or however you call that ship man

The types of ship-haters you will encounter in any fandom:
  • Type 1: Chooses to ignore the romantic tension and will classify the relationship as “brother-sister”. May not actually have a sibling if they are this type.
  • Type 2: Disapproves of the white, female character getting together with the man of color, no matter how decent of a person they are. Doesn't like being called racist but may intentionally or unintentionally say something racist to make their point.
  • Type 2a: also works in reverse. However, the people who don't like women of color getting together with the lead white guy are much more vocal than the typical type-2 people.
  • Type 3: Will argue that straight pairings suck and will make arguments that (insert female character x insert female character) or (insert male character x insert male character) have better chemistry.
  • Type 4: shipped one of the less popular ships on the show. They are typically nice people since even though their ship isn't happening, they knew what they were getting into.
  • Type 5: "Did the writers have to put the (insert female character) in a relationship? Why couldn't she be a strong, independent woman?"
  • Type 6: "This ship is TOXIC AF. Here, read my dissertation on why this character and this character should not be together".
  • Type 7: Will argue that the chemistry and romance are forced and the writers suck for forcing this upon us.
  • Type 8: Will argue that one of the characters in the ship is boring. This usually means the character is decent, is not a complete mess, and is actually a good fit for the other person in the ship. Will also argue that the angsty, unstable, dangerous character is "exciting" and "fun".
  • Type 9: Will ignore the canon ship because for some fucking reason, they think the main villain has better chemistry with the lead female / male character. Even if they're presented with facts that the lead character HATES the villain, they will still dismiss the canon ship in favor of their bizarre crackship. Will also make excuses for the villain's behavior.
  • Type 9a: To add to the previous point, it doesn't have to be the villain. As long as they're unstable and dangerous...and a cis, straight white male.
  • Type 10: "I don't care if it's based on a comic book / book / video game / insert other medium, I still don't like it and I think the adaptation should make some changes."
  • Type 11: Will argue about the age difference, which is typically not a problem unless it's like a 20-year gap.
  • Type 12: Will voice their displeasure through memes.
  • Type 13: Will voice their displeasure through gifsets / photos / fanarts / manips
  • Type 14: Will voice their displeasure through really aggressive fanfics.
  • Type 15: The Newcomer ("Hey, I'm new to this fandom but I really hope this character and this character don't end up together. Maybe my opinion might change in the next few episodes / chapters"). By default, these people either turn into shippers or remain as haters.
Dear Norman

(an open letter)

I have to congratulate you on your performance in New Best Friends, as it truly was exemplary. Every scene had such perfect nuance and beats. From the frustration and growing rage with Richard, to the thoughtful determination with Morgan, to the heartbreak and restrained emotion with Carol - it was all beautifully performed.

However, in describing the heart-stopping, and heart-breaking moment when Carol opens her door to see Daryl standing there you used the analogy that Daryl’s emotions were like a kid whose mom had left him - and this caused a furor. 

Now, I think I get what you were trying to say. It wasn’t about anger, it was about Daryl being vulnerable and emotional. It was about the fact that Carol is Daryl’s home, his rock, his constant. And when she left, she left HIM, and he was devastated and adrift.

To me, that’s totally accurate for how Daryl would feel. It shows that Carol leaving was deeply personal to him, and he felt like he’d lost the most important person in the world to him - like a mom is to a kid.

Normally no one would argue that was a good description that showed you understand the character and their dynamics well. However, the problem is that in media in general - and in the Walking Dead fandom particularly - the word “mom” carries a whole lot of negative baggage with it.

You can’t see a single article, blog or tweet about Daryl and Carol’s relationship without someone commenting and dismissing the connection between these characters by using the “mother and son” descriptor. Carol is Daryl’s surrogate mother; Carol mothers Daryl; it would be gross if they were romantic cos Carol’s like Daryl’s mother. It’s inescapable whenever they are mentioned together.

For women over 40 in the media, being seen as something besides “the mom” is tough. Thankfully, we have Carol. Here we have a woman, with grey hair who IS a mother and yet is still so, so much more than that. Yet for so many in the fandom, there is an INSISTENCE of “reducing” her to just “a mom”.

I say “reducing” in such a way becuase obviously being a Mom is huge and vital, however in our culture there is a prevailing undercurrent that says that being just a mom is somehow lesser. And, most significantly, that being a mom excludes you from being sexy and sexual.

And that’s where the problem in the “mom and kid” analogy comes. It’s not a shipping thing (though obviously it is a part of it). It’s about how damaging it is for a woman aged 51 to be called mom to a man aged 47. The “mom” descriptor is used to desex Carol.

And as a woman over 40, it’s so offensive that a woman a handful of years older than a man can be seen as a mother figure. It’s sexist and ageist beyond belief, because we rarely see it mentioned the other way round.

Despite the fact Andrew is four years older than Danai, I’ve never seen comments that Rick’s like a father to Michonne.

When Daryl and Beth were paired up the media was filled with talk of a potential romance, and you yourself added to that with comments such as there being a hint of romance in the air. But there was VERY little mention by anyone that Daryl was a “father figure” to Beth, despite the fact he was 20 years older than her. At best, they may have speculated he was a big brother to her. Why was there no mention of a paternal type relationship when Daryl was taking on a protective role over her, in the aftermath of the death of her own father?

It’s just not something that happens in media, that a man with a close bond with a slightly younger woman will be seen as her father figure. Yet, when it’s a woman who’s older its rampant.

Of course, some people will explain away the “mom” term as simply being a way to describe the fact that Carol is nurturing - to everyone, but especially to Daryl. But why are only mom’s nurturing, why aren’t men who nurture fatherly? Why isn’t Rick’s role to Daryl “fatherly”? The way Daryl looks to him for approval and the hug they had in Hearts Still beating could have been seen as the “prodigal son”, but that comparison isn’t made.

Sadly, so much of media falls prey to the mother/whore complex, and sadly so many viewers of TWD have put Carol in the “mother” box, where they feel no one should see her as a sexual being. Thankfully, the show is going out of it’s way to diminish that - with Tobin and Ezekiel desperate to win her hand. But it’s not enough.

You have a HUGE power in this fandom, and your words hold so much weight. As a woman over 40 and a huge fan of Carol and Melissa, I LONG for you to speak about Carol the way you’ve spoken about other female characters.  

I don’t mean to suggest in any way you’ve spoken negatively about either Melissa or Carol - your adoration for both is evident in everything you say. I just long to be in a place where you are HELPING the world see Carol - and by extension,  all mature women - as a sexual being who is a PEER of Daryl’s, not a “mother figure”.

It’s not about shipping and demanding you say Daryl is sexually attracted to Carol. It’s about YOU as a person giving more power to the stunning actress and beautiful character by making sure the audience knows how YOU see Carol as Daryl’s peer and as a sexy, sexual woman. And giving power to us fans to argue against those who are using the word “mom” to diminish that.

Give us the tools and we’ll defend Carol’s worth to the death, instead of feeling we constantly have to defend YOU.  

Please, all I ask is in future, give your words a strong analysis before you use them, so they can’t be used as a tool to beat fans of Carol and Melissa with.

Mon Amie

* Lafayette × Reader
* 2-41: I’d give away everything I own if it meant I could be with you
* Hamiltime
* Requested by anon: you are in love with someone from the hamilsquad and they don’t like you AT FIRST! As it goes on they start liking you back?

A/N: so I think you wanted this to be a more gradual change Anon, but I still hope you like it. I feel like it could have been better but I wanted to get it posted tonight as I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write in the coming days. I hope this is what you wanted Anon and I hope all of my followers like it!


“We won!” Alexnader Hamilton celebrated upon seeing you after the war. He had run forward and swept you up in a hug. “We did it! Y/N, we’re free!”

“Yes I know Alexander.” You laughed. He was the most animated of the group. “I’m just happy you’re all ok.” You admitted.

You smiled at the guys, you smile widened as you passed over Lafayette. His hair was bound back with a few curls escsping. He was smiling broadly along with all the rest of the guys.

“We all survived mon amie.” With that you offered a forced smile. There it was, ‘mon amie’ 'my friend’ those are the only words you’d ever hear directed toward you. You just had to accept that.

You liked the Frenchman since you’d met him. However, he was constantly flirting with every other girl. And he’d mentioned before how he was lucky to have a friend like you. That comment itself stung, but it answered your question. Lafayette did not see you the same why you saw him.

“I think we should celebrate that!” John suggested. You all readily agreed. You needed to get over this. This hopeless crush on Lafayette. He’d be returning to France soon anyway, it was time to move on.

“Hey Laf?” Alexander questioned suddenly. Everyone turned their attention to him, curious to see what he asked. “Didn’t Washington offer to let you stay with him for a while?”

“Indeed he did mon amie.” Lafayette responded cheerily.

“So does that mean you’ll be staying in America for a bit longer?” Hercules asked.

“Oui. No worries mes amies, I’m not leaving yet.” He told the group.

Great. While you were thrilled he’d still be here, you were sure you wouldn’t be moving on if you still saw him often.

“I’ll cheer to that!” Alexander said happily, raising his glass. So with your fake smile firmly in place, you joined the guys in celebration.

While Alexnader, John, and Hercules dived into working; Lafayette did not. He tended to wander the streets of New York. Sometimes you would join him, if you were sure you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself. Other times you made up excuses for why you couldn’t be with him.

You enjoyed the moments spent together though. Sometimes the two of you would walk through the parks or he would teach you new phrases in French while you helped clear up some muddled English. The two of you laughed and joked. But it was only ever as friends.

“Mon amie! We should go get something to eat!” Lafayette exclaimed one day at your door.

“Sure.” You agreed. You’d gotten more and more skilled at hiding how you felt.

“I invited the whole gang.” He informed you as you walked.

“Oh.” You replied. You supposed you should be happy. Then you wouldn’t be alone with Lafayette, in which case you tended to get flustered or embarrassed.

“Oui. I have, how you say, an announcement to make.” He looked at you to confirm he’d used the terms correctly. To which you nodded and got a relieved smile from him.

Not much longer, your group of friends and you were all sitting around a table. You had all eaten supper and were just drinking and enjoying each others’ company. “Didn’t you have something you wanted to tell us Lafayette?” You asked.

“Oh oui. Je vous remercie mon amie.” He said and smiled in your direction. You looked down at your glass to hide the rising blush. “Mes amies, I must inform you I am returning to France.”

Your world stopped. The guys pestered him with astonished questions. All you gathered from the conversation was that France wanted Lafayette to return to help lead them to freedom. He’d have a hero’s welcome home. But you couldn’t focus. He was leaving. You’d never see him again. A few months ago, this is what you wanted. Now, it was more like a nightmare.

You scooted your chair back and stood. “Y/N?” John asked.

“I um, I don’t feel well. I’m going to head home.” You told them.

“I’ll escort you.” John said and stood. He walked with you the whole way home. You knew he was trying to talk to you but it felt like your world was ending. When you finally made it inside you dropped onto your chouch. “Do you need anything?” John asked.

You looked at him, ready to dismiss him and be alone. Instead tears welled in your eyes and spilled down your cheeks.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” John asked, deeply concerned.

“He’s leaving, John.” You said between sobs.

“Who? Laf?” He asked.

“Yes. I’m going to miss him.”

“We all are Y/N.” John said.

“No you don’t understand!” You cried.

“Then explain it to me. I want to help Y/N but I can’t if I don’t know what the problem is.”

“I-I love him.” You forced out.

“Oh shit.” Johm breathed out.

“And he’ll never know.” You cried more.

“Maybe tell him.” John offered.

“John he doesn’t care about me. It’s obvious.” You told him.

“I don’t know what to tell you Y/N.” He said after a long silence. He stayed and held you while you cried.

In a few weeks the group was at the docks as Lafayette was planning to board. “Don’t forget to write to us.” Alexander commanded as he shook Lafayette’s hand.

“Never mon amie.”

“You better come back and visit.” Hercules warned.

“Of course.”

“We’ll miss you Laf.” John told him.

“And I will miss all of you as well.” Lafayette responded.

Lafayette turned to you. “I’m gonna miss you.” You managed. You barely noticed John trying to shoo the other men away.

“And I will miss you too mon amie.” He told you with a small smile. You let out a laugh that lacked all humor. “Quelle?” He asked.

“Nothing it’s just, mon amie.” You said with a bit of a bitter smile.

“Oui, you are my friend.” He explained confused.

“No I know I guess I just-” you were interrupted as a man called for passengers to board.

“Je suis désolé Y/N. I must board.” He said. You took a deep breath and press your lips to his. His eyes widened before slipping closed. You pulled back.

“I always hated being called just your friend.” You said and stepped away from him. He’d know. You were able to tell him at last. However, it just managed to make you feel worse. You stood at the docks and watch the ship, and the man you loved, slip further and further from your grasp.

Lafayette had reached France and had sent everyone a letter. Well, everyone but you. You wrote him in an attempt to remedy the situation but he never wrote back. John even mentioned you in some of his letters but Lafayette acted as if those parts hadn’t even been written.

Eventually months passed with no word from him. “I guess he’s all high and mighty now.” Alexnader grumbled one night.

“Maybe he’s just busy.” John tried to defend him. “He is trying to free a country. We all know how hard that is.”

“Maybe.” Hercules half-heartedly agreed.

“How about we just stop talking about him?” You suggested with a hint of stark to your voice. And the boys noticed.

“All right. Geez, what’s your problem?” Alexander asked.

“None of you damn business.” You shot back. You rarely swore as it was un-ladylike. When you did, the boys usually left you alone. But not this time.

“No. None of that.” Alexander fought back. “You’ve been mopey and depressed these last few months. What’s going on?”

“Drop it Hamilton.” You growled.

“Just let it be Alexander.” John tried to ease the situation.

“No aren’t you-” he paused. “You know what her deal is don’t you?” Alexander accused.

“Yes he does.” You spoke up. “Only because he was there at a bad moment. Now let it go Alexander.” You left the bar you had gathered at. As it was still bright, no one followed you.

“It’s not safe for a mademoiselle to walk home alone.” Came a voice from behind you. You froze and turned slowly. You were convinced you had finally lost your mind.

Lafayette was standing there. His curls bound back as always, a gray coat instead of the union blue one now. He was standing there anxiously. His was smiling a nervous little smile and trying to avoid looking at you.

You took a deep breath and held you head a little higher. “Then perhaps you should escort me.” You suggested.

His smile became more genuine, which in turn made you smile. He walked closer and offered you his arm and you looped your arm through. The walk was silent and awkward. The last time you’d seen him, you kissed him. You had heard nothing since.

“Y/N, I must say something.” Lafayette said as you reached your house.

“Ok.” You said uneasily.

He took both of your hands in his. You could see him trying to think of how to phrase what he wanted to say. Finally, a small smile appeared on his face. “There’s multiple ways to say what I want to say mademoiselle. But I think I’ll follow your example.” Before your could ask him what he meant he wrapped an arm around you and pulled close and captured his lips with his. Your eyes slipped closed and you melted into the kiss. You arms came to rest around his neck and his arms around your waist.

He pulled back and looked at you, a smile on his face. “What about France?” You asked. “Laf, you were to be welcomed like a hero. You be happy and wealthy.”

“I’d give away everything I own if it meant I could be with you.” Lafayette admitted determinedly.

You gasped and looked at him. All those years of silent longing, wishing he would say those words. Now here he was, admitting he had feelings for you. “Why?” You asked. “You didn’t used to feel the same. You never even wrote me.”

“I was hoping to move on from you. After you kissed me before my departure, I was désorienté. I hoped if I distanced myself that I would be able to forget what you’d done. But the longer I stayed in France, the more I missed you. I missed your laughed, your eyes, you smile, you voice. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and indeed it did. Mon cher, je vous manqué.” He said.

You let out a small pleased laugh. He cocked his head. “Mon cher.” You said trying to explain. “You didn’t call me mon amie.”

His smile was back. “I was hoping you’d be more than that now mon cheri.”

“I certainly would like to be.”

He smiled. “Then you will be. Y/N, may I court you?”

“Of course Lafayette.” He smile and kissed you once more.

namseok long-distance relationship au

inspired by this, with help from and mostly made up for @ronthany

  • Nams is an underground rapper with a pretty respectable fanbase
  • Hobi is one of the top students at his dance school, concentration being choreography though he is ridiculously fond of performing
  • they meet via twitter thanks to a shared interest in a certain drama
  • (they argued about ships a lot because Nams’ opinions are obviously wrong)
  • eventually moving to chatting on kkt
  • Hobi: How many Ryan stickers does one man really need?
  • Nams: However many I have at any given time plus one.
  • somehow their chats feel super comfortable though??
  • Hobi is very uncomfortable with that like wtf how is this jerk in my head
  • “I’m a rapper.” “The fuck you are.” “No seriously!”
  • Hobi refuses to believe him just out of spite
  • they eventually work up to video chatting also out of spite
    • Nams video calls Hobi right before going on stage
    • “This is my face. This is my crowd. You owe me money now.”
  • Hobi continues to deny Nams’ skills
  • but then the video calls become A Regular Thing???
  • Hobi suuuuuuuuper disapproves
  • (routine they eventually establish - Nams calling Hobi super late - “Wake up and say goodnight to me.” “I really fucking hate you, Kim Namjoon.”)
  • Hobi’s always bare-faced during their calls and Nams gets curious about seeing him in makeup
  • Hobi makes awkward faces
  • but eventually indulges Nams and calls him right after being made up for a Black Swan performance
  • Nams was not prepared for that
  • and now there are Feelings
  • sooooo many feelings
  • (he writes songs about Hobi but plz don’t tell Hobi)
  • after like 8 months of awkward flirting (Hobi: It is not flirting.) Nams sends Hobi a message that just says turn around - and thus Nams is standing in the lobby of Hobi’s major’s building with some flowers and a shy little smile and Hobi really just walked past him at first because he’s so focused on getting to class
  • (spoiler: Hobi does not make it to class)
  • (it’s still not flirting though)

Originally posted by itsrapmonster

okay so I understand not shipping steroline. I really do. you think nothing will compare to the first epic ship of the show stelena. you adored forwood and dgaf about tvd after it broke your heart. i totally understand. you don’t like that he didn’t return her calls in s6 and kept running from the past after his brother’s death. you don’t like that sheriff forbes was killed to develop it. you don’t like how s7 was mostly about stefan. you don’t like that he left for 3y when on the run from the huntress. that’s totally valid and cool and I would never hold that against you


i genuinely will side-eye the fuck outta ur posts if in the same breath you say “caroline deserves better” and then proceed to ship her with klaus.

you have no moral authority to criticize steroline when you ship her with the man that drove a lamp through her for calling him out

you have no right to call steroline badly developed because you ship her with a man she rejected for 2 seasons and had a one night stand with that she canon regretted while steroline had been developing since the pilot

you have literally no morality to criticize stefans actions towards her when you ship her with the dude that told her “you’re beautiful but if you anger me I’ll kill you” and bit her twice and forced her boyfriend to bite her on a whim which would have been fatal each time

you cannot call the no-humanity sex scene bad when you ship her with the guy that hooked up with her in her boyfriend’s body and laughed and called her a glorious kisser when she flipped out

you cannot crucify stefan for leaving to grieve his brother when you ship her with the guy who abused his siblings and put them in comas for centuries to control them and take away their free will and chances at happiness

you cannot say stefan is bad to her because when she hurt klaus, he told her “find someone less awful to comfort you” and when she did one of the worst things someone could do to stefan, forced his humanity off thus threatening the return of the ripper, he comforted her and held her hand and said “I could never hate you”

you can’t say she’s stefan’s second choice but klaus’s first thus making klaus deserving of her love when stefan was first into valerie, katherine, rebekah and elena + klaus was first into tatiana and aurora, making her nobody’s first choice (and making her stefan technically HER first choice because she liked him first, then matt, tyler, jesse and finally stefan again- shouldn’t she date who SHE wants to instead of which guy deserves her by wanting her first- and if we go by who wanted her first shouldn’t she end up with matt?)

you cannot shit on stefan for calling out her “relationship” with alaric when he returned when you ship her with the dick who enslaved her boyfriend and forced him to leave town while she cried and begged him not to

you cannot blame stefan for vervaining her to save her life (and apologizing after) when you ship her with the man that tried to kill her best friends and loved ones for seasons, abused them all, and killed her best friend’s only parental figure left, boyfriend’s mother and every one of his werewolf friends

you have no grounds to say “steroline made caroline diminished and less sassy and not caroline” when you ship her with a man she literally cannot BE HERSELF and date because she stated multiple times she can’t love psychopathic mass murderers and she’s canonically extremely moral and judgemental and has a very low tolerance for causing pain, murder, abuse, or bad boys (hell, she rejected enzo do you really think she’d love klaus) (also idk maybe the death of 90% of her friends and trauma and being left by literally everyone in s6 made her sad and the passage of 4 years and being a mother made her less sassy)

you can’t say stefan will always love elena when it’s canon “caroline is even better than true love”

you can’t say loving stefan makes caroline sad when it’s canon “when im with you, im happy. you make me happy”

why do you think klaroline didn’t happen after 2 seasons of him nonstop hitting on her? do you not think her personality, her morals, her wishes and her choice play a role in who she dates? don’t you think if she was interested in klaus she would have showed it and pursued a relationship with him? this is the girl who every boy in mystic falls wanted and never hesitated to show interest in who she liked. don’t you think after their one night stand and him leaving forever she would have agreed to go with him instead of calling it a big mistake? why do you continue to ship her with someone who hurts her and she can never be in a emotionally fulfilling, peaceful or healthy relationship with?

you cannot be taken seriously in your ~moral outrage~ over steroline and how it “hurts and destroys caroline” when you ship something that’s defining features are harassment, verbal and emotional and physical abuse, and unwanted pursuit over a glacially slowburn friends to lovers ship that’s always been about love, admiration, support and understanding. no one takes you seriously when you say you love caroline forbes 👀

anonymous asked:

I read that Robert and Jude had a relationship. Is it true? (Sorry for my bad English, i'm italian eheh.)

If by relationship you mean more than friendship, then no. People just like to ship them because they are damn adorable together (which I’m pretty sure they are aware of) and give us a lot of fanservice like

RDJ calls Jude his “acting wife” (x) and says how disappointing it is, that he’s entirely heterosexual (x) - and Jude calls him his “man crush” (x).
However, they are ‘just’ friends.

Protective (Seungri Imagine)

Requested by anonymous

My muse gave me inspiration for this. Thank you cassiewayne! I love you~ ♡♡

When he gets protective

Originally posted by jiyongs-g-thong

The two of you were walking down the street after a date, the sky dark and the only thing lighting up your path being the street lamps. You halted your steps right beside a club, because Seung Hyun got a call, and only a moment later, you found yourself in an uncomfortably close proximity with a complete stranger - a very drunk stranger, at that. Uncomfortably cheesy pickup lines and sudden attempts at skin ship had you tempted to turn right around and run away. It didn’t take long before Seung Hyun was by your side, though, and the deadly glare that grew on his face was enough to make hell freeze over. However, it took him stepping between you and the drunk stranger and basically growling at the drunk man got the hell out of there for said man to understand the position he’d put himself in.

Let’s just say that you found yourself basically glued to Seung Hyun for the rest of the walk home, his arm tightly and protectively wrapped around your shoulders. The look on his face clearly gave away the fact that he was ready to take action in a heartbeat, if another idiot got the idea to even so much as look at you for too long.

Keeping Promises

Fandom: Star Wars

Character: Kylo Ren

Reader Gender: Female

Request: “Hi. Could you make a Kylo Ren x reader where they were together before he turned dark side and he’s coming back for her ? Thanks ans merry Christmas !”

Summary: On the day of your rise to the throne of your empire, someone you’ve been longing to see finally shows up, even if it isn’t a quiet entrance. 

Warnings: Violence, Mild Swearing

Word Count: 1061

Author’s Note: I apologize for how late all of these are, I promise I’ll try to get more out soon! Also, I hope you liked this! I got this idea a long time ago but I thought it fit the request!

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aidan turner and olga kurylenko as kupalo and kostroma, the tragic lovers from slavic mythology, the twins who fell in love unaware of their blood tie, the couple whose souls bloomed into flowers.

once upon a time, the myth says, there were twin brother and sister – kostroma and kupalo. separated at birth from each other, they grew until they were at a marrying age. as she was walking by the river one day, kostroma’s wreath fell from her head into the river and was accidentally picked up by her long-lost brother – kupalo. ignorant of being relatives, kostroma and kupalo fell in love and got married, since a man who picked up a girl’s wreath was bound by custom to become her husband. learning however that they were related, kostroma and kupalo drowned themselves, and the gods, feeling pity for them, turned them into flowers. those flowers later were called ivan-y-mariya.

“kostroma, kostroma
why do you love kupalo?
i love kupalo because
he has curly hair” (x)

I wasn’t going to reply this, since I’ve blocked this anon and it’s a bit old, but I’ve been bothered by this, so I’m going to leave this for anyone who thinks like this anon.

First of all, I wanted to make pretty clear that I won’t stop defending otome game heroines, because I’m pretty sure I’m doing EXACTLY the opposite of putting down women. I don’t have any problems if you don’t like x heroine because of your own reasons. However, what I most see here and also in other places is a stupid hate where they only hate them because “she’s in the way of my ship!” “she’s a girl, man, if she was a man it would be much better, she wouldn’t be so annoying!” “she’s a bitch, a slut!”. You called them boring and weak, like I see many out there do, but I don’t see any arguments or good reasoning for that. What makes someone strong anyway? Knowing how to fight? I, personally, think there are many ways of someone being strong or weak. You don’t need to be physically strong. I think being able to support other people and being gentle in such a world with many problems is also a strength. I never knew why this is considered “naivety” when it’s just people being really nice and that’s something which should be complimented, a good point. Also, not ALL the heroines are the same. For example, Alice from Heart no Kuni no Alice is pretty different from Yui of Diabolik Lovers and that’s just one example, I could use many others.

And did you ever think how could there be actually people who relate to some heroines? I, for myself, do and many people do say “wow phii you really reminds me of x heroine from x otome game www” and I feel pretty sad when I see all the hates, all the agressive posts and comment and how everyone calls them stupid, boring, weak, naive… Am I wrong, stupid, a bad woman (since you said like they are, after all, I’m putting down women for defending these girls) for thinking I’d act pretty similar to x heroine in her situation? Am I wrong for defending characters that I relate to and like? Honestly, I don’t think so and I think asks like these only shows me how should I defend them even more.

I wish I could make this private, but it can’t be helped, since you sent anon asks.. And you may also be just a troll trying to make me feel bad. But if you really want to discuss about it without being offensive, you can always try my Twitter, my MAL, or even my wordpress blog, though I highly doubt you will. But well, I’m sorry anon, if your intention was to make me feel bad for defending them, then you deeply failed. It only makes me want to defend more, in hope that, someday, maybe people like you will stop putting down women. You can dislike them as characters, you are free to, but at least have good reasons for it and not offend people who do like them, treating them lowly like this. Women can be kind or rude; shy or outgoing. They can be smart, physically strong, polite. They can also have a big heart or an evil one. They can be extreme selfishly or altruists, or in the mid way. They can be emotional or not. Women can be everything, especially in fiction and that won’t make them less developed or worse than male characters. It’s not about their personality, it’s about how they’re written. And I think there are many heroines well written out there, as well there are others bad written.

I have never done this sort of thing before but it seems fun so…

Now, as for some people who chose to read this, I am a NaruSaku fan so you may call me biased and stupid or something like that which I don’t really care but y'know HOWEVER, I will try my hardest to sound reasonable and unbiased XD 

Everyone knows by now that the ‘big’ three in the shipping war are NaruHina, SasuSaku, and NaruSaku. Of course there’s SasuKarin but unfortunately, it’s not as popular or 'big’ enough to be called one of the big ship. And, as you all must know, all of these ships are ONE-SIDED despite what people say. Hinata loves Naruto but Naruto loves Sakura but Sakura loves Sasuke but Sasuke loves no one (but the SasuKarin shippers say that he loves Karin while SasuSaku shippers say he has feelings for Sakura) BUT these statements are not proven. Hinata’s feelings for Naruto are proven thanks to the beginning of the chapter, Naruto’s love for Sakura is proven thanks to the beginning of the chapter, Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke are proven thanks to the beginning of the chapter. However, Sasuke’s feelings for anyone is not yet revealed. Kishimoto can take the easy way and just make Sasuke fall for Sakura and Naruto fall for Hinata, plain and simple. Y'know: Naruto X Hinata and Sasuke X Sakura = Naruhina and Sasusaku. He can do that BUT Karin is in the picture now and may be in the way for the SasuSaku ship. I think this is why people ship Karin with suigetsu…either to get Karin out of the way of the SasuSaku ship or either they really do go well with each other. People say that Karin and Suigetsu has a love/hate relationship. But that’s not it. Karin HATES his guts. A LOT. And her feelings for Sasuke are very strong. She still cares for him even after he almost killed her. Of course, Sakura still cares for Sasuke as well, even though he almost killed her three times, so Karin’s love for Sasuke is almost the same as Sakura’s love for Sasuke. Almost. SasuSaku fans declare that Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke is more kinder and sweeter than Karin’s. They call Karin’s feelings for him an obsession. It may seem like it but due to chapter 663 or the chapter that SasuKarin and NaruSaku fans nearly died from cheering chapter. It showed how desperate Karin was just to get to Sasuke. Her will alone to get to him or to save him, got her to unleash her full potential. This chapter was also the one where Sakura performed CPR on Naruto. SasuSaku and NaruHina fans argue that this was not romantic and it was just Sakura doing her duty BUT it was not about the lip touching moment, it was the flashbacks that Sakura was having. The determination to save Naruto was heart warming for all of us ESPECIALLY the NaruSaku fans. This was the chapter that made NaruSaku fans think CANON! 

However, a few chapters later the monologue that Kakashi was having caused the shipping war to stay active once more, especially a duel between the SasuSaku fans and the NaruSaku fans. They were both arguing whether Sakura’s feelings for Sasuke grew into a deeper sort of affection or not. I think her feelings for him might have diminished. You may call me biased but I think that’s the truth. How can her love for the man who betrayed her, almost killed her, broke her heart a couple of times even more? It does not make any sense. Kakashi was trying to say that even though Sasuke did all those terrible things to her, she still can not let go of the old Team 7 Sasuke. She still wants to bring the old Sasuke back. She’s the type of person that seems to dwell in the past a lot. Especially to the man she loved. That is why Kakashi called her a kind girl. 

To be honest, NaruHina was my first ship…sorta. When I first watched Naruto (which was when I was like seven) I didn’t care about the ships or the couples, in fact I didn’t even care about the show itself. I only watched it cause I thought it was interesting how everyone were ninjas and had their own special moves and such. Back then, I thought Hinata and Naruto were very cute for each other and thought that Sakura was an annoying, useless brat. Then SHIPPUDEN comes along. I gave up on watching Naruto for years until I finally decided to give it a shot thanks to some random youtube guy who said I should watch Naruto. I agreed. The minute I began to watch Shippuden, I don’t know why but my heart was like “Mah bro…NaruSaku all the way." 

Ah, and for the NaruHina fans. NaruHina fans argue that Hinata’s thoughts, y'know the regular 'Naruto-kun’ echoed across Naruto’s mind. NaruSaku fans disagree, saying that Naruto reacted to everyone’s dilemma. I think Naruto reacted to Hinata. Why would he suddenly react right after the one panel that literally had the thought of "Naruto-kun” it makes sense. So yes, NaruHina fans are right on that one. HOWEVER, Hinata will not make another appearance for another 39483739287 chapters. So the NaruHina fans will stay quiet for a while until another moment appears like the bench one (which is a moment but not a realistic one) 

The SasuSaku fans had a eye contact and catching moment. It was a big moment for them since their ship already had enough holes because of the verbal abuse Sasuke was giving to Sakura but this moment was just what they needed. A moment where Sasuke is actually acknowledging Sakura, the only thing she ever wanted. At first, as a NaruSaku fan, I was a bit mad and upset but I realized that this was a good thing for Sakura and her weakening relationship with Sasuke. She will finally have a firmer bond with him but not a strong bond to be called love. Despite what the SasuSaku fans say, they need more moments and more developments to actually be stated canon. 

NaruSaku fans say that their ship has a lot of development. Which they do. Cause from Episode 1 of Naruto all the way up to now, Naruto and Sakura have been through everything together and stay by each other sides. However, the only moment they really have is the CPR chapter, the Minato asking if Sakura was Naruto’s girlfriend, and the Sakura thanking Naruto moment. Some argue that Obito was talking about Naruto when he said, “You want to help him when he stumbles, was it?” or something like that. And yes, he was talking about Naruto (he was referring back to Kakashi’s words) SasuSaku fans say otherwise, arguing that he was talking about Sasuke but he really was talking about Naruto. However, it is still a very minor moment but it still built up on the development of NaruSaku. Even with all these moments, these ships are not yet confirmed. We’ll have to see more.