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The shopping trip counted! it was a date! a date!!

still don’t really know how zen managed to go shopping with a cast but



Rembrandt-inspired Solas!

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💕💜🔮🍚PINK N PURPLE SUSHI RICE🍚🔮💜💕 heres the recipe:
-Steamed white rice - cooled -Purple cabbage - steamed for about 15 mins
👆🏽 any measurements for these will work.
-The juice of half a lemon
-toasted sesame seeds -rice vinegar (no exact measurement, all depends on the amount of rice you have, generally around a tbsp to 2 cups)
👉🏽 mix the rice with the vinegar and toasted sesame seeds. - split the cabbage into two parts, with the first half, stir it into the rice.
-pour the lemon juice onto the second part of cabbage .. It will turn a beautiful hue of pinky/purple! -mix the pink portion of the cabbage with the rice .. Be sure to use the liquids from the cabbage too!
Optional to add pickled ginger, but I really like it in there too! I use this rice for sushi bowls or simply for wrapping in nori as prep for lunches and dinners 🌟

Sins of Trust {@FacundMinister}

The fool and his drunken behaviour had nearly ruined everything and I was left looking somewhat like an idiot too restraining the ginger haired wizard from attacking Miss Granger.

That was until she had simply disapparated out of the Leaky Cauldron leaving Malfoy and Weasley ready to kill each other if the growls of irritation and fury were any indication to go by.

Sighing softly, I tore the drunken fool backwards down the stairs leaving Malfoy to his melancholy - which confirmed to me that the rumours about Hermione Granger and the Malfoy heir had some credit.


If the pure-blooded wizard whom the elite members of society was involved with a Mudblood?

Then things weren’t going to go the way necessity dictated and must be rectified immediately; and there was the small matter of her discarded wand. Clearly, Weasley’s observation skills were only relevant when upon the Quidditch pitch as the buffoon hadn’t noticed the one thing both Malfoy and I had done - Hermione had discarded her wand; allowing the sacred piece of wood for one within the Wizarding World to simply fall at her feet. Or rather; where her feet had been right up until the moment she had departed.

The ‘to where’ leaving me curious. Not many knew that Miss Granger had maintained the upkeep of her family home despite her parents’ relocation to Australia during the Second War. Clearly? All of us have something that we cannot break free from; and for the delightful, intelligent and gentle-hearted witch? It had been the guilt she carried for the Obliviate curse she’d performed upon the Healers she had been raised by.

As her…friend; I had sat with her on several occasions when certain dates had led to her locking the office door and pulling out a particularly strong and expensive bottle of Ogden’s finest and she’d cried on my shoulder.

Ah.. if circumstances were different - and her blood had been pure? I would have taken her away from the foolish wizard and had a legacy that would restore the family name to one to be proud of.

The Brightest Witch of Her Age? Would have been perfect for me; but her blood was dirty and nothing would alter my opinion on such matters.

Purity was to be valued and protected over all matters.

“Do I have to remind you Weasley, that terrifying the bitch wasn’t part of the plan? Your addiction to alcohol has led to her running straight into the arms of one whose values have altered greatly since the war and I believe?

Young Malfoy has always held a torch for her; and clearly he succeeded where you failed in regards to seducing Miss Granger.

It must hurt, to know it was Malfoy and not Viktor Krum who took her Maidenhead?“
I should have knocked him to the floor, Weasley needed a reminder of who was superior here; and spoiler warning?

It wasn’t Ronald Billius Weasley or his brother for that matter.

Dragging him out into the busy street, I looked left then right before apparating both Weasley and I away to an undisclosed location outside York and threw Weasley across the room with a cursory glance at how he landed.

His bones would heal after all, and some humility through pain might ensure he learnt his place in such matters as the Knights.
“You were warned Weasley to get this problem of yours under control, and yet you drink yourself to the point of foolishness.

Do you think your fiancée will come back if you hit her, or perhaps falling over your own feet onto a bottle will make her see how much you love her?“
I kicked him, my polished brogues cracking several ribs and the blood trickling from his lip had me smile.

There was something so satisfying about inflicting your own form of justice on one such as Weasley..

“Be thankful that I have several Muggles with a love of breaking laws in my employ and under the power of the Imperious Curse. They’ve been watching Miss Granger for sometime.. and I fear…“

I didn’t fear anything. But phrasing ones words is always so important to gain the effect one wishes to cause..

“I fear.. they may take my request to instill a sense off vulnerability and terror into Miss Granger; all too seriously.“

Chuckling, I lifted up the wizard and placed Ron into a chair so that he wouldn’t choke on his own blood.

That would be a complication I had no time to deal with when time was of the essence..