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I don’t understand where this fandom mentality comes from that everyone has to like all the characters within a book/series/movie? And people start fighting you if you don’t like one character to the same extent as they do?

Like, be happy that people enjoy their favourite character (or ship). That they are so inspired by them that they write fanfic, draw fanart or develop headcanons for them. They share their love and you can do the same with your favourite characters - that’s the point of fandom.

But attacking other fans because they don’t include every single character for reasons that they are entirely their own? It doesn’t matter if you agree or not. Everyone has preferences and they are allowed to have them.

Seriously, since “Winter” was released, this fandom has become a minefield.
And I don’t mean that the character of Winter changed it, but it’s the tone of the discussions. It’s not so much about respectful, informative discussions anymore. It’s gotten nasty with a few people insulting and bullying other fans for their preferences with a self-righteousness that is seriously uncalled for.

Because now, if you don’t include a certain character, you are called out for whatever inane reason. I once got the question once why I didn’t include a certain ship for a story idea I had. Why is that any of their concern? It’s my story idea, either you like it or not but I’m not playing character bingo and include everyone just because the fandom thinks I have to because they are in the original story. That’s what fanfic is for, to expand on the characters you love, maybe all of them or just one of them, but that isn’t anyone’s business. If I see a story tagged with Character X, I’m not asking the author, “hey, where’s Character Y?” That story isn’t for me, so I move on to stories that are.

Because here’s the thing: No one owes you anything.

No one has to write a fic you enjoy.

No one has to draw a fanart that you can reblog.

No one has to spend their time of the day on characters they don’t like just because they feel pressured to do so.

But: Everyone deserves respect. Or, at least, just because someone has a different opinion, it doesn’t give you the right to insult them. Opinions are not facts.

You don’t have to agree with someone but it’s not too much to ask to treat them with a minimum of respect. Especially over something as personal and random as favourite characters/ships.

For next year, I do hope we leave this kind of mentality behind us, so people can resume creating content they enjoy for people who appreciate it, without being attacked for not doing it as some people might see fit. I’m not naive, I know there will always be drama and shipper wars or whatever. But this year, it was no fun being in the TLC fandom. And I say this especially in regard to the TLC shipweeks.

The creators of shipweeks are putting a lot of effort into it. The fans are putting a lot of effort into their work, too. So, if you are not happy that your character/ship/brotp isn’t as included as much as you would like, create your own content. Spread the love. But respect other people’s choices.

And for every other fan: Just have lots of fun with TLC, with your favourite characters and ships and don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t allowed to.

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I imagine you're the kind of person who accidentally falls asleep sitting up.

well, not accidentally. falling asleep upright is kinda uncomfortable. i mean, i still do it, but usually it has to be a special occasion. or i have to be really really bored.

 last week i fell asleep sitting up with my eyes open and accidentally won a staring contest with nick fury. so theres that, i guess.

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A/N: i know so many people have written something along the same lines but this is my work. And holy Merlin is he gorgeous P.S. Spoilers


Don’t look at me like that’ Newt says to you when you and Jacob are about to be obliviated. You met Newt when you when you were helping Jacob, well for moral support anyway, and you and Newt just clicked but now it was time to say goodbye and neither of you wanted to.

‘Why can’t I just come with you to England, its different there, right?’ he just sighs giving you that look, that horrible puppy dog eyes that no one can resist

‘Right, I guess this is goodbye’ you sigh

‘Yeah I guess it is’


A few weeks later you’re running late to your new job and of course you just happened to be horribly late and on your rush you bump into someone

‘Oh I am s-so s-sorry I didn’t mean to-‘you cut yourself off when you see a handsome man right in front of you.

‘No it’s quiet alright’

‘I’m sorry, but do I know you?

‘Um no, no I don’t think so, another face maybe’ he replies after much hesitation

‘Oh well sorry again I’ve got to go, now I’m extremely late’ you say running off and Newt just sighs regretfully, sad to see you go as his life has changed dramatically with you in his life but also with you out of his life.

womp after lettin my hand rest i decided to draw some superman of china cuz it just finished it first arc, go read it its p good lads

Happy Peeta Sunday!

Here’s a little Peeta eye candy to brighten your day!

That Jaw

Those Eyes

Dear Lord, The Hair 

Those Arms

That Stare

The Shy Smile

The Total Package

So we all remember this scene yes?

So I was listening to my psychology lecture today (and it turns out that YOUR PUPILS ARE ACTUALLY JUST HOLES IN YOUR EYES), anyway and it turns out that the inside of your eyeball is this fluid, jelly-like stuff but otherwise its pretty hollow (except for some wirey nervy stuff) soooooo

Inuyasha’s Eye (I guess his human one to be exact):

I came up with this. Because the legendary Inu no Taisho is a goddamn science nerd in his free time, he somehow managed to insert a lil pearl in his baby son’s eye (somehow without Izayoi noticing, I imagine) before many of the nerves in there are formed and therefore …

That is why Inuyasha went momentarily blind in one eye when Sesshomaru removed the pearl with his lightning-fast fingers, because his nerves probably grew around the pearl when as he got older.

I dunno, it just interested me and its all speculation really, not facts.

But also while I was googling images for this I found this amazing piece of trash:

and that made my rainy, cold day 10x happier (plus I got a starbucks coffee)

I dunno guys. Maybe I should make an InuyashaScienceBlog

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul.
So, through my eyes can you see me having a burning desire for your presence?
Through my eyes can you see me yearning for your touch?
Through my eyes can you sense the loneliness in my aura?
Through my eyes can you see that my soul craves to listen to your heartbeat?
Through my eyes can you see how bits of my soul is deteriorating within its walls?
Through my eyes can’t you see that I just miss you.
I guess you can’t.
—  unspoken feelings from a broken magician. // Through my eyes.

                              I… came to Seidou to find the place where I belong.
                                 Please don’t disappoint me… Miyuki-senpai.
                                                    Interesting! I like you!

“Renaissance (Without Catastrophe)”

my grandparents said that there was a sad song lodged in my eyes and i shrugged it off and smiled through my aching teeth, there was no irony in anything just a whole lot of agony

how could anybody manage to laugh, really laugh, in times like these? i guess i’ll never know, but we’re not here to know are we?

(nobody really knows anything, not really…)

last week, a certain day, flashback so fast i get whiplash, i see a skull protruding from your chest, another skull making its way out of your backdoor, one was humming, one was silent

what the hell did any of it mean?

(i just don’t know but i guess this goes back to the point how nobody really knows anything, not really, and i guess that’s okay…)

you knock on my door but i know you won’t wait for me to answer, you’ll just walk right in anyway, and that’s alright so i just stay quiet, waiting for you to stick your talons right into my ears and pull me up beyond the clouds,


to see some funerals for stars whose light still gets caught in our eyes, to see new stars get born out there by the pillars, to see and breathe without catastrophe

(for once)

Two Baseball Players and A Baby - Rated G

Summary: A tryst catches up to Mike in the form of a little girl. Who else would he turn to but Ginny?

I will admit I got this idea out of the blue while I was washing dishes and I’m not sure what to make of it. Ah well. This is just my life and how I live it.  

Ginny’s not surprised to find Mike on the other side of the door, but his rumpled appearance makes her eyes widen. He hasn’t slicked his hair back, and he’s not wearing his leather jacket. Something is terribly wrong. She immediately asks, “What’s wrong?”

He pulls out his phone, shows her a picture of a sleeping baby, a girl she guesses from the little yellow hat covering its head. “Her mother’s dead. She, uh, hemorrhaged after her, uh, C-section. Nothing they could do. How… What am I supposed to tell her when she gets old enough to ask why she doesn’t have a mother?”

Ginny puts the pieces together quickly as she steps back to let him in. Even his swaggering gait is missing as he heads for the couch, falls on it, and covers his face. Ginny sits beside him, takes the phone to look at the baby again. If nothing else, the baby’s got his large pointed ears, and there’s a wisp of a dark curl hanging out of the hat. Her olive skin still has that newborn pink to it.

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@nyehcro‘s fusionmatsus are so amazing I just had to draw some of them

First one is OsoJyushi and the next one is KaraOso; first set is original and the next set is an edited version with PhotoscapeX

Hope you like it!

you and hansol are out doing some shopping and he sees a gingerbread house kit. he picks it up and excitedly asks you if you two can make it together with a stupid grin on his face. you roll your eyes but agree anyway, i mean how can you say to this adorable lil puppy? after finishing your shopping you both head back to your place to put together the gingerbread house. hansol wastes no time in taking the gingerbread house kit out of the bag and setting everything up on the table. you can’t help but smile watching him setting everything up excitedly, he really did act like a little kid sometimes. you both start to put the gingerbread house together and it was fun at first, but then comes the bickering after a while. “hansol that’s not right” “y/n i told you the roof needs more icing to stick” “hansol stop eating all the candy” you both end up giving up after a while because it kept on falling apart and you were both getting really frustrated with each other. but hey at least you both got to eat all the gingerbread and candy. 


( S w e e t a s h o n e y )

‘ Sweet like honey, eyes cold as ice ‘

‘ Once a laugh now a cry ‘

‘ A favorite and now outdated ‘

‘ Revenge is coming and you are running ‘

‘ I am near and you are only just another yet in my eyes ‘

‘ You are the one who took this from me ‘

You. ‘

‘ I was once a favorite and now i’m outdated ‘

‘ Sweet as honey, cold as ice 

Heh. GUess its sttrue what they asay a about the bad afucking foods huh boys? im just gonna close my eyes and start typing adnd not pay anyt attention and I’m just now going to correct anything or stop typing for even a second so fi I am misaligned I will be fucked because then it will not be remotely legible at all. So how was your day today? Today I’m waiting for something for whic H I have been waiting for probably about 7 or 8 years. if it happens I will be very happy nad make a big ruckus and if it doesn’t happen then I waill be a sad man with a big uncut slick uncut dick and a fat nuts with extra mayonaise baby hehehehehehehe oh yeah baby im gonna have SEXUAL tonight and nothing can stop me from dioing that and I’m typing maybe 120 wpm and this is my biggest boy in town and I love to fuck and I love to fuck and I love to fuck and I am a fucking hack zone boy with the big keyboard and the console commands and the command prompt out rieady to make a little bit of a destructions noise HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH BABY LETS GET REAL RUGGED UP AND TAKE A SHIT A SHIIIIIIT YEAH ABABY LETS DO THIS HOHOHOHO HEHEHEHEHEEHEHEE BABABABABABABABA

Hey phrendz,
I’m frank eye-ear-oh and i hate using proper spelling and grammar. you might know me from my chemical romance, i now have an ensemble of people who put up with me somehow under the moniker frank iero andthe patience. we’re kinda rad and I’m kinda bad at everything but whatever. currently on tour so i have no idea whats happening.

i joked about being jersey’s cockroach once but now that I’ve been hit by a bus i guess its kind of true, you just cant kill me sucks to be you. dogs are life. casper rocks. my three kids are cooler than you can ever hope to be. hit me up at xofrnkieromustdie if youre into talking to sad old punks that are secretly pansies and wimps.  xofrnk

lmao i just got a Huge shari’s berries box in the mail from my girlfriend and my mom (who doesnt… know about us) was with me in my room when i opened it and she just Immediately guessed that it was from ariana .. .. . i think she Know..


Update | Valentine’s Day

Freya said I could post her pictures if I didn’t show her face… oh well… maybe one of these days you’ll all get to see her. This will have to do for now.

I took her shopping for a dress to wear tonight- let’s just say she was a little more than excited. After about ten different dresses, which all looked amazing on her, she decided on this white number… guess I made it obvious that I enjoyed its length…

We went back to the dorms and got read to go out for the night, and then headed out to the new restaurant that just opened in Seoul. I was really hoping it would be good for the dates sake… nothing like terrible food when you’re trying to impress someone… anyway she looked so beautiful I couldn’t take my eyes off of her the entire night.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤️