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Hey y'all, I need to say a thing.
I keep seeing posts in the allenbert tag like “Barry and Iris broke up!! Now allenbert can be real!!”
Look. Barry and Iris are one of the healthiest canon relationships I’ve seen in a while.
Please, you can respect their relationship while still shipping allenbert. Talking about how Julian should have kissed Barry in the musical ep instead of Iris? That’s not respectful of Barry and Iris.
I just need us to remember that we can still have fun with this ship without being anti west@llen.

lygerzero14  asked:

There are some days when Brian is in a really good mood(maybe thinking about how good things are). It usually makes the others worried cause a happy Brian usually means he's in a teasing mood. But this is one of the rare times he just shows his appreciation for everyone, especially Dan and Arin. He'll give out hugs and kisses, do little thoughtful favors and being all around helpful. The other grumps have come to love this side of him and hope to see it more.

Brian was in… an oddly good mood. Not that it was weird for him to be content, but he was actually happy. He wasn’t usually this happy unless something abnormally extraordinary happened. But nothing exceptional had happened.

He was just happy.

When he got to the office, he set a cup of coffee on Barry’s desk, bending down to kiss the top of his head. “Morning Bear.”

Barry looked up, taking off his headphones. “Oh, good morning Brian!” He smiled sweetly.

“I brought you a coffee.” Brian lightly ruffled Barry’s hair.

“Thank you!” Barry grinned. It was a little odd to see Brian like this. But not necessarily bad. Unless he was planning something. Fuck, was he planning something?

He watched as Brian headed to his desk, whistling softly. He looked at the coffee Brian had given him, sniffing it suspiciously. It was definitely coffee. Hopefully it wasn’t poisoned or anything.

“Morning Bri,” Ross grumbled sleepily as he passed on his way to his desk.

Brian kissed Ross’s cheek softly. “Good morning, love.”

Ross paused, watching as Brian walked away. “Did he just-”

“Mhm.” Barry looked over at Ross. “I don’t want to assume he’s planning something, but…”

“Brian hates pet names.” Ross said as he sat down at his desk, turning his chair to face Barry.

“It’s weird. He’s being so… weird today.”

“He’s usually sleep deprived. Maybe he’s more sleep deprived than usual. Or less.”

“I’ll accept that theory.” Barry took a tentative sip of the coffee.

As it turned out, Barry wasn’t being poisoned. Brian really was just being nice. But it still felt odd.

Everyone knew Brian was acting strange, and only Dan seemed unconcerned. Ross was the one to approach Dan. “Dude, why is Brian being so weird?”

“What do you mean?” Dan looked up from his laptop, half curled up on the couch.

“He’s being so… I don’t know, nice today. Not like himself.”

“Believe it or not, Brian is a genuinely good guy.” Dan gave Ross a look. “He’s in a good mood. Enjoy it while it lasts.”

Ross looked over at Brian, who was smiling as he talked and flirted playfully with Suzy and Arin. So this was Brian when he was truly happy. Huh.

Ross caught Brian off guard, hugging him tightly from behind. “Hey.”

Brian smiled. “Hi.”

“Just wanted to say I love you.”

Brian chuckled, turning in Ross’s arms to pull him down into a kiss. “Yeah. Love you too Ross.”

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Maybe this is too much to ask but I would really love to see CaptainSwan having a baby. They are already married. I hope that A&E decide to give them a baby if there is a season 7 :)

I don’t think you have any idea what I would give for this to happen.  I would kill for this!  I know that babies aren’t for everyone, but I just fucking love babies!  I think CS would be hella cute with a baby!  We could see Killian getting all nervous, and Emma too since she technically didn’t raise Henry from birth.  We could see them building a nursery and squabbling over names.  It would all be so fucking cute!!  

My other current favs, Amy and Ty on Heartland, are actually about to have their baby in the season 10 finale next week.  I’ve been pretty spoiled with them, I’m not sure if CS will ever spoil me that much lol!  

About The Suffering Game

I’ve seen some folks talk about being exhausted by the structure of The Suffering Game, which I completely get — thematically, it’s meant to exhaust the players. I hoped to toss enough variety into the different challenges to engage everyone, but I can also appreciate how seeing the boys go through so much crap every episode can be a bit tiring for some folks. Without giving too much away, things are very much going to come to a head on the next episode, so to those folks: hang in there!

There’s some narrative stuff happening in The Suffering Game that won’t make sense quite yet, but the earliest inspiration I had for it was as a means of endangering the heroes in a real, tangible way without just hanging the threat of death over their heads. It’s something we’ve struggled with a lot in this show, mostly because of how we play — D&D has lots of rules about health management, about treating Hit Dice like a non-renewable resource mid-adventure. And a lot of that stuff clashes with how we play the game to make a good radio show. As a result, the boys are kind of untouchable, with health pools that may diminish, but never enough (or permanently enough) to be a serious threat. The sacrifices done at the wheel are permanent, and largely non-mechanical, skirting those systems altogether. Again, something that may upset folks who wish we followed those rules a bit more closely — though I hope those folks can understand that this is simply the balance that works for us as a podcast.

The arc was also designed to treat a problem that every D&D campaign I’ve ever participated in or tuned into suffers from — power creep. By this point, the boys are armed enough to be, essentially, demigods. It’s a power I’ve given them freely, but it’s impossible to prevent that creep while still offering them cool carrots and a functional economy, which I’ve tried to inject into the Fantasy Costco and other systems. It’s another really difficult balance, and they’ve taken advantage of it in a way that they’ve become immensely powerful, able to easily handle any problem I throw in their direction. The Wheel was intended to perhaps pull them back down to earth a bit, so to speak, though most of the sacrifices they’ve made have been more narrative rather than mechanical. (Which I’m totally fine with, because again, it’s another way of dealing damage.)

Anyways, I just wanted to get some of my thoughts down, because the last thing I wanted people to think is that I actually harbored some sort of sadistic enjoyment out of just straight-up hurting my players. (That’s a certain archetype of DM that I don’t really understand.) I’ve seen some folks characterize this arc as Saw-like torture porn, which I think is mostly unfair, but I can understand their exhaustion. I’d hoped to move through this arc a bit faster, but as is always the case, things have run a bit long. I really hope you enjoy what happens next, because I am very, very excited to get there.

- Griffin

So you think I can hear..?

 “You’re not really d/Deaf/HOH, you hear me just fine.”

If I had a dime for everyone who’s ever told me that…                                       Here’s what’s more than likely happening during what you perceive as me “hearing”:

1. I’m relying solely on social cues. Luckily for us d/Deaf/HOH, 93% of communicaton is non-verbal. Basically if you laugh, I laugh, and no one ever knows I missed the joke (..again).

2. I’ve known the speaker for a long time. We all have those topics we can (and do) talk about for hours on end. And the longer I’ve known you, the better I’ll be able to use your favorite topics to figure out what you’re saying.

3. ‘Neutral’ answers. “Yeah”, “No”, “I don’t know”, “Yeah, I get that”.. I’ve got a whole list of responses that can easily trick you into believing I have some idea of what you’re saying.

4. Mad Libs. Did you ever play mad libs as a kid? You know the one.. every so many words you insert a random one and you get a story that doesn’t make any sense? Yeah, being d/Deaf/HOH is pretty much just like that. 

5. Silence. You probably didn’t notice, you almost never do, but I haven’t said a word in 20 minutes. I gave up on trying to understand this conversation a long time ago and I’m really just planning what I’m gonna eat later.

6. Again with the social cues. Remember that whole non-verbal communication thing? Yeah, I probably use it even more than you do. Head nodding, and smiling works like a charm to get a girl through your incoherent story telling.

7. Just this once.. On this rare occasion I actually heard what you said; that happens sometimes.. But you’re still a jerk for dismissing my struggles, feelings, and identity. 


So in general I try to keep my posts consistent with just drawing updates and text answers, which means re-blogs almost never happen. 

However for today I would love to share Kitten Day with everyone. I already feel my spirits lifting and I want to spread that feeling around to anyone that needs it. If you draw a kitten, post it, and let me know, I will re-blog it. They don’t have to be pretty, you don’t have to be a pro. Just draw a kitten. 

Hope you all are having a good day and I really hope to see some baby cats :D

>Also happening on Twitter. I don’t tweet much but heck if I’m gonna tweet a crap load of kittens today. https://twitter.com/heddarsketch.

Hello everyone !!!, Hope you had a great weekend also I hope your heart condition is very good after the last steven boomb, I was just like holly blue, two diamonds in one day! did you like the chapters?,  I love to see the two facets of diamonds, sensitive and loving with their sisters and firm and authoritarian with their subjects, What happens now? You think white diamond is the leader of all? Pink diamond is alive and is lion or on the contrary her remains are in the rose’s box I’d love to hear your favorite theories and hyping together :c

As You Wish (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! Sorry for taking a while to post this so this is a slightly longer one haha. I’m sorry if it’s not that good but I haven’t written smut for quite some time sooooo yeah😅 Anyways, enjoy!!

Request: Oh yay perfect :) Then I dare to request a Little smutty imagine with hot ass Barnes where he’s always shy around you at the compound but then one day everyone is out on a Mission except you two. So you go to the living room in just a towel (cause you think you’re alone) but Bucky happens to be there having his breakfast. So as soon as he sees you, he can’t resist any longer and you both end up having sex? Then you just cuddle and decide to give your relationship a try :) I hope it’s fine :)

Warnings: smut, slight cursing

You sighed and laid back in your bed as you sent the team off for their mission. You didn’t follow along as you had finished a rather tiring mission a few days ago and the others didn’t want you to strain yourself so they made you sit out for this one.

Sitting up, you decided to go take a shower, maybe you’ll just head out to the mall or something, or maybe just get a cup of coffee. As you grabbed your hair tie you tied your hair up in a bun as you headed to the bathroom to freshen up. You went to the shared bathroom instead of your room’s one as the water was always cold there. You really need to remind Tony about it.

You closed the bathroom door and stripped off your clothes stepping into the shower, making sure the water was warm. Sighing in content at the water hit your skin. You looked down at your feet, feeling a bit lonely as you’ll probably would be spending today and tomorrow by yourself.

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Not that I want people in any way to be outright mean, but I do hope some folks who are choosing to still go to Sherlocked actually ask Mofftiss some REAL questions and not just spend the time kissing their asses.

Important things I want to know:


-Why the assassination of John’s character?

-Why does TAB exist? If so, why contradict everything that happened in TAB in S4?

-Why turn the show into The Mary Show?

-Have you started to see a therapist for your “insane wish fulfillment?”

-What exactly was “groundbreaking?”

-Why didn’t Sherlock just give Moriarty one of his magical hugs on the Barts rooftop and save everyone a lot of heartache?

-How did the rug inside 221B survive that explosion? What is that rug made out of??

-Why create the baby and then either ignore her existence or ship her off to John’s “friends?”

-When did John forget how to doctor?

-Why work so hard to keep the two leads apart?

-How did no one find a lost child that was in a well right behind the house?

-Why didn’t Churros use her magical mind powers to run away, start a new life etc etc? Why stay on Murder Island?

-Why won’t someone just give Sherlock a damn dog??

-Have you thought about taking a night course to learn how to write women more realistically?

I’m sure there are many more questions.


Sorry, everyone – not much funny today, just a semi-serious comic of me attempting to convert you into an irresponsible consumer. I hope you will forgive me this transgression. 

Here’s an example of some of the rewards I am offering:

  • Text chat access to my community Discord server, which some of my webcomic friends and I hang out in most of the day trying to think of snarky things to say to each other
  • Access to an exclusive feed where you will see sketches, notes, rejected comics – basically everything that happens behind-the-scenes
  • Read all Cheer Up, Emo Kid comics one day early on the Patreon feed

I’m pushing the Discord pretty hard because I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Here’s a snippet of some of the riveting conversation we’ve had in the past.

Our little community is growing and I would love for you to be a part of it. I hope you consider it. Thank you for reading! 

You know what I really hope for with Lucifer and Deckerstar?

So we know Deckerstar is endgame…it’s a thing everyone ships it, the makers of the show and the characters it’s a thing that’s gonna happen.

 But what I really would love, is when Deckerstar eventually getting together after all the shits gone down and we’ve had our slow burn, I want to see power couple Deckerstar. Rather than the show just ending coz apparently once you put the main ship together there’s no more storylines that don’t involve serious conflict (untrue). I want to see a celestial/human power couple fucking some shit up and having a great time. How often do we get to see couples just having fun and working together as a unit without all the back and fourth, separating then getting back together again *cough cough CASTLE cough cough* 

What I would love is to see Deckerstar explore PAST where shows normally end or run dry, there’s still plenty of material considering it involves celestial beings. That’s a massive playing field, so Deckerstar being together doesn’t need to be the end of the show. I always say I love seeing Chloe laugh and smile in episodes, we don’t see it enough. There’s not enough positive TV and I would be so happy if Lucifer became that show were there’s that one main couple who are just goals. They respect each other, work together and are stronger as a unit. Even though there’s still bad stuff going on, it’s just not constantly separating them and they face things together as a team. Aswell as working through the obvious issues of being an angel and a human and normal ones that might arise with a regular couple  


(thanks to @leggypeggys for being my hands because I cannot make gifs as beautifully as she.)

I know this happened back in season 2, but I can’t stop thinking about it. I’ve been thinking about this for weeks. (just ask @buckysbears and @clearascountryair) for a sentence so small, it speaks multitudes.

“I hope your mother is everything you wanted her to be.” 

May says, “I hope your mother is everything you wanted her to be.”

But this is what she doesn’t say:

She looks Daisy in the eye and she nods slightly, not uttering another word. Because there’s nothing to add, really. Just the hope that Daisy gets the mother she’s been longing for her entire life because that’s the thing, right? That Daisy’s been searching for? Her parents. Her family. She thought that if she found them she could make sense of herself and everything will be the way it should be.

May says, “I hope your mother is everything you wanted her to be”, because May knows disappointment. Daisy wants her mother to be everything she wanted her to be and May doesn’t want Daisy to be disappointed. So May says ‘hope’. ‘I hope’. May hopes and dreams and prays to whoever is up there that Daisy finally gets what she’s been longing for.

(Even if that’s not May.) 

May says, “I hope your mother is everything you wanted her to be”, and tells Daisy that she has her blessing to go, that it’s okay to cut the ties. She tells Daisy what Daisy needs to hear.

May says, “I hope your mother is everything you wanted her to be”, and then she turns and walks away. She pulls herself away from Daisy even though it pains her to do it. And that’s what mothers do, isn’t it? Try to carry the world on their shoulders so their children don’t have to. Take the pain and the suffering and the burden, anything and everything, if it means it won’t touch them. May is willing, and literally does in this scene, to walk out away from Daisy because she has to let her go. She has to. Because she tried to save a kid once, twice, thrice. She pulled that trigger with her own fingers and saw the blood on her hands. She saw the blood stain her palms and leave herself scarred but she didn’t see Ward until two kids were at the bottom of the ocean, and one came out broken and the other came out damaged and they both weren’t really kids anymore.

She walks away from Daisy, this girl she’s come to known and love, and May keeps the fingers that pulled the trigger at her side and the eyes that couldn’t see in time straight forward. She walks away, thinking that this time, she’s going to finally save the kid. 

May says, “I hope your mother is everything you wanted her to be.” 

(But she really says “I’m sorry that I couldn’t be enough.”)

BTS - Reaction - Wardrobe Malfunction

@julielovekpop What would BTS do if their famous gf (idol or model) had a wardrobe malfunction. Like there was a bit of a boob shot or panty shot?



In a rush of rage and confidence, Hoseok would leap onto the runway, covering you up with his jacket and leading you out of the public eye. Once you two got back stage, he’d look at your now teary eyes. Quickly, he’d kiss away all your tears, and hold you tight.

J-Hope: “Don’t feel bad Y/N, it could happen to anyone, everyone will forget about it like water under a bridge! … Please don’t cry… L-Look at me! J-Just smile like me, I’ll share my sunshine-y joy with you!”

Originally posted by jiyoongis


Of course he’d feel bad for you, but that didn’t stop the suggestive smirk from forming on his face seeing you in this revealed state. After the show, he’d come to find you, and after helping you to gather your things, he’d take you back to your place; quickly getting you two in the house, he’d pull you close, whispering  in your ear.

Jimin: “Don’t worry… now we’re alone, I won’t mind if you have another ‘wardrobe malfunction’ in front of me ;) .”

Originally posted by dragonskateroffabulousness


You can bet your ass that, once he heard about the news, he’d hunt the wardrobe manager down and ‘talk some sense into them’. You, naturally, just wanted to forget the whole thing, and instead, you convinced him to just stay at yours and try to forget the who thing.

Suga: “You stay right there on the couch, babe, let me treat you like a princess over the weekend to help you forget.”

Originally posted by bwiseoks


So much JungSHOOK, as in, it was as if the Earth shook with how much Jungkook was shook from the mishap. Reading about it online, he’d just be shocked at what had happened, and he’d be kinda awkward to bring it up with you spoke next, but once you’d told him it was alright, he’d chill a little.

Jungkook: “B-But… they all saw your… if you say you’re okay then…”

Originally posted by yourpinkpill


Of course, Seokjin would be shocked to see the mishap happen whilst watching the show on T.V. Thankfully, it wasn’t a live event, so the malfunction could be easily censored in post production editing, even so, the people who were there still saw everything. The moment he saw you next, he’d ask if you were alright, swiftly pulling you into his arms.

Jin: “Are you okay? It wasn’t too embarrassing, was it? Would this happy little Charmander dance make you feel any better?”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Rap Monster

Rap Monster: “Hold on, only I’m supposed to see her body like that!”

Namjoon would feel super protective over you after this little incident, and would launch some serious death glares at anyone who mentioned it. He wouldn’t want you to think about it, nor would he want anyone to talk about it around you.

Originally posted by ksjknj


To be honest, he did find it a little funny while he watched form the T.V, but his smile would soon fade after seeing your face contort into one of horror as you tried to cover yourself. After the show, he’d be on the phone to you, expressing how bad he felt for you, yet he’d tell you not to worry too much and not to get mad at anyone, seeing as how no one was really to blame.

V: “Tell you what, I’ll take you out for a meal in a quiet part of town where we’re less likely to be recognised. Talk to you later, yeah? … I love you too.”

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now that it’s turned over into the new year in my time zone: happy new year to everyone who follows the blog (and those who don’t / are just scanning by and happen to see the message). thank you for being such great followers and for all of the kindness that you have shown me over the last year. i hope that your evening is safe and enjoyable, and that your year is an equally as fantastic one!

road to forgiveness - Joji

Small request that consisted of just sex with angry Joji (so it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I warn you, this might be a little unhealthy so please don’t throw stones at me). I hope I did it right, seems kind of exaggerated to me but oh well…


“Why are you ignoring me?!”

You stop in your tracks, surprised to see Joji here. Your eyes are wide and you feel the anger rising back up into you again. You had tried to forget what has happened in the morning between the two of you, when Joji has snapped at you for whatever reason; but seems like he had the brilliant idea to haunt you. It wasn’t your fault that he has stayed up all night and hadn’t slept a minute; you didn’t put him to it! In fact, you told him to stop and get some rest, but he only shooed you away rudely. This has happened so many times that you honestly got sick of his shit—so you left him alone. Joji was to blame for his mood and he had no right to yell at you if you slightly burnt his eggs in the morning. You wanted to forgive him, but instead, you had had enough. ‘I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU ALL DAY!’ and with that, you left for school.

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So it’s coming to the end of the year so I caved and I made a follow forever. Whoops. It’s the people here that have made friends with which makes the year more amazing even though it seems terrible this year. I am thankful to each and every one of you. I hope you know who you are. Also thank you for putting up with me. I’m a lot of work. I try to include everyone on here, I have tried to keep up with the url changes if you’re not on here know that you’re important to me. I wish for many good things happen to you for the upcoming year. I wish you guys a Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Quaziggyziggyzam. (See that Jonas Brothers reference, I made?) Just know I love you guys. :D And without further ado, here’s my ff:

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Jojen x Reader

Requested By @officialjazzystyles

You weren’t sure if it worked and the uncertain look Bran and Meera were giving you certainly didn’t help. But Meera followed your instructions and set everything out while Bran helped you prepare.


You had no idea if it worked, nothing happened immediately so you naturally assumed that your muttered words had been wrong, perhaps it just wouldn’t work at all but you hoped. Eventually Meera moved away, reluctant to leave, but the urgency to find shelter lured her away but not too far.

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A Bottle Of Vodka

It’s becoming too easy losing myself in these narratives. Maybe I should worry about that? Or maybe I should just go with them and see where they take me? I’m thinking on the latter.

So this spec story asks the question—what really happened between Oliver and Felicity and that bottle of vodka everyone is talking about.

The Loft, August 2016

A swirling cacophony of emotions swept through Felicity as she woke up. The day stretched ahead of her, filled with apprehension, doubt, fear, worry—and maybe some regret.

But as she lay alone in her bed at the loft, Felicity also felt anticipation and a little hope. It pressed down on her, keeping her motionless and unable to roll out of bed. She stared up at the ceiling and whether she wanted to admit it or not—she also felt joy. A small smile found its way to her face and she let it come. After last night and the moment she had with Oliver at the Bunker, Felicity knew that everything was going to change for her and perhaps for him as well.

She finally allowed herself to move on the bed, and the weight of all these thoughts were washed out of her brain. Felicity’s hangover took her to a place of pain not experience before. It felt like shards of glass grinding together in her head. A throbbing began at her temples and then moved down to the rest of her body. She lay still again and hoped she would be able to find the strength to survive the train wreck going on inside her.

Last night, in celebration of finally putting the Bunker back together after Darhk’s rampage, Oliver broke out one of his bottles of Russian vodka and insisted that Felicity toast their success.  One, two, three shots later, Felicity started to feel a warm glow take hold of her, and with it, her inhibitions loosening up. Oliver was talking about—actually, she couldn’t remember what he was talking about, but the familiar resonance of his voice made her feel comfortable, and maybe a bit happy. She began to notice the carpenter’s pants Oliver was wearing, and he also had on his favorite gray sweat shirt. She remembered how animated he was, gesturing and moving about with excitement as he surveyed the newly restructured Bunker. Felicity helped herself to a couple more shots of vodka. She started to focus more closely on the way Oliver moved his body; the rippling of muscles beneath his clothes, the grace and ease in which he carried himself. The effects of the booze brought back memories she had so carefully suppressed since that day at the loft when her relationship with him imploded. They suddenly rushed back into her drunken mind with the subtly of an earthquake.

Felicity moved on the bed again and her hangover still claimed her. But now it mixed with these memories of last night, leaving lingering traces on her body from physical gratifications.

She had been sitting in her chair in front of her computers, and Oliver came over to take another shot of vodka. He stood so very close to her and Felicity felt her body start to hum, a vibration that moved into her and touched all the spots she had not felt in over a year.  Then without warning, to Oliver and to herself, she reached out and grabbed onto Oliver’s arm, pulling him down to her level. Felicity put her hand behind his neck and kissed him, tilting her head back and loosing herself in his touch on her lips, in his aroma and in the sudden passion he put in returning her unexpected kiss. Felicity started to rise from her chair; then Oliver swept her up and cradled her in his arms, in his strong arms. After all the tension and uncertainty and unspoken desire between them, those walls came crashing down. Their clothes seemed to magically disappear as Oliver gently but forcefully sat her down on the computer table, and it reminded Felicity of what she needed and wanted so desperately.

Felicity forced a smile through her unrelenting hangover. The glass shards in her head began to break apart, bringing back one last memory from the night before.

The empty vodka bottle that sat on the table next to her and Oliver crashed to the floor. Felicity’s cries of ecstasy mingled with the sound of breaking glass as she gave herself to the only man she would ever want.

The Bunker, October 2016


Felicity broke out of her troubled thoughts as Oliver called out to her. “What?” she answered him. “What’s going on?”

Oliver was standing next to her computers, a look of perplexity and concern on his face. “Are you okay?” he asked her.

“Yeah, I’m…I’m fine. I was just following up on that tip you gave me on Church.”

Oliver tried to gauge Felicity’s response, but she was not giving him much to go on. He suddenly thought about that night they had together two months ago and the dizzy moment they shared—right on this table as a matter of fact.

A lot has happened in the city since then, events that seemed to smother the happy time they shared with each other. Tobias Church came to town, looking to put himself in charge of the criminal element that took over Star City after Darkhe’s downfall and the splintering of Team Arrow. Then there was the Vigilante, an unknown force that suddenly showed up to try and curb that same criminal element. And finally, Prometheus. The couple of times Oliver had encountered him only reminded  him of how short-handed he was in having his back covered. John and Thea gone (and with Laurel dying), Oliver and Felicity were struggling with the whole keeping the city safe thing. And now that Oliver was the Mayor as well, things were on the edge of getting out of control.

“So,” he asked Felicity. “What did you find on Church?”

“Only what we already know,” Felicity answered. “Church is ruthless, experienced and here to stay.”

“That’s it?” Oliver replied.

Felicity glared up at Oliver. “Sorry Mr. Mayor, but I am a little overloaded with just me down here. I only have two hands and not a lot to go on.”

Oliver felt the sting of her reply and backed off a bit. In spited of the full plate he was served up every day, Oliver was well aware of the renewed tension between him and Felicity. After their night together, Felicity suddenly seemed to close the door again and Oliver was left out in the cold in regards to just what and where their relationship was heading. Her attitude appeared to seem like nothing happened between them and that Oliver should just keep his concerns (about them) to himself. Not a chance. He still loved her, goddamn it, and because he was a fighter, he was not going to give up on them so easily.

“Felicity, I’m sorry. I know things between us have been…well, they’ve been strained. I thought that night two months ago…”

“Oliver,” Felicity cut him off. “We were both drunk that night. I’m still…I’m still not sure if we can go back to that kind of relationship.” A small tear leaked from her eyes as she forced herself to stay in her chair. A sudden flash of guilt echoed in her heart, and the words she just said to him sounded false in her ears.

“Felicity…I’m not, I mean, I am still here for you.  I am not unaware that what happened that night might have confused you. But don’t think for one minute that I took it as some sort of drunken one-night stand. I love you too much to cheapen it in the way. I know I probably don’t deserve that in my life after…”

“Oliver, I’m pregnant,” Felicity blurted out.

“…what I did…” Oliver stopped talking and looked at Felicity with sudden shock on his face. “You’re what?” he asked her.

“Pregnant,” Felicity replied. “With child, knocked up, a bun in the oven…”  She started to cry.

They looked into each others eyes and realized that everything about them had just changed, for better or for worse.

Oliver broke out of his shock and a slow smile materialized on his face. “A baby? Oh my god, Felicity. When…how…why didn’t you…”

“Oliver, you know this is going to complicate things, right?”

“Absolutely,” he said. “In the best kind of way.” His whole face lit up with the huge grin plastered on it. “Hey, we need to celebrate. A toast?”

Felicity shook her head. “Please, no more vodka Oliver. I think something softer this time”

Oliver took her into his embrace, holding her as if he had just come home after a long journey.

“I agree,” he whispered to her.

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i just love drarry a lot

like for draco its almost easy. easy to see how someone could fall in love with the Boy Who Lived. but he doesn’t. he falls in love with Harry Potter who is kind and sometimes arrogant. he’s got a temper and he’s also so loyal and loving and Good. draco has had these Feelings™ for so long for Harry. just longing. wanting to be his friend,then determination and rage. if not his friend, then his enemy. but mostly just wanting his attention. like SEE ME. bc everyone else is so impressed with the mask he puts on, was taught to wear. but not harry. Harry makes him feel angry and ashamed and embarrassed, lights him up like nothing else can.  and when the war happens and everything goes dark and horrible, Harry is still the light, the hope. even for him, a coward who made bad choices. and afterwards, he sees how…different and broken harry is. but also how amazing. bc this boy, now a man, has been through SHIT. shit like abuse and neglect, depression and grieving, rage and fear. he’s faced DEATH. not just the death of the people he’s loved, friends and family, but his own death. looked it in the face, accepted it, for the whole world. and instead of being cold and bitter (he can sometimes be) he’s still kind. he’s still kind of naieve. he still tries to be friendly and cares for others. he’s still trying to live, to make the best of a second chance. 

for Harry it should be harder to fall in love with Draco Malfoy. bc he’s seen how cruel and arrogant and horrible he can be. he’s seen him as a coward and a near killer. he’s seen malfoy at his worst. and maybe it used to disgust him but, now it doesn’t. bc as time goes on, he also sees the good. the boy who sucked so hard at being a death eater. who couldn’t kill, who loved his mother and father so much he looked evil in the face and held himself out for it to save them. draco has ALWAYS gotten to him.  even later when they’re no longer bound by hate, draco shoves all his emotions to the surface. instead of pitying him, instead of acting like he’s a hero,he acts normal around him. like he’s just harry. like he’s a normal boy.  draco makes him feel and think and be alive.  draco challenges him, makes sure he’s never too arrogant, makes it so he’s never too serious. pushes him to be better, never lets harry think he’s exhausted his use as the hero of the wizarding world. 

it should be impossible for them to fall in love and stay in love but somehow its actually easy. not their relationship itself, because it can be hard sometimes like any relationship is. they fight, they know each other’s weak spots, they have their own faults, their insecurities but they also make each other laugh. they’ve come through a war, and they heal together. they talk about all the pain, the fear and sorrow. they share meals and learn each other’s quirks and habits. the aloofness that draco sometimes wears as a shield, the sharp things he says when he’s feeling vulnerable and harry learns how to disarm it, to make it all okay. draco see’s how sometimes being in public, being in small spaces, affect harry and he learns to help him out of the situation. he learns how to handle his temper, his anxiety and depression. they learn each other’s triggers and work together to make it be as okay as it can be. they both went through hell, through death and fire, evil and sorrow and came out alive and better. 

There is a kind of crying I hope you have not experienced, and it is not just crying about something terrible that has happened , but a crying for all of the terrible things that have happened, not just to you but to everyone you know and everyone you don’t know and even the people you don’t want to know, a crying that cannot be diluted by a brave deed or a kind word, but only by someone holding you as your shoulders shake and your tears run down your face.