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EXO Reaction to their Pregnant Girlfriend's  German Shepherd Being Protective of Her.


“Why are you even barking?… She’s mine”.

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“Good job Y/D/N, Keep protecting our girl”.

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*Starts to get a little annoyed*

“This was cute, now I can’t even touch you without getting barked at”.  

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*Finds it the cutest thing*

“Good girl.”

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“That’s right doggy, I have your girl now.”

*Watches the dog as he leans in to kiss you with a smirk*

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*Cuddles for both you and the dog*

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*No matter how many times, he would still jump every time your dog barked*

“OMG! again!!??”

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“This was once so cute, now it’s starting to get on my last nerve.”

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“She’s mine, nice try”


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*Still finds it cute*

“Did you want some love too?”

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“Y/N he’s doing it again!”

*Another upset puppy*

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how did you start in norse history things? What's a good place to start? I get so overwhelmed....

Sæll (eða sæl) vinur,
(Hello friend,)

This is definitely a question that is better suited for my other blog, but I never turn away my guests, so I will answer it here regardless, my friend. (I am still the same person, after all).

I started in a class, which is a pretty great place to get introduced to this material, but not necessarily a place that everyone is fortunate enough to begin with. Yet, this is exactly why I run a series on my other blog, called Fjorn’s Viking History. You can view all of these posts here on Tumblr, or view them in a link-based-list format on my Wordpress. I am not sure if you are already aware of them, but they are posts that essentially turn my lecture notes into an online ‘course’ of sorts. One post at a time, you can read and learn about Viking History for free. There are currently 43 posts, with 57 total planned.

I should be more cautious in advertising myself, though, because I am a student, not a professor, and I have so much more to learn before I am qualified enough to properly teach this material. Still, I find it to be a convenient place to start, at least for the sake of exposure. I list all my sources, which can provide books and other outlets to explore. 

Yet, if that is not suitable, I know of a few books that make for a suitable, reliable, and well-rounded exposure into medieval Norse studies:

John Haywood, The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings.

This book is reasonably priced and does not go into a lot of academic depth. It is clear, concise, and offers a tremendous amount of visuals that really help to visualize the Norse world. I always, always recommend this book for beginners.

Rory McTurk ed., A Companion to Old Norse-Icelandic Literature and Culture.

This book is a bit expensive and far more academic than the book above. Yet, it a compilation of the efforts of various scholars, and all of this research is very up-to-date. This is a great source to learn more detail about specific topics, such as poetry, archaeology, and language. I recommend reading it out of order, picking whichever topic interests you the most at the time.

Angus A. Somerville and R. Andrew McDonald ed., The Viking Age: A Reader, Second Edition.

This book is much like the one above, except instead of secondary, scholar work, it is a collection of translated primary source material. This will expose you to the various primary sources (books written during the Viking Age, or fairly close in time to that period). It is a good companion to all of the material above, because, like the Companion, this book offers additional insight to specific topics through selected primary materials. Again, I would recommend reading in whatever order suits your needs the most.

Hopefully that helps you, my friend. Not everyone is able to take a class on Viking History, which is a reason why I began my other blog in the first place. If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know so I can help out a bit.

I wish you the best of luck!

Með vinsemd og virðingu,
(With friendliness and respect,)

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Have you ever had any hate comments on YouTube or on here, and if you have how did you deal with it?

LOL. Dude, I’m a woman on YouTube. Of course I get hate. Tons of it.

I don’t really deal with it, to be honest. It doesn’t bother me a whole lot. Studies show that people who cyber bully are usually young to middle aged men living in their parents’ basements living unhappy, unfulfilled lives. They attack people online to make themselves feel superior. Of course, there are a few Regina Georges sprinkled in the mix as well. But with haters like that, how can I be mad? Their lives suck, and mine’s awesome. I’m literally living my passion - I’ve got my dream job, my dream home, my dream guy, and great shoes. If I were them, I’d envy me, too.

I guess what I’m saying is, I pity them. Sort of. I pity them for a millisecond, then I attribute their lack of success to their terrible attitude. Karma’s done ‘em right. 

Then I keep on living my fabulous life <3 

ACOMAF Playlist (finally!)

so I mentioned a few times that i’ve got a few songs saved for acomaf and i’m finally making that damn playlist so you all might enjoy the music and cry over feysand with me (the music genre is alternative pop, indie, piano stuff) basically stuff i listen to when i’m drawing :) this is relevant to acowar aswell (fu tool face)

Trainwreck - BANKS (i’m sort of obsessed with banks rn soz)

Come Crashing - Digital Daggers (feysand<3)

Remembrance - Balmorhea (legit makes me cry every time)

Foolishment - Thomas Newman

Oh My My - Ruelle

Gemini Feed - BANKS

The Devil Within - Digital Daggers (middle finger to the tool)

Salvation - Gabriella Alpin (many of you will know this from taratjah’s vid)

How I did get here - ODESZA

Soldier - Fleurie 

Mind Games - BANKS 

here’s a link to my youtube where i put them into a playlist: 


hope you enjoy!

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sorry to bother you, but how did you install your music player? mine wont show up at all :( also where did you get the skin for it? thanks a bunch!!!

you’re not bothering me!! I’m sorry this is so late, you may have already figured it out, but I’ll answer anyway 😊 I use this music player here! You can either choose one of the skins under ‘Step 2: choose a skin’ or you can get custom skins here like I did! You just copy the link into the custom player skin bar! Once your playlist is completed just click done and it will show you where to copy the HTML to! 😊

A Surprise Visit

“What do we have here?” The strange voice made you look up. You were curled up on your couch and still felt the trail of tears on your cheeks. In front of you stood a slim figure who wore a black t-shirt and black skinny jeans that were torn at the knees. He had spiky green hair and a tidy beard that lined his mouth and jaw. You were drawn to his odd eyes, one shine a bright blue while the other glowed a lime green colour. You gripped the blanket that surrounded you a bit tighter and choked back a sob as you stared at him.
“W-who are y-you?” You stuttered “how did you get in here?”

The odd eyed man pointed at your phone.
“Easy” he said “Pretty much sneaked in here while you were cryin’. As for a name, you can call me Anti”
More questions flooded your head, mostly to do with how he could get here through your phone but another question was burning brighter.
“What do you want?”

Anti crouched down and looked at you closely. He didn’t say anything for a while. You watched his eyes shifting across your own. He stood up, you could feel his looming presence surround you and you flinched slightly. You could sense his power and prepared for the worst.
“Listen” he said in a gravelly tone “I got the darkness gig covered. I don’t need ya to add to it. Stay in the light, kid.”

“What?” You
Anti smirked at you.
“I’ve seen my fair share of shadows. You lot have ‘em in droves, but you got a good heart, ya should really give yerself more credit y'know”
You wiped your nose and nodded.
“Keep yer chin up” said Anti “wouldn’t mind takin’ you on one day. Someone with your light might make a decent opponent later down the line. Stay strong for that, will ya?”
“O-okay” you said.
“That’s the spirit, kid.” He winked with his green eye and disappeared in a cloud of smoke. You glanced at your phone. A message popped up but no number. You opened it up and read what it said. You smiled for the first time in a while when you saw what was written:

Ǐ̤̠̹̞̖̺̰̱̭̜͌̀̌̀͒̓̅͊̏'̢̤͔̹͈̗̲̖̪̈́̄̊̓́̎̑͋̎͜͝l̡̧̛̲̣̣̠̗̖̹̏̄̾̅̀͋͛͘͝ͅl̪͖͙͇͕͓̟̜̟̲͛̍̌́͋̉͑̽͛̀ ̼̲̮͚͖̼͇̩̖͇̍̿͋̿̇͗̽͐̀͝b̨̦̱͙̘͕̞͇͔̜̿͊̈̋͆͒̊͐͐͝e̛̹̦̠͎̥͖͔̬̩̜̔͑̈́̓̆̕̕͝͝ ̙̣͚͈̪͙͔̣̣͓̀̅͛̂̈̅̒͒͝͝ẅ̦̖̦̣̠̱̖̤͍̘́͑̀̌́̿͐̀͘͝a̢̻͔̩̺̜͓̥̦͕͋͆̽̊̑͑́͛͛̽t̡̯͍͇̻͍̝͕̬̄̊̊̂͂̇́͋̆̽͜c̬̟̞̖̫̥̼̜̑͛̓̆̇̃̀̈́́̉͜͜ḥ̛̜̞̹̬͎͇̦̙̤̍̀̎̄̎̽͂͑̚i̢͓̲̭̤̦̤̞͎͋̉̃̅̀͂̓̍̈̚͜n̢̡̛̼̗̻̭͚̫̝͕̆̈́̇̀̊̋̕̕͠g̣͕̰̞̘̞̣̮̖̘͐͛̅̄̅̿̿̐̅͠

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Honestly, I don't know what to say. I came here to tell you your music is amazing and the titles of the tracks are good shit. But since this is an ask, I was wondering - when did you start doing music, where do you get your inspiration from and why "in love with a ghost"? Also, how does AZERTY dress usually? (I'm thinking about cosplaying them, but I'm not sure.) Anyways, thanks for reading.

azerty always wear glasses and a scarf, sometimes a cute dress or a t-shirt and a short, with usually autumn themed colors

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hi how do you know thats taylor in the karlie snapchat of her getting here eyeliner done? taylor doesnt show up in the camera and i dont recogenise which voice she was? did she say be right back?

It sounds 10000% like Taylor. Yeah she said I’ll be right back.

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i just skimmed a fic (tchalla/tony so you already know its bad) where steve was p much pleading with tony for them to be a team again and im literally cryin bc steve 'heres this letter apologizing but really not for anything i did but for the fact that you were PRESSED' rogers wanting to begging tony for //anything??// steve 'i dont know how to back down from any fight, anywhere, any time' rogers going to tony with anything less than a fuck you?? #unrealistic #cantrelate #notmysteve


I’m SURE we are gonna get some emotionally repressed white manpain of necessary makeups between Steve and Tony (tbh I myself even wanna see how they go about making up) in IW but have you ever actually seen a cap movie? Steve would LITERALLY rather die than give up his on something/someone he believes in (as seen in cap 1, 2 and 3). Also I’ve never gotten to talk about that apology letter before but every time I think about it I wanna scream because it was basically like:

Dear Tony Stank,
Here is me telling you I care about your general wellbeing. I’m glad you are less sad and wealthy living in the place where all my shit is. It’s kinda shitty your opinion was wrong. Sucks to suck huh? You can keep the avengers in the divorce. I’m used to being alone. Hey did you remember I was an ORPHAN by the time I was 18? Just, you know, thought I’d remind you. I never did care for weird ass vision anyway. Why the fuck can he walk through walls? He tried telling me one time but he’s so boring I stopped listening. Anyway, here is me pretending to be subtle but just so you know, I’m breaking out my squad from that fucked up superjail. Have fun dealing with that. Anyways, I’m off to fuck Sam (who I have broken out of the fucked up superjail- probably by the time you read this) and Bucky now. Call me if the world is ending or something I guess.

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Hi, I love you blog and your edits. I was wondering if you could possibly do a tutorial on how you make your solid colored background gifs like you did in in your most resent Sansa meme gif set? I am so horrible at it. If not that's fine but if you could thank you in advance. :)

omg thank you sweetie!!! (if anyone’s curious this is the gifset) of course, i’d love to, these are some of my very favorite types of gifs to make. it may be kinda hard at first but once you get used to it it’s really fun! i hope this helps x 


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Can’t argue here, pumas are awesome. Good logic, Amethyst.

He’s taking those boo’s as applauds, it’s good he isn’t taking them personal like a kid at his age would do. How old is he, anyway?

Well yeah because all he did to “mask” himself was put a tiny tiger nose and put his hair back with margarine. He didn’t even use freaking butter. Margarine.


Okay i know it’s fake and all but i just don’t understand what kind of a fucking weapon is a traffic cone.

Also sidestache guy, you’re an amazing commentator.

The best kinds of work days are the kinds that go quickly. I chit-chatted with a guy who transferred here from Fairfax, VA (so nice!) and caught up with my favorite co-worker from Edison (I’ve never met her but we talk all the time and I love her). We bitched about our new accounting system and I helped her with some stuff. We couldn’t figure out how to get back to an important screen and I literally just guessed and it was right. “How did you know that??” I didn’t, but it never hurts to try. We were on the phone for almost an hour, overall! Worth it.

I unpacked a shit ton of supplies that I ordered too. OK, is it lunchtime yet?

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Does the Lion Turtle Island really have any connection with the spirit world or the Avatar State so it could've helped Aang open his final chakra? Do you see any connection lol? I don't, please correct me if I'm wrong, I have no idea how Mike and Bryan the "geniuses behind the show" thought that something as irrelevant as this island would help Aang open up his final chakra it makes no sense, it clearly shows they had their hands tied up here and didn't know what to do, should've let Ehasz help

I really didn’t get or understand how Aang was able to open the final chakra to enter the Avatar State, all he did was go to the Lion Turtle Island and talk to previous avatars if I remember correctly, none of them were much help to him and then he found out the the island was a Lion Turtle and got dropped off to where Ozai was going to come for the final battle, like how is that going to explain how he opens the final chakra? It makes no sense to believe a rock will help him enter the AS again

Yeah, Bryke obviously didn’t know what to do about Aang’s final chakra and they just made something up at the last minute with the rock. The Lion Turtle did seem to have a connection to the Spirit World, and it gave Aang the ability to bend energy. This was planned from the start. But it didn’t open his final chakra and it wasn’t supposed to. Aang would have needed to open his final chakra first on his own in order to bend energy. That was the point. It wasn’t supposed to be a free ability.

Ehasz wanted Aaang to be selfless and let go of his own spiritual needs to open his chakra. But Bryke didn’t want Aang to make any sacrifices, so they had the rock open his chakra for him, even though it makes no sense. Because of the way the finale was written, it did make it seem like the Lion Turtle solved all of Aang’s problems for him by giving him the ability to bend energy. IMO, the rock is far worse than the Lion Turtle. If Aang opened his chakra first, he would have at least earned his ability he gained from the Lion Turtle.

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"I woke up to find my dog standing over me"

a/n: there r no doges in the pokemon world so i went w fire emblem?? hope u dont mind lol …. n since u didn’t specify a character i chose camilla ehe 

   ‘Strange,’ you think, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes, you swore you put him outside your tent when you turned in for the night. 

   “I’m sorry, darling,” the words drip from her lips like honey, and you stiffen up, recognizing who that voice belonged to, “I didn’t mean to intrude, but I just had to talk with you. She fiddles with the hilt of her axe, smiling sweetly down at you, like a predator sizing up its prey.

   “What are you doing here, Camilla?” Your voice wavers, as you swallow the lump in your throat, “how did you get past the guards?” 

   “Do you underestimate me that much, my dear?”, she crosses her legs, and you sit upright, “I’m here to take you home.”

Great. Now I am stuck here all by myself. I feel like “Where is my mind” should become my new theme song. Not, that I had one before, but…you know.

At least this Blog has just passed 50.000 words. Holy guacamole, you lot. How did that happen?

Now if only I could find a way to get back to my mantle.

I miss Bison…

“Okay here we go!”

“ohh *closes eyes and looks away* ”

[30mins later]

“so did it hurt that much? and how do you feel, kiddo?”

“I feel great doc! and no you were right! it didn’t hurt! thank you so much! can I go meet mum and dad now?”

“yes, they are waiting for you, take the medicine I prescribed for the next 4 days and don’t forget, promise?” 

“aye aye”

I can’t stop thinking about the wisecrack carrie fisher would make about debbie reynolds dying a day after her: the joke about her family, always bringing the drama, the ‘she couldn’t stand to let me have all the attention even when I had just died. I want you all to remember that I did it first.’  

I like to imagine her in the afterlife adding material to her stand up: ‘I’m really disappointed to be here tonight, I was hoping I’d get to haunt george lucas for that metal bikini.’ ‘do you know how long the line for this place is? I flipped off nancy reagan and fidel castro on the way in. ’ ‘when I said dear lord please don’t let me live to see that orange buffoon be president I should have been a helluva lot more specific.’

playing to a sold out audience, her mother in the front row. bowie and rickman at a table in the back. 

I’m afraid to tell you that I miss you because I know you won’t say it back.
—  💜