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namseok long-distance relationship au

inspired by this, with help from and mostly made up for @ronthany

  • Nams is an underground rapper with a pretty respectable fanbase
  • Hobi is one of the top students at his dance school, concentration being choreography though he is ridiculously fond of performing
  • they meet via twitter thanks to a shared interest in a certain drama
  • (they argued about ships a lot because Nams’ opinions are obviously wrong)
  • eventually moving to chatting on kkt
  • Hobi: How many Ryan stickers does one man really need?
  • Nams: However many I have at any given time plus one.
  • somehow their chats feel super comfortable though??
  • Hobi is very uncomfortable with that like wtf how is this jerk in my head
  • “I’m a rapper.” “The fuck you are.” “No seriously!”
  • Hobi refuses to believe him just out of spite
  • they eventually work up to video chatting also out of spite
    • Nams video calls Hobi right before going on stage
    • “This is my face. This is my crowd. You owe me money now.”
  • Hobi continues to deny Nams’ skills
  • but then the video calls become A Regular Thing???
  • Hobi suuuuuuuuper disapproves
  • (routine they eventually establish - Nams calling Hobi super late - “Wake up and say goodnight to me.” “I really fucking hate you, Kim Namjoon.”)
  • Hobi’s always bare-faced during their calls and Nams gets curious about seeing him in makeup
  • Hobi makes awkward faces
  • but eventually indulges Nams and calls him right after being made up for a Black Swan performance
  • Nams was not prepared for that
  • and now there are Feelings
  • sooooo many feelings
  • (he writes songs about Hobi but plz don’t tell Hobi)
  • after like 8 months of awkward flirting (Hobi: It is not flirting.) Nams sends Hobi a message that just says turn around - and thus Nams is standing in the lobby of Hobi’s major’s building with some flowers and a shy little smile and Hobi really just walked past him at first because he’s so focused on getting to class
  • (spoiler: Hobi does not make it to class)
  • (it’s still not flirting though)

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okay so I understand not shipping steroline. I really do. you think nothing will compare to the first epic ship of the show stelena. you adored forwood and dgaf about tvd after it broke your heart. i totally understand. you don’t like that he didn’t return her calls in s6 and kept running from the past after his brother’s death. you don’t like that sheriff forbes was killed to develop it. you don’t like how s7 was mostly about stefan. you don’t like that he left for 3y when on the run from the huntress. that’s totally valid and cool and I would never hold that against you


i genuinely will side-eye the fuck outta ur posts if in the same breath you say “caroline deserves better” and then proceed to ship her with klaus.

you have no moral authority to criticize steroline when you ship her with the man that drove a lamp through her for calling him out

you have no right to call steroline badly developed because you ship her with a man she rejected for 2 seasons and had a one night stand with that she canon regretted while steroline had been developing since the pilot

you have literally no morality to criticize stefans actions towards her when you ship her with the dude that told her “you’re beautiful but if you anger me I’ll kill you” and bit her twice and forced her boyfriend to bite her on a whim which would have been fatal each time

you cannot call the no-humanity sex scene bad when you ship her with the guy that hooked up with her in her boyfriend’s body and laughed and called her a glorious kisser when she flipped out

you cannot crucify stefan for leaving to grieve his brother when you ship her with the guy who abused his siblings and put them in comas for centuries to control them and take away their free will and chances at happiness

you cannot say stefan is bad to her because when she hurt klaus, he told her “find someone less awful to comfort you” and when she did one of the worst things someone could do to stefan, forced his humanity off thus threatening the return of the ripper, he comforted her and held her hand and said “I could never hate you”

you can’t say she’s stefan’s second choice but klaus’s first thus making klaus deserving of her love when stefan was first into valerie, katherine, rebekah and elena + klaus was first into tatiana and aurora, making her nobody’s first choice (and making her stefan technically HER first choice because she liked him first, then matt, tyler, jesse and finally stefan again- shouldn’t she date who SHE wants to instead of which guy deserves her by wanting her first- and if we go by who wanted her first shouldn’t she end up with matt?)

you cannot shit on stefan for calling out her “relationship” with alaric when he returned when you ship her with the dick who enslaved her boyfriend and forced him to leave town while she cried and begged him not to

you cannot blame stefan for vervaining her to save her life (and apologizing after) when you ship her with the man that tried to kill her best friends and loved ones for seasons, abused them all, and killed her best friend’s only parental figure left, boyfriend’s mother and every one of his werewolf friends

you have no grounds to say “steroline made caroline diminished and less sassy and not caroline” when you ship her with a man she literally cannot BE HERSELF and date because she stated multiple times she can’t love psychopathic mass murderers and she’s canonically extremely moral and judgemental and has a very low tolerance for causing pain, murder, abuse, or bad boys (hell, she rejected enzo do you really think she’d love klaus) (also idk maybe the death of 90% of her friends and trauma and being left by literally everyone in s6 made her sad and the passage of 4 years and being a mother made her less sassy)

you can’t say stefan will always love elena when it’s canon “caroline is even better than true love”

you can’t say loving stefan makes caroline sad when it’s canon “when im with you, im happy. you make me happy”

why do you think klaroline didn’t happen after 2 seasons of him nonstop hitting on her? do you not think her personality, her morals, her wishes and her choice play a role in who she dates? don’t you think if she was interested in klaus she would have showed it and pursued a relationship with him? this is the girl who every boy in mystic falls wanted and never hesitated to show interest in who she liked. don’t you think after their one night stand and him leaving forever she would have agreed to go with him instead of calling it a big mistake? why do you continue to ship her with someone who hurts her and she can never be in a emotionally fulfilling, peaceful or healthy relationship with?

you cannot be taken seriously in your ~moral outrage~ over steroline and how it “hurts and destroys caroline” when you ship something that’s defining features are harassment, verbal and emotional and physical abuse, and unwanted pursuit over a glacially slowburn friends to lovers ship that’s always been about love, admiration, support and understanding. no one takes you seriously when you say you love caroline forbes 👀

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💟💜 *giggle* however you can fathom that fitting in.

Shipping Call - Send me one if you want to plot one or more of these

💟 - friends with benefits

💜 - hateship ( they hate each other but can’t stay away )

Friends with benefits eh? And a hateship, oh man. I can see it. ;)

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The Manticore

Tobias’ life has always worked in a cycle, a very simple cycle really. It goes from being broke, to affording food then right back to being broke.

Judging by the fact he was actually outside again one could confirm he was in the “being broke” segment.

Not to pleased with how empty his cupboards were, he decide to look for work. However work was dry here, he was barely making ends meat. If you could call it that. More like ends crackers and bread.

So he decided to return to his homeland. How bad could it be? After all he was a free man now. The only problem was, how? His airship could hardly make it back home, Damn thing could barely stay afloat these days. He really has to retire that old thing.

So he was at the docks, Perb had a ship, and she was a friend. Maybe she’d be inclined to bring him home.

After a considerably lengthy walk he had made it. The Monica? The Vicky? What the hell was this thing called again… The Veronica. That was it.

He knocked on it’s hull, hoping to get Perb’s attention. “ Please be awake.” He muttered. “Hey, Perb!”

Protective (Seungri Imagine)

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My muse gave me inspiration for this. Thank you cassiewayne! I love you~ ♡♡

When he gets protective

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The two of you were walking down the street after a date, the sky dark and the only thing lighting up your path being the street lamps. You halted your steps right beside a club, because Seung Hyun got a call, and only a moment later, you found yourself in an uncomfortably close proximity with a complete stranger - a very drunk stranger, at that. Uncomfortably cheesy pickup lines and sudden attempts at skin ship had you tempted to turn right around and run away. It didn’t take long before Seung Hyun was by your side, though, and the deadly glare that grew on his face was enough to make hell freeze over. However, it took him stepping between you and the drunk stranger and basically growling at the drunk man got the hell out of there for said man to understand the position he’d put himself in.

Let’s just say that you found yourself basically glued to Seung Hyun for the rest of the walk home, his arm tightly and protectively wrapped around your shoulders. The look on his face clearly gave away the fact that he was ready to take action in a heartbeat, if another idiot got the idea to even so much as look at you for too long.