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Ah. That feel when you wake up from a dead ass sleep because you’ve had a particularly problematic idea and now you’re doomed to spend the night wondering about your fucking morals and if your line in the sand is shifting once again.

Hoe, I say to myself because that’s what I call myself it’s fine, I mean it as a term of endearment, are you really entertaining the idea of rolling back into the hellpit with offbrand Shance, with teenage Lance and Clone Shiro with a larger age gap than is terrorized to exist?

Self, I say back, yeah maybe. Idk. The spite is partiqularly strong today, I’ve seen some things on my dash that pissed me off and went to sleep on a down note and now I’m hyperfixated, it’s that adhd shit. Anyway, depends on how fucked up I can make it.

In other news I should maybe stop talking to myself in this manner?

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Was lily ever aware of how deep Severus’s feelings ran for her? How about afterlife lily?

I think she had some idea, and that it really scared her whenever she allowed herself to think about it.  Because honestly, no one can live up to that amount of idolization in real life.  Lily was a flawed kid.  She was probably a bit prissy and quite a bit full of herself for being magical in a family of muggles.  She probably also was popular and well-liked in general (kind of the generally popular girl type because she’s friendly and attractive looking and comes from an upper middle class family).  I see Petunia’s obsession with class/propriety is tied to wanting to “outdo” her sister in this aspect.  I also think that Lily knew of the power imbalance in their relationship (class, physical appearance, personality, etc), but that at first it didn’t bother her so much until she found other friends that she had more in common with and drifted away. Then it just highlighted the fact that Snape didn’t have the types of connections with other people and he clung to her because of that.  I feel like a lot of Lily’s irritation with the other Slytherins had more to do with her justifying that he had friends like she did so that she could distance herself further. Meanwhile, Snape felt as though she was his world and the only person who actually cared about him as a PERSON and so he held on even more tightly.  

I think that, in the end, she felt a great weight lifted from her when she had an excuse to sever their friendship.

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Omg a marcoace fanbook would be amazing!!!!!!

Thanks for showing interest in it, I was thinking my tag announcement thing would go unnoticed. :O
I still want to draw up a nice cover for it. Oh, inspiration, please come to me ovo. I’m not sure how big or active the fandom for this is pairing is anymore though, so I’m considering taking pre-orders. I’ve got stuff going on and stuff planned till the end of this year. I may hold this off till next year. :)

Thank you

Sometimes, you’re not really sure the response you’ll get when you make a post asking people for help, and when I made my post Friday after the episode, I wasn’t sure. But again, people on here didn’t cease to amaze me.

To everyone that reached out  and spoke to me about my concerns and fears, thank you, for the bottom of my heart. It truly meant the world to me and I wish I could express just how much I appreciate it. 

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I am fickle okay

I think I’m probably going to take the Arciels off hiatus and resume gen 2. I don’t like where I left it off and I want to give Passion Pomegranate (and Agate) some closure.

I’m not reopening the poll, so Lantana will still be gen 3 heir. But I had SO MUCH planned for Passion and i just kind of lost inspiration, so I’m probably going to trim it down some to give the generation a proper end.

atm i cant draw anything to my liking but when i get over this stump i will draw more of @iacediai amazing au cause i dont think ive loved an au this much in so long oh man

Listening to Jazz/cafe music

i’d like to dedicate this post to the whole month I spent staring at sparrow genji in the overwatch menu screen as the squad and I queued for games, whispering quietly to myself “how do you do your eyeliner genji??? it’s so nice. pls tell me your secrets”