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[x]: Because people were too lazy to watch the video, but instead, took [x] at face value.

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This is a genuine question, not meant to be rude at all, but why do some people like Jasper? I just can't bring myself to think anything positive at all about her besides maybe she'd be an interesting character and I like her character design. But she seems to have hurt so many people/gems and have like... few redeeming qualities? Idk I'm just trying to understand! n-n And she's hurt so many characters that I love. Yes thanks if u reply!!

hi there, anon! this has been in my inbox for a while, but it’s time

Let’s Talk About Jasper

(crewniverse art by angie wang)

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trans timmy turner headcanons

1. when timmy was assigned fairy god parents, one of the first wishes he made was that he could have a “boy” body. when his mom and dad saw that timmy had gone from having a girl body to a boy body, he then wished that his parents memories would be altered so that they thought timmy had always been designated male at birth.

2. before timmy made that wish, his parents had been… supportive… of him, but also didn’t grasp the concept very well. they’re not the smartest, after all. they didn’t take it seriously at first. then when timmy absolutely insisted at the age of four that they call him timmy and let him dress like a boy, they finally took it seriously and allowed him to do as he pleased, even if they didn’t really get it.

3. in the episode where timmy wishes to be a girl, he has a thought in the back of his mind that he really honestly wonders what he would have been like had he been born with the mind of a girl. upon becoming a girl - both mentally and physically - he finally understands what it would be like if he’d been born a girl.

4. wanda and cosmo don’t ever question it when timmy asks to be a boy. they’ve had several transgender kids in the past. hell, a lot of fairies are trans or non-binary. even cosmo sometimes feels agender or non-binary in general.

5. timmy, although being a trans boy, sometimes goes through his boxes of old girl clothes and puts them on simply because he thinks he looks cute in them. why should clothing have a gender anyway?

6. one time remy buxaplenty sent juandissimo to spy on timmy and his fairies and jaundissimo heard timmy talking about how he used to have a girl body. juandissimo informs remy of this and the next time remy and timmy meet, remy makes a snide remark about it and wanda almost poofs him into space, she’s so angry.

7. sometimes timmy has nightmares about losing cosmo and wanda and all his wishes being undone. those undone wishes include his body change. he’s stuck in a female body again and he shakes in his sleep and sometimes wakes up in a cold sweat, frantically grasping at his chest to make sure it’s still flat and checking to see if cosmo and wanda are still there. other times, he doesn’t wake up. instead, he tosses and turns and shakes until it wakes wanda up and she has to run her fingers through his hair and hush him until he calms down. more often than not, she knows what he’s dreaming about from his sleep talking and she goes back to bed in tears, burrowing her face in cosmo’s back and telling him that she wishes timmy wasn’t so scared and how scared she is of him losing them. the idea of timmy having to go back to being stuck in a body he’ll always feel dysphoric in horrifies her.

8. any time one of timmy’s classmates makes a queerphobic/transphobic joke, timmy
has cosmo and wanda make them walk into a wall.

9. remy eventually apologizes for insulting timmy about being trans. timmy accepts the apology.

So I was talking to @ohboyafangirl​ about what, specifically, makes Nomi so good. What can we learn from her?

And just, some of the things she’s brought up and that I’ve noticed.

Her Transition isn’t the Focus Of The Story

She’s a hacker, she’s an activist, she has fucking telepathic powers. She does so many things to drive the plot and she’s a full fleshed out character on her own. Her gender’s never really called into question directly (aside from one scene in the first episode), just people using the wrong name and pronouns and them being corrected. She doesn’t really talk about her past or her transition too much until it’s time for backstory development. Her dick has NEVER even been mentioned (yet), not even in her multiple sex scenes, and this is a show where most of the characters have partaken in full frontal nudity. 

Being Trans Has Still Shaped Who She Is

She’s still undeniably trans, and it’s still a fundamental part of who she is. The thing is, we see how it’s shaped her and the people around her, rather than having the story be based around her. 

She dislikes her mother, who refuses to accept her for who she is. Friends she hasn’t seen in years are completely blindsided by the fact that she’s transitioned. (And even then, Gender’s Not Questioned: He says “Mike’s hot now” instead of “Mike’s a girl now”). She talks about how she’s had nobody to defend her ‘like that’ and she gives a VERY powerful speech on what it means to be a trans woman at pride at one point. 

Compare this to Poison’s depiction in the Street Fighter games, where’s she’s basically portrayed as a cis woman until it’s time to crack a transphobic joke at her. 

More to come on this topic.

your reminder that lena dunham is a transphobic

not only did her show ‘Girls’ have a t slur joke in it, she literally tweeted “put your hands down your pants - do you have a vagina? do you want to be in charge of it? congrats your a feminist” or something to that effect.