or hose caps


Alright kiddies, buckle up because I’m here to teach you how to make ya own ding dang DRAGON RADAR You will need: ● A tap-light, or “moon light,” these usually come in packs of two for like $4 at home depot ● a garden hose cap, about $2 at home depot ● a ¼" by 1 and ½" bolt with about ½" unthreaded at the head, about 20 cents ● two ¼" nuts ● a ¼" washer ● a very small Phillips head or flat head screwdriver (whatever fits the screws on the back of ya tap light) ● spray paint PRIMER, doesn’t matter which as long as it bonds to metal ● white spray paint ● metal adhesive (I used E6000 but there’s a bunch of different ones - you can also use a soldering iron for this) ● a stiff sheet of clear plastic, I used Grafix brand. (This shit is always in a stupid spot, I found it by the model car kits at hobby lobby) ● a print out of the dragon radar design, fitted to your tap light ● a drill w ¼" bit Process: Definitely start with the bolts! 1. I recommend adhering the bolt to the garden hose cap first, so it’s out of the way and has time to dry. If you are using E6000 like I did, it will need 3 days to cure. Word of advice! Even though it will feel secure to the touch after only 24 hours DO NOT attempt to work with this piece until it has fully cured or you will destroy it i am speaking from experience. 2. While that junk is drying, unscrew the back from your tap light and set the screws aside somewhere they won’t roll away bc those bastards are hard to find if they do. Remove the bubble shaped light cover from inside the light casing. 3. On the side of your light casing upon which the battery casing will NOT rest when the back is screwed on, measure along the edge between the top most screw holes to determine the center. Drill a hole here so that when you insert the bolt it will be sticking out of the top edge and will not intersect with the battery casing. 4. Using the bubble cover as a template, trace around its edges on the plastic sheet. If the sheet is 8 ½" by 11" you should be able to fit two tracing on there without overlapping. Once traced, cut along your tracing lines so the plastic will fit just perfectly inside the light casing. 5. Print your Dragon Radar graphic and, measuring to ensure the y axis aligns with the hole you drilled, use the bubble cover once more to trace a guideline on it for cutting. Place one sheet of plastic on either side of the graphic, then insert the whole into the light casing so that the graphic is clearly visible through a plastic window from the front of the casing. 6. Once your bolt/garden hose cap contraption is fully cured, screw on one of the nuts all the way up the thread, then spray the whole thing with spray paint primer. 7. Once the primer is dry enough to painted on (see can for instructions, as paints vary) spray it with spray paint lacquer 8. When the lacquer is dry, screw the bolt into the hole you drilled with the hose cap facing out and away from the casing (this will be a very tight fit), then run a washer up the bolt on the inside of the casing and secure it with the second nut, tightening it as much as you can. Depending on how sloppy you were with your paint you may require pliers and a wrench for this. 8. Replace any cardboard inserts that came inside your light casing, as this gives it a more opaque appearance, then screw the back of the casing back on, with battery casing not intersecting your bolt. 9. Attach a strap to the bolt cap for appearance (I used a wii wand strap lol) 10. You done! Now go find those dragon balls!!! Secondary note: I will try to upload a link to the design I made for my radar, which was done on ms paint. It should be the right size when fitted to page to print for the radar. Final note: while this design CAN be lit up by inserting batteries, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this, as the tiny light bulb inside can melt the plastic sheets and ruin your beautiful project that you worked so hard on. If you want to light it up, please only do so for a very short time frame. Like maybe 8 seconds.

Leaders and Followers

Imagine: The group is taking a day to decide on Randall’s fate, but you’re on Dale’s side. You think everyone’s being too hasty. You’re disappointed in your husband, Daryl, too, but for different reasons.

Follows season 2 episode 11, “Judge, Jury, and Executioner” because I absolutely LOVE that one. This is a long one because I’ve been working on it for a while.

Leaders and Followers

You were filling up two water bottles from the hose attached to the side of the farmhouse and worrying your bottom lip with your teeth as you did. This Randall kid was bad news for the group. He’d nearly cost Shane and Rick their lives, Rick’s twice now, and there was no way you could just keep him tied up in the toolshed for the rest of his life. You frowned and turned off the hose, screwing the caps onto the water bottles and shaking the water from your hands. “We’ll figure it out.” You remind yourself again.

You walk back around to the campsite where you had left Daryl not ten minutes ago in order to make him the bottles. See, he loved to do this thing called ‘scaring you to death by not drinking any water all day and nearly passing out from dehydration’. So, if he was going to spend all day hunting, then you wanted to make sure he had water with him. “Where’s Daryl?” You ask when you reach the fire pit and see that he’s gone missing.

Rick and Shane exchange glances, and Dale seems upset as he says, “Toolshed.”

You frown. “Why?”

“Ask them.” Dale points at the leaders of the group.

“Y/N,” Rick starts.

“I’m just going to go get him.” You say, a little cross. You liked Rick, and you thought he was an honest man, but you didn’t like the way he treated Daryl and you sometimes. You especially didn’t like the way Shane treated you both at all.

You set the water bottles down next to your backpack before making the short trek over the grass and to the tool shed. When you got closer, you heard exactly what you hoped you wouldn’t—Randall was crying and begging for Daryl to stop whatever he was doing, and there was the muffled sound of fists landing punches. You picked up your pace.

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