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queen of lovers
feels like i'm tripping, i'm falling hard from the highest heights / when i crash where will you be? / i think your hair looks much better pushed over to one side / how do you feel about me? // makes sense that shes one of the phantom thieves bc she certainly did still my heart- // this was supposed to be finished/uploaded on her birthday but im rlly lazy so :// hate late bday my love !

queen of lovers - an ann takamaki playlist

  1. kill v. maim / grimes
  2. drop pop candy / jubyphonic (8tracks only)
  3. superlove / charli xcx
  4. most girls / hailee steinfeld
  5. cool girl / tove lo
  6. bombshell blonde / owl city (8tracks only)
  7. sucker / charli xcx
  8. new rules / dua lipa
  9. sorry not sorry / demi lovato
  10. teen idle / marina and the diamonds
  11. queen of hearts / we the kings

spotify link -> here!

i can’t do eye makeup or anything yet bc it’s late and i’m lazy, but hey we have progress

also yes of course i’m gonna end up doing g what else do you expect from me-


The son of Sheriff Stilinski, Scott McCall’s best friend and the boyfriend of Lydia Martin. He was the first member of Scott’s Pack and continued to help Scott throughout high school as he faced the various complications of being a young werewolf. After high school, Stiles left Beacon Hills for an internship with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. He is currently attending a six-month program at Quantico, Virginia. Only to return to help Scott’s Pack win one last battle. Saving the town Beacon Hills along with the Pack. He remains a loyal member of the Mccall Pack to this day. 

He is portrayed by Dylan O'Brien

Farewell, Mieczysław “Stiles” Stilinski // Teen Wolf (2011 - 2017)


lgbtq meme: 6 gay/lesbian characters » elena alvarez, one day at a time

When I think about love, I see myself someday loving a woman.


from now on to the end of my life, you are mine and I am yours
while the sun rises from the east and sets in the west, you are my sun, my moon, and my stars

Happy birthday ZEN! (*’∀’人)♥


Andrew flicked him a cool look. “I told her what would happen if she raised her hand again. She had no right to act so surprised.