or her phone


Watching all this PLL has me thinking what a joke it would be to try to blackmail or coerce me to do anything.

‘A’ would be like, “this girl doesn’t even know where her phone is half the time, and she hasn’t left her apartment in 4 days. She doesn’t care if she lives or dies, this is a waste of my time.”

C: I don’t know if I’m being extra or what, but i find it very annoying when my friend wants to go through my phone. She will go through my music playlist, my photos, my screenshots, my videos, my apps, my social media accounts, my messages, my contact list. She stay wanting to play with my phone when she have one of her own. I don’t feel the need to go through her phone so why is she asking for mines? We been friends for a long time, but when she does that it makes me cringe.

Of All The Flights

It was probably fairly creepy of him, watching this woman while waiting to board his plane, but Joe couldn’t help it.

He was captivated.

Not that she was doing anything special, just fiddling with her camera and checking her phone, waiting to get on a plane just the same as him, the same as all the people sat around them.

Perhaps it was the way her hair fell around her face, or the way her eyes were studying, drifting from person to person before falling back onto the devices in her lap. Maybe it was the way she occasionally lifted a hand to the necklace she had on, moving the small charm back and forth on the chain, or perhaps just the calming feeling she seemed to be giving off.

Whatever it was, Joe couldn’t bring himself to look away.

So when she happened to look up, meeting his stare, he panicked. But then she offered him a kind smile, one that he was thankfully able to return, before she blushed and ducked her head, looking back down at the phone in her hand.

Knowing he needed to stop, he finally dragged his eyes away from her, lifting them to the board that held information for the flights, including the one he had been patiently waiting for.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for his eyes to drift back over to where she was sitting.

Or…where she had been sitting. Because she was gone.

But her camera was still there.

Joe knew first hand how much panic forgetting a camera could cause, so he was out of his seat quickly, slinging his carry on bag over his shoulder as he crossed over to her vacated seat, picking up the camera quickly.

Glancing around, he saw a glimpse of her in the crowd. With the camera in hand, Joe began to weave his way through the bodies, doing his best to keep an eye on her, not wanting to lose her before he could return the camera.

“Excuse me, sorry, excuse me…” He mumbled to the disgruntled people, ignoring the looks being sent in his direction.

Once he was within arms reach of the woman, he tapped her briefly on the shoulder, smiling when she looked over at him.

“Hi,” Joe said, thrusting the camera towards her suddenly, “Sorry, but I saw you leave this at your seat and thought you might want it back.”

“Oh,” She blushed, taking it gently, “Thank you. Don’t know what I would have done if I lost that.”

“I understand that,” He laughed, “My camera is my job.”

“Mine too.”


“Youtuber.” She corrected, and went to open her mouth to explain, but he shook his head quickly.

“I know what it is, I’m one too.” He smiled, “I’m Joe, by the way.”


“Nice to meet you, Y/N.” He replied, and before he could say anything else, the boarding call for his section was announced. “I have to go…”

“Me too.” She smiled sadly, “But thanks for returning the camera.” She lifted it, “And I’ll find you online.”

“I hope you like the videos.” Joe sent her one last smile before turning and weaving back through the crowd towards his gate, glancing over his shoulder one last time, but she had already disappeared.

It was just after he had settled into his seat, prepared for the long flight ahead of him, that he heard his name: “Joe?”

Glancing up, he let out a surprised laugh, because there Y/N was, ticket and passport in hand.

“You’re on this flight too?”

“Yeah,” She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear shyly, “Just a few seats back, actually.”

“Imagine that.”

“Miss,” The flight attendant appeared at her side, “I just need you to take your seat…”

“Right, sorry!” Y/N glanced over at Joe, “Come find me when you’re allowed?”

“Will do.”

“See you soon then.” She sent him a smile before finally making her way to her own seat, leaving him sat there, shaking his head in disbelief.

Of all the planes and all the flights…

The flight itself flew by, with the two of them jumping back and forth to each other’s seats, talking first about their YouTube career’s before shifting onto other topics, slowly getting to know each other. And Joe simply found himself becoming more and more captivated by the woman he had been staring at in the airport.

For the first time ever, he found himself sad when the plane began its descent into London, knowing that it meant he’d have to say goodbye to Y/N, when he was only just starting to say hello.

The two walked slowly down the hallway, letting the people rush past them, wanting to get through security and get their bags and leave, but not them. They were in no rush, wanting to spend just that little bit longer together.

But eventually, they made it to security, and then to luggage, and then they were outside, the noise of traffic loud around them.

“Thank you again for returning my camera,” Y/N said, stepping closer to him as someone brushed past her.

“I’m glad I did.” He smiled down at her, “Thanks for making my flight enjoyable.”

“Any time.”

They fell into a brief lull of silence, before Joe worked up the courage: “Can I get your number?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” She giggled softly, reaching for the phone he had pulled out of his pocket. “And if I’m honest,” She looked up from under her lashes, a shy smile on her lips, “I was hoping you’d come talk to me from the moment you started staring at me.”

“You noticed that, huh?”

“You weren’t very subtle about it.”


“I’m not.” She replied, handing his phone back over to him.

“Well, then neither am I.”


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Lockscreen’s from this twitter called bittersweet I think? But I can’t seem to find it anymore (╥_╥) My home screen is from the twitter kookiechimm - her art is amazing and I love how cute this one is!! Okay and last song is (not bts but it’s) something I’d totally recommend even though it isn’t a title track ( ^ ~ ^ )/ 

AND okay so there’s a story: I went to school for a project meeting yesterday (28th), and my friend took one look at my shirt and then checked her phone and was like “WRONG DAY! You should wear that tomorrow!!” Bc yeah March 29… So here’s my selfie for 29th March even though it’s not any special day bc shirt calls for it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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Candid Convos Vol 2 with TS Ashley AKA you mad? Edition

Pretext: CTR made a post on her asking for thoughts and experience. I’ve never seen her but I tried to on two occasions. The whole set up process and talking to her on the phone was not good at all. Shes just very rude and not welcoming. So I expressed that. Well Ashley Doll didnt take to kindly to that and wanted to let me know lol

She went on to block. I will admit she did get me with that Kim shit even that was years ago. But now we are going to have fun. Stay tuned……..

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Do you think Lena is familiar with selfie? Like if Kara randomly takes her phone out and takes their selfie Lena might not really sure what kind of face she should make (and end up looking awkward)

Ha! I love this. Lena would probably find selfies to be a bit pointless and never bothered to take one herself. But when Kara takes her phone and decides to try and snap a cute one, Lena tries because Kara would just be too adorable. Of course it would look at little awkward at first and Lena wouldn’t be too pleased with the picture and would just kind of wince and say it looks awful. Kara would be so sweet about it and tell Lena she looks beautiful. Then they would take a few more. Funny faces, cute smiles, Katie’s famous cheek kisses. Perfect. Headcanon accepted!

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Niall blurb - The Studio

Brie sighed as she heard her phone text message go off. She knew it would be Niall and she knew he would be bailing on her. Again. She looked over at the small table she had taken the time to set just right and felt tears spring to her eyes as she glanced down at her phone.

Sorry, love. Stayin’ late at the studio again. I know you had planned an amazing dinner for us tonight. Raincheck? xo

She brushed away the tears as she started to respond.

Ok. See you later.

No x’s and o’s. No kiss emoji. She was tired of being stood up. She felt like she didn’t even have a boyfriend anymore. And she was damn sick of it. She tossed her phone onto the couch just as it started buzzing. Niall.

“What, Ni.” She asked shortly.

“Babe, you okay?” He sounded concerned.

“I’m fine, what makes you think I’m not?” The coolness of her tone was probably a clue.

“Umm…well, your text seemed like you were pissed,” he sounded unsure as he spoke.

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It’s been 7 months since I last spoke to the girl who used to be my best friend in the entire world. It really feels like no time at all, i feel like I could just phone her and it’d be as if we were 17 again. I miss those days. But life doesn’t stop for anyone.

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No need to answer, I just wanted you to know that I love hearing your stories. I haven't seen any pictures of your face but I have seen your witchsonas and those gave me the impression that you have a sweet, innocent, lovely face and that when you interact with people, they expect like a pink fluffy sparkly peep. But the you get all fierce as fuck. Anyway I just love the idea of horribly shocked people stumbling out of your coffee shop, wondering how the peep got so fierce at them :)

lol it’s sorta like that. my “customer service” voice is overly bubbly and girlish and it scared my mom when i answered a phone near her and immediately went into that voice

Can’t Sleep

This prompt “It’s okay, I couldn’t sleep anyways” was requested by @kmmcm with some Bixanna :) Enjoy!

Her tired eyes counted the ceiling tiles for the hundredth time that night. No matter how desperately she willed it, sleep would not come for her. Closing her eyes, she turned onto her other side trying to find that perfect, comfortable position that would help her fall asleep. Why she couldn’t fall asleep was beyond her. It’s not like a certain someone had been preoccupying her thoughts all night…

Lisanna’s eyes snapped open at the shrill ring of her cell phone. She glanced at the name of the caller. Speak of the devil. What was he doing calling her at two in the morning?

“Hello?” She answered.

“Lisannaaaa-” A male voice sang out, bursting into giggles afterward.


“I’m sorry I’m calling so late. I just wanted to hear your voice.” Bickslow was drunk. Judging by the slur in his speech, he was very drunk.

Lisanna felt her face flush at his words. They had only just started talking to each other as more than friends (or so Lisanna thought) and he had never been so forward before.

“Oh, it’s okay. I couldn’t sleep anyways.” She should probably hang up. Spare them both from the embarrassment that was sure to come, but she couldn’t bring herself to disconnect the call.

“Were you up late thinkin’ ‘bout me?” Lisanna could hear the smirk in his voice. Her face flushed even more, it’s not like he really knew, right? She should hang up now.

“Bickslow, I should-” She began, planning to end the call as soon as possible.

“LIsannaaaa, I have to tell you something.” Lisanna froze at his words. What could he possibly have to say? Her mind instantly went to the worst possible outcome. “I really, really like you. Like, I like like you.” Lisanna sucked in her breath. “I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember.”


“When I sober up tomorrow, I’m gonna ask you to be my girlfriend. So clear your plans tomorrow!”

A loud bang caused Lisanna to pull the phone from her ears. Strong static followed and she could hear Bickslow cursing in the background before the call disconnected. She looked at the phone for a second before a loud squeal erupted from her lips. Remembering that her siblings were sleeping, she rolled over and squealed into her pillows while her legs kicked excitedly.

The squeal died down into a yawn as a wave of sleepiness washed over her. A soft smile spread across her lips as she pulled the blankets back up around her. She welcomed the sudden onset of tiredness. The sooner she got to sleep, the sooner it would be tomorrow and she was definitely looking forward to tomorrow.

"Love whore"

A friend explained this concept to me the other day (love whore) and I think it fits you perfectly.

You don’t love people, you don’t know how.

You love love.

You love the idea of love.

You fall in love with everyone at a snap of a finger.

Had a good conversation? Now you’re in love and she’s the woman who makes you happy.

Went on a couple of dates? Maybe she’s The one for you.

Talked to her on the phone (even if our generation hates phone calls)? She must be wife material

She met your friends and they liked her? WOW. She must be the mother of your children!

Your sister or cousin or maybe even your mother talked to her? DAMN! You have to propose!

Your feelings are so fake and volatile.

I wonder why I thought your “love” for me was ever real.

You had a great time, bedded the stupid virgin. Congratulations, you just may get a medal.

I wish I had seen what a liar you were before I had left my heart in your hands


i like to call this game ‘aixa makes shitty icons because she had a lot of nice-looking photos of her city on her phone and wanted to do something with them’ . yes i made the sunrise one twice but one with special drawing-effect shiz because i liked it okay. stop judging me. please reblog and give credit if you use! (but no one will let’s be real these are shIT)

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(For the Norman Interview) How did you guys meet? Did you guys hit it off right away? Does she know you more than you know yourself? (And vice versa) What's your favorite thing about her? Lol this idea sounds really cute 😭😭😭

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Q: How did you guys meet?

NR: We met actually when she was stood up. I was in a bar with Andy and Steven after filming one day and I saw her alone at a table. She kept looking at her phone, never getting any notification, we all knew she was waiting for something, someone. An hour passed and he never showed. So Andy is like, ‘you gotta talk to her’ and I was like ‘me?!’. Like, you guys know me, I’m just so awkward but they’re both married and little bitches so I had to. I was gonna wait but when she got up to leave I had to think quick. I got up and was like ‘Don’t leave, I’m here’ and she kept packing up, so then I picked up my pace, put a hand on her side and kissed her cheek and we ate dinner.

Q: Did you guys hit it off right away?

NR: Well she was a fan of the show, so she wasn’t against eating dinner with me. She was really nervous, as I’d imagine but wasn’t weird. We got past that awkward stage quick and immediately were into a full conversation, so yeah, we did.

Q: Does she know you more than you know yourself?

NR: I mean, everyone does in all honesty

Q: Do you know her more than she knows herself?

NR: My good boyfriend answer would be, yeah. But I’m not sure, I’m not a great boyfriend but I try, ya know?

Q:  What’s your favorite thing about her?

NR: I mean, where do I start. That’s so cliche but it’s true. She’s got a great smile, laugh, knows how to joke around. She can still wear sweats and a hoodie with no makeup around me without a care. We can eat together, like, eat. She’s just real, you know? Sees me for more than ‘Daryl Dixon’ or ‘Murphy MacManus’, she sees me as little ol’ messy klutz Norman

Yikes, that got long, Thanks for ur questions tho anon ! <3