or headband

I don’t like how Ch.700 Naruto doesn’t wear his headband! It meant so much to him to get it from Iruka. He always wanted Sasuke to wear his when they fought. He even kept Sasuke’s all that time so he could return it! So why the hell is he not wearing his anymore?! That’s why Ch.700 Naruto is not my Naruto.- anonymous confession


@harrysayingnympho sorry this is late, i did actually do it when you first tagged me as an audio post on my phone but the app is weird about what audio posts you can upload and i was to lazy to figure out how lmao

Also sorry i go off on tangents a lot so idek what I’m on 😂😂 and im not tagging anyone cos no one should be subjected to watching this video

(oh i forgot the accent question, the answer is yes, pretty sure we all do}