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My Girlfriend's An Idiot

Request: I was wondering if you could do a Jasper imagine, from twilight, where he and the reader are fighting because she’s human and he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but she does the thing regardless and someone accidentally hurts her and Jasper’s alter ego comes out and almost attacks the person so reader has to calm him down and it’s just really cute and fluffy… Sorry this is long.

Warnings: swearing, fluff

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“You know, for someone who’s seen me naked, I’m a little uncomfortable at how much you try to act like you’re my father.” You snapped, walking through your house, gathering the stuff you’d need for your day trip.  

“Y/N, you know I’d never try to control you. I’m just … worried about having you over there. Where I can’t reach you.” Jasper followed behind you. 

You sighed. Jessica had invited you to La Push for the day, and Jasper had basically asserted that you were not going to go. He was bothered by the fact that he couldn’t go with you and protect you. And probably slightly bothered by the fact that you’d be hanging out with boys from school. Mostly, though, he worried about the Quileute pack making an appearance.

“Bella’s going too, you and Edward can suffer together.” You said, throwing sun screen and a towel into your tote bag. You felt yourself calming down, and turned around. “Can you please not do that?”  

Jasper’s lips twitched. “It’s a habit.” 

“Well quit it. I’m angry at you. Take it like a man.” You said, a hint of humor in your voice as you turned around, making your way to the bathroom and shutting the door behind you so that you could change into a bathing suit. He was still standing there when you came out. 

“They’re animals.” Jasper said. “And even worse, they’re teenage boys.” 

You heard the dryness in his voice but you could see the worry in his expression. He truly didn’t want you to go. 

“Mostly, though, they’re just teenage boys. And I can handle those.” You said, grabbing his hands. “Jess and Angela and Bella are gonna be there too, okay? And Mike and Eric.” 

Jasper rolled his eyes. “Mike and Eric couldn’t protect you from a pack of guinea pigs.”  You snorted, but softened when he wrapped his arms around you from behind. “They’ll be able to smell me on you. If you got hurt, I don’t know what I would do.” 

You turned to face him, wrapping your arms around his neck and pressing your lips to his. “I’ll be careful.” You said, putting one hand on his cheek, fingers brushing over his sharp jawline. “I’ll text you. I’ll stay with people I know. But I’m going.” 

He sighed, his hands rubbing absently over your hips. “I suppose I can’t stop you.” He smirked. “I mean, I could.” 

“But you won’t.” You said smugly, turning to pack the rest of your things. 

“Because my girlfriend carries a surprising amount of wrath in her fragile, mortal body?” He asked, hands still on your hips. 

“Yes.” You say, shouldering you bag. “And because you love her and would never dream of restricting her freedom for your own selfish reasons.”  

“I’m so glad we’re on the same page.” He said sarcastically, leaning in to kiss your lips, and then your jaw, and down your throat, before he stiffened and Jessica’s car honked from the street. 

“Guess that’s my ride.” You said. 

He nodded, no longer trying to conceal the worry in his eyes. “I’ll text you.” You said, and he nodded again, stiffly. “And I love you.” You said softly, with a smile. 

He was unable to stop the smile that answered yours, “Yeah, yeah. Sure you do.” He said softly, which was his way of saying it back. 

You kissed him again when he walked you to the door before you jumped into the backseat of Jessica’s convertible, where Bella was already seated with Angela in the front. Jessica cranked up the music on the radio before the four of you sped off to meet up with Mike and Eric and head to La Push. 

You spent the first couple of hours tossing around in the waves. You wrestled Mike to the ground for slapping you with a piece of sea weed until he finally gave up fighting you and apologized. You crawled onto the beach exhausted with the girls and sat in the sand, under the cool grey sky. Though you could tell Jasper was desperately trying not to check in too much, you made sure he knew you were okay every hour or two. 

The boys suggested, once it became too cold to swim, that they all take a hike up to the cliffs. Everyone was fairly rested up after swimming and agreed, so you all shrugged your clothes back on and set off up the narrow mountain trail that led to the cliffs above La Push beach. 

“And people jump off of these for fun?” Jessica asked skeptically, trying to stare over the cliffs but not daring to come within five feet of the edge. 

“That make you nervous?” Mike made like he was going to push her and earned a shriek and a smart punch in the arm in return.  

“Any of you ever jumped before?” All of them turned to see a group of three boys emerging onto the cliff, clad in normal clothes but clearly very muscular, and all with dark hair cropped short and dark eyes. You’d never seen the wolves in person but you knew that these had to be some of them, ripped with muscle though the oldest one couldn’t have been more than twenty.  

“No way, man.” Eric said. “I’m Eric. This is Mike, that’s Jessica, Y/N, Bella, and Angela.” 



“Paul.” Each of the boys introduced themselves. You noticed them glancing at you, and you realized Jasper must have been right. They could smell him on you. They all shared a glance and you tried your best not to notice, staring at your phone. 

They’re here. You texted Jasper. 

His reply was almost immediate: I will come get you. 

Do not cross that treaty line. You sent back. Under any circumstances.

You ground your teeth, looking up briefly. 

“Y/N, we’re headed back down to start a campfire. You coming?” Angela asked, frowning briefly your troubled expression and glancing at your phone. 

“I’ll be down in a minute.”  You said, and they left you alone. You looked back down at your phone.  

Who’s being selfish now? Jasper asked.

For keeping you from starting a war? You challenged. 

For risking your life because you’re too stubborn to admit you might be in danger.  He shot back.  

You shook your head, eyes completely focused on your phone when suddenly the ground fell out from under you and you screamed. 

The edge of the cliff. You’d wandered too close to the edge of the cliff. You were falling, eyes closed, and then, with a painful jerk of your arm, you weren’t anymore. Someone had caught you. The one named Sam had grabbed your wrist. 

“Grab the ledge.” He said, voice straining with the effort of holding your dead weight. You did and slowly, he hauled you back onto the rocky outcropping. You collapsed on your back on the hard ground, breathing heavily, your arm draped over your eyes. 

“Nice … catch.” You said between breaths, still reeling, adrenaline coursing like acid through your veins. 

“No problem.” Sam said, sitting beside you. His chest still heaved but he was catching his breath a lot easier than you were. “For future reference though, maybe don’t text on the edge of a cliff.” 

You let out a laugh, loud with relief as it dawned on you that you very well could have been killed just now and somehow remained relatively unscathed. “I’ll try to keep that in mind.” You said, bringing your phone up to look at it before you realized it was not in your hand. 

“Oh no.” You said, rolling onto your stomach and leaning up to look over the cliff before slapping your hand over your face. “Shit, shit, shit!”  

You jumped to your feet and found yourself dizzy. Sam steadied you. 

“Take it easy, what’s wrong?” He asked. 

“My phone!” You pointed to the cliff. “I was talking to-” You cut yourself off, realizing who you were talking to now, and just shook your head. “Um … I need to get ahold of someone. Do you have a cell phone?”  

He shook his head, “Sorry. I’m sure one of your friends does, though. We can walk down and …” His voice trailed off as you thought. Jasper was panicking. You just knew it. If you told him the wolves were here and then didn’t text him back … the longer you waited increased the likelihood that he was on his way here. It left you with one option. 

You turned to face Sam. “I need you to drive me to the treaty line.”  

Sam didn’t seem all that surprised that you knew what that was, but crossed his arms and looked you over. “Why?” 

“You know who my boyfriend is, I know you can smell it on me.” You said. He tilted his head up and watched you. “I was texting him about you being here. If he knows I was with you and then I don’t text back, he’ll try to come get me.”  

Sam’s eyebrows shot up. “And start a war?” 

“If he thinks I’m in danger.” You said. “You’re the leader, right? Sam Uley?” He watched you, but didn’t say anything. “This doesn’t have to end in a fight. Not if you can get me there in time.” 

Sam seemed to look over you, trying to decide if you were telling the truth, before he shook his head. “Get on.” 

He took off his shirt and doubled over and before you knew it a black wolf the size of a grizzly bear was standing in front of you. Get on, he’d said.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” You mumbled, before struggling onto his back. He let out a small growl which you guessed was wolf for ‘hold on’ and then took off at a run.

You’d been running with Jasper before, and were quite surprised to find that the wolf was just as fast, if not faster. Trees flew by you in a blur of darkness now that the sun had set and before you knew it, you’d reached the treaty line. You rolled off his back and doubled over, hands on knees, stomach churning. Though he was just as fast, Sam was not nearly as graceful. He looked at you warily before something in the woods caught his attention and he crouched into a more defensive position.

“Jasper?” You called out, knowing that’s the only one it could be, but Sam’s head was darting around, his lips curling back over huge canine teeth. There was more than one. “Emmett? Alice? Ed?” You guessed. “I’m fine, no one’s trying to hurt me.”

You glanced at the ground for something, perhaps, that marked where the actual treaty line was, but there was nothing, so you just glanced back at Sam and moved about ten feet forward, hoping that would put you in Cullen territory.

Emmet and Edward appeared just ten feet away, eyes trained on the wolf. Jasper was already in front of you.

“You smell like one of them, are you hurt?” He asked, voice stricken with tension.

“No, I lost my phone and-” You tried but he interrupted you.

“What’s this?” Jasper held up your bruised wrist and ignited a similar pain in your shoulder from where Sam had hauled you back over the cliff. You sucked air through your teeth and jerked your hand away from him instinctively.

What happened next happened very quickly. Edward, reading Jasper’s thoughts, said something along the lines of ‘grab him’ and before you knew it Emmet and Jasper were struggling behind you, Jasper trying to get to Sam, Emmett pouring all of his strength into keeping Jasper behind the treaty line. Sam was crouched and snarling, not attacking first but ready should Jasper get to him. Edward realized that Emmett may not be enough to hold him and grabbed Jasper’s other shoulder as Jasper kicked and snarled, as if all he wanted was to cross the treaty line. Before you really knew what you were doing, you were standing in front of Jasper.

“Y/N he’s not in control right now, you need to move.” Edward said seriously. He was not as strong as Emmett and his grip on Jasper’s arm kept slipping. You didn’t listen.

“Jasper look at me. Not him, me.” You said evenly. He didn’t listen until your hand touched his face. When he looked at you, you could tell it was not entirely Jasper staring back at you. Not your Jasper, anyway. “He didn’t hurt me, okay? You have to believe me, he didn’t. I lost my phone. He brought me here because I knew you’d be looking for me.” You said, your nails scratching in the hairs at the base of his neck.

He was still struggling but it seemed as if he was struggling away from you now, afraid he’d hurt you when he was not in control.

“Look at me.” You said again, forcing him to focus only on you.

“It’s working.” Edward said, looking at you. “Keep going.”

You looked back to Jasper and smiled. “Baby I’m fine. No one hurt me.” You said, your hands on either side of his face. “Listen, I’ll explain everything. But I need you to calm down.”

Jasper glanced back at Sam, and you did too.

“Thank you, Sam. For everything. You can go.” You said. Sam watched you for a second before he seemed to decide to trust you, and turned, loping off into the woods.

“He didn’t hurt you?” Jasper asked, his voice still laced with fury, but it was clear he was back in control.

“You can let him go.” You said to Emmett and Jasper, taking a breath.

“He saved her life.” Edward said, having apparently read Sam’s thoughts, “Apparently you were the one who almost killed her.” His voice was thick with amusement.

Jasper’s eyes widened and he straightened up. “What?” He asked.

You laughed in spite of yourself. “I may have been arguing with you and walked off a cliff.”

Jasper just watched you. “What.”

You broke into a fit of giggles and put your uninjured arm around him. “Let’s just go home. I have to go buy a new cellphone tomorrow.”

“My girlfriend’s an idiot.” Jasper put his arm around you, clearly pissed but amused as well.

“You love her.” You said smugly. His arm tightened around your waist.

Pain In The- (The One Who Worries Part 2)

Writer - @dammntwilightsaga

Requested - Yes.

This was good, could you possibly do a part 2 where the baby is born.  I’m curious to see how Paul would react. - @xoxoronanlynch

Disclaimer - I do not own any of The Twilight Saga’s characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Twilight

Summary – Paul’s imprint, (Y/N), is officially overdue to have their baby but it finally decides it’s ready to be apart of the world and no one knows what to do.

Warning(s) - swearing, delivery of a newborn, mentions of breastfeeding (this really shouldn’t be a warning.), fluff, horribly written birthing scene lol


A/N - Request are open :)

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Happy Accident - Auston Matthews

 "you love me but you don’t know it yet / everything is just an accident; a happy accident"

inspiration: happy accident by saint motel

requested: yes | no

word count: 2769

warnings: you know me, i can’t write something without curse words in it

a/n: dad!auston is so cute, be prepared. also, i changed it up from the request but i hope it works anyway anon! if you truly want the exact request, i can probably write a second part with that in there!

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you’d never imagined yourself as a parent. sure, you cooed over babies and played the role of loving aunt, but you had never truly pictured yourself with a baby that was half you, half someone else.

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That Girl is a Problem (2): 2 AM

Paul Lahote isn’t pissed, he can’t even be annoyed. It’s 2 AM and his phone is ringing.

Pairing: PaulxReader

Warnings: Cursing, Underage Drinking

Song(s) to Listen to: Say You Won’t Let Go - James Arthur OR/AND Closing Time - Semisonic 

A/N: I can not thank you guys enough for the wonderful feedback on part 1 of That Girl is a Problem. Seriously, when it hit 100 notes, I cried. Thank you guys so so much, and please, if you have any requests or questions or if you just want to talk, feel FREE to message me any time!!

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Soul mate - An Emmett Cullen imagine

A/N: Wow! This took a while to complete, but I really wanted this one to be something special!I really hope you guys like this Emmett x Reader, I took 3 different requests and fit them all in together. Tell me how you like it! Requests: (#1)Could you please write an imagine on what it would be like to be mated to Emmett if the reader was really shy and/or socially awkward? How would Emmett act about it? (#2) For the Emmett Cullen request, maybe something were the reader is very tiny and shy so he constantly flirts with her to get a reaction out of her? (#3)Maybe an Emmett imagine where you’re new and mike won’t leave you alone and mike starts being really creepy and Emmett comes to your rescue         ________________________________________________

      When you’re a new student at a school you should expect to get attention. This is especially true in high school, when you think about it most of these people have known each other since they were in elementary school, so when someone new comes into the mix it is exciting. It had been a busy two weeks since I started my junior year at Forks public high school, the attention I received the first few days had worn off and I was no longer news. Except to Mike Newton.

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Good Intentions

Paul Lahote imagine requested by anon! “I hear you need more wolf pack :) I came to deliver. Can I request one where you’re Paul’s imprint but Bella’s bestfriend and she doesn’t approve. You tend to listen to her judgement but he makes it very hard to stay away from him (bonus points if he enlists Jacob’s help lol)” Hope you like it!

“You’re kidding. Paul Lahote? I’ll-fight-anything-with-a-pulse Paul Lahote? You’re kidding, Y/n. I thought I told you he was out of his mind! And you’ve only known him for, what, a week?Bella was handling your scenario just about as swimmingly as you had predicted, which is to say she wasn’t handling it. She’d given you speeches of the same subject many times before, but never to this magnitude. If only she knew how severe the situation was… but you’d been indirectly sworn to secrecy on the matter of Paul’s affections. There wasn’t a loophole big enough for Bella to shove you through this time. You were signed-on for life, if everything went well… which it was, until you told Bella. Now, you found yourself cross-legged on her bedspread, watching her pull at the hair around her temples, pacing back and forth between her aged lace curtains and her bedroom door, reprimanding you as if you’d broken a valuable antique. This behavior was expected from someone as rational and old-souled as her, but you couldn’t place why she was focusing her maternal distrust on Paul. Well, from what you’d been recently inducted into, you could fathom a thousand reasons why she’d be upset, but she was oblivious to Paul’s trade secrets. “Y/n, come on, you’re really considering dating him? Paul Lahote?” She growled, her gravelly tone hiking in pitch as she chewed his name. You inhaled slowly, grinding your teeth in preparation for the verbal Novocaine you hoped would knock her blood pressure down a few notches.

“Yeah, I’ve considered it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I really want to be with him, Bells,” she opened her mouth to speak, her eyes wide and livid, fear polluting the perfect storm of fury in her dark irises. You held your hand up to halt her oncoming rant, struggling to sedate her long enough to calm her opinion on Paul. This would be no easy task. Most of the reasoning you’d collected to prove to her why Paul was a viable option was prohibited, by pack law, to be spoken to an outsider. You’d be running circles around your sentences, stopping and starting yourself when you edged too close to a risky argument. “Look, I’m not going to ask you why you care, because I know why you care, but seriously, Bella, why are you making such a big deal out of this? He’s really not that bad! He’s been really nice, Bella, and warm and friendly and sweet. He’s not as immature as you described. He must have changed since you last saw him.” Bella snorted, her eyes rolling towards the ceiling, one of her hands dropping to her hip (a comical stance, if not for the cause), the other gripping tight to masses of hair at the crown of her head, recalling her last encounter with the subject of her anger.

“Oh, I’m sure. The last time I saw Paul, he was going for Jacob’s-” her voice was cut-short by the ringing of her cell phone, her gaze dropping quickly to the smudged screen. She exhaled sharply, clearly irritated by whomever she saw was calling, raising the device to her ear as her teeth ground against each other. “I don’t have time right now, Jake. I’ll call you later” she spat, her tone unchanged by the call of her best friend. She must hate Paul more than you thought she did. Her eyes darted to your face, her brow pinched. “Yes, she’s here. Why do you ask?” She turned her back on you, walking with rigid steps towards her wall, her arm crossing over her chest as she spoke. “No, I don’t want to hear it, Jake.” There was a short pause, during which Jacob Black’s voice could be heard stammering mechanically through the receiver. Hopefully, he was acting as savior to both you and Paul. “Oh really? Try me,” Bella replied, her voice reaching higher and higher as her level of agitation skyrocketed. She waited while he spoke, her teeth wearing audibly as he spat explanations at her, likely in Paul’s defense. The wolf pack was pretty tight, from what you’d heard of it. Their relationship was closer to a brotherhood than anything, as Paul described it. If Jacob was talking sense, you had a better chance of convincing Bella of Paul’s worth; Jake had been dodging the werewolf subject longer than you had. Bella sighed loudly, sucking her teeth in frustration. “I don’t care if he imprinted on her! Tell him to leave her alone!” She hung up her phone, leaning her forehead against her bedroom wall. Your heart skipped a beat, hearing the now-familiar word leave her lips with so little surprise. Her lips formed the word as if she was as accustomed to speaking it as Sam or Quil.

“Bella, how do you know that word?” you whispered, your voice too weak to speak at a higher volume. She turned to face you, her cheeks flushed in sudden realization of her mistake. “You knew about the wolves?” Her cheeks were inflamed, burning rosy under your scrutiny. “Bella, what the Hell? How long have you known about them? Who told you? Oh, God, did one of them… you know, did someone imprint on you? Was it Jacob? Bella-” your words fluttered about in the stagnant air of her bedroom, her hands shaking to stop your words, her fingers batting them from her face.

“Okay, okay, enough! No one imprinted on me, I just… I figured it out. Jake told me a story, I pieced it together after he phased.” You could feel your open jaw collecting air, drying the saliva on your tongue as she explained just how extensive her knowledge on the Quileute pack was. According to her timeline, she’d been around since before Quil had even phased. She’s been there from, almost, the beginning of the pack. “And I’m freaking out because I’ve seen how volatile Paul is, how easy he is to phase. The last time I saw Paul, he went for Jacob’s throat. Dragged him into a fight, all teeth and claws. He isn’t in control, Y/n, and he could hurt you if you push him. It could be so simple, so quick, and you could be like…” her voice trailed off into silence, the unspoken end to her sentence lingering in the air like a death sentence: Like Emily.

“Jared already told me about his anger issues. He said he’s getting them under control, and that he was working on it before he imprinted. Now, he’s working harder. And, I mean, if you know about imprinting, you should know that just telling Paul to leave me alone isn’t going to make a dent in his determination to see me. I trust what you’re saying, I really do, but you just have to trust my judgement this time. I know how dangerous it is, but you’ve been hanging with Jacob since you found out he’s a wolf. I mean, Bells, if that isn’t danger-seeking, I don’t know what is!” She wouldn’t counter after that. The evening progressed as it normally did, only the conversations you held carried a rigid formality beneath years of cordiality. Bella was clearly upset about your decision to stay with Paul, but you weren’t giving him up.

She hadn’t offered to drive you home as she usually did, which would have betrayed how upset she was if you hadn’t already caught on. The girl was about as subtle as a shotgun was quiet, and you’d been around her long enough to know when she was irritated. Her decision wasn’t cruel, though. She wasn’t abandoning you to a ten-mile hike through the forest, Bella was too kind for that sort of ill-treatment. You didn’t live too far away to make commute on foot impossible, and though the sun was setting, you had enough time to walk home before the night settled in. By the time you reached your door, the evening was only just fading from amber skies to the shadow of dusk. Your porch light was on, casting a honey glow on the expanse of your lawn. An unfamiliar car was parked in your driveway, an alarming sight if not for the body propped-up against the driver’s side door. At the sound of your approach, Paul turned his head, a smile breaking through his neutral demeanor, white teeth gleaming in the dying light cascading from your front steps. Though you were mildly weary from your unexpected journey home, you found your pace increasing easily at the promise of Paul’s warm embrace. You stepped into his waiting arms, heat enveloping your body like a wave, his face burying itself in your hair, his arms constricting around your back. You’d never felt so secure, never so loved as when you were being held by him. It was as if you’d snapped an accessory onto your heart to allow for more love to flood your core, fitting like a puzzle piece into your organ’s anatomy. He was as much your home as the house behind him. He pressed his lips to the side of your head, his hands ghosting upwards along your back until they had reached your cheeks. His soft brown eyes fell on yours, analyzing your features, his thumbs working circles over your cheekbones.

“Jacob called me after he called Bella, said you were hanging at her house, that she sounded angry. Are you alright?” Oh. He’d been watching you for signs of a cracking facade, waiting for the waterworks. Thankfully, you were in better shape than he had expected. You nodded your head, leaning your face against his palm. You sighed, expelling the negativity of the day with your breath.

“Yeah, she just… she wasn’t thrilled when I told her I’d started seeing you. I didn’t even drop the “i” word, and she knew. I had no idea she knew, and… I mean, she was just worried. She’s my best friend. Her intentions were good. She doesn’t want to see me get hurt.” Paul’s lips pressed together, his forehead furrowing as you spoke. He pulled you into his chest once again, his embrace stronger, somehow, his arms motionless on your back.

“The last thing I want is to see you get hurt, Y/n. I promise you, I won’t ever hurt you. I know I’m a bit unpredictable, but I’d never lose control with you. I’ve seen what can happen when… I don’t ever want to hurt you like that,” he whispered, his voice in your ear like a dirge, his voice flooding with emotion. His conviction was clear. You wrapped your arms around his spine, clutching to his heat, your face lowering onto the plane of his chest.

“You won’t,” you assured him, your breath releasing against his skin, your hands running along the ridges of his spine. You couldn’t fathom how someone as warm and loving as Paul could have violent intentions, especially when he loved you as much as he did. “I know you won’t.” He lifted his head, his finger angling your chin upward, bringign your gaze to meet his. He lowered his lips to yours, voicing unspoken promises in ways words could never express. His lips moved against yours, spreading a warmth not unlike his unnatural body heat coursing through your veins, his hands tangling in your hair. All too soon, he broke away, resting his forehead on yours, his eyes sparkling with stolen light. He smiled his sideways grin, pressed his lips to yours once more, and stepped backwards towards his truck, his hands holding onto yours until his reach was expended.


(Requested by thelittlewolfpup) (Admin Ziggy note: Thank you for requesting this omfg I had way too much fun writing it.)

The impala rumbled to a stop right outside ‘The Lodge.’ You grimaced at the worn looking building, the crackling ‘OPEN’ light in the window giving you a hint of how many years it had been since it was first hung.

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Crestwood Analysis: Sad Lavellans, Angry Lavellans, and Solas’s Cowardice

I wanted to write about the different break-up options in Crestwood and how, at least for me, the differences play out emotionally in the aftermath, based on whether you choose the Sad (“I love you”) or Angry (“Don’t do this to me”) options. I’ve never played or headcanoned the third and, honestly, one truly hopeful option before (“I believe in us”) and so have less to say about that, but I would be interested if anyone can offer their perspective per the Hopeful option, ie: such a generous response to such a cowardly act. My Lavellans have both been too brash and too young for that kind of immediate sense of perspective. Note that this is not an argument in favor of any one response, just my own personal reading of how emotional dynamics play out differently between Solas and Lavellan post-Crestwood, based on the different responses I’ve chosen in the past. Also, sorry for the length of this post. I tried to shorten it, but it just kept getting longer, so…yeah. I threw it all in. Reckless abandon!

I am not sure what the most popular option has been in Crestwood. There’s no way to know. For me, with my first Lavellan, I went full Sad. This is because it felt tragically romantic, like when Angel breaks up with Buffy in season three, or when Edward breaks up with Bella in New Moon. I am a sap and a masochist that way. But for whatever reason, I had a really hard time with this option, especially in the aftermath. It seemed strangely contradictory to me, that she could be so upset, so blindsided, so terrified of losing him, and yet he merely is apologizing for “distracting [her] from [her] duty.” At this point, duty distractions, to me, seemed irrelevant, or another matter entirely. Filling in the blanks here, ie: between the balcony kiss and this—this immense sadness on her part, plus his cold response to said sadness—was difficult for me.

Of course, it hurt like hell in the moment. Obviously. I made a Tumblr. But for whatever reason, afterward, I had a really hard time headcanoning this one, ie: resolving all the weird, dissonant emotional chords that seemed to be going on at once in the scene, and then reconciling them with what happens later on. If they are as in love as Lavellan’s reaction suggests, why did he think merely referring to himself as a “distraction” would be enough to definitively break things off? Is he seriously that cold? Maybe. Perhaps he has to force himself to be this cold simply in order to deal with the situation. Eep. Dark. Still, I thought she would have more questions, ie: Why are you being so cold? What are you talking about, my “duty,” you’ve never cared before? I also found it hard to envision their relationship after Crestwood. I mean, unless you play it otherwise, there’s a bit of time still before the final battle with Corypheus. How did she stay away from him? Did he have to turn her away again and again? She was just so hurt in Crestwood, so confused. How could she not at least try and understand? And after the final battle, how is she so composed, speaking to Solas calmly and with what seemed to be a great deal of perspective, or at least acceptance? Perhaps others could, but I couldn’t make sense of this.

Once I got to Trespasser with my first Lavellan, I then couldn’t reconcile her desperation in Crestwood with her casual demeanor in the beginning at the Winter Palace. It seemed like she would have spent the previous two years searching for Solas frantically, and then wondering if, perhaps, he might somehow be there, at the Exalted Council (like actually be there—not throwing Qunari through eluvians and baiting her with blood trails). She was too beholden in this playthrough, and I couldn’t figure out how she could be both the calm, cool Inquisitor joking with Varric and talking marriage with Cassandra, and also be Solas’s frantic ex-girlfriend at the same time. Then, in the end, that she didn’t immediately jump into his arms when she saw him for the first time in two years felt like a major flaw. I needed her to need him more, and I was getting none of it from the game. Partially, this is an issue of the writing, but also, because I’m sort of like this emotional canon purist (ie: emotional dimensions outside of the game must resolve as they do in the game—I need it to be real), it all just ended up feeling a little bit meh. So, naturally, I started over. From the beginning. New Lavellan. I needed to get it right.

Okay, so the other night, with my new Lavellan, who I’ve been playing amidst droves of fanfic and hours of headcanon daydreams, I realized in that moment, in Crestwood, that the only possible response to his cowardly behavior seemed to be incredulity and anger. After everything they’d been through? This is how he ends it? Unbelievable. Her aggressive, physical response—shoving him, yelling, calling him a “cold-hearted son of a bitch”—felt so true in the moment. I sort of lost my breath a little bit. For some reason, the level of cowardice in his behavior (and it is—it is cowardly) seems to be compounded (or negated) by her response. If she responds by begging him to stay, telling him she loves him, this lowers the effect of his cowardice in general, because all the focus is on her emotional response to his behavior rather than the behavior itself. The cowardice has little effect on her. She seems to care less about whether what he’s doing is cowardly. She cares only that it’s happening at all. This response seems based in an unconditional fear of losing him. But if she responds by aggressively pushing him, demanding that he tell her he doesn’t care (which he can’t do, and she knows it), essentially calling him out on his cowardice, this highlights the motive behind his action rather than just the action itself. This, to me, makes his default reasoning of “duty distraction” to feel like just a cover now, ie: the first thing he could think of to say in his moment of bumbling cowardice.

The dialogue choice for the angry response reads, “Don’t do this to me!” It is the one response where the focus is on her. It is also the only response in which Lavellan walks away from Solas. The other two responses are focused on him or them (“I love you”/”I believe in us”). In both of these options, Solas walks away from Lavellan. I am tempted to draw a connection back to my earlier claims in another piece about their sexual/emotional dynamic, ie: with an angry response, this is the only time that Lavellan can be seen pulling away or walking away from Solas. It is otherwise always the other way around.

When Solas is able to walk away in the end, it makes the entire affair seem colder, and much more in stone, even as if he’d prepared himself for the coming of this very moment. But in the angry break-up, he seems completely taken off guard, especially by her response, which is physical and bitter, ie: “Tell me you don’t care.” Another dare. What she sees: He is brave enough to break up with her, but not brave enough to tell her why? I like this Lavellan, because, like in previous scenes, she is sort of putting the ball in Solas’s court. In the Fade and on the balcony, however, this has reminded Solas that he holds the power, which empowers him to continue the exchange (ie: to kiss her). But here, in Crestwood, even with the ball in his court, Solas has no way of responding. He cannot tell her the truth, but he also cannot bring himself to lie about his feelings. All he can do is take her abuse, stand there, and apologize as she walks away. He has fully lost control now—finally, and it is because of this that he is forced to reckon with his cowardice. This was powerful for me. I also knew that “cold-hearted” comment bit him. Solas is much more of a Romantic Hero during this option—far more self-hating and emotionally distraught than he was in my initial playthrough.

Because when she’s pleading for him and telling him she loves him during the sad breakup, his response is to put up his hands, to ward her off coldly, to say “I can’t. I’m sorry,” and then just walk away, leaving her there. Again at his mercy. I think my Lavellan, this time around, was a little bit sick of being “at his mercy.” She wanted more. Plus, his reaction in the sad break-up, his behavior is so cold, and so is his ability to walk away: it makes him seem more secure in the fact, if not relieved, that it is finally over—even if he’s hurt, it is held back.

I also feel that, during the angry break up scenario, his decision to break up with her does actually feel sort of believably spontaneous and cowardly and regrettable. Like, he really was gonna tell her the truth about the whole Fen’Harel thing, but he chickened out, and then the vallaslin removal was like this great, unfixable mistake, and he just legitimately realized he had lost all control of his feelings, the situation, and the relationship at large. He cannot walk away. How could he? He has no idea what’s just happened. Solas is so rarely caught by true surprise. Especially after watching him just like, own the Iron Bull in a game of head-chess entirely in banter the other day, I’m not sure he knows how to deal with even one small, legitimate moment of spontaneous indecision. Certainly not a stalemate. Because you cannot plan ahead for those. And he is prideful, and a martyr, so when caught off guard, of course he defaults to the mission, and he bails on anything so unpredictable and unwieldy as love.

Oddly enough, I’d argue that Lavellan’s angry response forces Solas to actually confront the reality of their relationship, while a sad response immediately hardens him to the situation. To avoid her tears, he must effectively switch off his humanity. He backs off, on guard. However, he lets her anger in, because he feels he deserves it. This, to me, is a good thing. Any time you can get Solas to feel, that is a good thing.

Once she’s gone, I picture Solas just like, dropping to his knees, realizing what he’s done, and, based on her reaction, terrified that there will be no going back. In the sad break-up scene, it seems like he still has an out to change his mind—if he wants to. Her reaction leaves him in control. But in the angry break-up, she is in control in the aftermath. There may be no going back, no fixing this mistake. Fen’Harel is obsessed with fixing his own mistakes. So he disappears, takes two years to suppress his feelings for her, because he has no choice, and, whether mistaken or not, doubles down on the plans he abandoned her for in the first place. Then, when he sees her again, and she is still open to him and his redemption, even somewhat forgiving, despite a modicum of, not resignation, but reason, it’s all the more hurtful. He falls so easily back into old tropes in Trespasser when he calls her vhenan, suggesting that their relationship has permeated him subconsciously, that it won’t die easy, won’t die at all. Their reunion is powerful then as, in his own very familiar, noncommittal way, he comes back around at the end (as he always does), calls her his “love,” tells her he will never forget her, takes the anchor, and, per his duty (and his nature), leaves. Again. WHY, SOLAS?

The angry break-up sets Solas up a bit differently in the immediate aftermath as well, I think, at Skyhold, ie: he’s in the wrong, and he knows it. Meanwhile, Lavellan’s anger sets her up for all of these wild reactions and methods for coping, doing just about anything to get him the hell out of her head so she can, as she puts it in the scene, “move on.”  This is very much my own headcanon, but I picture her like, heading out with the Iron Bull to anger-slay some dragons the very next day. Maybe she’ll bring Solas, too, but on the condition that he is a “powerful rift mage” and that she needs his magic if she wants to succeed. She still loves him, but in her defeat, she, like him, has grown too proud to relent. Though it hurts her, she treats Solas as a tool, a means to an end, which, considering Solas’s motives for joining the Inquisition in the first place, is ironic. And hey, I’m just trying to build a story here. I like irony.

Of course, I am still a deep romantic, and so I know that all of this is just reactive. Lavellan still loves Solas, but she is actively upset with him, searching out a way to reconcile her anger at his inexplicable cowardice and her own (apparently) unconditional love for him. Their interactions at Skyhold, as I see them, are often extended and bitter on her part, as she, starving, will do anything to draw any sort of emotional response from him at all. He, meanwhile, shows only self-loathing, taking her abuse, while trying to search out her true feelings without showing his hand. He calls her “Inquisitor” out of guilt and deference and speaks only of their final fight. It is hard for him. She may not refer to him at all, trying to get a rise out of his “cold heart.” At times, she may be downright mean, but he believes he deserves it, so just like in Crestwood, he is defeated and hard-pressed to defend himself—

Lavellan: You really don’t let anybody see under that polite mask you wear, do you?

Solas: You saw more than most.

Then, by the time it’s the end of the game, and they defeat Coryphy-tit, and the orb is shattered, Lavellan’s expression, her composure, will make sense in ways it did not when I played the sad break-up. Solas confession then (”No matter what comes, I want you to know that what we had was real.”) almost reads like one more apology. It is quasi-closure. I mean, at least until you get to the end of Trespasser. After the sad break-up, I couldn’t understand her composure in this moment at the end of the main campaign. But somehow, the fact that she became angry provided her with an immediate outlet, catharsis, a way to process, and now, Lavellan can see that, no matter what, they’ve been through a great deal together, and in the end, being so angry seems foolish, even silly. Perspective begins to set in, making everything even sadder and more hopeless than it was before, but also setting up the next two years as a time in which Lavellan at least attempts to get over Solas (even if unsuccessfully), rather than spend so much time and energy searching for him.

Solas: I suspect you have questions.

I mean, you think?

The end of Trespasser is so very sad. Lost elf, come home. I haven’t gotten there yet in this playthrough, but I hope to fully understand her initial subdued response now. She had hardened herself for so long in her attempt to move on. But the more they talk about their relationship (”And so he did.”), the more she softens to him, lets him in again, remembers. Just as quickly as he falls into the old routine, so does she. At this point, the term vhenan is so loaded–a single utterance conjures a world of joyous and painful memories. He still loves her, and she loves him, but the complications are…dire. We shall see what happens.

Anyway, this is just one way to read the different Lavellan responses at Crestwood, and I would be interested in knowing how other people read their Lavellan’s response in the end. I love hearing how others have managed to reconcile their internal stories with the (often downright sparse but immensely tantalizing) material we get in the game.This is just mine.

Now scuse me while I go watch this and cry hysterically. <3

Learn to Love

Summary: You’re only a few months into your new life as a vampire when a chance encounter with a werewolf named Seth leads to a whole new aspect to your supernatural life. 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 3.8k

You were flying through the woods. Trees, branches, rocks, wildlife– all flying past you as your supernatural strength and speed propelled you swiftly through the Washington woods. You came to a halt as you neared the Cullen house, their scents becoming thicker the closer you got to their hub. Edward and Bella caught up with you after a moment, watching you warily.

It was your first time back in Forks since the incident. Since you were hiking through the forest and caught unawares by a rogue vampire looking for their next meal. You were lucky to be found by the Cullens before the rogue finished, but not before he had taken his bite and started your change. It was agony, those 4 days of burning, but when you came out of it you were amazed at what you had become.

Carlisle was calm and kind as he explained your new world, your speed, your strength, your thirst. He and Bella took you away, to a remote cabin in the woods where they helped you control your urges and get used to your new body and skills. After a few months he gave you a choice: Leave him and take on the world by yourself, or join his family and live a vegetarian diet. It wasn’t that hard to choose.

So here you were, six months later, ready to move into your new home. It would take another year at the least before you were ready to interact with humans, but at least here you could interact with more than just Carlisle. You had come to recognize Renesmee’s scent and figured she would be well protected with a group of vampires where one of them could read your mind and see the future, so she was safe. And Jacob smelled like pungent wet dog which was extremely unappetizing so he was very safe. They were really the only warm blooded creatures that were at the house with any sort of regularity so you figured you were in the clear.

Well, you thought you were in the clear.

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Two can play that game- A Jacob Black imagine

Woo! Another imagine! I worked so hard on this so I hope you all like it, this is two requests tied into one that’s why it is so long, I like them long what about you? Anyway! Tell me if you like it!

Request 1: Jacob black imagine where you imprint on him but you’re to scared so you run away but then jacob finds out and confronts you about it? thx

Request 2: Could you do a jacob black imagine where you and him are dating but every time bella comes he goes off with her and you can’t take it anymore so you go flirt with edward (he flirts back) and jacob gets protective and all that? thank you hun!

“Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.” The calming voice said behind me, I turned to look and saw a strong shirtless man, with dark tan skin and short black hair. “My name is Sam, this is Leah and Seth.” He said motioning to the two people on the left of him. “You just phased for the first time, I know you must be scared, we can help you control it.”

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justanotherbiblixphile  asked:

Hello Bella. First things first, I love your blog. You are an amazing writer and seem super fun. I was wondering if you could write a story where the gang all go out and do something like laser tag. And like Betty could push Juggy into a corner kiss him and then shoot him or something like that. Thanks!

AU: The gang is currently in grade 7, and Betty has a major crush on Jughead. Jug is completely oblivious to her feelings though. Also, Kevin is still in the closet, and the only person who knows is Betty.

The gang walked into the old arcade, breathing in the scent of popcorn and corndogs. Betty and Jughead were walking behind Archie and Veronica, who were currently holding hands, arms swinging between them. Kevin was walking behind them, munching on cotton candy.

Betty turned around and giggled, looking at one of her best friends munching on the sweet floss. “How did you get that so fast? We literally just walked in.” Betty said, smile on her face.

“I have my ways.” the boy said. He was still in the closet to everyone except Betty, but they all had their suspicions. He was the only guy who was allowed in Betty’s bedroom alone.

They all walked up to the counter, getting their passes to allow them to play a round of laser tag. They all decided their nicknames for the game. Veronica was ‘pearls’, Archie was ‘winner’, Kevin was ‘KK’, Betty was ‘pretty in pink’, and Jughead was ‘Burgers’. Betty laughed at the name Jughead chose, blushing when he laughed along with her.

After a few minutes of playing a few arcade games, their team was called in to learn the rules of laser tag. Betty stood in the dark room in between Kevin and Jughead, with Veronica and Archie still in front of them holding hands.

Jughead and Betty leaned in and laughed when they saw Archie attempt to wrap his arm around her shoulder, but failing miserably. Jughead leaned over and started to whisper into Betty’s ear, “I don’t know why I’m here. I am amazing at laser tag and already know all the rules.” he said, leaning his back against the wall in the dark room.

Betty blushed when he realized his lips were very, very close to her face. “I bet I could beat you.” she said, turning her head to look at the tall boy.

“I doubt it,” he said, turning his head to look at her, “But, let’s make it interesting. How about a bet?” he asked, crossing his arms across his chest.

Betty was grateful that the room they were in was dark, or else he would definitely see how red her face and chest was becoming. She smiled and nodded. “Deal. What happens if I win?” she asked, crossing her arms against her chest, mimicking his position.

“Probably won’t happen, but if it does I will buy you a burger, milkshake and fries at Pop’s.” he said, while changing his position from leaning his back on the wall, to leaning his shoulder on the wall.

She nodded along with him, looking at the crescent shaped scars on her hands. “Ok, and if you win?” she said, looking up from her scarred hands.

“Then you buy me the burger, shake and fries from Pop’s.” he said, looking at her green eyes.

Betty nodded and said, “Deal.” before turning and following the rest of the group into the large room where they all got their guns and vests.

Betty and Jughead reached grabbed a gun and started it up, logging in their nicknames so they would be able to see who won at the end of it. While they were waiting for everyone else to get set up, they waited at the entrance to the course, side by side. Betty was gripping her gun so hard, her knuckles were turning white. Jughead noticed, and looked at her hands for a while. “Hey Betty, are you okay?”

Betty turned to him and loosened her grip on her gun. “Yeah I’m fine. I’m just pretty competitive. Don’t like losing. You’re on Jones.” she said, a hint of a smirk forming on her heart shaped lips.

He was about to answer her, but the horn went off indicating the game was starting, and she was gone in a flash. He started to run, but decided to run the different direction. She went left and up, while he went right and down.

It was about ten minutes into the game. Ten minutes of running from each other, dodging each others guns, and trying to hit each other from the opposite sides of the course. At this time, Betty was beating Jughead by more then 450 points.

Betty was walking backwards into the corner and bumped into something that felt warm… it was definitely not a wall. She slowly turned around, gun lifted, hand on the trigger. The first thing she noticed was the giant grey S on the persons shirt. She gave a sigh of relief but never dropped her gun.

“Hey Cooper.” he said, gun by his side.

Betty’s face turned scarlet and pressed her gun against his chest. “Jones.” she said, starting to walk towards him, pushing him backwards, making his back press against the wall of the course.

“Betty, what are you doing?” he asked, looking down at the end of her laser tag gun that was pressed against his chest.

“I’m winning.” she said, looking into his deep ocean eyes.

He gave her a puzzled look as she dropped her gun to the side, taking a step towards his scuffed converse. She placed one hand on his shoulder, pushing his upper back against the wall as well.

She leaned up and pressed her soft strawberry lips against his chapped ones. He melted into the kiss, and was completely unaware that she picked her gun back up, pulling the trigger against his chest. The small screen on his gun told him that he was just shot 7 times by ‘Pretty in Pink’.

His mouth was open as he saw the end of her blonde ponytail turn around a corner, and heard her faint giggle from his corner.

“Oh, it’s on Betty Cooper.”

Love this prompt! I hope you enjoy! And also, Thank you so much!!! I know your my best friend but still I LOVE YOU BBY!!!! (If you like Harry Potter, or Narnia go follow this chicka because I love her so muchhh)

Cullen Family Imagine #2: Protection of the Dark

anonymous asked:

Can I get a whole Cullen family imagine with 357 and 349 and it’s set in the time where the Voltori meet Renesmee and the Cullen family see the reader on the Voltoris side and they worry about her because she used to be a Cullen, but what they don’t know is that she left to protect Renesmee and Bella she made a deal with Aro sorry if this is confusing and P.S. I love your blog❤️❤️

349. “You can’t protect me.”

357. “You don’t need to protect me.”

It’s funny actually, how we all ended up here. Me on the side against my family. It started when the human my “brother” fell in love with decided to throw herself off a freaking cliff to see a hallucination of him. Even if I don’t like her, my brother meant more than her life. My family means more to me than her, but she became a part of it, so I have to force myself to care for her. 

It really started when the four of us: Alice, Edward, Bella, and I were being seen by the Volturi. Aro took an interest to Alice but when he held my hand, I knew the gig was up for me. Alice, Edward, and even Bella left Italy without me in confusion. Even with mind-reading, Edward didn’t know what had transpired. I became a part of the Volturi guard and I never got to say goodbye to my real family. My power was far more valuable to Aro than Alice’s.

I have an ancient power that goes from vampire to human to vampire. It’s not inherited, it possesses you and becomes your until you are killed. My power captures the souls of people by the masses and disintegrates their bodies. Ever heard of mysterious disappearances of colonies or civilizations….yeah……..that’s my ancient power. I don’t know who had it before me or how I got it, but I’ve kept it secret for over a century till Edward got his mate. 

Now, here we are. Me, standing beside Jane and Alec. My family across from me, gazing upon me with worry in their faces. It was difficult to keep my emotionless expression. I missed them horribly. As Edward, Bella, a shapshifter named Jacob I learned, and the hybrid child that is my niece approached, I felt a stir within me. While Aro inquired the child, Edward sent me a look to which I responded,

You don’t need to protect me.

He looked unfazed, his big brother nature was unbending. Bella refused to make eye contact with me. I looked at the child. She did resemble them both. But you did not feel much for the girl but pity. I found her name to be already cringeworthy, no offense to Esme. But when the final decision was being made, my family tried to reach out to me. There pleading looks were too hard to bare. My heart was aching and my power was just below the surface from my anxiety. No matter what they did, I knew what the decision would be. 

That’s when I saw Alice and Jasper break the treeline and make their way towards Aro. But I was on verge of snapping, I coudn’t withold my plan any longer, my power would take my mind if I did. I sent a blast of air to my brother and sister, sennding them to our family as a misty black cloud with silver lightning covered the field where I stood. Aro thought it was me preparing to kill my family’s side of the field, he was wrong. With a scream of agony as my power transfigured my body into a black shadowy figure, all the vampires around me were killed. There souls taken through bolts of glittery lightning. Their bodies dissolved and becoming part of the mass force above me. Thunder could be heard and my power was still raging. I didn’t know how to stop it. I never had to use it to this mass before. 

That’s when I heard the voice of Carlisle and Jasper. They were calling my name. I realized that I was still screaming. They were trying to find a way to get to me. But if they came too close, I didn’t think that I could stop my power from consuming them. 

“Don’t come any closer. You can’t protect me. I have to figure this out on my own. Just go, before it gets worse! ALL OF YOU!!!”

I was screaming again. It felt like my brain was being ripped apart. The storm seemed to grow louder. My eyes were closed and I was no longer on the ground. I felt suspended. But something kept me from going further. I felt it then, a hand in mine. My eyes peaked open and I saw Bella was holding my hand. A fierce determination in her eyes. I saw strength in her I had never thought could come for her.

“You did this for us…you had a plan the moment they took you. You could hide your thought’s from Aro and Edward. You planned this so you could come home. You are home, just let go of your power. It’s destroying you. We all miss you, even me though you never liked me. You’re Edward’s baby sister. You’re the baby sibling that everyone loves and wish they really had, even me. You did what you planned, come back to us.”

My breathing hitched unexpectedly, and I felt my power reach my heart. I felt it beat for the first time in decades and I screamed as I felt every liquid in my body move. My voice came out in a whisper,

You can’t protect me. Not from this. I still blame you for all of it Bella, but I’m starting to think that you just may deserve my brother after all.”

Then I left go of her hand and she tried to grab me again, but it was too late. The darkness had me and souls came to take me in it.

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Meet Me in the Hallway

SUMMARY: Bucky Barnes just wants to be let in her darks corners and take the pain away.

WARNINGS: angst.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this iiiiiissssssssss like semi-depressing lmao. soz. anyway, this is a part of Bella’s Cool Times Summer Jamz Mix Writing Challenge. I had a lot of fun writing this (even though i kind of struggled at some parts) so i hope you all enjoy reading it. i suggest listening to Meet Me in the Hallway while reading. other than that, i have nothing else to add.


Bucky leaned against the white wall and slid down to the dark marble floor, landing with a soft thud. He was sitting in a dark, empty hallway waiting for her to open up her bedroom door and tell him she was just joking.

Sighing, he ran his cold metal hand down his face. What was it that he said that made her realize that she wasn’t going to let Bucky in any further? Or did he physically do something to scare her off?

Bucky… this isn’t-it’s not what you think it is.” She furrowed her brows.

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Control [Part 1 of 2]

Word Count: 5612 (I’m not gonna apologize)
Warnings: So much angst, murder, blood, use of the memory suppressing machine, true historical event, danger to the reader and Bucky, lots of confusion between realities, I’m sure there’s more. Sorry if I’ve forgotten anything!
Summary: @blazeshira’s request - “Hi! I saw that you had your requests open and I was wondering if you could do a Bucky fic where the reader was also given the serum & trained with him along with the other winter soldiers but they developed something before she was frozen along with the others & he forgot her until he went to Siberia w/ Steve & he sees her chamber & realizes she escaped before Zemo could kill her so he tries to find her? Fluffy fluff & some angst, please & thank you!”
   [song/title inspiration] [playlist
A/N: Yashira, you are a jewel. I loved this prompt so much even though it’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever written. Thank you for the endless days of inspiration you’ve sent and for the support.
P.S. Sorry if any of the Russian is wrong. I used Google translator for all of it.
P.P.S. I’m very nervous about this one. It’s very much out of my comfort zone. There’s lots of angst, a couple of fight scenes, and Bucky as the Winter Soldier (which was nerve wracking all in its own). All the feedback is appreciated (and very much needed, honestly). Like I said before: I’m very nervous about this one. Please let me know what you think! I hope you all enjoy it!

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Your name: submit What is this?

Siberia, Russia; 1950

Wake up!

Huge hands wrap around your arms, yanking you from the cold. Your limbs thaw and grow slack around you. They feel like jelly, like they weren’t meant for you. Your legs won’t cooperate, they’re collapsing underneath you.

Yet, you’re still moving forward.


You fight through the haze as your head lolls around on your shoulders. Blinking rapidly, you focus your eyes on the soldiers above you. They’re holding you up. They’re dragging you to a chair. You try to put your legs beneath you to stop them, but the ground is moving too quickly underneath you. They shove you in a chair roughly, your head slamming against the headrest. Fear holds you there.

Your heart rate picks up alarmingly, your breath tears in and out of your nostrils.

You can’t focus on what was happening.

Eyes darting around the room, you try to take in anything. Anything substantial. Where are you? Kidnapped? Lost? Bright lights erupt around you, and you close your eyes tightly to shield them from the glare. Laughing. Swings. Beautiful long hair. Missing teeth. You squint up at one soldier, his stony features undisturbed by your frightened voice. “Please. My Bella–my sister? Where is–”

A hand slaps you hard across the face, tearing your dry lip. You feel heat bloom on your face immediately. “Вы здесь не задавать вопросы.”
You are not here to ask questions.

Blood runs down your chin, hot and thick. You want to ask why you were here; but you stop yourself, fearful that the soldier would hit you again. You try to remember where you were, what you were doing here.

Panic rises like bile in your throat. You can’t remember anything further from waking up. Except your sister. So solid and true. Beyond a shadow of doubt, you knew that girl with the missing teeth was your sister. You could hear her laugh. Where was she–?

The two soldiers were speaking to each other above your ragged breathing. Metal clamps made their way around your upper and forearms, restraining you to the chair. Your eyes dart from one clamp to another, back to the soldiers, and around the room. Their accents were thick as they spoke rapidly. You could understand most of what they said. When had you learned Russian–?

“Она вспоминает свою сестру. Лечение не работало.”
She remembers her sister. The treatment did not work.

“Зола не будет счастлив. Она показала обещание, прежде чем вернуться в крио.”
Zola will not be happy. She showed promise before going back into cryo.

One soldier shoves a rubber mouth guard through your lips, causing you to choke. He steps back. The machine surrounding you suddenly comes to life and crowds around s around your face. Your panic spiked, your breath ripping out of your lungs. “What’s happening?!” You shriek around the mouthpiece.

“Wipe her.” You heard a disgusted voice, full of disappointment.

You scream around the rubber in your mouth as searing, undeniable pain shoots its way through your system.

Siberia, Russia; 1957

Again and again, you awaken with shouts and commands to move. New handlers surround you, yanking you from your chamber if you didn’t move quickly enough. Each time, your panic subsides more quickly, replaced by defiance. You argued out of spite. Telling the HYDRA scum that you could not be contained. You thought you were putting a very bold middle finger out into their system, but you realized that all you were doing was hurting yourself. You were tying yourself down. You were giving yourself the electric volts straight into your cranium. Your actions caused your own discomfort, caused you to forget yourself again and again.

Your defiance crumbles into submission quickly enough. You learn to stop speaking out of turn. You learn to comply. You keep your questions to yourself, knowing whatever information you’re supposed to know will be given to you.

There are others like you – stoic, silent, deadly. Bred to be killers. You train with them daily, honing in your skills as assassins. There’s one that catches your eye immediately.

The Asset.

He observes, mostly. Stalking around you and the others, eyes sharp, as if he’s waiting for one of you to attack him or the handlers. There’s enough weapons around – you could. You entertain the thought of throwing a knife straight between one of the guards’ eyes and dismiss it. No need to get yourself in trouble.

You’re sparring with a man who’s easily three times your size. He keeps coming at you, relying on his hulking size to drive his knife into you. But you’re lithe and strong. As he charges towards you, you widen your stance. Grabbing his knife-wielding hand, you twist it until it’s pressed against his back. He drops the weapon and falls to his knees with a sickening crack as you shove his arm between his shoulder blades. You push him into the ground and sit atop his back, smirking in victory as he wails and concedes below you.

You hear a chuckle amidst the grunting and yelling of your counterparts. You look up to find the Asset watching you. His mouth turned up in the slightest amused smile as he passes by. Your heart is hammering. Scrambling off your partner’s back, you await nervously for some kind of review.

He locks his cold blue eyes with yours, making you feel nervous and exposed for the first time in a long time. Your stomach knotted in on itself while your chest heaved, trying to regain composure. The ghost of a smile is gone from his features. “Еще раз.”

The Winter Soldier never spoke to you or your comrades. He never gave orders, never offered advice. He always circled around diligently like a hawk. His voice was smooth as silk as the command rang out. You smiled to yourself, a small victory won.

It became your goal to have him recognize you routinely after that. You pulled out all the stops during training. You hoped for his steely stare to critique your form. You wished he would spar with you himself. You desperately wanted to hear his voice again.

What was this feeling coming over you?

Siberia, Russia; 1963

You wake, feeling your body thaw from the cryofreeze and make your way to the chair without the assistance of the guards. They still surround you, hands on their guns. As if it was necessary, you scoff. You were one of the most well behaved soldiers in the program. You sit up straight, proud and elegant, awaiting your orders.

They probably wanted to send you out on a discreet mission to take care of a small nuisance. That’s all they ever took you out for. Two men burst through the door, striding purposefully toward you. Your breath hitches in your throat. One of them is a three piece, looking harried and important. The other–it’s him. The Winter Soldier.

“цель миссии.”
Mission objective.

The higher up in the suit shoves a folder in front of your face. You take it silently, sneaking a glance to the Asset before flipping through the pages to find a picture of a very young and powerful Senator – or whom you thought was still a Senator.

The man explains who the target is, that he is the current President of the United States. If he continues to hold office, he will dismantle everything that HYDRA has worked so hard to achieve. He goes on to tell you that you will accompany your comrade and over a dozen handlers. You keep your face stony and impassive, but your heart is beating wildly, pumping adrenaline through your system.

You’re going out on a real mission! Not some piddly scraps. And with–and with the Asset. This was huge. You wanted to express some kind of thanks, some kind of appreciation, but you keep your lips sealed, read the file, and wait for further instruction.


You look up at the young man in the suit. He seems impatient, like he has somewhere better to be, and do more important things than tell you who you’re going to murder today. A slow smile pulls on the corner of your lips as you quietly rasp, “Я согласен.”
I accept.

He nods as you rise from your seat and fall in step with the Asset. His metal appendage brushes against yours metronomically as you walk. It glints in the light from the overhanging lamps, and you realize the rest of your team has assembled behind you. Looking back discreetly, you notice a fairly large gang of the hardest looking men you’ve seen yet.

You suddenly wonder what year it was. The last time they took you out for a mission was in 1958 to arrange some ‘accidents’ for two political officers in Europe who were trying to shed light on subjects that were better to stay in the dark.

It didn’t matter. You were just curious.

Dallas, Texas, United States; 1963

You noticed that the Asset didn’t speak unless he was giving orders. You paid close attention the the orders he was giving to the other soldiers, noting the importance of the tasks and the sequence they were given in.

You were there as number two in command. Dedicated to protecting your comrade and take the mission over if anything were to happen to him. Nothing would, you knew that. The Asset was very good at what he did. His skills were the peak of excellence.

Lying on a rooftop, you and the Asset overlook the crowd that has gathered to line the street. He’s lying low, hiding behind his sniper. You’re on your belly beside him, pressed together from your shoulder to hip. Both watching as the motorcade slowly comes into your line of sight.

“Солдат,” his voice was low as his grip tightened on his gun. “идти вниз к обочине. Убедитесь в том, что я не видел.” He lifted his eye from the scope, his icy blue gaze piercing you. “Когда это закончится, встретиться со мной на свидание точке.”
Soldier, go down to the sidelines. Make sure I’m not seen. When this is finished, meet me at the rendezvous point.

You nod, lifting yourself on your knees before answering, “Да сэр.”
Yes sir.

You make your way down the building as quickly as you can. Taking off your mask, you tie it to your belt. You won’t blend in, not with this catsuit on; but, at least you won’t look completely like a suspicious fiend. Sunlight floods your eyes as you make your way out of the building and towards the throngs of people. They are all pressing as close as they can towards the street just to get a glimpse of this man.

You receive a couple of looks for your attire, but no one pays you any mind. You take in all the faces around you. Families, mostly. Children on their fathers’ shoulders talking excitedly as they wait. Women in pretty dresses, hanging onto the arms of men. People start to waive as the vehicles come closer.

One shot rings out, and it’s mass chaos. People scatter, ducking their heads beneath their hands, trying to find shelter. They’re all stupid fools, you think as you watch them all scramble around you. You’re an island, strong and anchored in these waves of disorder, still scanning the crowds for any danger to your comrade.

Another shot reverberates as people start to cry out. Policemen who had been assigned as escorts for the motorcade draw their weapons and search for the assailant. Your eyes stay glued on them, flickering to the black convertible. The car is nearly next to you, and you see that the objective is wounded, but not dead. You’re sure the Asset sees that, too.

One of the officers’ eyes go wide. He raises his pistol to the roof that your comrade is on. He’s inexperienced, you can tell. There is no way the officer will be able to shoot him. But, your mission is to keep the Asset safe. You quickly draw a handgun from one of the holsters on your body and shoot him twice in the chest. The civilians around you scream and scurry away, holding onto and protecting one another.

The final shot resonates and strikes the objective directly in the head, effectively killing him. A small smirk finds its way to your features before you realize you have to leave post hastily. You put your mask back on, covering the bottom half of your face; and walk between the clambering people who are still trying to find some refuge.

“Miss! Stop!” Someone calls, and you turn to see two officers chasing after you. Your gun is still in your hand; and you raise it, shooting the men without a second thought and watching as they fall to the ground.

Four of your handlers find you within minutes. You all make your way to a car that’s a little further away from the commotion. One soldier breaks into it, and you all load up and drive off before the authorities can think to put up barricades. When the handler that is driving is sure that you’re not being followed, he heads to the edge of the city.

You make it to the helicopter and are relieved to see the Asset is standing, waiting with half a dozen of his handlers. His mask is off, slung around one of his belt loops. You realize that yours is still on and remove it. After you exit the car, it drives away – no doubtedly to be abandoned somewhere.

As you make your way to the helicopter, the blades come to life, swirling the air around you. You look up at your comrade, hoping your face is expressing the relief that he’s there and alive. The corners of your mouth pull up into a small smile.

His hair is whipping across his face obstructing it from view, but you don’t miss the tiny smile he returns. The Asset holds out his hand to help you into the helicopter, and climbs in after you. A jolt runs through you as he sits next to you. There’s little to no space between the seats, so you’re pressed together shoulder to hip to knee. He’s warm and smells of metal and leather and something musky that has to be his normal scent. You fight the urge to lean your cheek against his shoulder. Sitting up straight and stoic instead.

Jakarta, Indonesia; 1978

Two sides of the same coin.

That’s the greatest thing that the handlers had to say after your first mission with the Asset. You and the Winter Soldier worked in perfect synchronization together. After that, you went on tons of missions with him. Your ability to follow orders and your judgement call in a tight situation became valuable to the Asset.

Through the decade at his side, you earned the name Foxglove. The Asset took to calling you that instead of his customary, “Soldier,” or “Comrade.” He said it was deceptively fitting; that you were also a soft, beautiful, and deadly flower. Those kinds of comments made your heart flutter in your chest.

Although you two hardly spent any ‘personal’ time together, you felt a connection with him. A deep understanding flowed between the two of you. It was something to be treasured, you didn’t feel this for any of your other comrades.

Especially not the ones you were forced to get along with.

You were on an undercover mission. A scientist in Indonesia was close to a breakthrough. Creating a new element. You had to go in, gain his trust and steal his work before killing him. This was no problem. You’ve done it countless times before, or so you’ve been told. But, you didn’t expect this man to try and be so personable with you. He was very forward, trying to get you to go out with him or work late with him whenever permissible. You hated it, but you had to go along with it for the sake of the mission.

“Come on, Amanda,” Hasan pleads, using the fake name you’d given, gently grabbing your hand. “I am so close! Just stay a couple more hours?”

You were posing as an American student who had come to Jakarta to learn more about this field. It was very hard to not revert back to your usual Russian, but you pulled off an American accent beautifully. “I can’t tonight, Hasan! I’m going out with my friends. Maybe we can come in early instead?”

The scientist pulled you close, drawing little designs on the back of your hand. “I was hoping to take you to dinner afterward.” His accent was thick and you struggled to not kick him away from you.

Your skin crawled the longer he touched you, so you pushed him away as playfully as you could. “Maybe just coffee in the morning?” You smiled and kicked an eyebrow at him before turning away.

“But–I don’t know what you like!” He calls, trying to get you to stay.

You pull open the door and repress a sigh. Turning, you plaster the delicate smile on your face. “You’ll figure it out.”

Your face falls out of the fake smile and you cannot put enough distance between yourself and this lab. You dash to the elevator, out of the building, and hailing a cab in record time.

When you get to your ‘home,’ you know the Asset is already there. You can practically feel him brooding and sulking on the other side of the door. You shove your key in the lock and push the door open, quietly calling, “Honey, I’m home!”

You laugh at yourself and flick on the lights. Sure enough, he’s sitting in his usual armchair with a deadly pout on his face. Despite your lack of a true relationship, you felt the need to tease him. “I’m guessing you saw Hasan begging me to stay late with him?”

He’s silently watching you as you put down your purse and kick off your shoes. You come to sit on the couch closest to him, tucking your feet under you. You lean your chin into your hand and smile, goading him to reply.

“I saw him hanging on you.” His voice was low and scratched its way out of his throat, promising some kind of danger. His eyes locked on yours, you saw the fire burning within them. “I almost shot him.”

You smiled, but what he said was lost on you. Your heart suddenly raced, your head falling into your hands. The world feels like it’s slowing down as your breath tears from your lungs.

“Isabella, stop hanging on your sister! She has to go! “

You snap back like a rubberband and sit up, looking around for the owner of the voice.

The Asset is kneeling in front of you, concern painting his features. His hand comes up to cup your jaw. “Fox, what’s wrong?”

As you take in his features, you feel like you know him. Not just as the Winter Soldier, or the Asset, or your comrade. There was something more behind this wall in your mind. You felt like you were seeing more clearly.

“Did you remember something?”

You sucked a breath in and nodded minutely. This was bad. You knew it. The handlers would not be happy–

He knows you’re starting to panic as he strokes his knuckles across your cheek. His voice is gravelly, but gentle. “Keep it to yourself, okay? Don’t let your handlers–hey, look at me.” You lock your gaze with his steely eyes. “The mission comes first.”

You nod, not knowing what else to do. Closing your eyes, you reign yourself back in. You have to ignore the itching thoughts in the back of your mind. The mission. Focus. You need this or the whole world could collapse into utter chaos.

You tell yourself these things, but you can’t help the question that bubbles up from you.

“Are we doing the right thing?” It’s quiet, and you’re not sure he’s heard you. You hardly heard yourself, but the guilt that comes with the thought of killing this innocent man consumes you.

Hasan has his breakthrough the next day, and the mission is finished. You and the Asset make his death look like an accident and go back to Siberia for your mission report.

Zola knows about your own breakthrough. You don’t know how, but he does. You and the Asset are always sent to the memory suppressing machine after missions, but this time was more purposeful. He kept you under the machine until he was sure you were a blank slate.

New York City, New York, United States; 1999

You come to find out that you’re unstable around the Winter Soldier. He’s more volatile around you, too. Your deep connection causes you both to become more lucid as the years go by. It was growing difficult to complete a mission when you were both together. But, the Asset had gotten to the point where he refused to go on a mission unless you were beside him. He would argue, telling the soldiers, or Karpov, or even Director Pierce, that he trusted you above anyone else. Wiping him did nothing. You were constantly in his mind.

You were dependent on him, even after having your memories suppressed time and time again. The moment you see him, you know there is a link there. You trigger each other’s memories out in the field more often than not. You had convinced each other to run away together more times than you could count. You thought that with your combined skills that HYDRA wouldn’t find you, but they always did.

HYDRA tried to keep you separated from the Winter Soldier, but certain missions required both of your skills.

You’re both currently sitting on a rooftop, the target’s home in your line of sight. The Asset is next to you, shoulder to shoulder, tracing the lines on your palm. Moments like this are rare where both your handlers and his are absent. This deep relationship you feel with the the Asset makes you wonder how long you’ve actually known him and why HYDRA keeps wiping him from your mind.

You felt like you had to be next to him. It wasn’t possessive, or even the knowledge that you’re supposed to protect him. It’s more like a confirmation that he’s there, that this man you share a bond with is a true physical being. Having him beside you helps you confirm that this link isn’t just some made up theory in your head.

“Maybe we should disappear,” you whisper into the night. The Asset’s light touches stop and you look up at him to see fear in his blue eyes.

“Do you remember what happened last time?” His voice is loaded with feeling, making you desperately wish you could remember anything. You kicked at the wall in your mind, trying to have any memory come back to you. Shaking your head, you grasped his hand and laced your fingers together. You glance over to the target’s home and see he’s still glued to the television.

“They caught us before we made it out of the country,” A dark look passed over his face. “I can’t tell you what they did to you when we got back to Siberia.”

You nodded, dropping your gaze to his thumb, watching as it made gentle, soothing arcs across the back of your hand. You feel trapped, like no matter what you do, you’ll always belong to HYDRA. You pushed the thought far from you and shifted closer to him. “I think I had a dog.”

You both did this sometimes – assumed things about who you were before being part of HYDRA. He chuckled and you peeked over at him. His smiles were so rare. You liked the way his eyes crinkled around the edges. “I see you as more of a cat person.”

You hum thoughtfully. “Maybe I had both. I remember Paris. A creek by our house, maybe?” You shake your head, hearing the little girl’s laugh. You hear her laugh all the time when you try to remember things.

The Asset squeezes your hand, shaking the weight of the memories from you. “I remember a living room. Couch cushions on the floor. A nurse.”

You crack a smile. “This got very adult-themed.”

He realizes how it sounds and blushes. You save the image of the light dusting of pink across his cheeks with a sense of pride. “No! Fox, you’re–” he laughs quietly. “I think the nurse was my mother? I don’t know, but it feels like home.”

“Do you think we would have found each other if this hadn’t happened to us?” you ask suddenly, brows knit together. “I don’t know if you feel it, but there’s a connection here–”

He nods instantly, obviously relieved that you feel the same thing he does. “Fox, there’s only one thing I’m thankful for.” His cybernetic hand comes up to cup your cheek.

You lean into his cool touch. “What’s that?”

“Finding you.”

You gasped, holding your breath with the tension you felt. The Asset combed his fingers through your hair, tucking it behind your ear, before pulling your face up. His eyes were more expressive than you had ever seen them. His thumb brushed against your cheekbone as you tilted your head and closed your eyes. You felt his breath fan across your mouth before his lips molded to yours with the faintest bit of pressure.

His phone went off, loud and annoying, and you jumped away from him like a jolt of electricity ran through you. Gasping, you press a hand to your mouth and walk away from him. Shit, shit, shit! Repercussions were going to be harsh. Your handlers were going to know–they were going to find out. They were going to wipe you both – or worse. You knew it. You tried to pull yourself together and focus on the Russian that he was fluently speaking into the phone.

“Да, сэр, я понимаю.”
Yes sir, I understand.

The Asset flipped the phone closed and put it in one of his pockets. “Fox,” he reached out for you, fingers brushing against your shoulder. You turned to him. His eyes were wide with concern. You knew he had to be thinking the same things you were. “We have to leave.”

You nodded, not trusting your voice, and followed behind him. You tried to bite your lips to rid them of the feeling of his against yours, but the tingling persisted.

Siberia, Russia; 1999

The flight back to base was quiet and tense. The handlers seemed more distant than usual, but you tried to act normally. As soon as you arrived on base, a soldier came up to you and the Asset, purpose and authority in his stride. “Карпов хочет, чтобы вы два для отчета миссии.”
Karpov wants you two for mission report.

This was unusual. After a mission, you and the Asset would turn in your weapons, clean yourselves up if needed, deliver the mission report, go to the machine, then back to cryo. You shared a look with your comrade, hoping he would understand the change. He tilted his chin forward, telling the officer to lead the way. His features softened as he glanced at you, his eyes flashing with worry before becoming reassuring.

Your arm brushes against the Asset’s flesh arm as you stayed in step down the hall. Two soldiers start walking in front of you, now; and nearly half of your team from the mission follows behind you. They all have their weapons. You consciously have to remind yourself to keep your face impassive, even though your heart is thundering in your chest. Your mind has one single thought on a loop as you enter the room:

They know, they know, they know.

Karpov is sitting towards the back of the room at a table. Two empty chairs wait for you and the Asset on the other side. Your escort party disperses around the room, all hands on a weapon, ready and waiting. You sit and wait anxiously for the report. Your commanding officer’s eyes pierced into you both. “Доклад миссии.”
Mission report.

The Asset dove into the report, telling Karpov that you both watched the objective, trying to find a way to get him cornered on his own. The mission cut short because he had ordered you both back before the mission was complete–

Karpov dismissed the Asset with a scoff, turned to you and asked for a mission report. You looked at him questioningly, then at your comrade.

“Сэр, я запутался. Зачем вы меня спрашиваете? Он говорил вам, что мы делаем.”
Sir, I’m confused. Why would you ask me? He was telling you what we were doing.

You know as soon as the words leave your mouth that this was the wrong move. You do not question your commanding officer when you’re in Winter Soldier mode. You obey. You comply. You’ve given yourself away, now. Karpov’s eyes glint with understanding, and now you know that he is also aware. He’s aware you’ve had another breakthrough. He’s aware that you and the Asset took an opportunity to isolate yourselves from your handlers. He knows about your kiss.

You blanche and gnaw at your lip. You drop your stoic facade as you feel the Asset tense beside you. He’s figured it out, as well.

“Ваши обработчики сообщили мне о ваших действиях. С этого момента, вам запрещено работать вместе. Отведите его к стулу.”
Your handlers have informed me of your actions. From here on out, you are forbidden to work together. Take him to the chair.

You and the Asset stand, yelling out in protest. He flips the table, grabs your arm, and orders you to run. An alarm is blaring, soldiers are pouring into the vast room, blockading you both in. The Asset pulls a gun from one of the holsters and starts shooting. You do the same. The handlers start dropping one by one, and you have a small glimmer of hope that you’ll be able to make it out this time. The Asset’s cybernetic hand is still wrapped around your arm, holding you close, assuring you’re safe.

Your hopes are smashed as the Asset is shot, a pained cry leaving his lips. You turn to him on instinct and start to check him for his wound. Your momentary distraction causes a soldier to come up behind you, pinning your arms between in his own and effectively disarming you. There’s too many of them. You watch, helplessly, as the Asset is taken to the machine that will wipe him. You’re faintly aware that another soldier is digging through  your various pockets and holsters, ridding you of your weapons. As soon as the Asset’s strapped to the chair, you lose all will to fight. Your knees give out beneath you, and if the soldier weren’t still holding you up, you would be crumpled on the floor.

Karpov shoves a rubber guard into the Asset’s mouth and the face guards come down. Your heart is thundering in your chest as you try to think of something–anything to make this stop. You know nothing will work.

The soldier detaining you chuckles as the Asset starts to scream in pain. “Вы не будете так повезло, Фокси. Он новый кулак HYDRA. Вы неудобством. Они будут прекратить вас.”
You will not be so lucky, Foxglove. He is the new fist of HYDRA. You are an inconvenience. They will terminate you.

Your heart races at his words. You cannot let this happen. Scanning the room, you see that a lot of the soldiers had left to go back to their posts. Now or never, you will never get another chance.

You tighten your arms in his, and rear your head back as hard as you can. You hear a nauseating crunch. He cries out in pain as he releases you. You take a knife from a sheath on the back of your suit and cut one soldier’s throat before he can draw a gun. You wield it, stepping closer to Karpov. “Let him go,” you spit.

He laughs, pulling the alarm again. Its siren wailing loud and obnoxious. “Это не закончится хорошо для вас.”
This will not end well for you.

You swallow, hearing the thundering of footsteps. He’s right. You have to make a choice. Now.

You spare a glance at the Asset, who is still screaming in pain underneath the machine, as the first soldiers make their way back to the room, guns drawn and firing. You dodge them, making your way to an exit that’s not yet flooding with soldiers.

You don’t get far down the hall before bullets ring out around you. You look behind you to see four guards firing at you, and you hear more coming into the corridor in front of you. You stop and consider your options for only a second before you run and collide through the window.

You hold your breath as you’re airborne, bullets flying by you. You feel two bites – one in your leg, another in your back. You tuck and roll as you hit the ground, crying out in pain, and get up as swiftly as you can. Gunshots and alarms are resounding behind you, motivating you to keep moving forward until you’re safe.

[Part 2]


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S/O says they hate the 2p!

(let’s do some sad shit)

2p! America: “Doll, no, I-I whatever I did I can fix it! I can fix all of it! You don’t need to worry! I-I’m sorry, please don’t leave!” You out of all people to walk out on him. So many have left him before, and you were his dream come true. He would do anything to win you back and he hates himself even more for letting you go.

2p! England: “Poppet? What can I do to stop this? I only want what is best for us, I love you cupcake. W-why can’t I do anything good for you? I love you more than words can tell… please don’t leave me alone again…” He’d be heartbroken and would instantly start questioning you. Was it him? Is it because of his freckles? Is it the way he dresses? Maybe the way he talks? He’ll change almost anything to have you not hate him.

2p! Canada: ”What can I do to get you to love me then!? Fuck! Listen, I like-no, I fucking love you! I know I can be big and stupid and lose my temper sometimes, but… I never wanted you to hate me… please just stay… I will do anything.” This was one of the first times he had ever been actually open about his emotions. He wouldn’t know whether to be angry at you or just sad. He knows that he isn’t perfect, but he’ll try anything to not let you go.

2p! France: ”Yeah same here.” He would feel horrible. He already hates himself, so fuck, why not add you to the list. He would be quiet about it, and most likely would get shit face drunk. He just wants you to love him like he loves you, because he tries so hard to be good enough for you.

2p! China: ”Kitten… I love you so much, I don’t know what I would do without you, please just stay! I promise, whatever is wrong with me, I’ll stop doing it. Please I just need a chance! I didn’t want to… I…I never wanted you to be unhappy. Please, I love you.” He wouldn’t know what to really say. He would be so caught up in the fact that you hate him that he wouldn’t be able to think clearly. I knew you were a dove, and that a dragon like him would never be able to have a creature as perfect as you.

2p! Russia: ”I understand what you mean. I… if you would like to leave then i would see why…” He may not seem like it, but on the inside he is broken. You were the only person who grew to see past his imperfections, you were the only one who wanted to learn more about him. No one has ever really been kind to him before, except you. Yet there comes a point in time where sunshine must turn to rain.

2p! Italy: ”After all I have done for you and you say this!? How dare you! I have gone through hell and back to try and get you to be mine! W-why can’t I have you? You were the best thing to ever happen to me! Bella… I can not lose you. Stay here and I promise, I’ll do everything to make it up to you.” This was one of the few times Luciano broke. He would no doubt hell cry, he loves you more than anything. He just has trouble saying it.

2p! Germany: ”You… hate me?” At the horrific realization Lutz felt shattered. You may as well rip his heart out and stomp on it in front of his face. He wouldn’t really understand why you are thinking this way, but he wants to know. At times like this, he can’t find words and remains silent. He just wants to love you and make you happy. But it looks like he will never be able to do that, unless you forgive him.

2p! Japan: He wouldn’t say anything. He would just lower his head, keeping his eyes strictly to the floor. He wouldn’t move either. He would just analyze what brought you to say that. You wouldn’t know whether he was angry, sad, or confused. In all honesty he doesn’t know either.

2p! Romano: ”What? W-what do you mean? You can’t hate me! I promised myself to love you unconditionally and to always protect you! Am I not doing good enough for you? Am… Am I not good enough?” He wouldn’t know how to think. Everything around him would crumble and all he would be able to worry about was you. 

2p! Prussia: ”I knew that this would happen. I thought Roland was right, that you were the one… but I guess not. Please don’t go… please…” Absolutely heartbroken. He would instantly start crying. You were all he needed, all he had. You were his medicine and you helped him through so much. He just wanted to help and love you.

2p! Austria: ”Ha! Impossible! No one could ever hate me, Roland! I give you three days and by then you’ll come back! You’ll see!” He would be in complete denial that you hate him since he thinks of himself as so great. The reality would hit him when you didn’t come back, and he would instantly go out looking for you frantically. He would tell you he is sorry eventually, and he would come to his senses for what seems like a moment.

//Please forgive my sons

Not All Secrets Are Meant To Be Kept

Dean Ambrose x Reader

Warnings: mentions of depression and past infidelity

Authors Note: this is my first fic on tumblr so please bare with me. If you have any requests I would love to hear them! Thank you so much for reading.-ren

Summary: you have spent your whole life alone, that was until you fell in love with Dean Ambrose. But from the very beginning you agreed to keep your relationship a secret, but you can’t keep that secret forever. Mostly fluff & a dash of angst.

You & Dean have been together going on a year & a half. You guys were a perfect fit from the very beginning. Whenever your depression would get the best of you & you would do everything possible to push him away, Dean was always there to lift you up. He does something that very few people in your life have done, he stays. You both make each other better people while also staying true to yourselves & keeping your independence. But your relationship isn’t always so easy, many factors play into that such as the fact that you are on separate brands with Dean on raw and you on smackdown. Dean also has to work along side your ex boyfriend who treated you poorly, but the hardest part about your relationship is the fact that nobody knows about it. At the very beginning of your relationship you both agreed to keep it between the two of you & your close friends (the bella’s, their men, & roman) because they are the closest thing that either of you have to family. You both thought it would be for the best due to you bad past dating a wrestler & Dean preferred to keep his private life just that, private.

It was just about one o’clock on a dry Sunday morning in Vegas, & you were lonely & miserable. Dean, Roman, John, Bryan, & the twins were overseas for the annual tribute to the troops, which you were unable to attend due to a minor concussion your acquired during a live event last week. The only thing that was keeping you sane was the fact that the tour ended yesterday so everyone would be back today & the next string of shows were in the Vegas area. Knowing that you would get to see the people that have become your family soon lifted your spirits greatly. You absolutely hated being alone, especially for long periods of time because there was nothing t distract you from the dark & destructive thoughts that always found a way to creep inside your head. Just as you were starting to get deep into those thoughts your phone beeped signaling that you had a text, it was Dean letting you know that their flight should be landing in about an hour. You were happy that you would finally get to see everyone, but you were upset because you would have to wait for them to get back from the airport & that could take hours. It has already been two weeks since you have seen Dean, your impatiens was getting the best of you, & you just couldn’t wait another second to see your man & you weren’t going to. Before you knew it you were on your way to the airport. By the time you got to the airport & then through security it was announced over the speaker that the flight Dean is on was about to land, causing a smile to creep its way onto your face. As you finally made it to the gate the superstars had just started to exit the plane, but as fate would have it the first person you made eye contact with was your ex aka Seth Rollins. The moment Seth noticed you a smile began to develop on his face, he was hoping that you had come to forgive him and take him back. But those hopes were shattered as your gaze shifted behind him & you were smiling ear to ear. “Dean!” You yelled immediately taking off towards him, the second he heard your voice he snapped his head up & instinctively dropped his bags & opened his arms. Within seconds you were in your mans arms & your lips found his, after a few moments Dean placed you down but made sure to keep his arms around your waist & you kept yours around his neck. “I know we agreed to keep this to ourselves but-“ before you could finish your explanation Dean crashed his lips back in to yours. “Its been a year & a half,” Dean explained “I love you & at this point I don’t care who knows it.” You just smiled before replying “I couldn’t wait another second to see you.” Just as you & Dean were both leaning in for another kiss you were interrupted by three voices that you knew all to well saying “finally!” You looked up to see your best friends all with huge grins on their faces. “Well are you just going to stand there or are you gonna come give me a hug?” You heard Brie say right before you ran into her arms. “Im so happy I can finally get JoJo to stop asking me about you two she’s going to be so excited” Roman said as you pulled him in for a hug. “Does this mean I can actually post the pictures from the holidays this year?” Nikki asked excitedly as you were pulled into her hug, you started to giggle as you heard Dean let out a muffled “no” & Nikki gave him a dirty look. As you started to make your way out of the airport you noticed that Seth hasn’t moved from the spot you last saw him with a look of surprise on his face, he never imagined that you & Dean would ever date never mind fall in love. Everything was a lot for him to take in. As you passed him & saw the look on his face you secretly hoped that he was hurting, just like you were two years ago when you found him in your bed with a women that wasn’t you. But as you walked out of the airport with the people you considered your family you felt happier than you ever have been in your entire life. It was like every ounce of pain you have ever felt was gone & every grudge you ever held never existed.


You were sitting alone in the office of triple h trying to process the news that he just left you with, but you were quickly sniped out of your thoughts when you heard that unique ringtone signaling that you had a FaceTime call. Your face lit up when you saw Bries name flash across your screen, & your smile got even brighter when you came face to face with not only Brie but also Nikki & your goddaughter Birdie. “Is this a bad time?” Brie immediately asked knowing that you were backstage at smackdown live. “No.” you said “this is actually perfect timing, I just received some big news-“ “YOUR PREGNANT!” Nikki interrupted. “Nope not pregnant” you laughed “but I am adding a new addition to the family-“ “OH MY GOSH you are finally getting a puppy!” Nicole yelled “will you let her finish.” Brie scolded causing you to laugh, you always found their bickering so entertaining. “Nope I’m not getting a dog” you explained “just the smackdown live women’s championship.” You revealed in a nonchalant tone, although the huge grin spread across your face gave away your true feelings. Nikki immediately started freaking out & congratulating you, as you were celebrating with Nikki you realized Brie hadn’t said a word yet. “Brie, are you alright?” You asked with genuine concern, “yeah!” She said “I am just speechless, you have waited so long for this. & you have been through so much… you are just finally getting everything you have ever wanted & deserved.” This caused tears to form in your eyes, “I love you guys so much.” You whispered trying no to let her tears fall, “the only thing that could make this day any better is if you guys were here with me, & Dean of course.” “What did he say by the way? When you told him about the title?” Nikki asked, “I haven’t.” You said, “I think I’m just going to surprise him, he usually watches but if he decides not to I will just surprise him when we FaceTime later.” You explained causing both Brie & Nikki to “aww.” “Im sorry that none of us are able to be there with you tonight.” Nikki says. “You are all with me in my heart.” You said, “& Im not all alone Bryan & John are around here somewhere.” Just as the twins were about to reply a crew member interrupted, “the show starts in thirty!” They said & you just nodded in response. “Well that’s my cue.” You said looking back at your phone screen. “Well good luck!” Nikki smiled, “& congrats we will be watching the the whole thing.” Brie reassured you. “Thank you! I love you girls” you said. “We love you more!” The twins said in sync. You blew them a kiss & Brie had Birdie blow you one back before ending the call.
After five years of wrestling & a lifetime of hard work, many ups, and many more downs, you have finally done it. You are officially the smackdown live women’s champion. You sat in the middle of the ring gripping on to YOUR title with tears streaming down your face, this moment felt so unreal. After spending way more time in the ring soaking in your victory than you were supposed to you were finally able to dry your tears & go celebrate. As you made your way up the ramp you turned around to soak in the cheers one last time & you mouthed a thank you, then blew the audience a kiss before making your way backstage. The moment you stepped through that curtain you once again broke down into tears, then as you rounded that corner your tears only grew stronger at the sight that was before you. You came face to face with Roman, John, Bryan, & the Bella’s who were on FaceTime, standing around your boyfriend of three years who was on his knee right in front of you holding the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. Before Dean got the chance to say anything you were already sitting on the floor in front of him kissing him. You pulled away briefly to whisper a soft “yes.” Dean had the biggest smile on his face as he slipped the diamond ring on your left hand, took your face in his hands, looked you in the eyes, & told you he loved you. You then brought Dean in for another kiss as cheers erupted al around you. You finally had everything you ever wanted, & for the first time in your life you truly believe you deserve it.

Still the one

WOOO!! HI! Can u write a blurb about Harry and (Bella?) how they dated for 2years &are still in luv but they are both so busy, Harry is starting in his 1st movie &Bella landed her first lead role in broadway so they both decide to break up &a year later, they bump into each other @an after party &they talk about everything that has happened & both realize they still luv each other but are both seeing people but Harry makes the 1st move.. & surprise me with an ending hehe thank you! Luv ya! It was the afterparty of the premiere of your latest production on Broadway. You were very excited to be playing Sandy in one of the most popular musicals of all time ‘Grease’.

Originally posted by babustyles

The premiere went amazing so you and the cast went inside the venue where the afterparty is held with the biggest smiles. When you all entered there were a lot of sheers and everybody started clapping.

You were really happy and thanked people when they congratulated you. But while you were walking through the crowd you kept looking for that one familiar face.

“hey Y/N! join us in a toast!” one of your other cast members yelled at you over the loud music.

You made your way to the little stage where the rest of the cast is situated. Before you could take you first step on the stair you felt two arms circles around your waist and you immediately smiled.

“Well hello there beautiful.” You heard the familiar voice say. You turned around with a grin and saw Jace’s face. You two had been together for 6 months now and you really liked him. You guys had a lot in common with both being Broadway actors.

You two actually met at one of the afterparty’s of his productions. Jace wasn’t a part of this production because he already had a role for another play.

“Hello to you too.” You said and gave him a peck.

“Can I say that you were amazing up there and that I was a bit jealous the way Tom kissed you at the end.” He said.

“Well compliments are always welcome mister and oh is little Jace jealous?” You said with a teasing tone in your voice. “But let me tell you there is nothing to worry about. Tom is not really my type.” You said and pecked Jace again.

“Good to know because you are all mine!” He said and kissed you.

“Hey Y/N! Leave Jace for a minute and give a this bloody speech!” You heard Tom yell.

You laughed against Jace’s mouth and pulled away.

“You see that guy is trying to get you away from me.” He said in a joking manner.

“Bye you drama queen!” You said to Jace and turned around and stepped on the stage.

You took the microphone from Tom and looked in the crowd.

“Thank you so much for coming out tonight and watch this amazing project that not only I but the rest of the team is very proud of and worked really hard on. We all really appreciate your support and couldn’t wish for a better opening night. But enough of me talking and let’s get this party started!” You yelled the last part in the mic and everybody sheered.

The whole evening was going so great and you were really enjoying yourself. You talked to a lot of people and everybody’s reaction was super positive. You were ordering a drink when all of a sudden you heard a familiar voice.

“Y/N?” You heard that person say and you swallowed. You hadn’t heard that voice in over a year.

You turned around and there he was as handsome as ever. You noticed his hair was short now. You used to always make fun of his long hair but secretly you loved it about him. You loved a lot of things about him.

“Oh hi Harry? What are you doing here?” You asked surprise on your face.

“Well Val is obsessed with Grease so when I heard they were playing the musical on Broadway I got her tickets.” He said and it was only then that you noticed the girl standing next to him. She was very pretty. Long brown hair and a beautiful red dress, not too long not too short. A weird feeling was going over you and you didn’t know why that feeling was there. You didn’t understand why you were bothered about this whole thing. You were over Harry, it has been 2 years since you guys broke up. The break-up was a mutual decision with both your carriers being at the top.
Also you were in a relationship and a happy one. Jace was amazing, you and him have so much in common. Different from you and Harry. You guys did have things in common yet you two were so different on so many levels.

You cleared your throat and said. “I hope you both enjoyed the play then.” And gave harry and Val a forced smile.

“You were amazing Y/N. You truly are my favorite Broadway actress and finally seeing you live is a dream come true.” Val said and leaned into Harry, a genuine smile covering her face.

“Thank you.” You said not taking your eyes of the way she was holding Harry’s hand.

You give yourself a mental slap. Dammit Y/N get yourself together! The awkwardness that was surrounding you 3 only got worse when Jace suddenly came behind you.

“Y/N finally, I have been looking for you for ages.” Jace said and kissed you on the cheek. He then looked at Harry and offered his hand.

“Hi, I am Jace. Y/N boyfriend. It’s hard holding track of her. Popular thing she is.’ He said with a teasing smile. You looked at Harry and saw him offering Jace his hand and a fake smile. You know it was a fake smile because you have seen him do it a lot of times when paparazzi was bothering you when you were going out. His real smile makes his dimples pop and his eyes were this light green.

Jace actually didn’t really know about your past with Harry. You also didn’t know about his ex-girlfriends. It just wasn’t a subject you both discussed.

“Harry and my this is my friend Valarie.” He said. ‘Friend’ so no girlfriend and by just that word you felt your muscles loosen a bit.

Jace tried to keep conversation going and Valarie was just as much invested in the conversation. It was you and Harry that were very quiet.

“Y/N?” Jace asked and you snapped out of your thoughts.

“Yes, sorry.” You said and gave him a little smile.

“I just said I was going to introduce Valerie to the rest of the crew. She says she is a big Broadway fan. You coming?” He asked.

“Eeuh I am going to stay here and sit for a while. My feet are a bit soar.” You said to him.

“Okay, no problem. See you soon and don’t run of again.” He said and gave you a quick peck.

When Valerie and Jace left it was just you and Harry alone.

“So, you fancy a drink?” Harry asked while scratching his neck. A habit he had when he was in an unconfutable situation.

“Sure.” You said and gave him a little smile.

“Manhattan?” He asked and you smiled at all the memories you had with him and a Manhattan. It was your favorite drink and you once got really drunk and started talking about how you wanted to adopt a puppy. Talking about how sad it is those puppies were at a center with no family to love. Harry had a tough time that night trying to convince you adopting a puppy isn’t the best idea. Because fun fact you are allergic.

“Of course.” You said and laughed a little.

“Here you go” He said and handed you your drink.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Congratulations you were amazing up there.” He said and you smiled.

“Thank you.” You said and took a sip from your drink. There was an awkward silence after that until Harry spoke again.

“So, how are you?”

“I am good, you?” You didn’t understand why it was so awkward, you were over him. Or weren’t you?

“I am good too, so, Jace looks like a nice guy.” He said and looked down at his drink.

“Yeah he’s great.” You said and Harry nodded. “So does Valerie you know.” You said and Harry nodded again.

“Yeah, she is a great friend. How long have you and Jace been dating?” He asked jealousy clear in his voice. “About 6 months I think.” You said.

“How long have you and Valerie been friendly?” You asked a bit of hesitation in you voice at the end.

“I met Valerie on set of Dunkirk. She was one of the assistants there.” He said.

“oh.” Was all you could say.

“I am not really dating her if that is something that is bothering you.” He said.

“Oh god no. I don’t care who you date and not date.” You said and that was clearly a lie. You know Harry noticed it too. A little smile was now evident on his face because of your jealousy.

“So, you and Jace. You guys in love?” He asked. “No god!” you said immediately and clapped your hands over your mouth shocked by the way that came out.

“I mean….It’s a bit to early for that.” You tried to save the situation but knew it was too late. Harry now had a big grin on his face and mockingly said. “Yeah of course.”

You rolled your eyes but couldn’t help the smile either.

“He is great. Really but O don’t know if he is my type.” You said.

“Well then who is your type?” Harry asked and started leaning closer. You gulped not really knowing what to say and the proximity of your bodies wasn’t helping.

“Long hair?” You said but it came out as more of a question.

“Well damn, if only I knew that is what you like.” He said still leaning closer until your lips were touching.

You couldn’t help it and started kissing and this was wrong really wrong. You weren’t the type to cheat so when your senses finally kicked in again you pulled away.

“No.” You said. “I am not a cheater.”

“What are you going to do about that?” Harry asked his forehead still touching yours.

“I don’t know.” You said.

Harry pulled away and said. “I am sorry. This wasn’t how I imagined the night to go.”

“No problem.” You said with a blush on your cheaks.

“How about coffee? Tomorrow?” He asked.

“That sounds nice.” You answered.


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