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translated by @maksisskambackwards and @linneaxskam and me :) 

Host: Here we get the star of the evening.

Iman: Hi.

Host: So great. How are you doing?

Iman: Really good.

Host: How does it feel with your season, how has it been?

Iman: It’s incredible.

Host: How did it go?

Iman: It’s been really good. And I’ve learned so much about myself too, because I’ve never done acting before. Julie Andem is a genius, she brings out sides of you you didn’t know you had. So thanks a lot for that.

Host: You’ve shown a side of Norwegian reality that maybe a lot of people don’t recognize themselves in. Islam that is. And you’ve done it in a really honest way. Do think thats done something to people in Norway? To like, see how that is?

Iman: I hope it has.

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NCT Boyfriend Series! [Boyfriend!Taeyong]

I’ve literally realised I’m doing it in the order of the Lee’s lmao

*lowercase & under cut xx*

boyfriend!nct series masterlist

  • boyfriend taeyong would be so fluffy oh my god
  • honestly he would tr(eat) you right ;))
  • lets begin
  • he’d bring you to the company a lot bc he was almost always busy and he liked having you around him when he had practice or when he was writing lyrics
  • if he was practising, you’d often leave to go buy chicken or something for you guys to eat when he goes on a break
  • sweaty taeyong eating chicken in front of you like a little child because he’d be super duper excited
  • you guys would have little talks here and there about his routine 
  • “how long did it take you to learn that move?” “took me a few days but we were held back because i had to help doyoung master it”
  • he sometimes pretends to be moody to get kisses from you ?? he literally fakes being upset so u hug him 
  • when u find out u ignore him for like 3 mins bc he was giving u puppy eyes

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You should write something about Even graduating! :)

hello! sorry this took so long! i combined it with another prompt too “ even getting an email that he got into film school” and i hope i did it okay! casual reminder that i know nothing about how school/uni works in norway, so i kinda had to improvise :P enjoy!


“I’m fucking free,” Even heaves a sigh of relief as he flops face down onto his and Isak’s bed. Isak flops on top of him, making him groan at the weight. “Get off me.”

“No,,” Isak replies quickly. “I like it here.”

“Get off me,” Even repeats, whining slightly now, “I just graduated.”


“Fuck you.”

“Is that what you want as a reward for graduating?”

“We already established that this morning.”

Isak hums, burying his face into Even’s neck and pressing kisses there.

“But what I want right now is for you to get off me, you big lump.”

Isak pulls his head back and lets out an offended huff. “You love me being on top of you,” he teases.

“No, I don’t,” Even tries to argue, but Isak can hear his smile. Even tries to shuffle underneath him, trying to force him to roll off, unsuccessfully.

“Maybe you should work out more,” Isak teases.

Even takes a deep breath and gives one last push, rolling Isak off him to the side where he lands with an “oof.”

“I win,” he declares with a cheeky smile, rolling onto his side to look at Isak, who sticks his tongue out at Even.

Even’s about to lean in for a kiss when his phone goes off with an email notification. He would ignore it, if it weren’t for the fact that he’s been riled up for days about receiving emails from universities that he’s applied to, so he rolls away, ignoring Isak’s pout, and checks his phone.

It takes him all of ten seconds to read the email, at least the part that matters, but then another twenty seconds to actually react.

“Holy shit, Isak!”

“What?” Isak says slightly concerned.

“Holy fucking shit,” Even says again, holding his phone out to show Isak. When Isak takes it, Even rolls onto his back, putting his hand up to his hair to run it through, mouth dropped open in disbelief.

Isak gasps from next to him. “You got in.”

“I got in,” confirms Even, still looking at the ceiling, because he’s not sure what else to look at. He’s not sure  what to do with himself, right now.

“And,” Isak continues a few seconds later, “this was your first choice, right? Oslo?”

Even nods.

“Fuck,” breathes Isak. “That’s awesome.”

Even nods again. Isak rolls onto his side next to him, and reaches out a hand to Even, placing it on the side of his neck and stroking with his thumb, while smiling softly. After a few seconds Even shifts onto his side to face Isak, and sees a look of incredible pride in his boyfriend’s eyes. Isak reflects this with his words.

“I’m so proud of you, Even,” he whispers, because there’s no-one that needs to hear it but the two of them. “So proud.”

Eve lets himself grin widely at Isak, before moving forward to kiss him, still smiling.

Isak pulls back a few minutes later and looks up to see Even smirking at him.

“What?” he says, narrowing his eyes.

“I just decided,” Even says, nonchalantly. “I definitely want graduation sex for this.”

Isak simply rolls his eyes and tugs him back in for another kiss.

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Heeeey I really love all your writing, it always makes me so happy when I get the notification that you posted! ^_^ I was wondering if you could do SHINee doing chores/cleaning the house

hi bebs~ that really means a lot to me^^ offffff course ~


  • wondering how it’s humanly possible to generate this much trash (taemin: you’re trash / onew: what did you just say to me / taemin: ………… 6v6;; your trash?)
  • they took out garbage two days ago (taemin: but you’re still here / onew: are you going to be like this all day?? / taemin: pretty much) 
  • makes taemin help him for being a lil shit (onew: you’re out now, bye) 
  • realized that the two ginormous bags were not the end bc there’s the bathroom garbage cans as well as individual room ones…………… 
  • shoos taemin back inside (taemin: i knew you’d come back for me) 
  • needs to have a serious talk with the members about reducing their carbon footprint 
  • has prepared slides 


  • his laundry basket
  • it’s full
  • with his clothes 
  • ……..sus p icious 
  • all of his clothes are black or white but “separating whites and colors into two loads is a myth, nobody got time for that” (key: *concern*) 
  • his clothes are now a general grey-ish color 
  • “i meant to do that” 
  • secret tears about his favorite white tee
  • taemin: hey hyung / jong: yeah??? / tae: it’s just white t-shirt *fingerguns*
  • and that’s how jonghyun came to write “white t-shirt” (it’s all about you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you 휴ㅅ휴 my white t-shirt)  


  • was talking to taemin when he suddenly got up and started vacuuming (taemin: ??? ) 
  • “WHAT I CAN’T HEAR YOU” / taemin: *flips him off*
  • you know that NEED to clean this instant??? 
  • it waits for no man 
  • not even lee taemin in the middle of a sentence, who is now flipping him off with both hands 
  • singing “delicious” loudly over the vroooooooom sounds 
  • febreezes everything 
  • turns on the fan & wakes up minho sleeping on the couch so he doesn’t die 


  • swi-swi-swifering~
  • wearing (mismatched) socks so he could slide across the wood floors 
  • he doesn’t have matching socks anymore bc the drier eats them ok
  • with the amount of hair he’s picking up someone in shinee is going bald srsly (key: unacceptable, i’ll get the deep conditioner and shower caps and we’ll all be mushrooms for a bit) 
  • regards the swiffer 
  • spins it like onew’s dream girl move 
  • smacks himself in the face (onew: lol) 
  • is super insulted 
  • he would really like to know how jinki works 
  • for science


  • in his room with comme des and garcon lying on him bc they freaked out at the sound of the vacuum (key: sorry babies~) 
  • since he doesn’t want to leave them is stuck in his room 
  • not much to clean here bc he actually kept it pretty neat this time 
  • but there’s one pair of jeans he took off and did not pick up 
  • they’re flipped inside out and splayed on the floor 
  • looks like he murdered the damn pants 
  • refuses to pick them up???? 
  • will actively step over them and not deal with the ONE thing cluttering his room 
GOT7 as my friends after our english exam

HEY GUYS I know I haven’t been doing sHIT lately and that is because I have my exams this week /: I just finished my English exam (170622) and tomorrow (Friday) will be my Science exam. My last exam will be on Monday (Math). Hopefully once summer break rolls in, I’ll be able to get back on my feet and start working on requests. Thank you for being patient with me, here is a “GOT7 as” post (:


JAEBUM: Okay, but what is the difference between a limerick and satire

MARK: *rlly quIET voice* i failed

JINYOUNG: ur fucking dumb how could you analyze the SHORT STORY wRONG THERE WAS TWO WOMEN 

JACKSON: ok but like paris from r&j is my bOOOOY

YOUNGJAE: for the poem did you get the answer “Jesus” or??? is it just me lol

BAMBAM: i wrote down satan what lol

YUGYEOM: honey as long as i pass we r all good. lets throw a party but dont play ur trash fucking music thx sweetie

View (Mafia!Jungkook)

Plot: #022: “Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.” with mafia!Jungkook

Part: One

Word Count: 799

A/N: so this is part two of idk how many, I have two more parts in the works already so this shit could get long possibly but hopefully you’re all okay with that !! I think the last time I did a series like this was with bad boy!Jimin as a father so I definitely miss it, the link for this is mafia!Jungkook (here)

Maybe it was the rebellious side of you that had been ignited the moment you let him stand so close to you but the next time you saw him, your bracelet still hung around his wrist, you didn’t move away. He was alone, a hood pulled up over his head and dimming his intimidation. Jungkook in head to toe black, a weapon visible, stood tall, that was intimidating, that was enough to make even your leader step back. But Jungkook in ripped dark blue jeans, a baggy hoodie with his earphones in and his hands in his pocket as he walked his dog along the boardwalk, that wasn’t scary at all. That would almost be cute, if he wasn’t your rival.

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spelleo  asked:

Hey! Baby witch here, and kind of lost. I was wondering if you had any tips/advice you can give? Or maybe tell how you started your practices? I'm so new to all of this but love to learn! Have a great day!!

Here’s an ask from a while back to get you started if you’re completely lost:) 

Me personally? I always knew that paganism was a thing, but I’ve always been agnostic. Still, I found it fascinating! So I did some research and found that many pagans were into witchcraft, but I always assumed that you had to be pagan to be a witch, which is what sort of turned me off from the whole thing. When I learned that you don’t have to be religious to be a witch, I dove in head-first and never looked back:) 

There is a LOT to learn, but nobody expects you to know everything all at once. Learning takes time, especially if you are in school/work/have a life. You aren’t any less of a witch if you don’t understand certain things, and there’s no shame in asking for help. My inbox is always open:) 

anonymous asked:

Could you please give me a better grip of a First Lieutenant character? His commanding officer is a Captain. I would like to know possible routines and/or errands a man in such position would get. Even small things that could get me to understand the character better. I am also aware it's not that high of a ranking, but still..?

First lieutenants will typically either be platoon leaders or company XOs. In either case his commanding officer will be a captain, (because that’s just how the army works) but if you want him working closely with/associating with the captain, you’ll probably want him to be the company XO. You can read a post I did about XOs here, though it is a little small so if you need more info than that you can always ask for more specifics! Without knowing exactly which position he’s in there’s only so much I can actually tell you about lieutenants. 

I guess the easiest thing is the thing you already know: as far as officers go, it’s not that high a rank, so other than the automatic respect they’re guaranteed as officers, we don’t care about them that much. It’s not uncommon for a PFC or a specialist to have been in longer than a first lieutenant and to therefore have more practical/applicable knowledge. In my experience lieutenants are in purely supportive roles and it’s uncommon for them to really act as stand-alone leaders; even as platoon leaders they’re really co-leading with their platoon sergeant, and tbqh the platoon sergeant is doing the bulk of the work imo.

And in our job it was exacerbated because the lieutenants in our section weren’t required to know our jobs, but they had to oversee every aspect of our job, which made them unbelievably annoying when we were trying to work and they were trying to stick their noses into our business and worse yet when they were trying to tell us how to do our jobs and they were just like…so flat out wrong you wanted to face desk every time they spoke.

 So for me, the ideal lieutenant was one who was aware of what their role was, did it competently without either micromanaging or overdelegating, and didn’t feel the need to throw their rank around to feel important. Oh yeah, and it’s not uncommon for us to just call them LT, like the letters L-T. Certain lieutenants might not like that but when we were working in a room with a lot of officers, it was a lot easier than saying “Sir?” and half the room looking up at you.

As always I recommend taking a look at the notes to see if anyone has different experiences with lieutenants you can apply to your character. 

Also I’m being mean: I liked most of my lieutenants. They were usually a lot more chill than the other officers and were self aware and were more willing to listen when we had an issue. Some weren’t, but that’s just how some people are in the army.


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Actor Melvin getting slightly annoyed he doesn't have more lines and has to wear such a nerdie outfit "there making me wear a bowtie George! A bowtie! For gosh sakes how did you get a tie? I wanna talk to the director, someone get me the director!" :)

HHHAHAHA YEAH! Melvin actually wearing a T-shirt and shorts all the time outside of shooting and everything is baggy and he likes wearing baggy clothes so he puts the movie outfit on begrudgingly. 
“George I can’t breathe in this thing it feels like a noose.”
“Can I please at least wear a clip on!”
“Oh my god is that a sweater vest? Sir you’re killing me here.”


“Plif, dude, I’m telling you, the foot pedals are just for show”

“No they aren’t Plof, wait, how did you even get here?”

“Man, just hop on so we can take that guy’s gun before someone else robs him”

Man, I’m scrapping that scout trooper so hard, he’s got nice parts

kkelpcake  asked:

hello! if you don't mind, i just got started on playing stardew valley a few days ago, would you share your favorite mods on there?

as you probably know by my “HOW DO I SAVE” thing - i haven’t played stardew valley in a long time )-: but today i have been collecting all my favourite mods together today so!! you asked at the right time my friend :’’-) @faeflowr just compiled a list of their mods too - which is where i got most of mine from - so i’ll just link it here!!

my most important favourite mod!!! ~ the diverse stardew valley mod

barfy’s fancy farmhouses (unfinished; pleyita blessed us) | and when i was ……. stalking …. meg’s (@boocreek) stardew valley tag, she did a lil kitchen and fireplace recolour and i love it?? | the get dressed mod which …. saved my life??? | babies take after spouse | hairstyles recoloured | um ….. and everything on faeflowr’s list, really!! i haven’t found any mods for the bed that i actually like so …….. )-:

if u ever wanna talk about stardew valley … i’m always here bc i adore it ok!!!!  ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

I really don’t want to be BACK back to tumblr, because it’s a time-eating machine, but sometimes I just miss you guys too much.

And I spent so much time here, that you would know how much this year mattered to me.

Because I saw people act, reading the words me and my fellow students wrote. And I heard my favourite actors and writers say that we did well.

It’s tiny 7-page-long thing, and it’s a light absurdist semi-political farce, and it’s nothing deep, but it’s so much more than just sitting and thinking “I will never get my words out, because I’m not educated, and I keep missing my chances”.

So, uh, yeah. I just wanted to say I’m fine, and I feel better and stronger than ever, and I miss y'all.


Can we talk about how ABSOLUTELY EXTRA the Iron Man animated series was like. TONY YOU ARE A FULL GROWN MAN AND A CELEBRITY AND YOU CAN’T TIE A TIE? AND YOU DON’T HAVE TO LOOK LIKE YOU’RE IN A FIGHT AND GETTING ATTACKED TONY PLEASE. I honestly believe Tony did this so Rhodey would come and help him and show how he’s the best EVER. Also 33,000,000,000+ bromance points for the Iron besties.

anonymous asked:

You know what's great about this (as in not great but you gotta laugh at the mess kind of way )? If E actually is photographed with Freddie it will be so ironic considering her friends were mocking Louis/Freddie on social media the week he was born liking stuff about how smart Eleanor was to not be involved or get pregnant LOL!! THERE IS SO MUCH GLORIOUS IRONY HERE I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF. Not only did she crawl back to Louis but now lowering herself to what she thought she was better than😳

I mean we don’t know if the kid will be involved, but if that ever becomes the case, it’ll just highlight even further how much of a farce this all is and how desperate Eleanor was for a paycheck.

Hey here is a survival guide of how to survive till new chapter comes out.

1.) Reread ph every month. One vol a day. (I’ll do this in summer vacation)

2.) Do a one month long challenge (for example drawing/ writing/ colouring)

3.)learn a lot for school / college I don’t know maybe it helps??

4.) Meet with friends and have sleepovers

5.) Travel

6.) GO hiking

7.) Reread vnc (one chapter a day)

8.) Get sick and sleep for three days -> you did a tenth of the waiting!

9.) Cook

10.) Learn something, e.g. sewing, waveboarding, skateboarding

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Hi can I ask how you got the iron throne in your game did you create it yourself? I really love your tumblr it's one of the most original ideas around. And let's face it we could all do with seeing some more originality around here x

awww thank you, anon! there’s a couple of excellent asoiaf/got themed simblrs around and i love them all. definitely if you decide to get into it chat with me again so we can be best friends. 

miguel creations iron throne (this one might just be decorative i’m not sure)

mts iron throne this one is an armchair and should be functional!

aschekriegerin  asked:

Hey! I want to thank you so much because you've made it possible for me to start creating a voiced Solas as a follower in Skyrim for myself. I've looked through your asks, but was unable to find the question, so I'm sorry if I've missed the answer: How did you accomplish it to get the clean audio files of the game?

I have a PC copy of Inquisition, and I used DAItools. Mod Maker (a part of daitools) in particular gives you the ability to extract files from the game, whether it be textures or models or sound files. It takes a bit of getting used to. There are tutorials on YouTube. The audio files are organized by place they’re said (location-specific audio) or by who says them (for instance, what a character calls out in battle).


Here’s a video of me looking at the audio files with Mod Maker, so you can kind of see what looking at audio with this program is supposed to look like.

Mod Maker stopped working for me a while ago, so I don’t know if it will still work for you. Good luck, and link me your solas follower when you get done! I spent a while trying to extract his Trespasser outfit to skyrim, and while I got close, there was no cigar. I think audio would be easier than that.

well then.

100+ followers. How the fuck did I even get that much-

anyway, I’ll doing a group picture based off of this: 

sorry that it’s limited to 5 people to be in this group picture (I’m taking the 6th one), so first come, first serve. Just reblog this post if you want to be in this group picture. However, you need to at least have one pokemon muse (or something) that you’re using, own an ask-*insert pokemon here*, daily-*insert pokemon here*, or anything similar to that, and…..that’s it. You don’t need to follow this blog. When you reblog this post, leave a reference of your pokemon muse and choose which….uh…person in the picture you want to be I guess? 

1. @the-occasional-gijinka

2. @well-sometimes-daily-dragonite

3. @asktheamazingzoro

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5. @occasionalhaunter

Shintodabakudeku at prom

Before I start I would like to say that I will be taking requests for this pairing or any mixture of them, as well as kirikami, just request a situation, or a who would be more likely to and I shall make a post about it. Without further wait on to the scene.

Izuku: Wow! This place is beautiful.

Shouto, Bakugo and Shinsou: Not as beautiful as you though, we’re afraid no sight could compare.

Izuku: *Shoots them with the famous heart melting smile*

Everyone in the room: *Proceeds to melt to the floor* They all think the same thing `How did those three get so lucky`

Izuku: What? Is everyone okay? Your staring over here weirdly.

At this point everyone in the room looks away.

Izuku: Okay then….? Well seem as though we are at prom shall we danc…. Huh? Shouto! Bakugo! Shinsou! What happened? Why are you all laying on the floor! Wake up!

Shouto, Bakugo and Shinsou: Too cute for this world, why do we deserve him?

Izuku looks at them all for a second, seeming to think over what he was about to say.

“What did you do? I want to know I did, I have three perfect to me boyfriends, and even though you tell me you love me everyday, I still can’t believe I’ve got you all" 

Shouto, Bakugo as well as Shinsou all look at Izuku, each with a blush adorning their faces and say.

"You’ve got us, and we have you all to ourselves, and same as you we can’t believe it either, but there is no denying that right now you are the most beautiful sight to behold, trust us we’re always right”

Now it was Izuku`s turn to blush scarlet, instead of speaking he held out his hand, and they all danced until they were the only ones left on the dance floor, and if you asked anyone there that night they would all say the same.

The smiles on their faces showed their love to one another.

anonymous asked:

... I suggest you change the picture on your blog. because you made it very clear that you are hostile and unwelcoming towards white users. why bother showing whites holding black hands?? I get the impression on this blog that isn't the idea you have in your mind here. you want to split all people into their corners of the internet. Idk how you feel, but I prefer 'all together' instead over 'splitted groups everywhere'. Anyone joining here clearly splits themselves further from others, js

I don’t really care what you prefer anon. That and light skin does not equal whiteness which is why I chose the picture I did for my blog. Poc can be whitepassing as well and those who are white passing are welcome here of course. I’m sure everyone reading this will wonder what hostility towards white people you could possibly be talking about as well. I’m not sure why another exclusive rpc blog is a problem as soon as it doesn’t include white people. There are many blogs that cater to specifically to users who want to learn languages, users who write a specific genre, users that are autistic, users that are LGBTQ, users with disabilities, and of course those blogs weren’t created for people outside of those communities and it is understandable. So why does a blog for people of color bother you so much? What makes it more hostile than the others? Where is the problem in people of different races touching each others hands on a blog for poc positivity?