or his character

the whole “look at mon-ew! look at him! he’s a cute little puppy! how could you hate him?” defense is really funny to me because like,,, yes, tell me more about how you like him simply because he’s a conventionally attractive white man


So a friend of mine on YouTube, CDawgVA does voice impressions. He’s a gamer, he’s a weeaboo, he’s Welsh, and he’s one of those people where if you give him respect, he’ll give you respect.

Real cool guy.

So he’s recently been starting up Anime Impressions videos, where he’ll do extremely good, incredibly stupid, or pee-your-pants laughing impressions of characters. This also includes Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji), Tokyo Ghoul, and Yuri on Ice.

This is one of them, and I wanted to give him a bit of a shout-out because he deserves it.

Still interested? Awesome! Here’s a link to his YouTube channel.

this has been keeping me up: okay, so you know Lord of the Flies… right, given that Ralph would be Spongebob and Jack would Squidward, which character would be Patrick

somehow i ended up on free’s chinese wikipedia page (don’t ask me how bc i have no idea) and when i translated the page to english, nitori’s profile looked like this:

icy love?! i have no idea why his name translated to that, but it’s really cute!! i think i’m going to change my blog header to that!

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this