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Rembrandt-inspired Solas!

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  • jack: we're both close to thirty
  • robin: yeah... we're both there
  • jack: you're closer there than me
  • jack (to us): believe it or not, robin is older than me
  • me: ????
  • robin: yeah i am
  • me: *squints eyes*
  • me: ... you're bluffing
Past Tense || Archie Andrews

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Prompt from anon: Could you do an Archie×Reader where the reader likes Archie and finds out about Archie and Grundy and distances herself from the group, but after grundy leaves Archie tells the reader he likes her and she low-key flips out on him and then the rest of the group when she finds out that they knew? Also could Kevin be the one who didn’t know and just kind of have this completely kevin reaction?


3 months. That’s how long it had been since you talked to your friend, Archie Andrews. After he had ditched you and Jughead to be with Ms. Grundy, you cut off all contact with him. He had tried to reignite your friendship almost everyday, sending you texts, calling you, even confronting you in the hallways. But you would have none of it. You had even distanced yourself from the group. Nowadays, you barely even talked to Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin. You were alone.

“I-I just don’t understand,” Archie said. “Why won’t she talk to me? It’s been months.”

The Core Four (and Kevin) were sitting outside at the lunch tables chatting about Archie’s current situation with you.

Veronica sighed.

“I don’t know,” she began. “Maybe because you ditched her for your music teacher?”

“Ronnie.” Betty warned.

“What?” Veronica exclaimed. “Sorry I’m a little bitter that my best friend has completely dropped all of us because Archie ditched her.”

“How is it Archie’s fault that she ditched all of us though?” Kevin asked. “I mean, shouldn’t she just be mad at Archie?”

Jughead snorted.

“Wow. Nice, Kevin.” Jughead said sarcastically.

Kevin shrugged.

“I’m just saying.” he mumbled.

“Maybe you could… You know…” Betty hinted.

Archie furrowed his eyebrows in confusion before his eyes widened, realizing what Betty was getting at.

“No. Absolutely not.” he said resolutely.

Veronica rolled her eyes.

“Oh come on, Archiekins! It could be your last shot!” she argued.

“She may have a point.” Jughead said as he popped a chip in his mouth.

Kevin looked at everyone at the table, wondering what they were talking about.

““Last shot?”” he repeated. “What are you guys talking about?”

Archie shook his head, he and the rest of the group seemingly ignoring Kevin.

“I’m not telling her. It’s not the right time yet.” the ginger remarked.

Betty groaned.

“You’ve been saying that for two years now!” she exclaimed.

Veronica nodded and Jughead chuckled.

“It’s true.” she agreed.

“What are you guys talking about?” Kevin asked again.

Archie groaned as he slammed his fists on the table and stood up, making everyone jump.

“I’m not telling Y/N I love her, okay?!” he nearly yelled.

The gang looked behind him with wide eyes.

“Oh my God.” Kevin murmured.

“What?” he snapped.

“Too late.” Veronica nearly whispered as she looked down.

Archie looked behind him and his eyes widened once he saw you standing there.

“Y/N!” he began. “I-I didn’t see you there, I, uh—”

“You love me?” you repeated.

“Dear God, I’m loving this.” Kevin remarked quietly.

Betty elbowed him and glared at him.

“How long?” you asked. “How long have you had feelings for me?”

Archie sighed, looking down.

“Two years.” he mumbled.

You let out a strangled laugh.

“I tried to get him to tell you, Y/N!” Veronica chimed in.

You looked over to the Lodge girl.

“You knew?!” you exclaimed. “You all knew and you didn’t tell me?!”

The gang winced.

Kevin tentatively raised his hand.

“I, uh, didn’t know, just for the record.” he corrected.

You ignored him and turned back to the ginger again.

“For two years,” you began. “You liked me. You loved me. And you still got with her.”

“I-yes.” Archie admitted.

He felt horrible.

You scoffed.

“And to think, to think that I liked you back then too.” you said.

The ginger looked up at you.

“Y-You like—”

““Liked,”” you spat. “Past tense. Before you screwed Grundy.”

Archie could feel his heart breaking.

“Y/N, please, I’m so sorry—”

“Save it, Andrews,” you snapped as you tried to stop the tears from falling. “We’re done here. Stop contacting me or you’ll be getting a restraining order.”

With that you walked away, leaving Archie utterly heartbroken.

What had he done?


A/N: You didn’t say it had to end fluffy. ;) (I’m horrible I’m sorry)


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So wait he can smile-??
That update broke me in a great way

Also if you haven’t, @thearcanagame is amazing so go check it out please! The art is beyond amazing, and for I’m actually hooked on the story (games like this never interest me, honestly but DANG)

(Good lord he reminds me so much of my character Tristan)

Reblog & Add Your Mario! 

I was thinking of a way to do a big collaborations and came up with this idea:- Luigi enters Mario’s dreams only to see the massive living collection of Mario styles! 

Anyone can reblog and add their Mario to the collection, you may invite your friends too. Just make sure to put your initials on your Mario!

 My fam-fam @wondrous-noura  started the chain💪🌟

And I’d like to invite the ones I already made planes with to join in: 

@kenysustar@jiggidyjakes & @ginger-ale-00 

Also,I would like to invite @moonrockprince & @donnatello too. (I can’t recall the others atm💦)

Looking forward to see how this goes, & I hope you all have fun with it! 

phancy-phandom  asked:

dan and phil discussing pails natural hair, rt your kink :o

ahahaha that was such a fucking cute moment? dan just immediately looks at phil when the red hair is mentioned and then they proceed to destroy so many people’s continued misconception that phil is a ginger lolololol. and i love how dan then tries to sstart talking about how he definitely is in love with gingers for like the 40th time but phil has to interrupt him to be like wait! wait! /i/ have freckles too! kind of like a ginger!!!! look!!!!! and points to them :(:(:( that was so gross and cute theyre adorable 

Burnt Into Ashes (OCs, sickfic, part 2)

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3

Elliott tried to go back to sleep after Liam called, but found himself caught in repeated and seemingly endless coughing fits. If it wasn’t that keeping him awake, it was the fever, wearing him out and making it impossible to get any rest with the shivering and overheating. He laid in bed until the last possible moment when finally, he dragged himself out from beneath the covers - only to wrap them about his shoulders again as he made his way to the bathroom.

He shuddered when his bare feet touched the tile floor. Shutting the door behind him, he debated taking a shower, but decided in the end that he didn’t have time. Instead, he turned the hot water on, hoping the steam would help clear his head while he brushed his teeth. The sound of the water roared in his ears, but it was in some ways calming, and as the room filled with the humid fog, he drifted into a daze, allowing his tired mind to wander.

Elliott had long since gotten his own flat after the breakup. It was small, but it suited his needs. And, he thought, no one would complain about him running the shower for too long. That’s what he told himself, that pointing out all the details Liam used to nitpick and complain about would help with getting over him.

But then there were other, more pleasant bits. Liam always rubbed his back or his chest during particularly nasty bouts of coughing. He massaged Elliott’s sinuses when his head ached. He fetched tea and medicine and made soup and–

“huH’EHGKJihSSHU!” The sneeze jolted him out of his memories, as if to remind him that if he wanted any of that now, he’d have to do it himself. The steam was working, and the congestion was beginning to loosen in his head and chest. Still, he was none too pleased to be dealing with the effects of it. He tried sniffling to keep his nose from running while he reached for the tissues in the box on the back of the toilet, but it only made his need for them more urgent.

hh-HUh’yIGTZISCH’u! hah’AEJhIHSsSHuh!” He buried his face into a handful of tissues, barely catching the double. The comforter fell from his shoulder, and he would have retrieved it, were he not about to sneeze yet again. “hh-hIH’IhJyIHSsCHU! hgkKtJSSHISHU! H-hh-haehh! IGHTSSJISCH’Uh!!

By the end of the fit, Elliott was seriously considering calling Liam and telling him to find someone else or deal without him for the day. He was sweating and trembling and his mind was so muddled he could hardly think. He hadn’t bothered getting a thermometer after moving out, so there wasn’t really any way to tell how high his fever was - he just knew he had one. Regardless, Liam had made it clear that it wasn’t bad enough for a day of rest.

After another moment, and a glance at his phone - both to check the time and with a last feeble hope that Liam had texted him telling him he didn’t need to come in after all - Elliott turned off the shower, picked up his comforter, and shuffled back to his room to get dressed.

The cooler air in his bedroom made even his skin ache as he undressed. He was sorely tempted to crawl back onto the bed and collapse there, and the threat of getting fired was only just enough to turn him around and make him head for the door, comforter abandoned on the floor. He would regret that later, he was sure, but he didn’t have the energy to pick it up right now.

Nor did he have the energy for the building sneeze teasing his nasal passages. Much as he wanted to fight it, to spare himself further irritation of his throat at the very least, he couldn’t, and resigned himself to letting his nose have its way. He would have to save what little stamina he had for holding them back at work, anyway.


And yet, it seemed like the more willing to sneeze he was, the longer they took to carry out. He was already running late, he realized with a mix of gratitude and dismay - the former because it meant a few minutes off of whatever shift Liam had seen fit to grant him, and the latter knowing that if he were late, Liam might rescind his offer to cut the shift in half.

Elliott’s nostrils twitched threateningly, and he squinted as his brows drew together. His breath hitched and stuttered, and just as he thought he was on the edge of a sneeze…it vanished. Or rather, it backed off just far enough to be infuriating, a soft buzzing itch that would neither disappear nor bring itself to fruition.

So he resolved to do it himself.

He grabbed another tissue, knowing that at this point, he would need it, and placed his forefinger and thumb on either side of his nose, just below the bridge. He squeezed, hard. This only worked when he was already ill to begin with, and he didn’t have time to waste. He needed to sneeze so badly he could hardly stand it.

And sneeze he did. The itch flared up again as soon as he pinched at it. His breath caught in his chest, and a strange hiccuping cough escaped him when it burned.


Finally, he thought, lashes fluttering. Tears gathered at the corners of his eyes, and his nose was running again. He endeavored on, agitating the torturous sensation until his mouth hung open and he couldn’t exhale without it being interrupted by a desperate gasp.

h-hnH…huh…h-hh-heh’EHGkTZISsSHU!!” It was like an explosion, snapping him in half at the waist. He plunged his face into the tissue and wished immediately that he’d thought to use more than one when the tickle didn’t abate. He stumbled sideways, searching for the wall’s support as he sneezed again. “hAHAEHJSHISsHU! hh’IgHyISsH’Uh! H-hh-hehh! EhJSsHISCHU!

After four of the harsh detonations, he was ready to sink to the floor, dizzy and aching and cursing Liam for making him get out of bed that day. But he remained upright, afraid that if he sat down, he wouldn’t find it in him to get up again. Still, he nearly fell over putting on his shoes, and fumbled with the lock on the way out.

“Da’b it, Price,” he muttered, starting his car, and hoping beyond hope that he wouldn’t need to be there for more than a few hours.

It wasn’t until he was halfway to the restaurant that he realized he’d forgotten to take any cold medicine or even paracetamol, and after a hopeful search of the glove box, came up empty.

He sighed, shivering beneath his thick sweatshirt. It was going to be a long shift.

Accidental Confession.

Requested by Anon: “Can I request one where Tequila is drunkenly/stoned confessing his love for his fellow Statesman Agent (Reader)?”
Pairing: Agent Tequila x Reader
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: Drinking.
Word Count: 1232

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Make Me Choose (2.5k Celebration) @penaltywaltz asked:

Louise Brealey, brunette OR ginger

I mean, I like her ginger style too, it makes her shine, really. I picked brunette because, I don’t know, it feels warmer, maybe it reminds me of Molly, or maybe it’s how she looked when I saw her for the first time (outside Sherlock).I love Loo, she can dye her hair any color, I would love it! :D

Solitary Effort (sickfic, flu)

Notes: Guys this is one of my favorites. I’m kind of wading through hundreds of pages of GingerSnap fic to see what’s worthy of posting and I’m really excited to share this one. In which Liam is miserable and basically does all the work on a “group” project.
(This one was also born of a prompt, but I have no idea where to find the list…I wrote it months ago, so…)

Liam had known from the beginning that he would be doing the group project singlehandedly. His other three groupmates had saddled him with the largest portion of the research for their Anthropology class, and at some point along the way, he’d gotten stuck with all of it when no one else showed up with their own.

Ordinarily this would have been little more than an inconvenience. After all, he wanted the project done right, and the only way to ensure that was to do it himself. What he had not counted on was coming down with flu the week before the presentation.

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anonymous asked:

I am so grateful for your fan art, especially of Harry. It seems like 99% of the other HP fan artists are just copying each other and drawing Harry as desi with a man bun and a beard and a scar that covers his entire face. And you just keep on sticking to your own vision. THANK YOU for not being a suck up sheep like the others. You're the best fan artist in HP at the moment and your vision of Harry is beautiful and perfect. He actually looks like Harry, not some weird fanon invention.

I am so grateful for this little kitten. It seems like 99% of the other kittens are just black and fluffy and with long tails. And you seem to like your kitten - orange, with short fur and thick tail. Thank you for not being a suck up sheep like others and sticking to your favourite ginger kitten because I like ginger kittens too. The ginger kitten is the only real kitten, the rest are just fake breeds…

Mate, I’m glad you like my Harry but please, don’t say other artists are bad because they like and create something different. I’m sticking to that old (rather canon) image of Harry in my head, yes, I like it very much, but for the love of God, don’t slate creators for their imagination! It doesn’t hurt anyone that they see Harry as desi (I drew Harry as desi a few times myself fyi) with a big scar. You’re totally free to like or dislike whatever you want too, just don’t think your opinions are the only existing ones.
Ginger kitten isn’t superior, and there are definitely more kittens than just black and ginger ones. If you like my Harry, that’s awesome, if you don’t like different depictions of him, that’s fine, just don’t be an arse about it :) We all find inspiration in other people’s works, we don’t live in a vacuum. Some ideas get more attention, are liked better and get more popular, some not. When people can’t find what they like they start to create the content they’re looking for by themselves. And that’s great! Let’s be excited about stuff we like, no need to be bitter about things other people are happy about :)