy :(
  • Jared:He calmed down when I told him you'd be around all the time after the wedding.
  • Lucy:How much longer do you have them?
  • Jared:Gen is coming to get them tomorrow
  • Lucy:Is she staying long or just getting the kids and leaving?
  • Jared:As far as I know, she's just picking up the boys.
  • Lucy:Okay
  • Jared:Even if she does stay in Vancouver, she'd stay in a hotel babe.
  • Lucy:What went wrong in that marriage?
  • Jared:Nothing really. We both just kind of woke up one day and realized we were just going through the motions. We both kind of woke up one day and realized we were just going through the motions. We both love each other, but as friends. We're happier when we're just best friends.
  • Lucy:I hope that doesn't happen to us.
  • Jared:Sprite, things with you have been different right from the start. I never felt for Gen the way I feel about you. You have nothing to worry about.
  • Lucy:But I'm sure you felt the same way when you and Gen got together, that you had never felt that way towards anyone before. You were in love with her once.
  • Jared:I thought I was, yes. But now that I'm with you, I realize that I wasn't in love. I loved her, yes but I wasn't IN love. I know now what really feeling in love feels like.
  • Lucy:I wonder what makes me so special
  • Jared:It's just you being you Luce.
  • Lucy:I'm an emotional basket case. I give you props for dealing with me man.
  • Jared:But you're MY emotional basket case and I love you. I don't ever want to imagine a life without you as my wife.
  • Lucy:I want to spend the rest of my life as your wife.
  • Jared:You will babe. We are forever. I promise you that.
  • Lucy:I hope you know how much this past weekend meant to me.
  • Jared:It meant the world to me too Sprite. I can't wait until that's a permanent thing for us.
  • Lucy:Soon baby. We're almost a month away now. It's almost the home stretch.
  • Jared:Are you nervous at all?
  • Lucy:A little.
  • Jared:I'm more anxious than nervous. I can't wait to officially make you mine for life.
  • Lucy:I'm trying not to be so nervous and in my head but old habits die hard.
  • Jared:What can I do to help ease those nerves of yours?
  • Lucy:You already help
  • Jared:I love you Sprite
  • Lucy:Will you still love me in the morning?
  • Jared:I'll still love you in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the night. I'm going to love you for eternity.
  • Lucy:lol that's not the answer I was looking for but I'll take it.
  • Jared:What were you looking for?
  • Lucy:"Forever and ever babe" like from the movie Click. It was stupid lol
  • Jared:Oh man. I haven't seen that movie in forever.
  • Lucy:It's a good movie.
Colleague being selfish as fuck again

Apparently, me telling my colleague if he wants to go and get something to eat annoyed him and my senior colleague too got involved because I asked if you could convince him.

You don’t work a 10 hour job without getting something to eat or a break.

It’s obvious that he wanted sales after missing out 2 and half weeks due to reservists. But don’t be a fucking ass about it. Don’t fucking stand in one spot and expect people to come to you. You want dales? Go stand near the cash register (which was the first reason you argued with me, even if it’s a stupid ass reason)

Fucking try hard. And for what. A $100 bonus for “commission”?

Here I am being (or at least what i thought) a caring senior colleague.

Could have told me this

“Hey, is it okay if you could key in some of the sales under my name?”
“Hey do you mind if we switched places?”

Is it hard to tell your colleague’s you need something? A favour? But nope show your damn colours with a weak ass argument.

Though my senior colleague confronted him (he too got pissed) he told me to just don’t do it anymore. It’s his body, let him do what he wants.

Not to say I am disappointed but fuck me for trying to be caring.

Teasing jokes (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: If your taking requests could you do one where reader is patching up his Spidey induced wounds and knows he always gets flustered near them like that so they’re doing everything to make him blushy and flustered them maybe cuddles after they tease him

You looked at Peter, his hand clutching his side as he slid down your wall.
‘’You should be more careful’’ you told him, your eyes full of worry.
He laughed lightly but stopped, the movement making his body ache. You got up from your bed and walked to your kitchen, thankful your parents were out working, and got some ice. You then walked back to your room and gave Peter the ice pack, ruffling his hair slightly.
‘’Put this on your face until I come back with everything.’’
You walked to the bathroom, looking for the first aid kit, and when you finally found it, you went back to your room, a soft smile on your lips.
‘’Thank you’’ Peter said as you plopped yourself down on the ground next to him. ‘’I know you are busy with homework and stuff. You know I don’t like to come here and bother you -I just thought I could to a patrol in the afternoon instead of at night so that I could get some sleep.’’
You took the ice from his hands and set it over a piece of cloth you had brought with you, looking at Peter.
‘’It didn’t seem to go well’’ you told him.
‘’It didn’t’’ he said.
You signaled him to turn around, giving you access to the zipper of the suit. You opened it, helping him get his arms out of it. He turned back to look at you once the suit reached his hips and smiled softly, an uneasy look on his face.
‘’It could be worse’’ you told him as you inspected the bruise forming on his stomach. ‘’It definitely isn’t going to need stitches as it is just a bruise, but you should apply some ice and try to be more careful.’’ you repeated whilst cleaning the blood that was spilling out of his nose. He laughed a little and coughed after that. You looked at him and saw his cheeks turning red, and you realized it was from the position you were in -both of you sitting together on the ground, your hands caressing his skin. You decided to tease him a little, enjoying the proximity of your bodies. ‘’Have you been working out? You didn’t have abs last time I checked.’’
He blushed even more, the red already covering his ears.
‘’It’s not like you check that often’’ he told you with a quiet voice, making you laugh.
You poked the good side of his stomach and sighed dramatically, pouting your lips.
‘’Such a pity not to’’ you said, making him cough out of surprise. You shook your head, a smile on your lips as he began shifting uncomfortable. ‘’I was joking, Pete. Come here, you need to lie down for a while’’ you told him, helping him get on his feet, a small laugh leaving his lips.
‘’I do not need to lie -oh my God, I didn’t remember how comfortable your bed was’’ he said as you threw him onto your bed.
You laughed and lied next to him, covering both of you with a blanket before wrapping your legs around his.
‘’Good nap, Pete’’ you said as you closed your eyes, your face resting on his chest.
‘’Good nap, [Y/N]’’ he whispered before kissing your hair, his arm wrapped around you pulling you closer to him.

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When will we meet again?”

She asked him through uncontrollable tears.

“Soon Ok? You have to wait for me. I will come back for you. Just wait.”

They looked at each other one last time before he left.

And it had been years, yet she received no call or text. Just a blank reply. She felt betrayed. She felt alone. But what she realized after a long time was that he kept laying in his grave, just waiting for her to come back to him.

—  excerpt from a book I’ll never write.