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FAQs: Writing While in School

Every so often I start to notice trends in my e-mail/tumblr inbox/etc., and since I’m not able to personally respond to each question, it seemed best to do a more general answer here. One of the questions I’ve been asked a few times recently is how do you write while you’re busy with school?

I was just talking to a friend the other day about how amazed we are that we survived high school, strictly from a “how did we have the energy for it?” standpoint. In order to get to school on time, I woke up at 6:30AM (a time with which I am no longer remotely familiar). School started at 7:25AM. There were eight class periods, including lunch, gym, choir, and five academic classes. School let out at 2:40PM. After school I did debate once a week and sometimes choir. Then I went home and did up to five hours of homework. Honestly, I’m exhausted just thinking about it, and I remember feeling, at the time, like I wasn’t doing enough, because the people around me had more extracurricular activities, or they were taking an extra class instead of a lunch period, or they had a job, or they played three sports, or what have you.

So first of all, if that sounds at all familiar to you, you have my deepest sympathies.

During this time of overwhelmedness in school, writing was an extremely relaxing activity for me. Some people, even people who love to write, don’t feel that way about writing, and that’s fine– everyone has a different relationship to it. But it was relatively easy for me to write while I was in school because I didn’t find it at all taxing at that time in my life. I would write when I finished my homework, or during particularly boring classes, or even during slow lunch periods. I didn’t worry about how much I was getting done or whether I was finishing the story or what my writing could one day become. I can honestly say that the hypothetical fruits of my labor did not once cross my mind when I was younger. I did not have plans to be an author, in so many words. I simply knew that I would write for the rest of my life because I enjoyed it so much. 

I feel like there’s a lot of pressure these days to channel your beloved hobbies into P R A C T I C A L  T H I N G S S S S S S. And I get that. But I also think it has potentially negative consequences, like teaching you that you can’t just do things because you like them. 

The world in which young people live sometimes feels, to me, like this INTENSE PRESSURE COOKER in which YOU MUST HAVE IT ALL FIGURED OUT BY AGE 16 and YOU MUST BE GOOD AT EVERYTHING and YOU MUST BE CONSTANTLY BOMBARDED WITH INFORMATION and YOU MUST SHARE EVERY MOMENT ON THE INTERNET and YOU MUST HAVE CLEARLY DEFINED REASONS WHY YOU LIKE THE THINGS YOU LIKE AND DON’T LIKE THE THINGS YOU DON’T LIKE and YOU MUST BE SUCCESSFUL AT A YOUNG AGE, ETC. So whenever I see young people I have this intense urge to tell them to take deep, cleansing breaths, even if they don’t look stressed out.

I’m telling you all this to put it into context when I implore you not to be so very worried about not having much time or energy to write while you are in school. Do it if you like it. But for the moment, it’s probably more important that you survive the shitstorm of homework and pressure and weird social situations that surround you. You do not need to be one of those people who finishes a book and gets it published at a young age. I realize this is rich coming from one of those people, but I swear it’s the truth. There are many many years (God willing) to learn how to finish stories and to see what you can do with them. It doesn’t feel like that when you’re young, sometimes, but it’s true anyway. Study hard, sure, and be practical (i.e. do prepare to have a day job, most writers do even after getting published!), but for heaven’s sake, find as many ways as possible to enjoy your life, because being exhausted and perpetually stressed is not a great way to spend your youth. Or your adulthood. Or any stage of your life.

Northwestern University, where I went to college, was full of intense people. That’s still the word I would choose to describe them– and myself. I use it very fondly! I love intense people. I like that I am an intense person. The reason I mention this, though, is because it will help you understand that only in a world of very intense people could I possibly perceive myself as laidback. I wasn’t double majoring (most people around me were), I didn’t always take the most challenging classes available, I didn’t get straight As, I didn’t usually do all my reading for class. (lol even the thought is amusing.) If I asked anyone else how they were doing on any given day, they would say “stressed.” But I was not perpetually stressed!

I did do most of my homework, study for important tests, take time on my papers, and generally try to ensure that the money spent on my education went to good use. I’m not saying I turned into some kind of irresponsible person. But in college, I realized that my overall well-being was important, and that if I focused on the things that I really valued and made sure to do them as well as I could, other things would inevitably fall by the wayside, and that was okay. Because…

I made good friends that I still hang out with today. One of them became my husband. I made time to exercise. I got at least seven hours of sleep a night. (IN COLLEGE!) I spent time on my hobbies. I took naps. I watched movies. I was less anxious in college than I have been at any other time in my life.

You can’t do all the things. You do not have the time or the energy. And if you try to do all the things, you will just end up doing all of them halfway. But you can do the things that matter to you.

What’s important is to A. figure out what your priorities are, B. commit to them, and C. accept that when you do that, you will sacrifice other things.

This is not an “I figured it out and now I’m set” kind of thing– it is a process of trial and error that spans years. I did well in school, and I had friends, and I wrote a lot, and one of the things I wrote turned into Divergent, and that’s awesome. No actual regrets here. But let’s be real: sometimes I look back and wish I had taken more challenging or more interesting classes outside of my writing classes. Or that I had kept up with choir and voice lessons. Or done all the reading. Or gone to at least one party. (I had friends, yes, but didn’t go to parties. It’s a whole…thing.)

But mostly, even though there were some things I missed out on, I’m happy that I had a clear understanding of what I valued: writing, friendship, and my overall well being. (SLEEP!) You will never live life perfectly moving forward. There are many possibilities for your life that you have already missed out on, and there will be more. But it’s okay, because there are still a crapload of possibilities in front of you, and you should pursue the ones that interest you most. You should keep in mind that you can veer sharply to the left if you realize you don’t like the road you’re on. You can double back. You can change your mind. You can just barely make ends meet for several years while you figure out your shit. You can disappoint your parents and wait for them to get on board with your unconventional life plan. You can disappoint your parents now but later make them proud. You can be the one falling behind while all your friends and loved ones surge forward in worldly success, because you are still confused about what to do. You can make big mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and rebuild your life. I have done some of these things, and I have watched others do some of these things, and all the lives I have observed and lived are rich in value and worth.

This is a far different answer than the people asking me how to write while in school were anticipating, I’m sure. But if you figure out why you’re so stressed out about writing while in school, or what you hope to accomplish by writing, or what you are willing to sacrifice to make time for writing and the potential consequences of that sacrifice, I promise, you can answer this question for yourself. I have no recommendations for you because we likely don’t have the same priorities or put them in the same order. I have no judgments about whether you should value your writing more or less, because I don’t know how much you love it, or how good you are at it, or how much you value career stability, or the answers to a myriad of other questions that are relevant to this discussion.

What I will say is that I believe you are capable, question-askers, of guiding your lives to where you want them to go, even if it takes a couple tries. I believe you can be resilient. And resilience has been more valuable to me than all the ambition or strategy or intellect in the world.

Destiel in 13x06

Welcome to „Brokeback Mountain“ a.k.a. “Brokeback Supernatural” a.k.a. “Tombstone”. This episode screams DESTIEL, so let’s start at the beginning:

The Hug:

(they finally see each other again and you can see the relief in Dean’s eyes)



They head right back to the bunker where Jack found them a case (yes, he did)


Dean really has a cowboy fetish and you can see how happy he is since Cas came back:

(Cas is Dean’s win)


Then we see Dean and Cas play husband and wife where Cas is…well, obviously the wife because he knows how Dean sleeps and that it’s not going to end well for you if you wake him up…

…and Dean isn’t a morning person.


They finally get some time alone together (thanks to Sammy)

(here is Dean’s fetish again)


They watch movies together

and they are confirming that Cas is the man Dean is looking for (I’m your huckleberry means “I’m the man you are looking for”)


Cas unfortunately still doesn’t know how to be an agent:


These are the best Destiel-parts of the episode but you can summarize it in one gif:

My heart’s broken over what people become, one minute they’re there, the next they’re not, and you never see it coming until after they’ve left, in hindsight, you see everything that led up to that moment, how did we get here? How could we not, did you see all that happened between us? I sure didn’t, but I do now, it’s a miracle we got out alive.
—  Eliot Knight

starduststarling  asked:

But how do you get Paid to write ;u;u;u; Asking for... a friend

A lot of odd jobs found here

some supplementary income from my patreon

One on one commissions like the ones that paid for Chevalier Noir (NSFW link)  

and a steady supply of beautiful, engaging romantic fiction from Voltage Entertainment USA 

I feel like it should be worth noting that I wrote for about 12 years for $0 beforehand to build up the skillset I currently have. I’m only 26, I’m still very young and inexperienced and while I’m a professional, I would never say I’m an expert. I have a lot of learning and growing yet to do.

Irish Coffee

Hey guys! Long time no see. Working my way back into writing by doing a little drabble or two. For those of you who remember I did a thank you poll when I hit 500 followers and A LOT of people voted to have me try writing outside gajevy…upon another poll the most requested pair was lelu brotp! So here we are. Don’t worry, the gajevy is still strong, but this was a nice little way to get back into the groove. Lots of fun fluff ahead, and maybe a quick appearance by some of our favorite dragonslayers! I hope yall enjoy. As always, leave me a comment, reblog, tag, whatever you want to interact so I know what yall like! Get ready for more fic soon…I have ideas…many, many ideas :)

Pairing: Lelu brotp

Prompt: Sleepover

Length: 1.1k

Irish Coffee

Eighteen hours until the wedding. Levy clutched her stomach, laughing, as she snuggled against the fluffy pillow resting on her best friend. Sweet alcohol tickled her tongue, and she finished the last sip of her drink.

“I miss times like this,” she sighed, “When was our last sleepover?”

“Not since you moved out of Fairy Hills,” Lucy replied. A smile crept across her face as she thought back on countless nights huddled under blankets, watching movies, and joking about books and boys. Those nights were when Lucy realized she’d found a friend to lean on; in good times and bad, she’d always be able to count on Levy. A loud chime came from the microwave, and both girls jumped up from the couch, falling into their designated snack preparation roles like no time had passed. Lucy grabbed the popcorn, adding an extra dusting of salt, while Levy carefully walked back with their drinks. Reaching for her mug, the one covered in constellations, Lucy took a sip of Levy’s latest concoction. Alcohol burned her throat unexpectedly, forcing her to gasp. “What is this?”

“Irish coffee,” Levy giggled, “Gajeel taught me. Once you have a little whiskey in your coffee you’ll never go back to just cream.” Her face was tinged pink by laughter and drink.

Lucy put down her mug and eyed her friend. “I think he’s rubbing off on you a little too much.”

Levy sighed, letting her head fall onto the pillow. “Not tonight he’s not.” A brief moment passed in silence before both girls exploded in laughter, blushing even more. Innuendos went out the door during girls’ night.

“It’s a tradition,” Lucy chided.

“A stupid tradition,” Levy grumbled back, fisting another handful of popcorn into her mouth.

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One Mistake May Change An Entire Life (Chapter Three, Archie Andrews Imagine)

Summary: It’s confirmed that you are pregnant with Archie Andrews child, and you have no idea what to do.

Pairing: Archie X Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

To celebrate my 300 followers I give to you, part three of my Archie Andrews Series, Enjoy and thank you for 300 followers this means so much to me

Read the previous chapters here 

Chapter 1: 

Chapter 2: 


You sit on your bathroom floor, crying your eyes out. You’re glad that your parents are out of town for awhile or you have to tell them too. But to be honest you don’t want to tell anyone.

You didn’t have the courage to tell anyone. Even your friends.

“Y/N?” You hear someone knocking on your bathroom door. You frown, who could that be? And how did they get in?

You quickly wipe your tears as you clean yourself. You open the bathroom door to face Jughead. The one that you least expected to be here. You frown in confusion.

“Jughead? What are you doing here?” You ask as Jughead sits on your bed.

“I’ve been told that you ran out of school. We’re worried about you, are you okay?” Jughead asked as you shrug.

“Sure, I’m fine.” You lie, Jughead frowns meaning that he caught you lying.

“Liar.” He says as you sigh. “I know something is up. You can tell me, or do I need one of the girls here?” He asked as you bite your lip.

You walk back into your bathroom as you find the pregnancy test and pick it up. You walk out of the bathroom and show Jughead the test.

“Please don’t leave me because of this.” You whisper as Jughead frowns at your response. He then grabs the test.

His eyes widen in shock. “You’re pregnant?” He asked shockingly as you nodded.

“Do you hate me?” You ask as Jughead frowns.

“Why would I hate you?” He asked as you sigh.

“Because I’m pregnant.” You say as Jughead shakes his head.

“I wouldn’t hate you because you’re carrying life inside of you. But I might hate the father? Who is the father? How did you get pregnant in the first place?” Jughead asked as you sit on a chair next to the bed he’s sitting on.

“The baby is Archie’s child. And we had a one night stand at Cheryl’s party. It was an accident, and we were drunk.” You explain as you can feel the tears in your eyes.

“Wait? Archie is the father?! Does he know?” He asked as you shake your head. “Do you plan on telling him?” He asked as you shrug.

“I want to but, I’m scared. I’m too scared to tell anyone. You’re the only person that knows.” You say as Jughead nods.

“Betty, Veronica and Kevin would love to know. I bet the girls would love it. Kevin too. But Archie does need to know, if you don’t tell him and someone else does, do you know how much conflict that could be? I think Archie deserves to know.” Jughead says as you nod.

“You’re right, as usual. Maybe we can bring the girls and Kevin over?” You ask as Jughead shrugs.

“I don’t know. It’s your house.” He says as you smile.


You invite Betty, Veronica and Kevin to your place so you can tell them the news. 

You make them sit on the couch. Wanting them to know at the same time.

“So what was the emergency?” Kevin asked.

“Does this have to explain why you left school?” Veronica asked as you nod.

“It does have to do with that.” You say as you sigh. “Guys please do not judge me-”

“Y/N. We would never judge you.” Betty says as you smile shyly.

“Okay. Um… I’m pregnant.” You say as you hear screams coming from the two girls, Kevin looks at you shockingly as if he couldn’t believe what he has heard. Obviously Jughead already knew, with a smirk on his lips.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so happy for you!” Cheers Veronica as she wraps her arms around you. Betty does the same thing, making a girl group hug.

“Wait, who’s the father?” Ask Kevin as Betty and Veronica pulls away from you. You sigh as you look at all of them.

“The father is Archie.” You say as their eyes widen in disbelief.

“Wait Archie? Archie’s the father?” Ask Kevin in shock, you nodded. “Did this happen at Cheryl’s party?” Ask Kevin as you nod once again.

“Y/N, does Archie knows?” Ask Betty as you shake your head.

“No he doesn’t, but I know that I have to tell him. Before someone else does.” You say as Veronica and Betty nods.

“I swear if he doesn’t want it, I’ll make him go straight.” Veronica says as you chuckle at her.

“Still I can’t believe that, oh my gosh! Can I be the uncle?” Ask Kevin as you laugh.

“Of course.” You say smiling.

“I’ll sleep over the night? If you want me too?” Ask Veronica as you smile.

“Of course.” You say as you give each other a hug.

“Jughead, why are you so quiet?” Ask Betty as Jughead smirks.

“Because, I already knew.” He says as Betty smirks and playfully punches his shoulder.

You’re glad that you got that off of your chest, but now the bigger challenge awaits you. And that’s telling Archie.


anonymous asked:

why is none of you otherkinners an ordinary animal like...a salmon? an ant? or something similar? why are most of you either „dragons“(which...wtf) , wolves, cats or angels(which again...wtf)

You make an interesting point my friend. Not a good point, but interesting. 

What qualifies as “ordinary”? Because I’ve never seen an ordinary animal. I think they’re all pretty marvelous. Why is a salmon ordinary? There’s quite a bit of lore and mythology around salmon. Here, have some references, just from a google search:

How did that last one get on there? … Oh well.

I have known dragons, wolves, corvids, raptors (birds of prey, but also I’ve known one dinosaur I think) peacocks, phoenixes, lizards, bunnies, rodents, cats, angels, demons, fae, dogs, primates, snakes, horses, bison, and once an earwig. Off the top of my head.

Are any of those ordinary? I don’t think so, but maybe you will.

That being said, my personal theory on why there are more of some than of others is based on relatable they are to the current human experience. Some animals, like wolves and dragons, have more in common with the human experience than others. A wolf’s instincts regarding social interactions make sense to a human brain. Even if someone had memories of being say, a sea urchin, those memories would be too alien to easily make sense of.

Honestly, I don’t put much more thought into it than that, because I’m not a self absorbed ass who thinks anyone else’s identity is my business. I just take them at face value.

Now You’re a Real Criminal

Originally posted by lankybrunettepartdeux

Pairing: Edward Nygma X Reader
Word Count: 2300
Warnings: Death threats in the form of riddles cause Ed’s a huge NERD god I love him

Anonymous requested: Something Edward

@bookswillfindyouaway @geeksareunique

Acting stupid was the greatest game you ever played, and the things it allowed you to get away with, oh, now that was the greatest treat you ever earned. Ditzy, ditsy you, too dumb but golden-hearted to do any wrong. You weren’t even sure how it started. Maybe out of spite, maybe for the rush, now here you stood behind no easier mark than Oswald Cobblepot.

Granted he didn’t react to you like former employers did, feeding off your empty headed ploy and cutesy mannerisms, but he was a high strung fellow. Busy, busy, always too busy to really pay attention, to look at the books himself. A good two thousand had been siphoned off him already, the numbers littered all over Gotham and away from you, yet your new clothes were anything but cheap. For someone so rude and conniving, who knew Oswald could be so generous.

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Okay, I scheduled this to post  to go up yesterday, but I clearly don’t know what I’m doing. Anyway, here’s some Jackrabbit. Weather this is a friend giving his buddy a hard time or a lover looking out for his boyfriend is up to you; I go either way.

I did a sketchy style on this to see how it works. It’s nice, I like it. It gets everything across but is loose enough for me to finish it quickly.

anonymous asked:

RM does not stand for Rap Monster. It actually stands for Restrictive Movement. While BTS stands for Bodily Tapeworm Syndrome. #GetItRight #OnlyRealArmys

Of course not, you fucking fool. Where did you see that? Source? Because that sounds like complete bullshit. How old are you again, since you can’t even search things on Google? RM means RAP. MONSTER. How can you not know that? He is a rapper. The only fake fan I see here is YOU. Also, I doubt your mother raised you like this. Was there any need for that tone? Do not speak to me like that. EVER. I would never get down to your level and be rude like you were or even call you names. So be careful how you speak to people, you cunt.

younghyun’s treat

pairing: younghyun x you

genre: fluff

summary: one day, younghyun came home with you in his hoodie

with winter quickly approaching, temperatures were starting to drop pretty quickly. the apartment was chilly despite the fact that the heater was on. you were pacing throughout the household looking for your favourite hoodie, but cussed aloud when you realized you had put it into the washer. you spotted younghyun’s yellow Urban Outfitters hoodie and immediately put it on, making yourself feel all comfy and warm on your shared bed.

even though he had only left for work this morning, a few hours had not gone by without you missing him. as cliche as it sounds, the hoodie smelled so much like him which made you indulge yourself in his scent. 

“you look like you’re enjoying yourself over there,”

you jumped at the sound of another voice in the apartment. startled, you turned around just to be met with younghyun smirking, while leaning against the door frame. 

“how did you get here? I didn’t even hear you come in!”

he chuckled, as he walked over to the dresser to place his rings that were pulled out from his fingers. he ran his fingers through his tough hair, that had been forced to stay intact with the help of a huge amount of hair gel. he took off his outer wear and draped it over a chair, leaving only a white t-shirt on.

“you were enjoying yourself too much to even hear me come in,” he spoke, before jumping onto the bed. he propped himself up to his comfort and placed his head on the bedrest.

“since when did you start wearing my clothes?” he asked. instinctively, he scooted nearer towards you till your knees were touching. younghyun soon realized that he was starting to get fidgety. he had never registered the fact that you could look so cute in his clothes, especially when he could see the hems of his hoodie touching your knees. he could feel his heart do somersaults as his urge of snuggling you up increases highly everytime he lays his eyes on you.

“all the time when you’re not home, younghyun. it’s a little big, isn’t it?” you grinned sheepishly, and at that very moment, he could feel his heart burst. you had worn countless of his hoodies and shirts, but have never once been caught. his clothes often carried his scent, which was the main reason why did it in the first place. he had a great fashion sense too, which came in as a bonus.

“you should take it off,”

looking at your startled expression, he let out a laugh that bounced off your walls, echoing  throughout your apartment.

“i’m joking! it’s just that you look so cute it pisses me off,” he said. everytime he looked at you, he was reminded of how cute you were and how he would love if you were to wear his clothes all the time. imagining you with his clothes on made him feel all tingly, unable to contain the urge to squish you even further.

“younghyun, you really scared me there and i thought we actually had a problem because i’m never gonna stop stealing your clothes,” you joked and stuck your tongue out playfully.

“the only problem is that you look so adorable in my clothes, and it makes me want you to wear it all the time,”

“well, younghyun, you’re in for a treat,”

If you’re wondering how I did tonight when I went to the casino…I just ordered a new 55″ TV from Best Buy. I scheduled delivery for next Wednesday, when I’m off (the day before Thanksgiving), between 4-8pm so I’ll be awake when they get here.

I got a new TV last year, in July, to replace my REALLY old CRT 27″ TV. The one I bought was called “39 inches,” but on further review was 38.5″  according to the specs in the manual – which would not be a deal breaker, except that I’ve spent almost a year and a half of this TV restarting any time it feels like, and sometimes takes 5 or even 10 minutes to do so as it figures our what a TV is supposed to do (for my first “smart TV,” it isn’t very smart).

But…it’s an Insignia. That’s Best Buy’s “house brand.” The salesperson said it was a TV built by either LG or Samsung, then given Best Buy’s brand.

If that’s the case, then LG and Samsung both suck at what they do.

My new TV will be a VIZIO (made by Sony), and I have a co-worker who says he has four of them, and has never had a problem with any of them.

So here’s hoping it’s a good purchase.

And if not…it STILL leaves me about $1,000 ahead than I was a few days ago.

Gambling should be avoided….but once in a while, it can be VERY profitable. And at least, unlike other times when I’ve won and then put the money back into machines, I’ll have something concrete (well, plastic and electronic, to be precise) to show for my winnings this time. I’m calling it a birthday present to myself, even though it won’t be here until several days after my birthday.

(I could have scheduled delivery sooner, but I work those days, and “deliver this TV to my work place” didn’t seem to be an option – although I would have taken if it it was so I could set it up sooner – so I went with waiting until next Wednesday instead of getting it this weekend).


Here is how Freya’s (my avatar) journey is going so far:

She looked nice and clean when I started today but as you can see on the second photo that gets ruined pretty quickly. You can actually clean your clothes in Lestallum. Had some fun with Iggy and Prompt. Poor Prompt is annoying to fight, but relatively easy to beat. Iggy….I really don’t feel bad for this man anymore. Like what he did to me without his sight imagine what he could do with it (pun was not intended but ANYWAY. You can also see Iggy in not so awesome situation, I actually didn’t take this screenshot apparently when you unlock an achievement it happens.

Kenny Crow is AWESOME. Like seriously. Whenever you manage to get him on your team he kicks ass. I’m level 16 so all the AI on the team are usually same level ore one above/below. Kenny was 26 and we destroyed that level 46 boss. I wonder if he appears randomly or there are some conditions will check that tomorrow.

And the final one is actually from my first 1h playing but I just noticed it. Cor has some amazing acrobatic skills. Pretty good for an old man.

@birdsandivory @ignisthot tagging you two for the Iggy comments.

thevikingwoman replied to your post: After getting into the DA fandom I forget how much…

I used to read in other fandoms, but not participate and no one wanted OCs. Neither did I when I got here??? And then I figured it out and I was like… oh.. Oh!! TELL ME MORE ABOUT YOUR CHARACTERS I LOVE THEM PLEASE MORE!!

haha right? That’s basically what happened. The only thing I see as being accepted is ‘reader’ ships where you use second person and it’s just like… guys… that’s an OC. That’s an OC without a name XD Because the best ‘reader’ fics I read had a main character with an actual personality rather than being the blank slate, self-insert. Which is fine. I don’t mind some good old self-insert escapism. But I find it kind of disingenuous to read those fics but not ones with OCs because it’s somehow inherently worse to have a named character that isn’t canon?

I think so many people are afraid of the ‘all OCs are mary-sues’ stigma that’s still around. And it’s a cyclical problem because since people don’t read OC fics, people don’t write them as much either, so the idea that they’re not as good sticks. It sucks.