or i mean they could be

although it may be true that blackpink was built (in yg’s words) to be the next 2ne1, i don’t think they are in any way copies of each other. blackpink has their own color and style. even if they wanted to be the same group, they couldn’t be. jennie isn’t CL, rose isn’t bom, jisoo isn’t dara, lisa isn’t minzy. 

blackpink has big shoes to fill, as yg’s only girl group now. they have song from the same people who wrote 2ne1′s songs (which isn’t surprising because yg normally uses the same producers) so of course there are going to be similarities. does “as if it’s my last” remind me of a 2ne1 song? yes, but in a good way. and if 2ne1 had sung it, i think it would be a very different song. 

idk, if blackpink strongly reminds you of 2ne1, then they do and there’s nothing wrong with that. but i don’t think they’re trying to copy 2ne1, and i don’t think they have the same concept or style at all. no matter how much yg as a company may be trying to push them as the next 2ne1, they aren’t. they are blackpink. 

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Toph and Izuku is a very interesting idea. Or Toph in bnha. Toph play acting a villain? You are right, she woul be a force of nature in any modern setting.

absolutely!! i really want them to be buddies. i feel like the primary thing to remember here is 

  • izuku WILL take any opportunity he can get to learn as much about someone’s powers / abilities as possible 
  • toph loves showing off and having attention
  • conclusion: toph will thrive off of izuku getting really excited about her earthbending, which will probably result in her deciding she likes izuku and giving him helpful “tips” on not being such a “pushover” 

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Have you ever thought of a little Mobuhan or Eruhan?

I’m assuming that you’re asking this because you read the tags of my other post. Erm… I mean… maybe… there are a few mobuhan doujins that also include levihan. I was considering translating those. I would prefer to stay with just levihan content though. As for eruhan, I’d have to say the same thing. Unless for some reason my fangirl heart just can’t contain eruhan/mobuhan feels, I will be staying with levihan translations for now. Thanks for the ask.

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you always leave such nice tags on reblogged fanart, how do you do that without it seeming repetitive? (i'm not great at giving comments other than 'this is cool' or 'i love this' and i want to show artists how much i like their art)

Oh wow, thanks 😬 I always forget people see all the constant screaming I do about art I like, haha. But hm, I guess if you’re looking to diversify the kind of comments you give artists just try figuring out some specific part of the art that makes you like it to comment on. I know in all my old art classes teachers would always stress that when giving feedback, picking out specific things like “the linework is really dynamic” or “your colors are excellent” gives artists a lot more information about why you like their piece. So that’s one shortcut to finding different ways to say you love something. But also, don’t even sweat it, it’s super nice to tell people you love stuff!

I bought a massage oil last week that I forgot about ( and that I just found) AND IT SMELLS SO GOOD WHO WANTS A MASSAGE 


Happy Pride Month! <3 Wanted to do something special for it with my kids!

i say “i’m seeing a therapist” and he takes a step backwards. why he wants to know. what happened. what made me like this, basically. what was the final step that pushed me safely into the side of scary people like them.

there’s a lot i think about. like how my illnesses effect me outside of the actual symptoms. like beyond the weight there’s a second river to drown in.

i mean we don’t talk about having to stare at employment papers where they ask you to self-identify your problems. that little bead of sweat that forms when you worry - what if i don’t tell them and i need help? what if i tell them and they think i’m a risk factor? what if they won’t give me the job?

we don’t talk about the way some people act when they find out. the ones who are rude about it are one thing. but then there’s those people you thought were your friends who act like you just told them you’re infectious. who become weird and distant and suspicious like a switch flipped. like if they get to close to you, you’ll give it to them.

we learn to be okay with things we overhear on the bus but we never get used to it coming out of the mouth of the people we love. we carry this secret with us like a rotted fruit, clutching it to our bodies. we’re ashamed of our scars in front of our boss. we don’t talk about our panic attacks during lunch breaks. when the cop pulls you over “i’m disassociating” isn’t an excuse we can open the page on. when you watch people make these ranting posts about how real friends always text back, how if someone loves you, they’ll find the time to spend. success stories make other people cry with inspiration while some part of your brain is saying you can’t do that, you’re not like them. things are uglier at the bottom. you can’t explain why you can’t just make friends. you can’t write because you’re depressed but when you’re depressed you write best. you can’t eat today and no don’t ask why please. nevermind taking the train. never mind trying to be happy. never mind reading books and watching movies and wondering where exactly are people like you in hero stories. i watch a video where a man tells me that being depressed is just a mindset. when i wear all black someone remarks i look particularly emo today. it’s 2017 does anyone say emo anymore, i ask her, and she laughs, “you just look like one of those fake-depressed girls.” okay.  

i don’t tell him my therapist is actually why things don’t happen anymore. why i’m getting a handle on it. my tongue feels swollen. i feel embarrassed talking about it. in the highest twist of irony, i think of how many people know my problems anonymously on the internet. i almost spill out all my troubles onto him. instead i tell him it’s just a precaution. that i think everyone should really see a therapist, they’re brain mechanics and we all need a tune-up now and then. he relaxes.

okay. okay. i’m sorry i’m one of them.

Sweatshirts are probably one of my favorite things in the world, like am I wearing a bra?
Probably not cause I’m a guy, but the mystery is still there, y'know?

Deadpool, probably