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Step Up/Dance AU bc I’m sucker for those

  • Andrew, Aaron and Nicky are leaving together after Tilda died and the Hemmicks kicked Nicky out for being gay
  • Andrew is a sight when he dances, the dancefloor an only place where he feels something.
  • All three work in Eden’s Twilight and when they are not working they’re partying there

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Hard-Drive: Dead

Hey, everyone! This was not the post I was expecting to make this morning, but here we are. As of last week, I started hearing the death throes of my (very much loved) Lenovo laptop. I knew the hard-drive was going out by the sounds it was making, and lo and behold, today I heard the tell-tale pop and stop that indicates the end of times (i.e. a hard drive head error). It was honestly like a horror movie. 

The hard drive stopped spinning. Things kept working. I kept doing my homework. 

Then the background vanished.

Then my icons. 

Then my windows. BSOD. 

Thankfully I’d backed up most of my major work when I heard it starting to go last week, and even more thankfully, I was able to turn it back on again. I can hear it struggling, but I’m hoping I can get another week out of it. 

That being the case, don’t expect too much from me in the coming weeks. I don’t want to push this computer any harder than I have to for my school work. If anyone can recommend a new laptop (I’m looking for a laptop that can handle some serious games, like the ASUS ROG), I’d love to hear it! I’m coming from a Lenovo y50 gaming laptop, but I don’t think I’m going to buy Lenovo again because of the screen matte quality. 

On that note, if you want to help me out of the dip this is going to carve into my savings, I’ll be taking $15 traditional pen/pencil commissions and $30-$40 traditional watercolor commissions.

Send me an ask if you’re interested.

(Below is an example of a $50 watercolor edited in Photoshop.) 

Quentin Arrives At The End of Fillory

Seven Keys: found

Magic: Saved

Ember: a dick

Despite saving it, Quentin is forcefully removed from Fillory forever

Tease (Drabble)

Originally posted by jibeom

Genre: Fluff, Doctor!AU

Word Count: 702

Summary: The worst part of working with Jungkook wasn’t that he was so good at what he did he made everyone else look bad, or that his visuals were so top notch it intimidated most, no the worst part was that he was such a tease when you were around and you just couldn’t understand why.

A/N: I’ve been watching a medical drama recently and it gave me instant inspiration!! I don’t know too much about the doctor profession and I wrote this really late so if I mess anything up forgive me. The first person I thought of was Jungkook for some reason but I really like the idea of a Doctor!AU maybe something else will come out of it. I also really want to make a sequel to this because I wanted to write so much more but then it wouldn’t have been a drabble akjfhslkdjnfkas someone stop me.

Hiding in the supply closet was not how you thought you’d spend your break, but because of a certain doctor who wouldn’t leave you alone there you were, leaning against the door of the closet hoping he was no longer around. You had ran into the closet as soon as you heard his voice around the corner and you had now been in there for at least five minutes. The closet wasn’t small but it was stuffy and you were beginning to get uncomfortable waiting here for him to leave. You opened the door enough so you could peek your head out to check if it was clear. 

You didn’t see or hear him so you assumed it was safe to leave but as soon as you stepped out and closed the door you jumped. There he stood, Doctor Jeon Jungkook, to the left of the closet with his arms crossed and leaning against the wall. 

“Were you hiding from me?” 

He was wearing that irritating smirk that you hated and didn’t think was attractive at all. “N-No I wasn’t hiding! I needed to get something from the closet.” 

“You didn’t come out with anything.” 

“I didn’t find what I was looking for.” You threw him a glare as you turned and began walking down the hallway. He quickly followed after you and walked next to you, close enough that your arms were almost touching and it made you want to move away because your heart was beating too fast. 

“Lets go eat.” He spoke up after a minute of silence and it startled you. What exactly did he mean by that? Did he want to eat now or after your shift? You didn’t exactly have enough time to grab a meal on your short break and your lunch break wasn’t for a couple more hours. Maybe he meant to go back to the staff room and grab a quick snack from a vending machine. Whatever he meant you’re sure you didn’t want to go with him. 

“I’m not hungry and I don’t have time.” 

“You don’t have time because you wasted it hiding from me.” 

“I wasn’t hiding!” 

“Don’t lie!”

You groaned loudly and stopped walking to face him. “Dr. Jeon You’re so-” You stopped mid sentence when you realized he had gotten closer to you. He leaned down slightly so his faces was only inches away from yours. That annoying smile of his was front in center and it made you want to run and hide again as your heart thumped against your chest. 

“I’m so?”


“So hungry? Yes, I am. Since you won’t eat with me I’ll have to settle for this.” He reached down to grab your hand and you jumped in surprise. What exactly was he doing? Your heart was beating so fast what if he felt it when he grabbed your hand? Was that possible? You really should know since you’re a doctor but your mind is so scrambled right now you don’t know what to think. 

Unexpectedly, he reached into the pocket of his lab coat and placed something into your hand. You looked down to your hand to see a granola bar, one he obviously got from the break room vending machine and was carrying around just in case he needed some energy. Why was he giving it to you? 

“Don’t work on an empty stomach.” He smiled and you swear your heart was seconds from jumping out of your chest. You opened your mouth to respond but nothing came out so you stood there with your jaw hanging, probably looking as foolish as you felt. He leaned back before winking at you and started walking down the hall again to check on his patients. 

Your eyes followed him and you regained your voice when he was a safe distance away. “I told you I wasn’t hungry!” 

He only laughed in response and it just made you angry, if you didn’t want to eat the granola bar you would’ve thrown it at his retreating back. You ripped the wrapper off the bar and bit into it angrily. 

Why did you let him get to you and make you so flustered? 

Honestly the more I see, draw or think about the possibility of my lil Robo Squib being a character the more I love her, she really needs a proper name.
I’m gonna say I’m proud of this, and I really hope I can refine her design in the future. Heck, maybe even draw her half as well too :’)

What ARE backgrounds


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