or however you call that ship man

The types of ship-haters you will encounter in any fandom:
  • Type 1: Chooses to ignore the romantic tension and will classify the relationship as “brother-sister”. May not actually have a sibling if they are this type.
  • Type 2: Disapproves of the white, female character getting together with the man of color, no matter how decent of a person they are. Doesn't like being called racist but may intentionally or unintentionally say something racist to make their point.
  • Type 2a: also works in reverse. However, the people who don't like women of color getting together with the lead white guy are much more vocal than the typical type-2 people.
  • Type 3: Will argue that straight pairings suck and will make arguments that (insert female character x insert female character) or (insert male character x insert male character) have better chemistry.
  • Type 4: shipped one of the less popular ships on the show. They are typically nice people since even though their ship isn't happening, they knew what they were getting into.
  • Type 5: "Did the writers have to put the (insert female character) in a relationship? Why couldn't she be a strong, independent woman?"
  • Type 6: "This ship is TOXIC AF. Here, read my dissertation on why this character and this character should not be together".
  • Type 7: Will argue that the chemistry and romance are forced and the writers suck for forcing this upon us.
  • Type 8: Will argue that one of the characters in the ship is boring. This usually means the character is decent, is not a complete mess, and is actually a good fit for the other person in the ship. Will also argue that the angsty, unstable, dangerous character is "exciting" and "fun".
  • Type 9: Will ignore the canon ship because for some fucking reason, they think the main villain has better chemistry with the lead female / male character. Even if they're presented with facts that the lead character HATES the villain, they will still dismiss the canon ship in favor of their bizarre crackship. Will also make excuses for the villain's behavior.
  • Type 9a: To add to the previous point, it doesn't have to be the villain. As long as they're unstable and dangerous...and a cis, straight white male.
  • Type 10: "I don't care if it's based on a comic book / book / video game / insert other medium, I still don't like it and I think the adaptation should make some changes."
  • Type 11: Will argue about the age difference, which is typically not a problem unless it's like a 20-year gap.
  • Type 12: Will voice their displeasure through memes.
  • Type 13: Will voice their displeasure through gifsets / photos / fanarts / manips
  • Type 14: Will voice their displeasure through really aggressive fanfics.
  • Type 15: The Newcomer ("Hey, I'm new to this fandom but I really hope this character and this character don't end up together. Maybe my opinion might change in the next few episodes / chapters"). By default, these people either turn into shippers or remain as haters.
Dear Norman

(an open letter)

I have to congratulate you on your performance in New Best Friends, as it truly was exemplary. Every scene had such perfect nuance and beats. From the frustration and growing rage with Richard, to the thoughtful determination with Morgan, to the heartbreak and restrained emotion with Carol - it was all beautifully performed.

However, in describing the heart-stopping, and heart-breaking moment when Carol opens her door to see Daryl standing there you used the analogy that Daryl’s emotions were like a kid whose mom had left him - and this caused a furor. 

Now, I think I get what you were trying to say. It wasn’t about anger, it was about Daryl being vulnerable and emotional. It was about the fact that Carol is Daryl’s home, his rock, his constant. And when she left, she left HIM, and he was devastated and adrift.

To me, that’s totally accurate for how Daryl would feel. It shows that Carol leaving was deeply personal to him, and he felt like he’d lost the most important person in the world to him - like a mom is to a kid.

Normally no one would argue that was a good description that showed you understand the character and their dynamics well. However, the problem is that in media in general - and in the Walking Dead fandom particularly - the word “mom” carries a whole lot of negative baggage with it.

You can’t see a single article, blog or tweet about Daryl and Carol’s relationship without someone commenting and dismissing the connection between these characters by using the “mother and son” descriptor. Carol is Daryl’s surrogate mother; Carol mothers Daryl; it would be gross if they were romantic cos Carol’s like Daryl’s mother. It’s inescapable whenever they are mentioned together.

For women over 40 in the media, being seen as something besides “the mom” is tough. Thankfully, we have Carol. Here we have a woman, with grey hair who IS a mother and yet is still so, so much more than that. Yet for so many in the fandom, there is an INSISTENCE of “reducing” her to just “a mom”.

I say “reducing” in such a way becuase obviously being a Mom is huge and vital, however in our culture there is a prevailing undercurrent that says that being just a mom is somehow lesser. And, most significantly, that being a mom excludes you from being sexy and sexual.

And that’s where the problem in the “mom and kid” analogy comes. It’s not a shipping thing (though obviously it is a part of it). It’s about how damaging it is for a woman aged 51 to be called mom to a man aged 47. The “mom” descriptor is used to desex Carol.

And as a woman over 40, it’s so offensive that a woman a handful of years older than a man can be seen as a mother figure. It’s sexist and ageist beyond belief, because we rarely see it mentioned the other way round.

Despite the fact Andrew is four years older than Danai, I’ve never seen comments that Rick’s like a father to Michonne.

When Daryl and Beth were paired up the media was filled with talk of a potential romance, and you yourself added to that with comments such as there being a hint of romance in the air. But there was VERY little mention by anyone that Daryl was a “father figure” to Beth, despite the fact he was 20 years older than her. At best, they may have speculated he was a big brother to her. Why was there no mention of a paternal type relationship when Daryl was taking on a protective role over her, in the aftermath of the death of her own father?

It’s just not something that happens in media, that a man with a close bond with a slightly younger woman will be seen as her father figure. Yet, when it’s a woman who’s older its rampant.

Of course, some people will explain away the “mom” term as simply being a way to describe the fact that Carol is nurturing - to everyone, but especially to Daryl. But why are only mom’s nurturing, why aren’t men who nurture fatherly? Why isn’t Rick’s role to Daryl “fatherly”? The way Daryl looks to him for approval and the hug they had in Hearts Still beating could have been seen as the “prodigal son”, but that comparison isn’t made.

Sadly, so much of media falls prey to the mother/whore complex, and sadly so many viewers of TWD have put Carol in the “mother” box, where they feel no one should see her as a sexual being. Thankfully, the show is going out of it’s way to diminish that - with Tobin and Ezekiel desperate to win her hand. But it’s not enough.

You have a HUGE power in this fandom, and your words hold so much weight. As a woman over 40 and a huge fan of Carol and Melissa, I LONG for you to speak about Carol the way you’ve spoken about other female characters.  

I don’t mean to suggest in any way you’ve spoken negatively about either Melissa or Carol - your adoration for both is evident in everything you say. I just long to be in a place where you are HELPING the world see Carol - and by extension,  all mature women - as a sexual being who is a PEER of Daryl’s, not a “mother figure”.

It’s not about shipping and demanding you say Daryl is sexually attracted to Carol. It’s about YOU as a person giving more power to the stunning actress and beautiful character by making sure the audience knows how YOU see Carol as Daryl’s peer and as a sexy, sexual woman. And giving power to us fans to argue against those who are using the word “mom” to diminish that.

Give us the tools and we’ll defend Carol’s worth to the death, instead of feeling we constantly have to defend YOU.  

Please, all I ask is in future, give your words a strong analysis before you use them, so they can’t be used as a tool to beat fans of Carol and Melissa with.

Now I’m usually not one to call anyone out on what character they like or dislike but this… THESE PEOPLE going out of their way to not only bash Tony but to say that the other characters would hate him and toss him off the Milano. Is downright mean spirited.

This is why I hate (yes I’m saying HATE) delusional fans. You can dislike a character but there is no need to be rude, nasty or bash anyone because they like a character that you dont.

I enjoy getting into spirited discussions about every character even with people who don’t like or ship the same characters that I do…

However there is no need to name call… To not just the fans but also the characters. It shows a lack of intelligence, maturity and makes you look foolish.

This kind of shit will get you immediately blocked from my page.

Sorry to rant but it’s Marvel fans like these that gives all fans a bad name.

Little Nightmares (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

(also mention of suicide, abuse, abortion and sex)

I can take some things at face value. This wasn’t one of those things.

I’ve played some games in a horror genre before, namely “creepypasta” games like Slenderman or the ever popular Five Nights at Freddy’s. I typically avoid horror games that have gore or anything really explicit.

A game called “Little Nightmares” came out recently and I decided it looked well made enough that it might be worth a play-through.

If you don’t know anything about the game; it’s a horror game without text that starts you off in the cellar of a man-made island called the maw. You’re a child named Six working to escape this place, where obese people come onto the island to (probably) eat themselves to death, gorging on meat and anything remotely similar (including yourself if you’re not careful).

The game starts out in what loosely like a child’s nursery, and one of the first things you’ll pass is a man’s dangling pair of legs where he clearly hung himself, and what is most likely a suicide note can be seen on the floor below.

Six is plagued by debilitating hunger pangs - she can scarcely move when she gets them. On top of being rendered nearly immobile, the lights flicker and she begins to hum an eerie tune. The first time this happens, a shadowed figure in the background throws you a piece of bread, which Six scarfs down and is able to continue the journey.

As you go forward, the disturbing reality of the Maw begins to become clear. What look like small children are kept in cages, raised presumably until they’re ready, and taken away to be wrapped up like chunks of meat and sent off to the kitchen where they are processed and ground into sausages. It all seems sort of vague at first but hindsight is 20/20 - there’s a nursery but no children, then children in cages, then wrapped bodies dangling from meat hooks, then sausages. Lots of sausages.

As you progress, you meet pale figures with masks over their heads called Nomes. They’re smaller than Six, and scared of her in the beginning, but if you’re able to approach one, you can give it a hug, at which point they then begin to gain trust and even follow you around.

After leaving the cellar - where you see the nursery, the cages, children being dragged away in said cages - you go onto the kitchen. Six grows hungry again and this time, is desperate enough to eat a chunk of completely raw meat. Throughout the kitchen level you get to see and avoid two gluttonous creatures who are mostly occupied chopping, slicing, and grinding meat of seemingly every origin - pig, fish, and what is very likely human flesh.

Before you pass this portion of the game, Six again grows hungry. This time, a rat is caught in a trap and she eats the half-living creature much to my disgust.

You continue forward only to see what this food is processed for. You reach the outer part of the maw and watch as dozens of passengers, all overweight, board the island from a ferry. They’re practically cattle driven through narrow pathways into dining quarters where they eat and drink themselves away, scarfing down anything and anyone they can get their grubby hands on. You briefly see a woman dressed in Geisha attire overseeing this “cattle drive”, and once you pass through this dining area, you reach the final zone which is the Lady’s Lair.

Six grows hungry once again. This time she meets a Nome in a hallway, and the Nome, noticing her hunger, offers her a sausage. She instead grabs the Nome and eats it alive.

The game ends after the Lady’s Lair. I presume that the Lady is Six’ mother, because she stands in front of a mirror brushing her hair while singing the same tune Six hums when she becomes famished. However if you approach the Lady directly, she kills you on sight with a single look. And although she stares into a mirror, it’s shattered, along with dozens of other mirrors in her lair. The only way to defeat her is to uncover a mirror small enough for Six to carry, that hasn’t been shattered, and force her to see her own reflection. After repeating this so many times she at last is too weak to fight.

At the end of the battle, Six grows hungry once again. The only option is to approach the Lady, and Six eats her, gaining her dark powers.

The final scene involves Six walking back through the dining. This time however, as the gluttonous creatures reach out to grab and eat her, their life force is drained from them and drawn into Six. She’s then able to leave the ship.

Alright so - at face value, you can’t help but think it’s just some really sick twisted but charmingly stylized horror game with decent gameplay, wherein your character is desperate and will do anything, including eating the flesh of what is very likely her own mother, in order to escape this corrupt place. There is still DLC to be released which may give a more in depth explanation of the story, but as of right now, it has been left open to interpretation.

Now it’s time to theorize.

A lot of players have looked into it and decided that the most plausible explanation is that the game is an allegory for child abuse victims. They speculate that the morbid setting of the world is how abuse can amplify a child’s fear of everything. Don’t get me wrong - I agree with this and think that this is probably a very likely explanation, but I want take it a step further.

My own interpretation is that this game is indeed an allegory for child abuse, but the greatest and most plentiful child abuse victims that exist in this day and age; victims of abortion.

Hear me out.

Throughout the game you see an empty nursery filled with children’s toys and yet no children to play with them. You see children in cages, being processed as meat and for what reason? To be fed to a mass that cares only about satisfying their own ravenous appetites.

Is it really just a game about mindless eaters? Or is it a morbid–albeit accurate—representation of the sick reality of the world we live in?

I like to believe when horror games are made, that there is thought that goes into it. Stories don’t just come to be. Regardless of the genre of the game, everything is inspired, consciously or subconsciously, by something. And in this day and age, to make a blatant political statement on a platform such as gaming could only be done in a way that would be so discreet it might only be known by a few, or else the developers might lose their funding.

That being said - what does abortion satisfy? The seemingly endless sexual appetites of people. It allows us to continue to gorge ourselves, while we put our children into a meat grinder.

This is the first thing that stood out to me, but I then began to consider other things in hindsight that offered some support to my theory. I felt like the theory of child abuse was clear, but it didn’t elaborate and clarify enough aspects of the game to satisfy me.

The man who’s hung at the beginning is one of the few figures in the game that isn’t distorted. The men and women boarding the ship to eat are obscenely huge. The first creature you encounter (called the Janitor, who seems to tend to the nursery and lower quarters of the ship) has a massive head and short or non existent legs, as well as long arms. Next you encounter the chefs, twins who are obese as the passengers are, and seem to wear masks. However the man who committed suicide has proportionate legs and feet.

The other character who isn’t distorted, besides Six, is the Lady. She wears a mask and possesses a great and dark power, but otherwise her figure seems natural.

Follow me on this. I want to say that the man at the beginning of the came who committed suicide is Six’s father, and the Lady is her mother judging by the fact that Six shows to posses some of the Lady’s powers even before consuming her, and that Six knows the the same sad song.

Recall that the Lady is dressed as a Geisha. In the real world, the Geisha is a dying tradition, and it takes years of training to be a Geisha. However, traditionally, when they were more common, besides dancing and performing ceremonies, it wasn’t uncommon for Geishas to perform sexual favors for their guests. Perhaps you can see where I’m going with this.

Consider if Six was the sixth child that the Lady might have been forced to abort - or, worse yet, did abort - thus explaining her seemingly random name.

As a Geisha who might be expected to perform such favors, or perform in general - pregnancy would compromise her career. Six is also a female, and even in this day and age, females are highly aborted among Eastern Asians who firmly believe it would bring shame to their family if they did not bring forth a boy to continue their family line.

Now speculate if the Hanging Man is the husband - perhaps he wants for children and is discouraged. My theory forks in a few different directions here but I’ll expand on the one I’ve considered most.

Lets say that Six is an aborted child. You’re playing the game seeing through the eyes of a soul that is awake to the horrors of the world. Because she is one of the victims, she sees how the other children are being made victims, and we go through the game seeing essentially the steps of abortion - you start in the cellar which is the nursery for the children. Actual children who already exist. You see how they’re taken and put in cages, and their value as living creatures is taken away (they go from having beds and blocks to nothing but a cage). You proceed on to see them processed like meat, and ultimately given to the gluttonous. You see how an entire life is destroyed so one more obese man might have another bite, even though he’s full to bursting.

The Lady, the mother, is haunted by the memory of her child. When she sees you, she instantly kills you. More women than will ever be reported struggle after having aborted their child. They see their children’s face in the other children who would have been the same age. The thought of their child brings them agony. When the Lady sees you, she’s clearly afraid. She sees herself in your face, and vice versa - which is why all of the mirrors are broken and why she wears a mask. At the end of the game, her regret literally consumes her in the form of Six actually eating this woman. She is actually consumed by her guilt.

The man who hung himself was potentially abused by the Lady or manipulated. I want to think he wanted a better life - in the cellar, you initially emerge from a suitcase with photos taped on the inside, which likely belonged to him. Perhaps he was too afraid to stand up for his children, and it destroyed him. Perhaps he had seen this happen to several of the other children, and his cowardice led him to hang himself.

I would like to point out also - at one part of the game when you’re trapped in a cage alongside other children, all of the children are strangely stoic, as if asleep. They have large heads (like a developing child) and otherwise relatively shapeless, small bodies, and sit in a position reminiscent of a fetus. And consider Six’ size in comparison to the adults of her world.

I feel like the types of people in our society are very clearly highlighted in the game.

You have the husband, or the hanging man. Someone who sees the evil and does nothing about it, and it eventually leads him to his demise.

You have the Lady, who under the pressures of a societal standard sacrifices her children to uphold a certain image, and in doing so drives herself to insanity with her remorse.

You have the obese men and women, consumers who unlike the Lady who is remorseful, support this as a good thing because it feeds their appetites.

And then you have Six to represent the children - the small, voiceless people who can want nothing except to have a chance in the world.

Another thing to consider are the shoes.

Shoes are everywhere in the game. It can’t be said whether the gluttonous people on the ship are killed, and fed the next batch of guests, and their shoes are just a byproduct of this; however that would beg the question of why children would have to die if there was a much greater source of meat available. Also it makes you wonder where the rest of the clothes are.

My younger brother presented the one theory that in Japanese culture it’s not uncommon for those who are about to commit suicide to take their shoes off and leave them somewhere. For example, if you see a pair of shoes on a bridge, it’s a good indicator that someone jumped to their death.

However I’m not entirely convinced that the guests are conscious enough to be driven to suicide. I feel more as though shoes represent what could have been - there are no children to “fill the shoes” of their parents.

Perhaps I’ll go over and expand on this later, but I wanted to put this out here. I could be reading way too far into it - in the end, it’s “just a game”, and you can take it for what you like. Ultimately I would rather this be a game that speaks for those who can’t speak for themselves, instead of a game where we see a little girl gradually corrupted by the world she lives in.

“Jeezum Crow, did he just bite you?!”

Request: Yes

Prompt:  “Damian wayne x reader, where the reader has a small dog and people think it’s harmless however it’s aggressive and scary from time to time. Please and thanks!”

Relationship: Damian Wayne x Male!Reader

Warnings: Damian is 16 in this and the ship is homosexual!

A/N: So, I’m gonna start doing this thing with my requests, where if sexuaity and gender identity isn’t specific, I’m going to assume they’re male and it’ll most likely be a queer couple!

Playlist: “Favourite Liar” by The Wrecks, on repeat.


- You were, what people liked to call, a rare bird.

- You were a bright young man, 16 years old, a junior in high school, charming, a total nerd; the friendly guy who was so painfully clueless.

- But what seemed to be the most impressive part about yourself was that you, of all people in Gotham, managed to make friends with the most intimidating, most stoned faced lady killer that has ever attended Andres Preparatory Academy.

- Damian fucking Wayne.

- After being expelled from Gotham Academy, Damian was quickly accepted into Andres Prep. Academy, coming in a little over halfway through the Freshman year.

- He had his own little cliche for a while, but you could tell they were more of acquaintances than actual friends. Most of them just used Damian for his social status, some only inviting Damian out to public gatherings so he could pay.

- You honestly felt pretty bad for the kid… No one wanted to make real friends with the guy because they were either too intimidated by him or found Damian as this superficial stuck up rich kid.

- They were all wrong. You would know, because after the summer when everyone came back for Sophomore year after Damian’s usual pose had all ditched him, you mustered up the courage to talk to the kid.

- He was dismissive of you at first, brushing you off like crumbs of the table with the gentle flick of his uninterested hand.

- You were stubborn.

- And he was lonely.

- Eventually, Damian gave in and the two of you hung out at lunch.

- Then you started hanging out after school at the library or the arcade, the occasional stir of mischief.

- You were fun, he’ll admit, and you had great taste in music.

- Toward the end of the school year, you had enough confidence in your relationship with the Arabic boy to come out to him as gay. He wasn’t surprised, which was kind of reassuring.

- Over summer break, Damian came out to you as questioning. You offered whatever help and education on the LBGTQIA+ community, but being as reserved as he was, Damian didn’t verbally do anything with whatever support of knowledge you had the offer him.

- Soon enough, Junior year rolled by, and you were excited to introduce Damian to you new dog who you’ve been bragging about for a month while Damian was away with his family for the end of the summer.

- Needless to say, Damian “the pet lover” Wayne, was pretty excited to meet Troy, your dog.

- Insisting he come to your house to meet him, Damian reluctantly agreed to join you after school on the short walk to your house to meet Troy.

- Upon finally arriving, you left Damian in the living room with Troy while you left to your room to safely leave both of your book bags in your room.

- You came back to a sight you weren’t expecting to see, eyes widening when you saw your dog growling on the opposite side of the room Damian sat, who was sitting calmly on the couch, eyeing the bleeding teeth marks in his hand.

- Several thoughts ran through your head in that moment.

- 1: Help Damian.

- 2: If Damian calls animal control or police, they’ll put Troy down.

- 3: Troy is a teacup poodle, how the hell did he bite Damian hard enough to make him bleed?!


- 5: Tory is the most harmless baby in the whole wide world!

- You decided to help Damian, as that seemed to be the recurring thought in your head as you rushed to him.

- “Jeezum Crow, did he bite you?!” Hello, Captain Obvious!

- Damian opened his mouth to say something but noticed that you were too busy freaking out to hear anything he had to say.

- “Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, holy god, oh my crap, oh my god, holy crap!”

- Without thinking too rationally, you grab Damian’s arm, hauling him into the bathroom where you proceeded to wash the cuts in his hand with water and peroxide.

- “[Y/L/N], it’s alright, can you just calm down?” Damian finally said, breaking you out of your little episode as you snapped up to look at him.

- You must have turned at least 17 different shades of pink and red in that time as you hesitantly let go of his hand.

- “Sorry…” You breathed, looking away in an attempt to shed off a few shades.

- “It’s alright,” Damian said in earnest, pulling away his hand to dry it.

- “I, uh, have some band-aids in the cabinet…” You offered, still embarrassed, but you tried to put on your best stone face anyway. You failed. Immediately.

- And you know what Damian did next?

- You really wanna know?

- It had to be the most illogical, most irresponsible, most terribly timed, uncharacteristic, and contradictory to everything he’s been taught that he’d ever done.

- He kissed you.

anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the headcanon hour, an Overboard AU? Victor falls overboard and loses his memory and Yuuri ends up taking him home where he lives with his adoptive kids Yurio and Minami and maybe some other characters omg maybe the triplets???

DANG I have never heard of this movie before, but having become an expert through Wikipedia, I can say this plot is CRAZY. Here’s Yuuri’s character, eatin food:

Originally posted by king-of-the-outpost

–Viktor Nikiforov has got it all: wealth, looks, and an equally wealthy and beautiful husband in JJ Leroy– who, as we all know, was an arranged marriage to help their companies prosper. Viktor, despite feeling extremely lukewarm (”What does your husband’s name stand for?” Chris asks. Viktor replies: “JJ isn’t his actual name?!”) about JJ Leroy, decides they’re going to take his yacht out on a vacation to try and create some kind of spark between them. He’s not going to live his whole life without love, after all! Then Katsuki Yuuri arrives on the scene, toolbelt in hand.

“Okay,” the carpenter says, glasses low on his nose as he bites his lip and taps his pen lightly against a clipboard, “your cabinets on the yacht are ready for sailing.”

“Great,” says Viktor, and rolls on his chaise over to sun his other side. Yuuri raises the clipboard a bit higher, as the Nikiforov heir is in the nude. 

“Yes. Would you like to see the carving in the oak?” Viktor sits up, and Yuuri squeaks.

“Oak? I thought I said cedar? I did remember to tell you cedar, I think…” He stands, approaches swiftly as Yuuri stumbles back. “No no no, this won’t do, I really like cedar. However will I convince you to…” Viktor is talking to air. He’s backed Yuuri off the side of the boat, tool belt and all. “You can swim, right?” He calls.

“What is wrong with you?”

–One evening, a massive wave crashes against the ship, and Viktor goes overboard. JJ is too busy listening to his theme song to notice. When he wakes up… Viktor Nikiforov doesn’t exist. 

“It’s going to be okay,” mutters Yuuri, beside his hospital bed. When the silver-haired man holds out his hand, Yuuri automatically takes it.

“He has amnesia. We don’t know who he is,” says the nurse, “but he had your soggy business card.” The amnesiac takes one look at Yuuri, who had been summoned right from the woodworking shop and is clothed only in dusty jeans and a tight tank, whose grip on his hand is gentle. Yuuri’s eyes, earthy warm, have his heart clenching.

“This is my husband,” the silver-haired man says sweetly. “Aren’t you?”

–He ends up at Yuuri’s home. Viktor Nikiforov would have fainted at the sight of it, with its cheap tile and Yuuri’s creaky single bed. But “Vicchan,” as Yuuri has dubbed him, is perfectly content with it. “Amazing!” He nods at the bed. “Great for cuddling!”

“No time for cuddling,” Yuuri blurts, face going red. “I have to work. And somehow, I have to feed the kids.”

Vicchan didn’t know he had kids. But there they are– blonde haired and scowling, brown haired and determined, and three chubby little girls.

“I’m gonna make you miserable,” says the blonde one tartly.

“I bet I can cook,” says Vicchan, and totters towards the stove. Vicchan can’t really cook. But Yuuri teaches him– Yuuri’s going to teach him many things.

“We like him,” the triplets whisper to Yuuri after dinner. “Don’t tell him he’s not our other dad, okay?” Yuuri reasons that it can’t hurt to go along with it for another night.

“Another night” turns into a few weeks, between Yuuri’s stuttering and Vicchan’s tendency to brush things off.

–JJ arrives, nearly three months later. There is a black-haired woman on his arm, looking apologetic but determined. At the sight of JJ on Vicchan’s doorstep, something in Vicchan clicks. He remembers being Viktor Nikiforov, long days without life or love, remembers boredom and loneliness and wondering why nothing in his existence felt right.

“Uh,” JJ squirms. “My parents said I had to come check on you once they found you. But! Uh. I’ve kind of? Fallen in love with Isabella. Please don’t be too heartbroken!”

“I no longer have amnesia,” Viktor says, “but I still don’t really know or care about who you are?” He shuts the oak front door. Viktor would’ve slammed it, but it was made with devotion and care by the talented hands of Katsuki Yuuri, who he loves.

“Who was that?” Yuuri asks, when Viktor returns to the dining table. Vicchan cooked the meal that Yurio is now shoving into his face. There are pictures of him and Yuuri and their kids, now, littering the house.

“My ex-husband,” Viktor says calmly, and takes a bite of the borchst. Yuuri chokes. “Don’t worry. I told him that the best place in the world was here with you.”

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Okay (btw i love that mcspirk one) but maybe with idk, space sirens? Like they attack the ship and as siren they should have to pull them out in space and let them die (and they eat them too i guess) but jim/bones siren can't because the other is very attractive so they sort of save the other's life (maybe through a kiss bc those who are kissed by sirens can breathe in space?) And optionally some other sirens maybe try to eat/kill them anyways but the other fights them off and all?

  • Sirens don’t work like most predatory creatures roaming space. They don’t attack humans or other aliens outright, instead they’re much more like vultures. Waiting for others to attack, and then picking off the scraps. Luring doesn’t work so well when nobody hears you through the thick walls of space ships. With humans in Klingon territory, that’s usually very easy dinner. Humans in their own, not so much. And sometimes, when hunger strikes enough, sirens will attack those smaller supply shuttles.
  • Jim is part of the group that attacks two small shuttles on their way to bigger ships, like the Enterprise. Jim’s seen it pass multiple times. The lights, the speed, the pure size of it magnificent. But these vessels won’t ever make it there, because his family is breaking the shuttles apart and dragging victims outside.
  • He doesn’t usually think twice about it, until now. His eyes find Leonard immediately, when the hole in the shuttle drags his body outside and tumbling into outer space. Jim is quick to get to him, but something stops him from his usual habit. Leonard looks at him, eyes dark and angry - not even necessarily terrified. Just intimidatingly mad, and somehow, Jim feels like he needs to keep this man alive. He doesn’t know why yet, but it’s a gut feeling. And so he reaches out, cupping Leonard’s cheeks, and he leans in to kiss him.
  • “What. The fuck?!” Is the first thing Leonard shouts at him, and Jim smiles fondly at him. “I saved your life,” he says. “Like hell you did,” Leonard says, and Jim tries to stifle a laugh at how helplessly the other floats without Jim holding on to him. Humans are weird that way. “Why can I breathe here?” “The same way fish breathe in water,” Jim explains. “… No,” Leonard replies. “Yes,” Jim says. “I’m going to die here,” Leonard mutters to himself. Around them, nothing but some debris from the shuttle, and otherwise a whole lot of nothing. “You’re not going to die here,” Jim promises. “And if I die,” Leonard continues, blatantly ignoring Jim, “so will hundreds of others. I can’t believe this. Fucking space.” “Wait, what are you talking about?” Jim asks. “I’m a doctor, damn it, I was traveling to a ship that would take me to a planet suffering a bad epidemic.” “Well,” Jim says slowly, “shit.”
  • Leonard’s arms are strong around Jim’s shoulders as Jim swims - or flies, however you’d call it - through space. It’s not unpleasant, but the odd feeling in Jim’s stomach is guilt, and maybe the excitement of having something to do other than simply surviving. If he can get Leonard to that nearby ship, then maybe he could still save all those people. And if that meant never seeing this man again, not having him as his own, then so be it.
  • They do get Leonard back on a ship, but not the way Jim had intended. Leonard uses his comms to signal the ship, and to beam just himself aboard. But when he mentions Jim’s a siren, Jim gets beamed on board, too. The sudden surge of oxygen around them makes him gasp for air, though his body is quick to adapt to it. What he’s not adapting to, though, is the force pushing him down to the ground, arms quickly tied behind his back. “Wait,” he hears Leonard call out, “Jim’s not harmful. Let him go.” But they don’t, and Jim’s knocked unconscious.
  • He wakes up in a small room with zero gravity and little oxygen, more accomodating than the ship itself, but it’s still a prison. Theres even a guard in front of the glass window, doing his best to ignore Jim when the other knocks on the glass. “Please,” Jim says, “I just wanted to help. Let me go.” “I cannae,” the guard says, a weird accent Jim can barely understand, “we have our orders.” “I will die in here,” Jim says. “No you won’t, the captain’s delivering you to the collector.” “The what?” “It’s like a zoo,” the guard explains, though that doesn’t really explain anything to Jim at all.
  • “Leonard,” Jim says when the doctor comes to see him. “Are you okay?” Leonard asks, but Jim shakes his head. “No, Leonard, I don’t want to be here.” “I know,” Leonard says, “I’m sorry. I’ll see what I can do for you.”
  • Jim doesn’t know how long he’s been there. Must be a while, because every time Leonard visits him he’s wearing a different outfit. He does his best to try and persuade the captain of the scavenger ship to let Jim go, but apparently Jim is worth some good money. At least the guard, Scotty, is nice. Gives him most of the meat on his plate and chats to him about building things. More ships, and stuff like that. Jim is still miserable, but in the presence of these two men, a little less so.
  • “How are you doing?” Leonard asks, “are you holding up alright?” “No,” Jim says, “Scotty explained to me what a zoo is. I don’t want to be put on display, Leonard. I don’t… This is what I get from saving your ass. I should’ve just eaten you.” “Why didn’t you?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. Hesitates, before he answers. “You were beautiful.” Leonard looks at him blankly for a few seconds, then; “What?”. “I thought you were beautiful,” Jim says, “eating you would’ve been a waste.” Leonard sighs, quiet for the longest time, and then he bangs his fist against the glass dividing them, hard enough to make Jim jump. “Damn it,” Leonard curses, “fine. Ima smuggle you out of here.”
  • The roles are reversed, now. Jim’s arms are tightly around Leonard’s shoulders as the other carries him through narrow corridors. Scotty helps them, for no reason other than the goodness of his heart. Also partially because their plan is to escape in a small cargo ship, and Scotty wants to fly it. Doesn’t really like his job here, anyway, he says. And thankfully, Scotty knows just which corridors to take, who to avoid, and how to get to the docking station relatively unseen.
  • By the time they fly out, they’ve shot a few people, but no one rang that alarm. Not yet, but Scotty suspects they will, soon, and he sets course to hide the ship amidst a meteor shower. “Are you nuts?” Jim overhears Leonard yell at Scotty. “They won’t look for us here,” Scotty says. “Because we’ll fucking die,” Leonard counters. “I know how to fly a shuttle, doctor! We won’t crash.” Though he’s barely finished his sentence when they do hit a rock nearby. “Starting now,” Scotty finishes his sentence.
  • The scavenger ship passes the meteor shower without looking at them, and Leonard lets out a relieved sigh. “I think we’re in the clear,” he says, sitting down next to Jim, and he gently squeezes his arm. “Where do you want us to drop you off?” “Well, where are you going?” Jim asks. “That planet I mentioned before, they still need help. After that, back into space, probably.” “Can I come with, when you go?” “I mean, if you want to,” Leonard says. “Then yes, I’d like that,” Jim says. Leonard helps him up towards the exit of the shuttle, but he makes sure he’s secured tightly himself before considering opening that door. “Thank you,” Jim repeats, and he leans in to kiss him. “What was that for?” Leonard asks. “Just making sure you can breathe in space, when that door opens,” Jim says, throwing him a small smile. “You already did that.” “Hmm,” Jim agrees, hands on Leonard’s cheeks and he shamelessly repeats his actions. “Again?” Leonard asks, though Jim smiles when he feels the other’s arms around him. “Maybe one more time,” Jim says, “just to be sure.”
Mon Amie

* Lafayette × Reader
* 2-41: I’d give away everything I own if it meant I could be with you
* Hamiltime
* Requested by anon: you are in love with someone from the hamilsquad and they don’t like you AT FIRST! As it goes on they start liking you back?

A/N: so I think you wanted this to be a more gradual change Anon, but I still hope you like it. I feel like it could have been better but I wanted to get it posted tonight as I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write in the coming days. I hope this is what you wanted Anon and I hope all of my followers like it!


“We won!” Alexnader Hamilton celebrated upon seeing you after the war. He had run forward and swept you up in a hug. “We did it! Y/N, we’re free!”

“Yes I know Alexander.” You laughed. He was the most animated of the group. “I’m just happy you’re all ok.” You admitted.

You smiled at the guys, you smile widened as you passed over Lafayette. His hair was bound back with a few curls escsping. He was smiling broadly along with all the rest of the guys.

“We all survived mon amie.” With that you offered a forced smile. There it was, ‘mon amie’ 'my friend’ those are the only words you’d ever hear directed toward you. You just had to accept that.

You liked the Frenchman since you’d met him. However, he was constantly flirting with every other girl. And he’d mentioned before how he was lucky to have a friend like you. That comment itself stung, but it answered your question. Lafayette did not see you the same why you saw him.

“I think we should celebrate that!” John suggested. You all readily agreed. You needed to get over this. This hopeless crush on Lafayette. He’d be returning to France soon anyway, it was time to move on.

“Hey Laf?” Alexander questioned suddenly. Everyone turned their attention to him, curious to see what he asked. “Didn’t Washington offer to let you stay with him for a while?”

“Indeed he did mon amie.” Lafayette responded cheerily.

“So does that mean you’ll be staying in America for a bit longer?” Hercules asked.

“Oui. No worries mes amies, I’m not leaving yet.” He told the group.

Great. While you were thrilled he’d still be here, you were sure you wouldn’t be moving on if you still saw him often.

“I’ll cheer to that!” Alexander said happily, raising his glass. So with your fake smile firmly in place, you joined the guys in celebration.

While Alexnader, John, and Hercules dived into working; Lafayette did not. He tended to wander the streets of New York. Sometimes you would join him, if you were sure you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself. Other times you made up excuses for why you couldn’t be with him.

You enjoyed the moments spent together though. Sometimes the two of you would walk through the parks or he would teach you new phrases in French while you helped clear up some muddled English. The two of you laughed and joked. But it was only ever as friends.

“Mon amie! We should go get something to eat!” Lafayette exclaimed one day at your door.

“Sure.” You agreed. You’d gotten more and more skilled at hiding how you felt.

“I invited the whole gang.” He informed you as you walked.

“Oh.” You replied. You supposed you should be happy. Then you wouldn’t be alone with Lafayette, in which case you tended to get flustered or embarrassed.

“Oui. I have, how you say, an announcement to make.” He looked at you to confirm he’d used the terms correctly. To which you nodded and got a relieved smile from him.

Not much longer, your group of friends and you were all sitting around a table. You had all eaten supper and were just drinking and enjoying each others’ company. “Didn’t you have something you wanted to tell us Lafayette?” You asked.

“Oh oui. Je vous remercie mon amie.” He said and smiled in your direction. You looked down at your glass to hide the rising blush. “Mes amies, I must inform you I am returning to France.”

Your world stopped. The guys pestered him with astonished questions. All you gathered from the conversation was that France wanted Lafayette to return to help lead them to freedom. He’d have a hero’s welcome home. But you couldn’t focus. He was leaving. You’d never see him again. A few months ago, this is what you wanted. Now, it was more like a nightmare.

You scooted your chair back and stood. “Y/N?” John asked.

“I um, I don’t feel well. I’m going to head home.” You told them.

“I’ll escort you.” John said and stood. He walked with you the whole way home. You knew he was trying to talk to you but it felt like your world was ending. When you finally made it inside you dropped onto your chouch. “Do you need anything?” John asked.

You looked at him, ready to dismiss him and be alone. Instead tears welled in your eyes and spilled down your cheeks.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” John asked, deeply concerned.

“He’s leaving, John.” You said between sobs.

“Who? Laf?” He asked.

“Yes. I’m going to miss him.”

“We all are Y/N.” John said.

“No you don’t understand!” You cried.

“Then explain it to me. I want to help Y/N but I can’t if I don’t know what the problem is.”

“I-I love him.” You forced out.

“Oh shit.” Johm breathed out.

“And he’ll never know.” You cried more.

“Maybe tell him.” John offered.

“John he doesn’t care about me. It’s obvious.” You told him.

“I don’t know what to tell you Y/N.” He said after a long silence. He stayed and held you while you cried.

In a few weeks the group was at the docks as Lafayette was planning to board. “Don’t forget to write to us.” Alexander commanded as he shook Lafayette’s hand.

“Never mon amie.”

“You better come back and visit.” Hercules warned.

“Of course.”

“We’ll miss you Laf.” John told him.

“And I will miss all of you as well.” Lafayette responded.

Lafayette turned to you. “I’m gonna miss you.” You managed. You barely noticed John trying to shoo the other men away.

“And I will miss you too mon amie.” He told you with a small smile. You let out a laugh that lacked all humor. “Quelle?” He asked.

“Nothing it’s just, mon amie.” You said with a bit of a bitter smile.

“Oui, you are my friend.” He explained confused.

“No I know I guess I just-” you were interrupted as a man called for passengers to board.

“Je suis désolé Y/N. I must board.” He said. You took a deep breath and press your lips to his. His eyes widened before slipping closed. You pulled back.

“I always hated being called just your friend.” You said and stepped away from him. He’d know. You were able to tell him at last. However, it just managed to make you feel worse. You stood at the docks and watch the ship, and the man you loved, slip further and further from your grasp.

Lafayette had reached France and had sent everyone a letter. Well, everyone but you. You wrote him in an attempt to remedy the situation but he never wrote back. John even mentioned you in some of his letters but Lafayette acted as if those parts hadn’t even been written.

Eventually months passed with no word from him. “I guess he’s all high and mighty now.” Alexnader grumbled one night.

“Maybe he’s just busy.” John tried to defend him. “He is trying to free a country. We all know how hard that is.”

“Maybe.” Hercules half-heartedly agreed.

“How about we just stop talking about him?” You suggested with a hint of stark to your voice. And the boys noticed.

“All right. Geez, what’s your problem?” Alexander asked.

“None of you damn business.” You shot back. You rarely swore as it was un-ladylike. When you did, the boys usually left you alone. But not this time.

“No. None of that.” Alexander fought back. “You’ve been mopey and depressed these last few months. What’s going on?”

“Drop it Hamilton.” You growled.

“Just let it be Alexander.” John tried to ease the situation.

“No aren’t you-” he paused. “You know what her deal is don’t you?” Alexander accused.

“Yes he does.” You spoke up. “Only because he was there at a bad moment. Now let it go Alexander.” You left the bar you had gathered at. As it was still bright, no one followed you.

“It’s not safe for a mademoiselle to walk home alone.” Came a voice from behind you. You froze and turned slowly. You were convinced you had finally lost your mind.

Lafayette was standing there. His curls bound back as always, a gray coat instead of the union blue one now. He was standing there anxiously. His was smiling a nervous little smile and trying to avoid looking at you.

You took a deep breath and held you head a little higher. “Then perhaps you should escort me.” You suggested.

His smile became more genuine, which in turn made you smile. He walked closer and offered you his arm and you looped your arm through. The walk was silent and awkward. The last time you’d seen him, you kissed him. You had heard nothing since.

“Y/N, I must say something.” Lafayette said as you reached your house.

“Ok.” You said uneasily.

He took both of your hands in his. You could see him trying to think of how to phrase what he wanted to say. Finally, a small smile appeared on his face. “There’s multiple ways to say what I want to say mademoiselle. But I think I’ll follow your example.” Before your could ask him what he meant he wrapped an arm around you and pulled close and captured his lips with his. Your eyes slipped closed and you melted into the kiss. You arms came to rest around his neck and his arms around your waist.

He pulled back and looked at you, a smile on his face. “What about France?” You asked. “Laf, you were to be welcomed like a hero. You be happy and wealthy.”

“I’d give away everything I own if it meant I could be with you.” Lafayette admitted determinedly.

You gasped and looked at him. All those years of silent longing, wishing he would say those words. Now here he was, admitting he had feelings for you. “Why?” You asked. “You didn’t used to feel the same. You never even wrote me.”

“I was hoping to move on from you. After you kissed me before my departure, I was désorienté. I hoped if I distanced myself that I would be able to forget what you’d done. But the longer I stayed in France, the more I missed you. I missed your laughed, your eyes, you smile, you voice. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and indeed it did. Mon cher, je vous manqué.” He said.

You let out a small pleased laugh. He cocked his head. “Mon cher.” You said trying to explain. “You didn’t call me mon amie.”

His smile was back. “I was hoping you’d be more than that now mon cheri.”

“I certainly would like to be.”

He smiled. “Then you will be. Y/N, may I court you?”

“Of course Lafayette.” He smile and kissed you once more.

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Once I was at a convention. I was eating food at a table with a bunch of people I had never met before. We got into a conversation about D.Gray-Man and I was super happy. However they asked what I shipped. I said the truth Tiki and Allen. I had to call con security to stop them from hurting me. They were threatening to stab me and hide the body. The con banned them for life. Not even an hour later the parents came and yelled at me and the con saying minors shouldn't be accountable.

holy fuck dude…

im so sorry you had to go through that! i wish people would calm down about fictional ships and not do this kind of stuff to real people. please know there is a positive community of shipper out there for you!

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I read that Robert and Jude had a relationship. Is it true? (Sorry for my bad English, i'm italian eheh.)

If by relationship you mean more than friendship, then no. People just like to ship them because they are damn adorable together (which I’m pretty sure they are aware of) and give us a lot of fanservice like

RDJ calls Jude his “acting wife” (x) and says how disappointing it is, that he’s entirely heterosexual (x) - and Jude calls him his “man crush” (x).
However, they are ‘just’ friends.

namseok long-distance relationship au

inspired by this, with help from and mostly made up for @ronthany

  • Nams is an underground rapper with a pretty respectable fanbase
  • Hobi is one of the top students at his dance school, concentration being choreography though he is ridiculously fond of performing
  • they meet via twitter thanks to a shared interest in a certain drama
  • (they argued about ships a lot because Nams’ opinions are obviously wrong)
  • eventually moving to chatting on kkt
  • Hobi: How many Ryan stickers does one man really need?
  • Nams: However many I have at any given time plus one.
  • somehow their chats feel super comfortable though??
  • Hobi is very uncomfortable with that like wtf how is this jerk in my head
  • “I’m a rapper.” “The fuck you are.” “No seriously!”
  • Hobi refuses to believe him just out of spite
  • they eventually work up to video chatting also out of spite
    • Nams video calls Hobi right before going on stage
    • “This is my face. This is my crowd. You owe me money now.”
  • Hobi continues to deny Nams’ skills
  • but then the video calls become A Regular Thing???
  • Hobi suuuuuuuuper disapproves
  • (routine they eventually establish - Nams calling Hobi super late - “Wake up and say goodnight to me.” “I really fucking hate you, Kim Namjoon.”)
  • Hobi’s always bare-faced during their calls and Nams gets curious about seeing him in makeup
  • Hobi makes awkward faces
  • but eventually indulges Nams and calls him right after being made up for a Black Swan performance
  • Nams was not prepared for that
  • and now there are Feelings
  • sooooo many feelings
  • (he writes songs about Hobi but plz don’t tell Hobi)
  • after like 8 months of awkward flirting (Hobi: It is not flirting.) Nams sends Hobi a message that just says turn around - and thus Nams is standing in the lobby of Hobi’s major’s building with some flowers and a shy little smile and Hobi really just walked past him at first because he’s so focused on getting to class
  • (spoiler: Hobi does not make it to class)
  • (it’s still not flirting though)

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Star-Lord Reader Insert Smut

Anon Request: k (I LOVE UR FICS BTW) yo peter comes home drunk and makes like moves on /you/ and like he’s really funny and giggly and it turns into sexy time ;)


There was a loud voice calling your name. You immediately rolled your eyes. ‘Again, Peter?!’ you thought. You could tell by the slur in his voice and the childlike giggles that had enacted from the ship, he was drunk off his ass.

You’d decided to stay in for the night, as you weren’t really in the mood to get trashed. However, that didn’t stop the guardians from hitting up a local bar anyways. So you were left to man the fort. You didn’t mind at all. In fact, it was good to have the ship to yourself for once. You cleaned up, made dinner for yourself, and took a nice bath. They’d been gone for about two hours when you heard the ships door open, and thus a drunk Peter Quill on your hands. You knew that you were the only one who could deal with him when he was like this, so you put down your book and headed out of your bunk. The moment he saw you, a smile spread across his face.

“There she is!” Peter sang, his arms extended.

“Here I am!” you reciprocated. He stumbled in your direction and you grabbed him by his shirt, using all your strength to hold him up. You saw the other guardians walk in behind him and looked past Peter to see them.

“Are you guys okay?” you questioned. A collective groan came from all of them. They all looked hammered as hell. ‘I’m gonna have to take care of 5 drunk babies, right?’ you asked yourself. You made a plan. First Drax, then Gamora, then Rocket and Groot, and finally Peter. He’s always a defiant when drunk, so you saved him for last.

“Peter, I’m gonna help them first,” you gestured to the other wasted people on the ship. He turned his head to look back at them and smiled. You grabbed his jaw and made him look at you. “Stay. Here.” He was known to wander off the ship. You pushed him back and propped him up against the wall. “C’mon, Destroyer, let’s get to bed.” You grabbed Drax by the upper arm and took him to his bunk. One by one, you took each of them back to their beds, tucking them in like small children. Once Groot was in his tiny pot, you let out a sigh. It was time to deal with the real problem. And that problem, was currently singing at the top of his lungs to “Fooled Around And Fell In Love”. You sighed and prepared yourself for the upcoming struggle.

“BUT THEN I FOOLED AROUND AND FELL IN LOOOVEEE!” Peter screeched. You walked in to the common area to see him, hands on his chest, belting out the lyrics. You couldn’t help but smile as you strided towards him. He immediately grabbed you and spun you. Once you were able to stop yourself, you grabbed him by his face again.

“Shh, honey, you gotta be quiet okay?” You held his gaze.

“Oooh, honey?” he giggled. The common joke around here was you and Quill. You used names like honey and sweetie for everyone, but the second you used it on him, it was a huge thing. You brushed it off because he was in an intoxicated stupor.

“How about we go to bed, huh Star-Lord?” you tried. This caused him to grin even more.

“We?” he slurred, still grinning stupidly. You pinched the bridge of your nose and pulled him by his arm, walking ahead of him. He took this chance to grab your butt.

“Peter,” you warned. He bit his lip and smiled innocently. You continued to pull him all the way back to his bunk.

After what felt like a million years of tugging and hauling, you finally threw Peter on the bed. He tried standing up but you shove him back down to a sitting position. You started taking off his jacket and his hands began lifting up the hem of your shirt. Swatting away his hands, he whined.

“No, Peter,” you stated.

“You’ve been on this ship for how long? And we still haven’t slept together! Why?” he exclaimed loudly. You hushed him again.

“Because we’re friends, Peter. And friends don’t just sleep together,” you replied. Next, you started taking off his boots.

“Yeah but that’s not fun…” he mumbled. You got up and put your hands on his firm upper body, slowly forcing him against the bed. Without you knowing, he enveloped you in his arms and pulled you onto the bed with him. You tried to push yourself off, but he was holding you tightly in place.

“Quill, c’mon,” you argued.

“Just gimme one kiss and you can go,” he bargained. You rolled your eyes for the second time tonight, and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “No way, I need a good one! On the lips!” You inhaled deeply and he made a kissy face.

“If it’ll shut you up and make you go to bed, then fine,” you agreed. You leaned down and connect your mouth to his. He tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear and loosened his grip on you, running his hands up and down your back. You began moving your mouth and so did he. His mouth tasted heavily of alcohol, but you kind of liked it.

Peter deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into your mouth. The moment his hands rested on your hips, it actually hit you what was happening. You were mounting and making out with a very drunk Peter Quill. You ended this kiss and looked down at him, making a suction cup sound as you lips parted.

“This isn’t a good idea,” you spoke. He was trying to pull you back down again to kiss, but you kept your body still.

“Come on, it’s not a big deal. It’s two people just messing around. What’s the shame in that? I want you and I’m pretty sure you want me too.”

“What makes you think I want you?” you scoffed even though he was right. He shot you a look, sat up, and kissed you again. You gave in more and more, your body relaxing.

You both removed all your clothes, making a messy pile on the floor. Peter slid into slowly, making you lock your thighs around him tightly. You sunk your teeth into his shoulder, feeling yourself adjust to his size.

“Oh my God,” you exhaled. He chuckled lightly and started pumping in and out of you faster. You balled your hands in the sheets below you. Your core was burning with pleasure and your toes curled. Both you and Peter moaned passionately, growing louder and louder the closer you got. He licked his fingers and massaged your clit tenderly,  Your lower stomach was heated like an oven and your body was soon tightening.

“Peter,” you gasped. He buried his face in your shoulder as he came too. You wrapped your arms around him and pulled you close, riding out the aftershocks of your orgasm. Wave after wave crashed until you finally returned to normal, your body buzzing. He cussed under his breath and kissed you again. Rolling off of you, he let out a pleased sigh.

“Why haven’t we done that sooner?” he asked, mock-serious. You used his upper arm as a pillow and laughed a little. But the anxiety kicked in real quick.

What did this mean? Were you a Peter a thing now? Were you just friends-with-benefits? Was this just a one-night stand? You couldn’t fall asleep properly as you heard his light snore against your forehead. You weren’t used to something like this and you literally did not know how to react. So you got up and left. Tiptoeing back to your bunk, you heard Peter groan softly, but fall back into his own deep slumber.

You lied awake that night, completely over thinking when it finally hit you: he probably won’t even remember this anyways! He was totally shitfaced out of his mind and you wouldn’t bring it up either. It was like it never happened! Yet, deep down, you still wanted it to mean something. As the nervousness flowed away, you actually were able to get some sleep.

That morning, you woke up to see Quill, sitting on the edge of your bed. You bit your lip and immediately knew you were in trouble. He obviously remembered what had happened by the intense look on his face. You moved your hair out of your face uneasily.

“Look, about last night…” you trailed off. He pressed his lips against yours, much more gentler than last night. Peter pulled away and looked at you.

“It wasn’t a mistake. I was drunk of my ass, yes,” he laughed a little, “but it was not a mistake.” You felt your cheeks redden and he kissed you one more time on the cheek sweetly before getting up to leave. You had no idea what any of this meant, but that didn’t stop the butterflies of excitement fill your stomach.

Hope you liked! I literally couldn’t think of a title for this one for the life of me! 

Protective (Seungri Imagine)

Archived | Posted February 21, 2016

Requested by anonymous

My muse gave me inspiration for this. Thank you cassiewayne! I love you~ ♡♡

When he gets protective

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The two of you were walking down the street after a date, the sky dark and the only thing lighting up your path being the street lamps. You halted your steps right beside a club, because Seung Hyun got a call, and only a moment later, you found yourself in an uncomfortably close proximity with a complete stranger - a very drunk stranger, at that. Uncomfortably cheesy pickup lines and sudden attempts at skin ship had you tempted to turn right around and run away. It didn’t take long before Seung Hyun was by your side, though, and the deadly glare that grew on his face was enough to make hell freeze over. However, it took him stepping between you and the drunk stranger and basically growling at the drunk man got the hell out of there for said man to understand the position he’d put himself in.

Let’s just say that you found yourself basically glued to Seung Hyun for the rest of the walk home, his arm tightly and protectively wrapped around your shoulders. The look on his face clearly gave away the fact that he was ready to take action in a heartbeat, if another idiot got the idea to even so much as look at you for too long.

top x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: T.O.P (Big Bang) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I, uh, still don’t know a lot about Running Man (I’ve watched a total of 4 episodes), so if names are wrong or whatever, whoopsies. I didn’t know what to do with this for the longest time, so this is probably bad and kind of silly, but it’s my oldest request now, and I wanted to get it done. Hopefully, you guys still like it!

Summary: “Can you make a Top scenario where the reader &him was on RM and he’s jealous cause the reader was placed on the different group and become close with one of the cast in RM?” - Anon

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aidan turner and olga kurylenko as kupalo and kostroma, the tragic lovers from slavic mythology, the twins who fell in love unaware of their blood tie, the couple whose souls bloomed into flowers.

once upon a time, the myth says, there were twin brother and sister – kostroma and kupalo. separated at birth from each other, they grew until they were at a marrying age. as she was walking by the river one day, kostroma’s wreath fell from her head into the river and was accidentally picked up by her long-lost brother – kupalo. ignorant of being relatives, kostroma and kupalo fell in love and got married, since a man who picked up a girl’s wreath was bound by custom to become her husband. learning however that they were related, kostroma and kupalo drowned themselves, and the gods, feeling pity for them, turned them into flowers. those flowers later were called ivan-y-mariya.

“kostroma, kostroma
why do you love kupalo?
i love kupalo because
he has curly hair” (x)

Keeping Promises

Fandom: Star Wars

Character: Kylo Ren

Reader Gender: Female

Request: “Hi. Could you make a Kylo Ren x reader where they were together before he turned dark side and he’s coming back for her ? Thanks ans merry Christmas !”

Summary: On the day of your rise to the throne of your empire, someone you’ve been longing to see finally shows up, even if it isn’t a quiet entrance. 

Warnings: Violence, Mild Swearing

Word Count: 1061

Author’s Note: I apologize for how late all of these are, I promise I’ll try to get more out soon! Also, I hope you liked this! I got this idea a long time ago but I thought it fit the request!

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I wasn’t going to reply this, since I’ve blocked this anon and it’s a bit old, but I’ve been bothered by this, so I’m going to leave this for anyone who thinks like this anon.

First of all, I wanted to make pretty clear that I won’t stop defending otome game heroines, because I’m pretty sure I’m doing EXACTLY the opposite of putting down women. I don’t have any problems if you don’t like x heroine because of your own reasons. However, what I most see here and also in other places is a stupid hate where they only hate them because “she’s in the way of my ship!” “she’s a girl, man, if she was a man it would be much better, she wouldn’t be so annoying!” “she’s a bitch, a slut!”. You called them boring and weak, like I see many out there do, but I don’t see any arguments or good reasoning for that. What makes someone strong anyway? Knowing how to fight? I, personally, think there are many ways of someone being strong or weak. You don’t need to be physically strong. I think being able to support other people and being gentle in such a world with many problems is also a strength. I never knew why this is considered “naivety” when it’s just people being really nice and that’s something which should be complimented, a good point. Also, not ALL the heroines are the same. For example, Alice from Heart no Kuni no Alice is pretty different from Yui of Diabolik Lovers and that’s just one example, I could use many others.

And did you ever think how could there be actually people who relate to some heroines? I, for myself, do and many people do say “wow phii you really reminds me of x heroine from x otome game www” and I feel pretty sad when I see all the hates, all the agressive posts and comment and how everyone calls them stupid, boring, weak, naive… Am I wrong, stupid, a bad woman (since you said like they are, after all, I’m putting down women for defending these girls) for thinking I’d act pretty similar to x heroine in her situation? Am I wrong for defending characters that I relate to and like? Honestly, I don’t think so and I think asks like these only shows me how should I defend them even more.

I wish I could make this private, but it can’t be helped, since you sent anon asks.. And you may also be just a troll trying to make me feel bad. But if you really want to discuss about it without being offensive, you can always try my Twitter, my MAL, or even my wordpress blog, though I highly doubt you will. But well, I’m sorry anon, if your intention was to make me feel bad for defending them, then you deeply failed. It only makes me want to defend more, in hope that, someday, maybe people like you will stop putting down women. You can dislike them as characters, you are free to, but at least have good reasons for it and not offend people who do like them, treating them lowly like this. Women can be kind or rude; shy or outgoing. They can be smart, physically strong, polite. They can also have a big heart or an evil one. They can be extreme selfishly or altruists, or in the mid way. They can be emotional or not. Women can be everything, especially in fiction and that won’t make them less developed or worse than male characters. It’s not about their personality, it’s about how they’re written. And I think there are many heroines well written out there, as well there are others bad written.