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Fireflies - A “Bendy and the Ink Machine” Story

I think I might be out of writing block. 

I wanted to write a fluffy, kind of “angsty” story about  @shinyzango  ‘s 2D Bendy AU. Honestly, the relationship between Henry and Bendy is too adorable. I haven’t written in a while, so I apologize if this didn’t turn out the way I was intending it to.

Also the reason this is posted so late is because my sleeping schedule has made me unable to sleep until like, 2 in the morning. Dear God, I need to stop sleeping so late. 

Anyways, enjoy! Hopefully it wasn’t written to badly. 

Also, the ©2D Bendy AU by @shinyzango , Thank you for a great AU!

©Bendy and the Ink Machine by TheMeatly Games

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ACTION!

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Wishes of Sunset and Moondust

Rating: T

Pairing: John Lennon/Paul McCartney

Prince & stable boy AU - Romance - Fairytale - Pining - Fluff

Wishes of Sunset and Moondust

Sunset in your eyes. Moondust in the lining of your skin. What hope did I ever have?

He had been in love with the prince of sunset eyes and moonlit skin for as long as he could remember, his sweetshop window, wishing for an impossible dream. He was but a stable boy by the name of John, just John, working in the dirt, and longing for the stars.

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Ok, now that the panel is over I do have one complaint, which is that the team is too white. Like we’re getting Virgil and Traci 13 but the cast featured is seven white people and three people of color when we had the rest of the Runaways last season (including Jaime’s best friend in the whole world Tye) and characters like Cassandra, Damien, etc. to choose from. It should be more half and half, instead of the number of nonwhite people equaling the number of blonde women

li0nfart  asked:

Eeeeyyyyyy go you for doing a headcanon blog! I hope it flourishes. :) I've got an OC x Predaking pairing in a fan fiction I'm writing... you mind tossin' me some headcanon ideas on how Preds would treat his S/O?

thank you so much <3!! of course!! i hope this works for you :) good luck with your fanfic, i’m sure it’s gonna be fantastic!!

Predaking ( TFP )

  • First off, once you’re establishedly together, he’s very protective. He tries to keep you around him at all times. Which, of course he can’t do… but he tries. He knows how dangerous these Decepticons are. He doesn’t want you to be hurt. You definitely have to reassure him you can take care of yourself.
  • Now, seeing as he’s very old… I think he’d be very traditional. Courting and all (like it calling it courting). Predking finds the most beautiful flowers for you and picks a whole large bouquet for you. Not only that, he ends up finding random things to give you!
  • Even funnier, he finds random lost human artifacts to give you.
  • You realize what he’s doing and you have to laugh and softly tell him that none of this is necessary!
  • What do you mean? I must get all but the best for you. My courting must be worth your time.
  • Predaking, you’re worth my time already.” 
  • After that he is extremely happy to be with you. Though, he’s very private with his relationships. Predking wants to keep your affections private. Not for shame or fear… just, it feels right!
  • So in private, you’re likely to be found cuddling up to him in his beast mode. He loves when you stroke his snout or just… stroke him anywhere! He even purrs like a cat.
  • You can sleep next to him knowing you’ll be protected and warm!

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I'm thinking of not going to band in highschool, but I don't want to leave my friends. What should I do?

Roderich: First of all, It’s your decision if you want to continue band or not and you shouldn’t feel pressured because your friends are doing it. Secondly, shouldn’t you be able to see them in other classes? You shouldn’t have to leave your friends for such a reason

uchihacollector  asked:

“I know I haven’t always made the right decisions up to now… Whether I was right, or whether I was wrong, may not even matter in the first place. What I do know, is that we are apart. I hate this distance between us. You are my most precious person. I want you back. If you can't be by my side, I will abandon Otogakure to be by yours. I've grown dependent on you. I /need/ you. In the sense of soulmates: I love you.”

(Gotta put this under readmore because I got carried away with my writing and I’m also got into the reply) 

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@local-gay-witch‘s giveaway request!

Prompt: (ftm trans) -feels smol 5'5 -snakebites. Lucio is out on a mission and his s/o is having bad gender dysphoria (homie Genji tries to help) and in the midst of being upset he forgets to take his hormone shots. Lucio comes back seeing his s/o having a bad day and helps him feel better/helping him take his shot.

You gaze to yourself in the mirror once you woke up— but it wasn’t you. It wasn’t the you that you knew yourself as. Today, seeing that reflection made you sick. Anxiety began to set in, your breath quickened as if you were trapped in a box quickly closing in. You pressed your back to the wall and slowly slid down, curling yourself up as you desperately tried to fight off these toxic thoughts. You bit down on your bottom lip, tongue toying with your piercings as you tried to keep yourself grounded. 

If Lúcio were here, he could at least ease the pain you were experiencing. But he was gone. Away on an important mission and he wouldn’t be home until the evening. You just had to get by until then… but you weren’t sure you could. You needed help now. So, you call one of the few other people you can rely on. Genji.

He is very concerned when he arrives to your aid. He doesn’t exactly feel prepared on how he should help either, so he asks you what he can do to help. You tell him all you need is a distraction until Lúcio comes back. So, Genji leaves a message for Lúcio, then takes your hand and leads you to his room. He wraps you in a blanket, gently rubs your back, and gathers a few movies for the two of you to watch together. This time is spent mostly in silence. You try your best to just focus on the movies. Any small slip in your concentration could send you back into a downward spiral. Genji just kept an arm around you, gently petting your back and gently assuring you any time you got restless.

Your mind had gone completely numb somewhere down the road. You completely lost track of time, mentally just floating through an empty realm. The sound of a knock on Genji’s door brought you back to reality. Genji carefully stood up so he wouldn’t jar you, then went to open the door.

As soon as the door was opened, Lúcio came rushing to you. He held you in his arms and kept you in a tight, warm embrace for a few moments before he pulled away to cup your face in his hands and look you in the eye. Concern and sadness were very clear on his face as he looked at you.

“What’s the matter, baby?” he asked softly. “What’s wrong?”

Doing your best to fight back tears, you explain the situation to him, but it eventually becomes too much and you break down, sobbing into his shoulder as he held you tight. 

Lúcio was absolutely heartbroken to hear this. “Aw, baby, no– you’re— you’re perfect. Everything’s going to be okay.”

He pressed a soft kiss to your forehead and then scooped you up right off the ground as you continued to sniffle and cry. Lúcio gave a short thanks to Genji, then made his way back to your shared room. He gently set you down on the bed and hugged you once more, gently rocking back and forth to help you calm down.

It took awhile for you to calm down, but once you did, Lúcio was relieved. “There’s my pretty boy,” he said softly before pressing a soft kiss to your lips. he gently toyed with your piercings as he kissed you. It’s a habit he’s come to develop and he loves doing it. He soon pulled away and looked to you with a smile.

“You feeling any better? You made sure to take your hormones, right?” 

You freeze, then slowly shake your head no. You completely forgot about your shots after all that’s happened today. Lúcio lets out a small gasp, then gets up to retrieve the kit from the bathroom. As he prepared the shot, he kept his eye on you. Just making sure you were stable while also giving a look that screamed I love you so much, please be okay.

You bury your face in his neck and flinch when you feel the needle prick you. Lúcio gently shushes you and finishes the injection, then proceeds to throw away all the waste. 

“You’re such a brave man…” Lúcio says sweetly. “Taking these shots, seeking out help when I wasn’t around. I’m so proud of you, baby. So, so proud.”

Once he had everything situated, Lúcio quickly changed into his pajamas and sat down on the bed next to you, giving you another tender hug. “Everything is okay now. I’m here, you’re here. We’re all good. I can’t even begin to say how lucky a man I am to have such a strong and handsome boy like yourself as my partner,” he presses a soft kiss to your lips once more. “And whenever you’re feeling down again, I’ll be right there to pick you right back up. You can count on it.” 

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What personality type do you think Sam and Dean and Cas are on the Myers-Briggs scale?

Oh, I have no idea about those things. There’s SO MANY types and they all have mysterious letter designations so you might as well just make a scratchy white noise instead of telling me what type you are. I don’t really want to take the test 3 times while trying to pretend to be them so… I found the 4 humours personality type definitions, and this article even has links at the bottom to describe how to translate it into Myers-Briggs… :P 


I’m gonna go with Dean definitely having a sanguine or sanguine-phlegmatic personality (ISFP apparently? I’m now resisting reading these just because it’s after midnight so that might not look so accurate after running it through Jung’s attempt to wrangle the humours (apparently this is his fault, according to the article. I have no psychology background whatsoever and somewhat regret it but not enough to actually read articles :P))

Anyway I think from the descriptions I read around on several of the top google results that Sam’s got a choleric personality? (ENTJ if that means something to you)

And I’m a little stumped about how to class Cas this way but I think that’s a problem with the fact literally every website seems to have weird opinions about what phelgmatic/melancholic actually MEANS and at this point I suddenly realise why having like 30 complicatedly labelled personality types with a very specific reasoning behind them makes sense than just having 4 which are about as useful as horoscopes … I guess the combination of those two is “INFJ” unless I mixed up the letters between rage-quitting the 5 tabs I had open and coming back to finish this sentence. :D

(and now you all know why i don’t list a random set of letters in my quick bio like a ton of people here do… I’m gonna forget what it means as soon as I put it up there even though it’s apparently describing ME)

I could do their horoscopes if you like but I remember one hell of a long conversation thread about if Cas is a Libra or a Scorpio and since I’m a Libra I was really attached but I think logic won out and he’s a Scorpio and that pisses me off just because I’m on the Libra/Scorpio cusp but more of a Libra than not and I don’t even BELIEVE in these things but it’s like hogwarts houses and once you are told you’re a libra you can’t just start BEING a scorpio later and also don’t ask me about their hogwarts houses, last time I tried I narrowed it down to the 1 of the 3 they absolutely WEREN’T and left it open which one of the others I cared about them being :P


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again