or his angry little princess

Good Morning. [SMUT]

Summary: you’re normally the dominate person in bed, but suddenly Luke decides to take control.

Warning: Daddy Kink, Spanking, Slight Bondage.

Word count: 2000.

Staring up at the ceiling in boredom, that’s what you usually did when you waited for it to turn 5:45, being the morning person you were.

You looked over to the left side of you seeing your snoring Boyfriend, and god was he attractive, sometimes you wonder how ended up with him, his hair was across his forehead kind of looking like had Justin Bieber’s haircut at the moment.

You giggled quietly at his flippy hair, Luke didn’t usually style his hair like this so you found this extremely hilarious.

Hiding back your laughs, you continue to study his sleeping figure, his hand laying lazily on your hip, He never failed to give you butterflies, some days you were afraid this ‘Honeymoon phase’ all the fans claimed was all you’d ever be just a girl to him, nearly crushing you with anxiety..

But right now you’d enjoy this 'Honeymoon phase.’

You looked over at the clock seeing in electric lettering that it was one minute away From 5:45.

In one quick motion, you put one leg over Luke’s hips, him only slightly moving at the contact where you could feel his normal morning wood, Leaning down carefully you kissed Luke’s collarbone, leaving heavy and slow kisses up to kiss lips.

“Hmm.” He moaned, his eyes barely open as you kissed his lips softly, quickly detaching afraid he didn’t like your morning breath.

“Morning babe,” you mumbled, grinding down onto him, his hips trying to meet yours sweetly but you just pushed his hips back down sexily.

“phhhhmmmm..” He hissed in pleasure closing his eyes “Stop teasing please.” Luke whimpered, his voice dark and husky.

“I don’t know. you’re pretty fun to tease.” You smirked, pride in making him feeling feel like this was obvious,

And Luke seemed to have enough of you’re slow touches and grinding that was slowly leading to nowhere.

His hands gripped your hips swinging his own legs over your thighs and his hands by your head, as your head hit the pillows with an 'Oopf’ looking at him with wide eyes, usually during your regular morning sex he liked you being dominant and confident but today was different.

“I told you not to tease me Princess,” His finger trailing down your jawline, causing goose bumps to run up your neck and arms.

You wouldn’t consider Luke as vanilla in bed, but sex was pretty simple but passionate, so seeing this side of him was new, and not to mention he was usually grumpy in the morning, but when it came to morning sex you didn’t know what would happen.

You could feel yourself get wetter from below him, this new side causing you to get a lot more wild up,

His hands slipped to you’re pink linen Panties, one finger simply messaging you, you bit your lip in pleasure, as you desperately wanted to dominate again, but you held back wanting to see this side more.

“Please..” you whimpered as he stayed the same pace not even entering you, the wetness becoming unbearable,

Clinging to his bicep, your muscles tense not getting any words out as you almost slipped your hand down to your parts but his then quickly grabbed your wrists in one hand.

“Naughty.” He tsked, his eyes this dark blue lusty color, “Use your words Princess.” he whispered, biting teasingly on your earlobe.

“I-I.” You stuttered, you, the confident girl who was dominate in bed couldn’t find words, “Add..” your back arched off the back of the bed when he rubbed over your clit, “Add another finger.” You panted out quickly, looking at him desperately, he smirked in victory loving the feeling of making you beg for him, his boner becoming more and more rock hard.

“Please, Luke.” You grunted hands fighting his tight grasp,  but his hours of working out seemed to get him to win.

“That’s not my name, it’s Daddy.” His cool piercing gliding over your cheek, teasingly, you shuddered in pleasure, you had found his internet history on daddy kink once, and teased him about not being as dominate, but clearly, he was just waiting for the right moment.

The wetness between your folds grew, “Daddy, pretty please.” and with those simple words suddenly there were two large fingers curled in your pussy, you gasped in pleasure expecting just one finger but this was even better.

He pumped his fingers inside of you, and nearly blinded by complete pleasure, as he pumped faster as you began to fall apart at his touch, but pulled his fingers out last minute licking them clean, leaving you panting and looking at him angrily, he can’t just do that!


“What did you just say?” He raised an eyebrow leaning closer his eyes dark with a sinister smirk on his lips.

You blanched, “How I’m a bad girl and Daddy need’s to punish me?” You bit your lip and stared up at him innocently, hoping he’ll let you cum.

“Good girl.” He kissed your head, and brought his wet middle finger to his lips, tasting your juices, just turning you on more.

“How about you have a taste of yourself, Princess?” and with that sentence he brought his pointer finger to your swollen lips, you licked up his finger staring him in the eyes the whole time and wrapping your pretty little mouth around just his pointer finger, tasting your sweet juices that surprisingly tasted like a mix of fruit.

You moaned, you never really tasted yourself before, and you were sure Luke’s cum tasted better.

“Such a naughty little thing.” He licked his lips,

“Turn over baby, and ass high in the air.” he got up off the bed, and went somewhere in your closest to retrieve something.

With those simple commands in mind your ass was as high as it could go as you bent over the bed doggy style, never once as Luke tried to be dominate and god dammit it wasn’t normal, you were top.

“Good girl, I might not be so hard on you,” Luke said walking towards you, you looked behind you to see two shiny hands cuffs in his hands,  his eyes too busy staring at your ass, you were surprised by the handcuffs from your old Halloween costume last year when you were both SWAT.

He gave a firm slap to you’re ass making it jiggle, you bit your lip in pleasure, you wanted him to do it over and over again.

the handcuffs were around your wrist quickly, snapping into place, you being slightly nervous as the thought of Luke missing the keys, but you trusted him, as the handcuffs wrapped around the metal head board, only actually using one hand cuff and setting the other on the bedside table

“Such a bad little princess.” He hummed, crawling up on the bed, his hands roaming over your butt curiously.

“Daddy..” you Groaned pushing back onto his finger when he fingered you gently, but you got denied again.

“Don’t.” He simply noted ruggedly as you desperately tried not to push back onto his glorious fingers.

You were a whimpering mess by the time he was done fingering you, and then were surprised by when a loud smack echoed throughout the bedroom and a stinging sensation going up your back side, you gasped mouth agape,

“Every time I spank you I want you to say, Thank You, Daddy,’ Got it?” rubbing his hand over your sore spot, you whimpered in response practically drunk on his words.

Another smack came down on your ass, “What do you say, Princess?” You shuddered to feel your own sweetness starting to drip down your thigh slowly.

“Thank you, Daddy.” you get out quietly.

His palm came harder down on your ass “Louder.” making tears come to your eyes but you really wanted him to spank you over and over,

“T-thank you Daddy.” you could practically feel his smirk.


You were soaking by the time he was done losing count on how many times he spanked you, all you knew was that it was going to be a rough day sitting down, but you practically made a small puddle out of your arousal.

“Good girl.” He laid a soft kiss to your ass, as you simply replied with “Thank you daddy.” so used to saying that sentence, and the fact you would easily do this again, his mouth trailing down to your pussy where it was pulsing wanting some kind of release.

“Hmm, do you want to cum sweetie?” He cooed, his lips running along your own pussy lips, you groaned he was like magic and god yes, “Yes, Please.” You wanted to lean further back on his gorgeous lips but the handcuffs that were already embedded in your wrists.

“Only while you’re riding Daddy’s big cock.” he slapped your pussy making you nearly fall over on the bed but Luke held your hips, you were a shaking mess under his hold.

“Please, I love your cock.” you were desperate for any kind of release and it was true he knew all your good spots.

“Okay, Baby girl, just because you took those spankings so well.” Leaning close to your ear his hot breath making you want to kiss those lips and ride him, but god he was in control now.

He reached over towards your hands and undid the unbearable handcuffs, you rubbed your wrists in relieve but Luke yet again was in control as he bent you over putting your face into the pillows, and ass in clear view.

“Fuck baby girl.” He groaned rubbing his hand over sore butt that most likely had his hand prints on them,

“Luke  . . p-please.” You grunted out as he ran his rough fingers over your pussy just barely pushing in but then pulled back.

“What’s my name?”

You wanted to moan out in frustration, all you wanted to do was cum after being denied so many times,

“Daddy, I’m sorry.” you whimpered wanting to chase your high.

“That’s not good enough Princess.” His voice angry and husky making that little bundle in your stomach knot even more, as you were desperate for any kind of friction staring into the endless abyss of the darkness known as the pillow.

You turned your head seeing he was just about down stripping out of his boxers, his cock looking so good as it laid against his stomach, making you reach towards him no longer getting restrained by the handcuffs.

“Don’t make me handcuff you again.” He demanded he took your hips into his hands pulling you towards him in one quick tug.

“I’m going to wreck you sweetheart.” he grinned lining up with your hole, as his tip slid teasingly against you, making you moan in response.

Luke slammed mercilessly into you not giving you any time to adjust to his size, You moaned at this harsh new side of Luke, panting and whining only being able to focus on the fact he showed no mercy.

Your ass was burning as he continued to slam into you, his balls slapping against you, his soft groan echoing from behind you, both of your pants mixing together as you chased your high, getting there a lot faster than you expected.

The knot in your stomach had reached a new high, “Daddy!” you screamed, “Mmm’ I-'mm..” you could barely speak your own words becoming slurred as you tried to beg him to let you cum.

“C-close” you finally whimpered out feeling as he pumped in and out of you,  your core practically melting under his touch.

“Not yet.” He moaned as you bit my lip wanting to let go so badly, just to feel your body in complete euphoria, but you knew you wouldn’t last the day with Luke’s harsh spankings if you disobeyed.

“Please..” you knew you wouldn’t last if he kept going, as you tried so hard to hold on to the knot that was ready to release itself.

He twitched inside of you  finally cumming himself,  but his tired thrusts continued leaving you practically climbing the wall,

“Go ahead, Princess.”

As soon as you heard the word 'go’ you let go, your legs shaking as you swore everything else became silent for a solid minute you just shaking in complete pleasure, it was like you had seen Heaven.

your heavy pants entered your hearing again as you pried your eyes open seeing Luke licking up your mixed juices, “Hmm, No… too much.” you tried to stray away from his gorgeous lips feeling exhausted.

“Let me clean you up baby girl.” He pulled me back to his tongue kitten licking your insides, your thighs still shaking from the aftermath, and your core sore in red.

“That was amazing.” Luke grinned falling onto the bed next to you, as you stared at his messy hair and a light coat of sweat covering his beautiful features.

You couldn’t really say anything part of it being that you were surprised by the outcome of your usually normal morning sex and the fact that were exhausted from getting, quote on quote “Wrecked.”

Luke seemed to curl back under the covers and fall back to sleep in a matter of seconds his heavy breathing filling the room as you stared at your amazing boyfriend, and god you’d give up being top any day.

as you looked over at the clock again seeing you were late for work.