or he's sniffing his finger

Tired- Remus Lupin Imagine

Summary: A little bit of sleepy Remus almost-smut, set just after the marauder’s time at Hogwarts.

Warning: almost-smut of questionable quality 

A/N: I started this with every intention of going all the way, but I’ve been working on this for 5+ months, so I have admit defeat. 

Remus had rolled out of bed early that morning, having to get ready to go to work. You knew he didn’t enjoy working long shifts at the Three Broomsticks, but unfortunately the two of you needed the money.

You, however had a rare day off. Apart from planning to drop into the Order headquarters to see if anything needed doing later on, you had the day free to spend how you wished. You were just building up the motivation to follow your boyfriend out of the bedroom and see if he wanted breakfast, but he returned with his hair fixed and his work clothes on. He leaned over you and placed a soft kiss on your forehead, murmuring a quick “get some more rest, love.” before he was out the door and on his way. You sighed, hoping for his sake that the day wouldn’t be too hard on him. Before you could think of anything else, your eyelids drooped and you were asleep again. 

Once you had woken up for good, it was half past nine in the morning. You got ready for the day and tidied up the flat a bit before you apparated to the Order of the Phoenix headquarters, but there wasn’t anything for you to do. With no other choices, you apparated back to yours and Remus’ flat to keep house.

You heard Remus’ key in the door at around 5 in the evening, prompting you to drop the spoon you were stirring dinner with and rush down the hallway to greet him, waving your wand over your shoulder to turn down the heat on the stove as an afterthought. He was in the process of slowly removing his coat once you reached him. He gave you a tired smile, allowing you to peck his cheek and take his coat to the bedroom for him. 

When you returned, you found him sitting in the armchair with his head tilted back against it. You coo sympathetically and kiss his forehead. 
“Do you want some tea?” you offered, hating how worn out he was.
“Mmm, that sounds amazing”
You hurried off to put the kettle on to boil, and checked to make sure dinner wasn’t burning before going back to Remus. Once he saw you he stretched his arms out for a hug, which you gladly gave him, sitting on his lap and wrapping your arms loosely around his neck. He sniffed the air curiously. 
“You making dinner?” he murmured, softly stroking his fingers up and down your thigh. You nodded, earning a grateful groan and a kiss on the corner of your mouth from him. You combed your fingers through the hair on the back of his neck, smiling at him.
“What did I do to deserve you?” he mumbles, brushing his thumb over your jaw. You laugh and bite your lip at his cheesy remark. 

You readjusted yourself so you were straddling him, his hands immediately moving to your hips, squeezing gently and shooting you a lazy smile. You undid the top two buttons of his shirt and rolled up his sleeves in an effort to make him more comfortable. He grinned appreciatively and leaned up to press a slow kiss to your lips, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you closer. You coax his mouth open with your own, moving your hands to caress his jaw. He traced his tongue across your bottom lip, his movements slow and lazy. Suddenly, Remus leaned back against the armchair, making you tip forward with a small yelp. He huffs out a laugh and leaves a trail of kisses down your neck as a form of an apology. You slowly unbutton more of his shirt, taking time to softly run your fingertips over his scarred skin. He follows your lead and slides your skirt further up your thighs, letting his hands rest on your bum, squeezing gently. He presses a warm, open-mouthed kiss to your collarbone, making your breath hitch. You slide your hands back up his chest and push his now unbuttoned shirt off his shoulders, before placing a trail of kisses leading from his jaw down to his chest. Remus moves his hands off your bum to slowly push your top further up your back. You lean back onto his thighs and pull your top over your head, dropping it onto the floor. You hear him murmur a soft “beautiful” before he dips his head down to press more open-mouthed kisses to your now exposed chest. He reaches around you and unclasps your bra, letting it fall to the ground, before continuing kissing down your sternum. You shuffle forward so you are closer to him and feel his growing length against your thigh. Remus trails his fingers over your body until he reaches your thighs, before sliding his hands back up and under your skirt. You inhale sharply when you feel his index finger rub against your clothed clit.

“You’re so pretty, Y/N.” He says softly,moving your panties aside and dipping his finger into you before returning to your clit.
“You’re not too bad yourself, Remus” You say breathily, tipping your head back slightly and closing your eyes, enjoying the feeling of his fingers against your clit and is tongue against your breasts. He moves one hand around to your back, unzipping your skirt and letting it slip down your legs before you kick it of the rest of the way. You return to straddling him, slowly unbuckling his belt, biting down on your lip. He smiles before pulling you into a slow and passionate kiss. You push his pants down as far as you can and palm him over his boxers. You smirk when you hear his breath hitch and dip your fingers below the waistband teasingly, tracing your fingernails softly along his skin. 

“Come on, Y/N,” He sighs, grinning. “Stop teasing.” You obey and push his boxers down his thighs. 

I miss her [Part 14/...]

Originally posted by sxy-seabass

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 1334
Warning: reader is crying. Bucky is a caring bf!

Summary: Bucky and [Y/N] found themselves in the 21st century, the only problem - [Y/N] doesn’t know that Bucky is still alive and that he tries to find a way to get back into her life.


And here is another chapter. Because my pc didn’t want to work, I took me so long. Sorry sweeties! xx

“You have to try this one!” Natasha shouted through the whole shop while Wanda was standing next to the fitting rooms where [Y/N] was trying on some dresses when she heard her friend shouting. She chuckled and came out of her fitting room to look for Natasha who came back with another jacket “I love the design and those killer rivets on it”

“It also fits to your red dress” Wanda winked when Natashas phone rang. Mumbling, the former assassine took out her phone and answered the call “What’s up, Stark?”

“Frosty and his boyfriend found something really interesting. You should come back to the headquarters. And be quick, they’re getting very nervous over here” Tony answered and mumbled the last few words before Natasha looked over to [Y/N] and Wanda “Okay, we try to come back as fast as we can. Tell Barnes and Rogers they should keep calm. It can’t be that important”

“If it wouldn’t be important, we wouldn’t call you!” she heard Bucky from the other side of the line as Nat rolled her eyes “Calm down, Barnes. We’ll be there in a few minutes…”

“Is everything alright?” [Y/N] asked when she heard her mentioning Bucky. The former assassine shrugged and put her phone back in her purse “I don’t know but Tony called me and said we should come back to the headquarters because your boyfriend and Steve found something interesting”

“Okay…” Wanda blinked a few times as she put all the clothes back on the hanging rail next to the fitting rooms “Then we should go back if it’s that important”

It wasn’t long before the trio came back to the facility and [Y/N] went straight to the common room when Friday told her that Bucky was waiting there for her to come back. Something bad happened, that was all [Y/N] knew. Steve and Bucky would never call if it wasn’t important.

Bucky was sitting on the table when [Y/N] came into the room. Immediately he stood up from the table and pulled her to his chest while he nuzzled his face into her neck. Worried, [Y/N] ran her fingers through his hair as she returned the gesture and hugged him “What happened, sweetheart? Why should we come home so quickly?”

“I’m sorry, [Y/N]. For everything that you will hear in the next minutes, I’m sorry” Bucky mumbled into her [y/h/c] locks before she pulled away and gave him a look of concern “James…what are you talking about?”

Before Bucky could start to explain everything to his girlfriend, tears began to form in his eyes what made [Y/N] worry and she pulled him into another hug “What’s going on, baby? Why are you crying? Hey…calm down, I’m here. You’re fine, Bucky”

Slowly the former Winter Soldier pulled away from [Y/N] and sniffed before he ran his fingers through his brown thatch as he began to calm down “Last night, I had a dream. And it wasn’t one of the good ones. It was a nightmare. You were tied to a chair and bruised. There was blood everywhere. On your shirt and on your cheeks. You tried to speak to me, you were pleading me to help you but I couldn’t do it…I was the Winter Soldier. It wasn’t me standing there”

Another tear fell down his right cheek as he told her about his dream when [Y/N] laid her hands on his cheeks and kissed his foreheard softly. Their foreheads touched as she whispered softly “It was just a dream, honey. HYDRA won’t take me away from you. We’re safe. We are both safe here”

“That’s not the worst thing about it” he took her hands from his cheeks and held them tight as Bucky looked deeply into her eyes. His own were a bit red from crying when he explained “What I dreamed was not just a dream, sweetheart. It was a memory…”

[Y/N]’s heart stood still when those words left her boyfriend’s lips and Bucky let go of her hands to pull her with him to the desk where Tony normally works when they talk about the upcoming missions. Gently Bucky pushed her down on the office chair and opened the file he found together with his best friend.

In the next moment, thousands of images of the Winter Soldier and his partner came up. [Y/N]’s eyes widened when she saw the pictures of Bucky and the girl next to him. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail while she was wearing a mask and some goggles, similar to those the Winter Soldier wore. Another image showed the girl with a machine gun, the Winter Soldier covering her.

That girl was [Y/N].

“Steve and I found out that HYDRA found you a few years after you were put into cryo. They made experiments and…turned you into another Winter Soldier. We were a team, [Y/N]. But after a few years, you seemed unnecessary and HYDRA put you back into cryo and brought you back to the old labour where Steve found you years later” Bucky explained to her as [Y/N] stood up and left the room quickly while tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Quickly Bucky followed her down the hall where [Y/N] made her way to the elevator and tried to hold back another sob but she failed and sank to the floor. Gloomy Bucky kneeled down in front of her and helped [Y/N] up to her feet before he pulled her into a hug “I’m so sorry, baby. But we’re safe. HYDRA is dead. They won’t hurt you. But if anyone ever tries to lay a hand on my girl, they will be dead before they can ask for forgiveness”

“How could I not know this? I mean, you were always there and…I don’t remember a damn thing. You got your memory back, almost completely. Why can’t I remember these events?” [Y/N] cried into his chest when the doors of the elevator opened and revealed Steve.

Worried, the leader of the group saw how his friends were hugging each other while [Y/N] was crying into Bucky’s chest. He sighed and left the elevator “[Y/N]…”

Slowly she pulled away from her boyfriend who wiped the tears from her faces and kissed her temple as [Y/N] looked up at Steve when he continued “I’m sorry for what happened and you can believe me that we will do everything to keep you and Bucky safe. I think, that’s the reason why Nemesis is looking for you two. But they won’t come close to you. The headquarters are the safest facility in whole New York. Besides Bucky will protect you”

Still sniffling, [Y/N] nodded and leaned into Bucky’s side who stroke her back while he kissed her head from time to time. Steve gave her a soft smile before he left the couple alone.

“You know what we will do now?” Bucky held her tight and kissed her forehead “We will go in our bedroom, I will make you your favourite tea and then we will watch some films. What do you think?”

“Sounds perfect to me” [Y/N] sniffled and gave him a quick smile as she followed Bucky up to her bedroom where she laid down in bed and Bucky carpeted her before he went down to the kitchen where he made her some of her [y/f/t] tea. Smiling he came back to her and put the mug down on her nightstand “There you go, sweetheart”

He gave [Y/N] another kiss and sat down next to her. She snuggled up to him immediately and press the play button as the film began to play.

There were people looking for them, that was true. And Bucky knew it as well. They would come sooner or later to take them back. Nemesis would turn them back into the monsters they were years before and wipe them again. But James would do anything to keep [Y/N] safe. Even if it means he has to take the bullet for [Y/N].

Part 15

I don’t know how long this fic will be but there will be more chapters… And I have a request. Pls comment and tell me what you think about my fic. What you like, what you don’t like. You don’t know how much this means to me! Love ya! xxx

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cutesy-poopsie | ollie

anon wanted alfie’s daughter and ollie being cute and he’s such a puppy it’s no wonder alfie adopted him as his work!son

You threw a look down the walkway before you pushed Ollie back into a row of barrels.

“No, no, no. Not here! You’re going to get me in trouble”

“Shut up and kiss me. You haven’t kissed me all day. I’m wasting away here!”

“If your dad catches us-”

“He’ll shout at you to get back to work and you’ll run off like the cute little puppy that you are. But apart from that he’s in a meeting and we’re fine for like five minutes. Minutes that are wasting away that could be spent kissing me!”

“He’ll kill me”

“He won’t kill you, don’t be dramatic”

“He will kill me. Horrifically. Over a long period of time”

You rolled your eyes and settled back against the makeshift wall.

“We need to talk about what happens when he finds out about us”

“Oh, Ollie. Sweetie. He knows about us”

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600 Follower Ficlet (10/10)

I’m going to preface this by saying I was wrong, @ilovetinycreatures!  My spots were NOT full up when you sent in your request, so it has made the list!  My apologies for the confusion!

The request is for Spones with the prompt  “What? You don’t trust me?”

I took some creative licenses with Vulcan physiology (most notably - it’s not defined in canon exactly how Vulcan blood carries oxygen, so I took an idea and ran with it).

Leonard cursed under his breath as Spock stumbled at his side, nearly collapsing, tripping over his own two feet as breathlessness overtook him.  He slowed to a stop himself and put an arm around the Vulcan’s waist, carefully helping him to the ground to rest for a bit.  He towered over Spock, his expression grim as he took in the Vulcan’s pallor and the faintly green tinge of his cheeks.

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Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x

Part: 30/? 

Pairing: Jamilton 

Inspiration: this post and this song 

Soundtrack: here (you can request more songs) 

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color. 

Warning: cussing, mentions of depression 

Word Count: 3,367 

Dedication: @midnigtartist bc I love Aimee 

Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @kinkshamer2k16, @lukasspresents, @closestfriendivegot, @celestialqueerfeminist, @schokoobananaa, @cometviolet, @justsmilingandnodding, @lapiamedots, @semoka, @jayceemayy, @kyller-biis, @focusofthememes, @sarcastic-swl-dragon, @starspeckled, @yourapplepiebetterbeworthit, @saturn-sails, @tallish-hobbit, @angelica-eliza-layafette, @sugarshark420, @gunsandshipsandpeggy, @doot-doot-cats, @thatdewdlesperson, @lafbagxette, @hamilton-trash-1, @cutebridge, @siguikinworld, @evil-weasel, @bad-l-ands, @lukadovemcm, @not-spider-man, @thedisneyderp, @aphamericanhero, @rose-is-in-the-void, @hosanna-is-the-name, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @oli-is-perfect, @trash-sicle, @theflowerprinces, @beycutebabe, @ichbindeindod, @awkwardly-inactive, @thekaymeister, @dvddggs, @dreamingpastelcolors, @theluckyjinx2170, @atomicprinceling, @aheadfullofglassbees, @jefffersons, @sweetlyminiaturesublime, @anitheunicorn, @catsouitrash, @omlwhatamidoing, @creativescapist, @bees-and-shotguns 

A/N: more squish and sad Pip

Eliza couldn’t have picked a worse day to tell Philip that she wasn’t going to see him anymore. They were close, rather close, and learning that he wouldn’t see his mother was something almost traumatic to him.

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Anything I Can Do

Pairing: Wincest
Rating: M
Tags: ABO, knotting, lying for sex

Dean was an Alpha, the pride of John’s bloodline. He was proud, that it showed. Sam, whom everyone expected to present as an Alpha, continued to disappoint his father. Even when he’d turned 18, the final marker for most, he was still an unimpressive, neutral Beta.

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empressmcbride  asked:

11. “You’re right, I actually love you”

Thank you for sending me this from my list! ❤️ Let’s join Carol and Daryl at the Love Shack for this one, okay?

Error of judgement

She had noticed how, ever since he had moved in with her, he barely left the house except to hunt, and then trade whatever he brought back against food staples and other supplies with the Kingdom - flour, potatoes, fruit, seeds for their own garden to get it started. Also, while he was at home he did his best to stay close enough to see or at least hear her. She assumed that, with all the deaths since they had first encountered the Saviors, he needed to constantly reassure himself that she was alive and well, and didn’t call him out on it.

It was a hot afternoon, probably one of the last truly hot days of the year with fall around the corner, and he had been cleaning and oiling his crossbow, inspecting and cleaning his bolts, and then started working in the garden ever since coming back from his morning hunt and trading. Right now, he was pruning the tomato plants to make sure that the last tomatoes still dangling amid the dark green leaves would get enough nutrients to grow a little more until they were ready for picking. From time to time he sniffed his fingers to inhale the scent of the plants - something that Carol herself also did every time she touched one of them. She had, in fact, caught herself wandering over to the tomatoes intending to do nothing but touch them so she could carry their crisp scent with her for a while afterward.

Inhaling deeply, she sat down with her bowl of potatoes and a peeler, preparing to start dinner. She had found four eggs in the henhouse this morning and was planning to make a potato and bean casserole, with a few bits of bacon sprinkled in for taste.

A scraping sound on the road leading up to their house had them both look up, ready to defend themselves. Carol’s hand went down to her knuckleduster at her waist while Daryl reached out for his crossbow.

Once they both saw who was approaching, they relaxed, and Carol got up from her seat on the porch, wiping her hands on the towel she had brought out.

“Jerry, it’s good to see you!”

The warmth in her voice made Daryl’s chest tighten as he watched her lightly walking down the path toward the gate to let the big man in.

Jerry was wearing his usual armor and the usual sunny, good-natured smile on his face. He gave Carol a one-armed hug which she returned, and then waved and smiled at Daryl who chose to stay with the tomatoes rather than join them and attempt to make small talk.

Daryl scowled back at Jerry, feeling miserable. Was he bringing gifts for her again?

With a sigh, he tried to rein in his jealousy. So what if Ezekiel kept sending her pomegranates and whatever else he hoped she might like. Surely that would not persuade her to … do anything. Or would it?

Grudgingly he watched as Jerry accompanied Carol up to the porch, the two of them engaged in a lively conversation about the Kingdom, the people living there, and especially the children Carol had come to know in her brief time there.

As they sat down at the table on the porch, he noticed that Jerry was holding a large dish in one hand and guessed that he had brought peach cobbler for her again.

Taking a deep breath, he went back to grooming the tomatoes, but his mind kept drifting, and by the time Jerry left, once more waving at Daryl who still had no wish to talk to the man, he had worked himself into such a state of distress that he knew he would have to do something about it or burst with tension and discontent.

Once Carol had closed the garden gate behind Jerry and taken her seat on the porch again, peeler in hand to get back to her potatoes, he wiped his hands on his pants, picked up his crossbow, and wandered over to her, trying to look inconspicuous.

“What’d he bring this time?”

From the look on her face he guessed that she had caught the note of jealousy that he himself detected in his voice, but she decided not to comment on it. Instead, she smiled and picked the two ripe tomatoes that he had brought with him out of his unfeeling hand, placing it next to the potatoes and the handful of beans that were also going into their dinner.

His eyes were riveted to her delicate hand as she pointed at the two pomegranates and the covered dish sitting on the table.

“These, and peach cobbler. King Ezekiel is sending his regards.”

Her eyes were smiling as she said this, and he felt a twinge in his chest.

“King Ezekiel, hm?”

He realized that this was quite an unoriginal answer, but his mind was blank. He had always known, of course, that she was too good for him, but seriously - why was he facing competition from a guy here who was clearly experienced in how to show a woman what she was worth to him, both in word and deed? How she had even agreed to letting him move in was beyond him.

“Daryl, what is it?”

Gnawing on the inside of his cheek, he huffed in frustration.

“’s just that … He’s puttin’ up quite a fight, and I realize that he’d be a better man for you than -”

When he looked up from his worn boots, he found Carol staring at him with wide eyes, disbelief written all over her face.

“Fight? What are you talking about? Are you telling me here that you think I’m in love?”

A sigh wrenched itself from Daryl’s chest as he nodded.

“I mean, he cares about you a lot, you can see that, and he openly shows it, too. Gifts, regards … You deserve someone who takes good care of ya, appreciates you for who you are an’ all that, so I just wanted to tell you …”

He managed to take a deep breath against the weight crushing his chest. He could feel the pain building up inside him, but she deserved better and it would be best to do this quickly, like tearing off a bandaid hurt less if you did it fast.

“You know what?” she interrupted him in mid-thought.

He met her blue eyes, the pain filling him completely now, bracing for what she was going to say.

“You’re right, I actually love -”

His heart was thumping painfully in his chest, and the smile on her tanned face and in her eyes seemed to cut into his soul. He saw each of the golden freckles strewn across her cheekbones and the bridge of her nose in startling detail.

“- you,” she finished, and while he was still standing there, completely out of words to say, she rose from her seat, put down her peeler, and then put her arms around him, pulling him close, before gently placing one hand on the back of his head to cradle it against her shoulder.

Stunned, he inhaled the scent of summer, flowers, and clean, fast sweat rising from her warm skin as he tried to process what she’d said.


It came out muffled because the collar of her sleeveless blouse somehow got into his mouth when he opened it, but she understood just fine.

“You,” she answered firmly. “I love you, Daryl. No kings for me, archer.”


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#Daryl Dixon

#Carol Peletier

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: The End

1.3k words, G rated

When confronted by the Dementors in the Voldemort timeline, Scorpius hears his mother asking him for help. That memory had to come from somewhere, and this is my version of that awful moment in Scorpius’s life. 

Beta’d, as always, by the wonderful @bounding-heart.

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Everybody’s Got Their Demons (Supernatural!Calum)

Incubus!Calum Smut (Part of Halloween!5sos Series)

Word Count: 1.6k

Rating: smUt

Warning: supernatural!5sos, slight daddy kink Calum ?? also kind of rushed

A/N: I really like supernatural!5sos and I’m glad that y’all do too

Requests: open



The kit wasn’t supposed to have worked.

It was supposed to be a joke, some colorful rocks, chalk, and a white candle. The pentagram was drawn haphazardly and the rocks were not placed correctly. Hell, you were in your basement.

And yet, there stood a tall, dark, handsome Incubus in the flesh.

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Anon: Oh a new MM blog! Wishing you all the best <3 If I may request something straight away? :) Feeeeels. Reactions of the RFA+V finding out that (s/o) MC only has a short time, like half a year or sth., left to live?

Thanks for the wishes!! I hope you like it :)


Devasted. To put it simple. He waited all his life for his soulmate and now that he finally has you, he is going to lose you just like that? “This can’t be true. You must have the wrong file.. this can’t be right. MC is so young! This CAN NOT BE TRUE!” “Honey, please calm down..” You tried to calm him down, already suspecting this. “Baby, no  I can’t calm down. Do you.. do you understand what he is saying? Do you understand.. what this means? I can’t loose you now.. I can’t ever loose you.. Is there no treatment, doctor?” “I’m sorry… it’s too late. Our hands are tied..” The tears wouldn’t stop streaming down Zen’s beautiful face even after you got home and you couldn’t do anything other than comforting him. “This isn’t right, I should be the one comforting you.. not the other way around.. why are you so calm?”              

“To be honest.. I don’t think I quite realized what it means yet..” He looked over into your eyes, when he heard your voice quivering and saw your tearfilled eyes. Zen hugged you tight to his chest letting you cry into his chest, while he stroked your head comfortingly, biting his lips not to let out any sobs.

“I promise prince/princess.. these next six months will be the best of our lives, I promise.”

Jumin (female MC):

“Jumin…I have to tell you something..” Jumin looked up from his paperwork, panic filling his eyes quickly, while he quickly got up and put his hand on your bump. “Is the baby okay? I read that the first three months are the most critical ones, you just came from your doctors appointment right? I knew I should have come with you..” When he saw your tearfilled eyes and how you were shaking, softly mumbling his name, he knew he had to shut up.

“I.. I came from the doctor and Jumin.. he said I will die sooner then thought..” “What..do you mean?” “He said I would have a couple more years to live.. if I wasn’t pregnant.. He said I will be able to deliver the baby, but I will not be able to get through birth…alive.” “No. No. MC, I will find the best doctors, I will find a way to get this right.. MC, this can’t happen! Everything I ever wanted was to be with you until we grow old and attend our grandchildrens weddings… and everything I ever wanted for you was that you get the perfect happy life you deserve.. this isn’t right MC.” “I know Jumin.. but the baby is safe.. I mean that’s something?” “MC.. you won’t be there, when the baby is… You won’t ever be there after the birth.. We have to go check with other doctors! There will be a way to cure you! This can’t be!” Jumin was pulling his hair, before letting go of it just to cup your face in his hands to make sure you were still there.

The next month was filled with doctors appointments, Jumin yelling at them to do something about it and everynight ending with the both of you holding eachother and crying into each others shoulders. After the 50th appointment you held Jumins wet face in your hands “Jumin.. I need you to pull yourself together.. I need you to be strong.. both of us.” “How? How am I supposed to be strong knowing, that I will loose you in five months?” “For our baby, Jumin. You have to be strong for our baby, she will need the strong Jumin Han, that took care of me all this time and I know will be the best father there will be.”

“She?” Jumin looked you in the eyes crying, a little smile adoring his face. “It’s a she?” “I don’t know.. I kinda feel like it’s a little girl. I can see her playing with Elizabeth and her wearing little princess dresses, driving you crazy, messing up your paperwork.” You giggled, Jumin following with a chuckle.

“You’re right, baby. I will be strong, to raise our little princess to be as strong as her mother.”


“Saeyong.. I don’t feel really good.. maybe I should go see a doctor? Or you could google what I have?” Seven laughed out loud.

“You should make a doctors appointment, if I google it, it will just state that you’re dying.” The both of you laughed.. but the moment the doctor told you exactly that, there was no laughter. The room was filled with silence, a butterflys wings flap would have sounded like a slap in the face in that silence.

“Is this some kind of joke?” Saeyong asked no emotion in his voice, whatsoever. “I am really sorry Mr.Choi.. I wish I was joking.. but Mrs.Choi only has five more months. I am so sorry to the both of you.” The both of you weren’t able to mutter another word, not even when you got back to his appartment.

“Well, looks like Google would have been right this time, huh?” You joked, making him snap his head at you, eyes filled with tears just like yours. He sniffed pulling you into a deep kiss brushing your hair out of you face.

“Still making jokes, even in this situation? You really are the woman of my life, aren’t you MC?” He asked sniffing while brushing his fingers through your hair.

“It might just be a short life, but I will make sure to cherish every moment I have with you.”


“Jaehee, I.. I wanted to tell you something for all of this week actually, but I didn’t have the oppurtunity yet..” “Yes, I know MC. I was super busy at work, I’m sorry. I promise I will make it up to you.”

“Jaehee.. I’m going to die.” Jaehee froze in the middle of hanging her coat on the coathanger, when she turned to you slowly. “We will all die, MC. Are you trying to scare me?”

“I’m going to die in like 4 months..  I found out on Monday at my doctors appointment.” Jaehee looked at you eyes wide open, pupils shaking. “Is this some weird joke I don’t understand? Please tell me it is, MC.” When you shook your head with tears brimming your eyes, she lost it throwing the phone in her hand across the room, screaming ‘NO’ like a mantra. She started throwing her books of the bookshelves tears streaming down her face.

“Jaehee. JAEHEE!!” She turned to you, face red, tearstreaks on her face. She took hurried steps to you hugging you tight crying into your shoulder, as soon as she saw your glassy eyes. “You can’t leave me, MC. What am I supposed to do without you? I’m nothing without you.” Jaehee sobbed while backing away a bit to look into your eyes.

“Don’t say that, Jaehee. You’re a strong, independent woman. We will enjoy these 4 months, figure out a way you will be able to manage the coffee shop..” “Don’t talk about the coffee shop now.. You’ll leave me.. in just 4 months. I love you, MC. I can’t do this without you.” “We will get through this, and have a great time the next 4 months.. Wanna go on vocation together? On a nice beach? We could temporarily close the coffee shop, if you’re okay with it?” Jaehee looked deep into your eyes, thumbing away your tears and smiling.

“How about we just spend the next 4 months on a beautiful beach? Just me and you, so we will be able to cherish it forever MC.”

Yoosung (minor spoilers!):

Poor baby won’t be able to handle this situation. “Is.. Is this true?” He looks at you, pupil shaking just as hard as his hands. “I’m so sorry, Yoosung. I wish it wasn’t like this, but that’s just how it is and there is nothin we can do about it.” Yoosung sat down on the floor, putting his head between his knees breathing harshly. “How long have you known about this MC?” He asked lifting his head to look into your eyes. “Since last year.. That’s why I agreed to help organize the party when I first got into the chatroom.. I wanted to do something meaningful before I d-” “DON’S SAY IT!” Yoosung yelled putting his head back between his knees. You knealed down next to him embracing him and putting your head on his. “It’s going to be okay, Yoosung, you can do this. I know how strong you are, you more then proved it, didn’t you?” You asked gently stroking over the bandaged side of his head. “That’s not the same MC! If I could I would lose all of my senses, if that means you will stay by my side.. Please let me ask Jumin if there is something he can do? Maybe he can hire some excellent doctors, and they will find a cure? Please MC!” He asked, practically begging you. 

“Yoosung, I’m sorry there is nothing left to do, other then enjoy the remaining months, so can we do that?” You asked him smiling while stroking his head. 

“MC, I guarantee to make the next six months unforgettable. For me and for you.”


“You are shitting me right?” You were surprised that V was cussing. He never used swear words, he was always soft spoken with his gentle voice. But right now,  as the doctor announced your illness to the both of you his voice turned sharp his eyebrows furrowed into an angry frown. “I’m sorry sir, your wife doesn’t have much longer. If the both of you take some measurements it will be arond a year you have.” “We have two babys. Twins. They are only four months old.” He exclaimed frustrated not realizing how you started to shake thinkig about your two angels. Your little baby boy and little baby girl. When V heard your first sob he turned towards you holding you against his chest, before excusing himself and getting a cab to drive you home.

“We’re gonna get through this, MC. We are both strong, we will handle this, okay?” “What about the babys, Jihyun? They won’t even remember their mom. Jihyun I can’t do this.” You sobbed feeling him stroke your back as he tried to hold back his own sobs. “No, baby don’t say that. We will capture and record every moment of our family and the twins will grow up knowing how good of a mother they have, okay?”

”I will do anything possible for our babies to know how amazing the woman of my life is, you hear me?”

Took a little longer than expected, because as you can see it got long af :D hope you like it anon♥ Sorry for possible typos!

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soo my family and family friends literally think Harry's a cocaine addict:/ SOTT came on and they started talk about GN last night and saying he kept sniffing and rubbing his finger against his nose like "he'd obviously just done a line" and I (a closeted harrie) was just like "noo he wouldn't he's so lovely" and they were all like "wtf ew no he's grungy he's deffo and addict" like :(my poor sweet well raised gentlemanly funny baby:( it saddens me that people think that bc he doesn't deserve it

I would throw this at them:  “Harry would choose boring over exciting … There is more chance of me going to Mars next week than there is of Harry having some sort of addiction.“ - Ben Winston, one of Harry’s absolute closest friends who lived with him for nearly two years.

He’ll spend his entire life proving people wrong, but we’re here to help him do that. Try to not let it get to you!

Nightmares - Part One

Request from imissylover (I made it human!cas I hope that’s okay!)

Summary: You and Cas share a motel room. Cas frequently has nightmares, his only comfort found when you share a bed… until one morning Sam and Dean find you before going on a hunt
Words: 1,515
Cas x Reader
Warnings: Language, mentions of blood (brief mention of gore), angst, fluff

Your name: submit What is this?

It was weird going on hunts now that Cas was no longer ‘Castiel, angel of the Lord’, and just 'Cas the human’. You and the boys had been trying to train him to hunt like a true, human hunter, and so far, it was going well. The last hunt you went on was a tough one. A lot of vampires reeking havoc in Huntington Beach, CA. Nothing you’d not seen before, but this one was particularly… gory. Cas looked shaken up when you had knocked the head off of the last one, but Sam and Dean slapped you on the back and you grinned up at them, and then across at Cas. He smiled in response and you ran across and hugged him.

“We did it!” you exclaimed.

“We did,” he replied, unsure of where to put his hands.

You stepped back and smiled, wiping at the front of his shirt. “Sorry,” you smirked, “Got some blood on you.”

“Y/N,” he groaned, “That’s gross.”

“Let’s go guys!” Dean called, already packing your things back into the impala, “I could do with a good night’s sleep after that one!”

“You and me both, brother,” you muttered under your breath, making your way over to the car, you turned back to Cas, who hadn’t moved and was looking at the carnage around him, “You coming, Cas?”

“Yes,” he said absently.

He joined you in the back seatand Sam turned around to face him.

“Anything wrong?” he asked Cas, studying his expression.

Cas shrugged, “I think I’m just tired.”

“I would be,” you grinned, “You did great that time.”

He gave you a half smile before turning to look out of the window. Sam turned to you and raised his eyebrows in question. You just shrugged and rested your head on the door frame, trying to catch a few minutes of shut eye on the ride back to the motel.

You woke up when Dean tapped on your window.

“Wakey wakey, Sleeping Beauty,” he grinned opening the door.

“Fuck off,” you yawned, deliberately hitting Dean’s shoulder as you stretched.

“Come on, get out,” he laughed, pulling you from the car, “This looks like the kind of place that doesn’t have termites!”

“Oh great!” you feigned excitement, shutting the door, “Where’s my key?”

“Yeah…” Sam said from the other side of the impala, “About that…”

“Where’s my key?” you asked, crossing your arms.

“They only had two rooms left,” Dean began, holding out the key for you, “So you’re in with Cas.”

You frowned at him and then grabbed the key, retrieving your bag from the trunk.

“It better be two fucking queens,” you grumbled, making your way to the room.

You opened the door and saw Cas sitting on the end of one of the beds, staring at the wall.

“How’s things, Castiel?” you smiled, dumping your bag onto the spare bed and turning to face him.

He looked up at you and smiled slightly, “Just tired.”

You frowned, but nodded as he stood up to pick up his duffle.

“I think I’m just going to sleep now.”

“Okay,” you said, warily, “You mind if I take a shower?”

“No, that’s fine, Y/N.”

You grabbed your pyjama pants and a clean tank top and went into the bathroom. You couldn’t help but grin when you saw yourself in the mirror. Call it sadistic, but you sort of revelled in the thought that it was you that killed all of these monsters. The blood stains on your clothes were something of a trophy.

You peeled off your clothes and stepped into the shower, letting the hot water run through your hair and down your body. You closed your eyes and suddenly realised how tired you actually were. The hunt, fun though it was, had really drained your energy. A long sleep would do you all a lot of good.

You stood under the water for another ten, fifteen minutes before getting out of the shower and towelling yourself dry. You pulled on your pyjamas and tank top and wrapped the towel around your hair, not bothering to dry it properly.

You cracked the door open and crept back into the room, not wanting to wake up Cas.

As you got closer to the bed, you heard a slight whimpering.

“Cas?” you whispered, “Cas, are you okay?”

You were met with no reply but another whimper. You squinted and managed to make out Cas’ shaking form huddled in the middle of his bed.

“Castiel,” you said, voice louder, reaching to turn on the bedside lamp, “Castiel what’s wrong?”

Still no real response.

You walked around his bed so you could see his face. His eyes were squeezed shut tightly and his body was shaking uncontrollably. He was having a nightmare, you knew the symptoms well.

You held out a tentative hand and lightly rested it on Cas’ shoulder, squeezing gently.

Cas woke with a shout and sat up fast, breathing heavily, eyes streaming hot tears.

“Hey,” you said softly, your other hand resting on the side of his neck, “Hey, Cas, it’s okay, it’s me, it was just a dream.”

Cas’ eyes met yours in a blind panic, finally focusing and taking a deep breath.

“Y/N,” he breathed, leaning over and holding you against him, hugging tightly. That was the first time that Cas had initiated any form of physical contact between the two of you.

“It’s okay,” you whispered, instinctively running your hand up his neck and through his hair.

You felt him nod against your neck and started to pull back. He stopped you and brought you back against him.

“Stay,” he whispered, before pulling away and looking to the side shyly, “I mean, if that’s okay.”

“Sure,” you smiled gently and crawled into the bed beside him.

Cas rolled onto his side and threw an arm across your waist. You shifted slightly and curled your arm up to card your fingers soothingly through his hair as he sniffed his tears away.

“It’s okay,” you whispered into his hair, “It’s all okay.”

He nodded and nuzzled into your shoulder.

You continued to gently stroke through his hair until you felt his breathing even out. You made to move away, but his arm around your waist pulled you back to him. You let out a slight sigh at the realisation that this was probably where you were going to have to sleep. You turned onto your side, getting into a position that you could comfortably sleep in.

It was easier than you thought. Cas pulled you closer, his chest flush against your back, chin rested on your shoulder. You had forgotten how nice it felt to be held.

You soon realised that that was the only way that either of you could get a full night’s sleep. It was only a few nights after that you gave up the pretence of starting off in separate beds; you just crawled in next to Cas and let him hold you. Neither of you talked about it in the light of day, but each night you shared a bed, and each night you slept soundly.

Neither of you expected the routine would be broken by missing your alarm clock.

You woke up with both of Cas’ arms wrapped around you and his face buried in your neck. You sighed contentedly and closed your eyes again.

You didn’t hear the key in the lock.

You didn’t see the door open.

The only thing you heard, the thing that woke you up once and for all, was a voice.

“Holy shit!”

Your eyes shot open and you were frozen to the spot as you saw Sam and Dean in the doorway, matching smirks plastering their features.

“This is not what it looks like,” you insisted, quickly getting out of bed, waking Cas in the process.

“Y/N,” he groaned. When he felt that you weren’t there, his eyes cracked open, and a look of realisation crossed his expression.

“Really,” Sam raised an eyebrow, looking between the two of you, “Because I think this is exactly what it looks like.”

Dean chuckled, “Atta boy, Cas.”

Cas frowned as you glared at the Winchesters.

He got out of the bed as you walked towards the bathroom.

“We didn’t engage in intercourse, if that’s what you’re implying.”

“Oh my God,” you covered your face in embarrassment as Sam and Dean tried to suppress their laughter. “You better not be in here when I get out of the bathroom.”

“Hurry up then,” Sam smirked, “Twenty minutes and we’re back on the road.”

“Unless you and Cas want to…” Dean raised an eyebrow.

“Get out!” you shouted.

The boys grinned as they left your room, barely containing their laughter. You swore you could hear a quiet ‘I told you so’ from Sam.

You looked back at Cas and he smiled awkwardly. You shook your head and ran a hand through your hair as you closed the door to the bathroom.

You looked at yourself in the mirror and groaned.

You were never going to hear the end of this.

July 31st - Temperature

I couldn’t resist getting involved somewhere, so meet my original boys Alex and Jack! I’m sorry it’s so long and I hope you enjoy :) 

The truth was Alex felt miserable, the weeks of revising for his end of term exams had really taken it’s toll on his already rubbish immune system. He’d come down with a nasty flu bug and he was left coughing, sneezing with a fever and a headache bad enough to rival a bullet through the brain. He was stood in his small apartment kitchen, trying to find some more medicine. He’d taken the end of a bottle of Dyquil nearing three hours and was in need of some more but the cupboards were coming up bare.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he muttered, turning to cough into his hoodie sleeve.

The last thing Alex wanted to do was go shopping but there was no one else who could go out for him, everyone he knew was either down with the same bug he was or revising their butts off. He sniffed and pressed his fingers to throbbing head, without medicine he was only going to feel worse so that only really left him with one option.


Alex pulled on as many layers as he could to try and keep his shivers at bay, he pulled his favourite beanie on over his messy hair and didn’t bother looking in the mirror as he passed. He knew his eyes would be bloodshot and puffy, his nose red and chapped, he looked just about as bad as he felt. The outside of his apartment was cold, the hallways not having any heat and the walls thin. It was only a cheap place but Alex couldn’t afford much better as a student, the government had really done a number on them. He pressed the button for the elevator and waited, trying to smother a cough into his sleeve. The quicker he got the whole trip over with the better and he got go back to dying at his desk.

The elevator arrived a moment later and Alex walked in, pressing the button for the ground floor. Even the sound of the doors closing was enough to make Alex’s head pound again, he brought his fingers to his forehead to try and ease it but it did nothing. It didn’t help that the annoying itch in his sinus was back, the one that had been plaguing him all day.

“Hissshooo, hischhooo, hisschoooo.”

“Bless you!”

Alex jumped at the sound of a voice behind him, he hadn’t noticed someone else in the elevator when he’d got in. He recognised the person, he was one of Alex’s neighbours from the floor above.

“Thanks,” Alex muttered, his voice cracking and horse.

The guy just smiled and Alex tried to remember his name as he pushed the button for the ground floor, he was pretty sure it started with J, John, James, Jason, Jack, that was it Jack Ness.

Alex had forgotten just how slow the elevator in their building was, most of the time it was faster just to go down the stairs but Alex hadn’t exactly felt up to walking down five flights. He stood back against the wall, leaning heavily to keep himself upright, despite the normally hot, stuffiness of the confined space Alex was shivering, stupid fever.

He’d just closed his eyes and was halfway to dozing off standing up when everything went silent. Normally there was a sound of mechanics working, moving the elevator but everything had got silent. Alex peeled his tired eyes open only for it to be dark, the only bit of light coming from the panel of buttons.

“What happened?” Alex asked, rubbing his nose.

“I think the elevator may have stopped,” Jack said.

Alex heard movement beside him and watched as Jack moved into the light, he was tall, maybe a few inches taller than Alex himself, he had dark hair sticking up in a messy fashion, dark eyes and a rather large nose that looked as though it been broken at least once. Despite all that he seemed gentle, almost clumsy with his long limbs. Alex sighed and leant back against the wall, there were worse people he could be stuck in a elevator with.

“Hello, can I help you?”

A voice crackled out of the speakers and Alex realised his neighbour had pressed the help button.    

“Yes, the elevator on the east side of the building has stopped, we haven’t moved in nearly ten minutes.”

“We appear to be experiencing some technical problems but we’ll try to get you out as soon as possi…”

There crackling voice got cut off and they were plunged into silence once again.

“Well shit,” Jack sighed.

Alex just groaned and slid down the wall until he was sat on the floor, he no longer had the energy to hold himself upright. He pulled his knees to his chest and coughed, aching, cold and downright miserable, just right to be stuck in a elevator.   

“You alright? You don’t sound good.”

Alex had almost forgotten the person beside him, he looked up to see Jack looking at him with concern.

“Not really,” Alex replied, trying to clear his throat as his voice cracked.

Alex felt Jack sit down beside him, sitting only a few inches apart.

“You’re sick?” Jack asked.

Alex nodded and coughed weakly into his fist.

“Not a good time to be stuck in a elevator,” Jack said.

“Tell me about it,” Alex mumbled.

They sat in silence for awhile, the only sound coming from the wheeze of Alex’s breathing. He was feeling worse, his medicine now fully worn off and with no more in sight it was not going to get any better.

“HIsshhhooo, hiSHHoooo, hishcooooo.”

Alex sneezed and shivered, his chills were back making him feel like cold was seeping into his bones.

“Bless you.”

Alex mumbled a thanks and shivered again, pulling his jacket tighter around him.

“Are you cold?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, I think I have a fever,” Alex replied, wincing at his sore throat.

Jack shuffled closer, brushing against Alex’s arm.

“My dad’s a Doctor and my mom a Nurse, would you mind if I…”

Jack held out his hand and Alex just shrugged, letting Jack place his palm against his forehead. Alex couldn’t help letting out a small sigh as Jack’s cool hand touched his overheated skin.

“Fuck, you’re burning up…”

“Great,” he mumbled, pulling his jacket tighter as he shivered.  

Jack frowned and began taking off his own jacket, with the ventilation shut off he was beginning to fit it rather hot and stuffy inside the metal box, just proving how ill Alex was.  

“Here, take mine,” Jack said, placing his jacket around Alex’s shaking shoulders.

“Are you sure?” Alex asked, sniffling.

“You need it more than I do,” Jack replied.

Alex smiled and pulled the extra layer around him, he was grateful for something to help combat the chills, he was afraid his teeth might start chattering. In the dim light Alex couldn’t keep fighting his tired eyes open any longer and he curled up in the corner, coughing weakly into his fist and hoping when he woke up the whole thing would be over.

Jack couldn’t help but worry as he watched Alex try to sleep, shivering and coughing curled up against the wall. He didn’t really know the boy well, they only really passed in the corridors on occasion but he did feel bad for him. He struggled to imagine how awful he must be feeling, stuck in a mental box with the flu and no idea when he’d be getting out. Jack shuffled a closer and put his hand on Alex’s shoulder, making him jump.

“Hey, come here, I’ll be your personal heater,” Jack offered, opening his arms.

Alex who felt too cold and sick to argue let himself lean against Jack’s chest and letting him wrap his arms around his waist. Jack bit his lip as he felt the heat coming off the smaller man, his hair was sticking to his clammy skin and his breathing sounded heavy like he was struggling to get enough air.

“When was the last time you had any medicine?” Jack asked, trying to mask his concern.

“Hours ago, ran out, was going out to buy more,” Alex replied, his voice was getting worse and he’d lose it soon if he wasn’t careful.

Jack sighed and put his hand on Alex’s neck, who relaxed into his cool touch. He was absolutely burning up and it was only going to get worse if help didn’t arrive soon. Jack tried to relax, leaning up against the wall with Alex trying to sleep on his chest. As much as he wanted to be able to be do something he didn’t know what he could, the one day he walked out of his apartment without his phone was the one day he got stuck in an elevator.

In the end he dozed off, Alex pressed up against him no doubt still feeling horrible but at least he was sleeping. Jack had no idea how long he slept for, it could have been minutes or hours there was no way to tell. At first he thought it was the heat that had woken him, he was beginning to get unbearably warm trapped inside the metal box and he could feel his shirt sticking to his sweaty skin.  It was then he realised what had woken him, it wasn’t the heat at all but a boy struggling to breath. Alex was huddled in the corner coughing his heart out, Jack quickly moved over to him and began rubbing his back in an effort to help calm. It took a moment but Alex was finally able to get air in his lungs again, even if it still sounded painful.

“You’re okay, you’re okay,” Jack tried to reassure him, his arm wrapped around Alex’s shoulders.

Alex just buried his face in his hands and tried to focus on his breathing.

“Do you feel worse?” Jack asked, his fingers touching Alex’s fiery skin.

“Yeah,” Alex replied weakly, his voice barely above a whisper.

Jack pulled himself away from Alex and stood up, this had gotten out of hand. They’d been stuck for god knows how long and Alex getting sicker and sicker by the minute, Jack was beginning to think he might have pneumonia and that he really needed to get to hospital. He went over to the help button and held it down till a voice answered.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“Yes, you can get me the hell out of this elevator!”

“We’re working as fast…”

Jack cut them off “That’s not good enough! My friends with me and he’s really, really sick. You have to get us out of here right now or something terrible might happen!” Jack snapped.

The man on the other hand stumbled over his words before Jack hung up, hoping he’d got his point across. He sunk back down next to Alex, the heat in the elevator didn’t seem to be helping the sick boy who was back to shivering. Jack shuffled up next to him and let the boy put his head on his shoulder, Jack himself was beginning to feel dehydrated and dizzy he couldn’t imagine how Alex must be feeling.

“We’re going to get out of here soon, I promise you’re going to be okay.”

“Thank you,” Alex whispered, so quietly it was nearly inaudible.

Jack gave a small smile and kissed the top of Alex’s head, he wasn’t even sure if he was awake until he felt a pair of hot lips on his neck.


Ten minutes after Jack made the call and the lights were back on, bathing everything in a bright light. It was the first time Jack got a good look at Alex and just how sick he looked, pale to the point he could be a ghost if he weren’t for his deep red cheeks. The second they got out of there he was getting Alex to a hospital, no questions asked.

It took another half an hour before they were out, by the time they got the doors open Alex was too weak to stand on his own. Jack carried him out, holding him close to his chest as he breathed the cool fresh air.


Alex woke up in a bed, somewhere warm and comfortable. He no longer felt like he was dying, his head wasn’t pounding, his chest didn’t feel like it was being ripped apart and body temperature felt somewhat normal. He managed to open his eyes, blinking up at the white ceiling, a hospital ceiling.

“Hey, you’re awake.”      

Pushing himself up slightly Alex saw Jack sat at the side of his bed, he saw the tubes going into his arm pulling him full of liquid and medicine.

“What happened?” Alex asked, surprised at how uncroaky his voice sounded.

Jack explained about escaping the elevator, about taking him straight to ER and finding how he had a bad case of bronchitis.

“You’re going to be okay, once you’re all hydrated you’re free to go home though I’d avoid elevators for the time being,” Jack laughed.

Despite himself Alex found himself smiling before moving to one side of the bed.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m tired and I can’t sleep without my personal heater,” Alex replied, patting the empty side of the bed.

Jack gave a huge smiled before giving a quick check to make sure no nurses were around, the coast was clear and kicking off his shoes he climbed into the bed beside Alex.  

“Better?” Jack asked, his arm wrapped around Alex once again.

“Everything’s better with you,” Alex mumbled, his eyes already closing.

Jack kissed the top of Alex’s head and close his eyes too, who knew so much could happen from getting stuck in a elevator.     

anonymous asked:

Can you do a fluff with jimin,when you finally become his gf and he wants to remember every thing that you guys do.

Thanks for the request! I did my best, but Jimin’s not my strong suit. I hope you enjoy anyway!!! <3 Bibi

“Jagiiii!” Jimin called to you, wrapping his arms aroundyour waist. He kissed your neck gently while you giggled a little bit. “I missed you,” he grinned.

“It hasn’t been that long,” you murmured, smiling at him. You were standing outside in between a glittering lake and a lush set of trees, the grass of a beautiful meadow brushing against your bare calves. Your sundress blew lightly in the breeze, and you felt a bit self-conscious from how attached Jimin was to your hips. He pulled away from you after you bumped him with your elbow. You turned to face him, but you were surprised to see him with a small notebook in his hands.

“What are you doing?” you asked, tilting your head to see what he was writing.

“Nothing!” he said quickly, inadvertently jerking the notebook back towards his chest. You stared at him quizzically, but let it go. He put the small notebook back in his pocket and took your hand, leading you towards a small path near the trees. “It’s really pretty over here,” he smiled. He seemed slightly nervous, but it only made him cuter to you.

While the two of you walked, a small cat came out of the bushes and mewled at you. Jimin looked between you and the cat quickly before releasing your hand. He knelt down and offered his fingers to the cat, who sniffed them carefully. After some consideration, the little cat bumped her head against his head, asking to be pet. His face lit up as he grinned up at you, and you knelt down beside him to pet the cat, too.

The silver tabby trotted away after her fill of attention, and Jimin stared after her wistfully.

“She was really cute,” you laughed, seeing his pouting face. After you stood, your boyfriend took out his notebook again. Before he wrote anything, though, he glanced up at your hair.

“Oh, you have a…” He reached out and gently pulled a leaf from your hair, letting it go with the breeze. You adjusted your hair, tucking some locks behind your ears. He was scribbling soon, and you frowned at him.

“Really, what are you doing?” you persisted. You were very curious at this point.

“Nothing,” he mumbled, still writing. You snatched the notebook from him, and he looked surprised. His cheeks turned a light pink as he tried to get his notebook back. “No, wait! I’ll tell you, just don’t read it!” he pleaded, but it was too late.

We had our first kiss today. Her lips were so soft… She was blushing a lot. It was adorable.

She said ‘yes’ to becoming my girlfriend! We’re dating now. I’m really happy.

[F/N] is really beautiful right now. She let me hug her from behind. The scenery is really pretty…

I kissed her neck. It was really warm.

Your face flushed as you realized what it was.

“I was just trying to remember everything that happens, ya know? So can remember and be happy…” he trailed off, embarrassed. He couldn’t look at you, but you couldn’t look at him, either.

“Well, uh…” you started, “there’s a better way to do that.” He looked up at you hopefully.

“Can I see your phone?” you asked, holding out your hand. He gave it to you, and you stood close to him. You held up the phone to take a selfie with him; he smiled into the camera, but right before you snapped the picture, you kissed his cheek.

The picture came out well, catching your embarrassment and his surprise.

“If you want to take another one, just let me know,” you murmured. “You don’t have to ask me to take pictures, either.”

Jimin hugged you tightly after that.

“Thank you, Jagi.”

​I’m just as human as you are,” Cas said, closing his eyes and looking away.  The hand that held the rag to his nose dropped, the pressure easing, so Dean leaned forward and covered Cas’s hand to press it back into place.  Cas glanced up at him, and Dean held his gaze.

“What happened?” he asked.

Cas looked away again.  He shrugged.

Dean sat back, dragging his fingers across the back of Cas’s hand before he let go completely.  "Cas, if you’re in trouble-“

Cas sighed and dropped the rag into his lap.  He pressed his fingers to his nose and sniffed before pulling them back to check for blood.

"I’m always in trouble, Dean, which is why I should head out.”

“No- Cas, man, ​stop​.” Dean stumbled to his feet as Cas rose.  "I wasn’t- Look.  You can’t go, okay?“

"Why not?”

“Well, you’re hurt for one.  For two, you’re in trouble.”

“I’m aware of both those facts,” Cas said pointedly, narrowing his eyes.  "I don’t see-“

"For fuck’s sake, Cas.  You’re family.  Family helps family when they’re in trouble.  How many goddamned times do I have to tell you that?” Dean shuddered and drew in a deep breath, trying to get himself under control.  Yelling at Cas wouldn’t do any good, but at least Cas stopped trying to walk away.

Dean stared at him for a moment.  Blood had leaked from Cas’s nose and was smeared across his upper lip, so Dean reached forward to grab the rag from Cas’s hand and pressed it against his nose again.  Cas accepted the treatment, watching Dean’s face.  He reached up and covered Dean’s hand with his own, fingers curling against Dean’s skin instead of the rag.

“Thank you,” Cas said quietly.  He tugged Dean’s hand away.  Dean considered fighting him, but in the end let Cas do as he would.

Cas sighed.  He stepped closer to Dean.  "It is a difficult thing, to be so far removed from what I once was.  So many things have changed these past years.  I find… It’s difficult sometimes.“

Cas still held his hand.

Dean swallowed heavily.  "Yeah, I get that.”

Cas nodded.  "You and your brother are very important to me, Dean.“

Dean shook his head, but before he could respond, Cas added, "But not in the same way.”

Dean groaned and closed his eyes.  He leaned forward to press his forehead to Cas’s shoulder. “Are you really gonna do this now?”

Cas wrapped his arms around Dean’s back and pulled him closer.  "I don’t see why not.  I have waited a very long time.“

"You’re ancient, Cas,” Dean muttered into his coat.  "A few years isn’t that long.“

"It seems centuries long when it is what you want most.”

Dean stayed quiet.

“If you are not ready…” Cas trailed off and waited.

Dean groaned and then sighed heavily.  "Don’t think I’ll ever be ready, Cas,“  He felt Cas nod against him, but he didn’t pull away.  "But I think I need to stop waiting to be.”

Cas’s arms tightened around him at that, and Dean pressed his face into Cas’s shoulder to hide his smile.


Characters: Dean, Reader, Ruby and mentions of Sam

Pairing: Dean Smith x Reader

Warnings: Swearing and Smut (No angst! Whaaaart?!)

Summary: It’s Halloween, so that means time to wear sexy outfits and get frisky. Safely, of course. And that is exactly what the reader does.

A/N: This is for @torn-and-frayed‘s Songs of Season 3 Challenge and I picked the song Back in Time by Huey Lewis and the News. I have been struggling for a few days now because writer’s block is just the biggest bitch but somehow this kind of came to me today and I’m pleased about it. Leave me feed back y’all, I appreciate and love it so much. So, as always, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!! Have a SAMtastic day!

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It’s the thought that counts

For @polarspaz who made me go all heart eye emoji for their spider peter 
also available on ao3


Peter paused. He wanted to blink. He would blink if he could. He would blink all eight of his eyes if he had eyelids just to provide some subtle indication of what he’s feeling.

He doesn’t know what he’s feeling.

Instead, Peter knitted his brows, the vertical furrows deeply pronounced by his confusion. Or bewilderment – it was some sort of feeling he could vaguely piece together, so at least he’s getting somewhere.


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Dean x You 

Knock came to your door, pausing the move you were watching looking at the brown colored door. Who could that be? It was late around 1 a.m. in the morning, who in the world is not sleeping. 

Making your way to the door, opening it revealing your ex boyfriend Dean standing on the other side. He had a beanie on his head to cover up the mess hair due that he never seems to brush. His nose was a little red, his eyes were puffy, he had a scruff on his face, his leather jacket he always wears, jeans an shoes.

“ Dean?” He lifted his head to see you clearer, you were standing in some pjs shorts and a shirt, your hair was down and your face was make up less. 

This was the you that Dean loved and he missed you.

“ What are you doing here?” 

He pointed a finger to his head, “ All the memories replay in my head so often.” He rolled his finger in circular motion, sniffing. 

You blinked, not know what to say. Dean and you broke up just a month ago, it really hurt you but you had to let him go because he was always hanging around Renee. He knew you didn’t like her, he talked about her more than he talked about you. You had enough and ended it. 

“ I-I don’t know what to say..” 

“ Let me stay here….with you one more night.. please.. “ He begged with those ocean blue eyes you loved looking at. Sighing, you still cared about him so there was no way you were going to let him walk back in this weather. It was cold outside and he was only wearing a leather jacket. 

Opening the door, he gently smiled as he walked past you into your room.

“Wings Returned”

No one dies in this, because not all sadness comes from death. Oh don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to be sad, but no one dies. 

The war continues… @hermajestymanon

“I’m going to kill him,” Cassian growled. Feyre and Nesta gripped onto his arms tightly as the Illyrian snarled, baring his teeth. “I am going to kill you”

“Cassian, take a deep breath” Mor held his face tightly in between her hands. She brushed circles on his face and Cassian nearly bit off her finger. She looked behind him and bile nearly spilled from her mouth. 

Mor pushed Feyre and Nesta away and Cassian tumbled into Mor’s arms and they both fell to their knees. Mor wrapped her arms around Cassian’s neck tightly, holding the back of his neck. “Take a deep breath, Cassian. Now” 

“Step outside” Rhys shoved his hand against Tamlin’s chest. Azriel crossed his arms, his jaw wobbling. Rhys took a deep breath and he stepped outside with Tamlin. He stared at the High Lord of the Spring Court, and his voice shook as he spoke again. “You found…found them?”

Tamlin bowed his head. He dropped down to his knees and placed the boxes in front of Rhys’s feet. Rhys turned around and he pressed his hands against his forehead, digging the heels of his palms into his eyes. “I should have done this a long time ago, Rhys. I’m sorry”

Rhys spun around and he looked down at the boxes. He pressed his hand tightly over his mouth, blinking quickly. He bent down on one knee and he pulled one of the slim but long boxes towards him. He slowly opened it and his back spasmed, his wings curling around him, and he pressed his head into the ground, a broken sob spilling from his mouth. 

“Rhys..” Feyre stood in the doorway. She opened the door wider and Azriel walked out first. He bent down next to Rhys, taking the other box. He slowly opened it, his fingers shaking, and he showed Cassian. 

“Aidana” Cassian sobbed into Mor’s neck, gripping onto the Fae tightly, shaking his head. Mor cursed vividly and she ducked her head, covering her mouth. Cassian slammed his fist into the side of the house, opening his mouth as a scream came out. 

Azriel squeezed his eyes shut and he tilted his head back, tears slowly rolling down his cheeks. His fingers dug into the dirt gently and he had a flash back, to hundreds of years ago, when Rhys and Cassian had cried over their mother’s head and he and Mor had cried over their sister’s head. 

Mor dropped to her knees and she crawled over next to Rhys, pulling the box away from him. She brought it into her lap and she reached her fingers out, stroking the tattered, torn, and broken wings. 

“Oh gods” Feyre pressed her hands tightly to her mouth and even Nesta was shaking next to her. Feyre reached down and she gripped Nesta’s hand tightly, cooling down her sister’s heating fingers. “Oh gods, Rhys, oh gods” 

“Let’s go” Rhys grabbed Tamlin’s collar. He stumbled to his feet and wiped his face furiously with the back of his sleeve. He stared down Tamlin, stared into those green eyes, and then back at the wings. “Cassian…Azriel…”

Mor walked over to Nesta and Feyre and she held out her arms. The blonde Fae looked up at them and she took a deep breath. “You don’t have to come. But they’re family. And I think Rhys and Cassian would like it if you met them”

Tears fell down Feyre’s cheeks. She reached out and grabbed Mor’s arm and Nesta’s fingers trembled as she held Mor’s hand, linking their arms together. Cassian picked up the box that held the slight smaller wings and Azriel picked up the other. Aidana’s. 

“We’ll meet you there, Rhys” Mor wiped her face and her cousin nodded to her. He didn’t let go of Tamlin’s collar as he shot into the sky, disappearing through the mountains. Cassian and Azriel followed him, their wings beating a steady rhythm. 

Mor gripped onto the two Archerons and they both hugged her, rubbing her back. Mor sobbed and she winnowed them. They slid into darkness then all three of them landed on the ground a moment later. 

Mor let go of Feyre and Nesta and she settled her back against the cliff wall. She ushered them next to her and she held their hands again, sniffling softly. “Rhys told you how..Tamlin’s brothers and father” Mor stumbled over the words, “We got their heads as they bobbed down the river in boxes. Cassian and Azriel went for their bodies…we didn’t know we had lost Nepharis, Rhys’s father, until Rhys came back…he had flown and winnowed, carrying his father” 

Feyre let out a long sob and she buried her face in Mor’s shoulder. Nesta wiped her damp cheeks and she nodded, looking up as three Illyrians, plus a certain High Lord, landed on the edge of the cliff. 

“Come, Feyre Darling, and meet the other two most important females in my life” Feyre kissed Mor’s cheek and she got up, walking over and linking arms with Rhys. She looked back at Tamlin and mouthed the words, thank you, and Tamlin just barely nodded. 

Rhys slowly lowered himself to his knees and he tugged Feyre down to his side. Cassian was on Rhys’s other side, and Azriel on Cassian’s left. Mor and Nesta settled themselves in front of the last tombstone. “This is my dearest sister, Chiara” Rhys gripped Feyre’s hand tightly, then continued. “She was going to be Heir, can you believe that? She proved herself defending-”

“Tamlin” Cassian breathed. He slowly lifted the wings out the box and Feyre sucked in her breath, taking in the bat-like Illyrian wings. They were large, but smaller than Rhys’s. Almost identical, if not for the size. And- 

Gods. Holes ripped through them and long dried blood was splattered everywhere. Membranes were torn and cut, stretched and ripped. “I don’t understand” Feyre whispered. 

Rhys sniffed and he forced a laugh out of his throat, but halfway through it was like he gave up, and he let more tears roll. “I told you I used to train Tamlin, yes? Well, Cassian and I were knocking him around a bit, and Chiara claimed it wasn’t remotely fair. She sided with Tamlin and-”

“God, she beat the crap out of Rhys” Azriel laughed. He watched Cassian lay the wings slowly across the stretch of land, where Feyre could only imagined a head and a body rested. Their mother and sister had been butchered and only now, were they finally putting the pieces back together. “It was hilarious” Mor started laughing, then she turned her face away and Feyre squeezed her eyes shut as her friend threw up. 

“Rhysand Archeron, are you telling me that you let your baby sister beat you to a pulp?” Feyre whispered. She hugged Rhys’s arm to her chest and she kissed his cheek gently, smiling softly. 

“Oh god, it was the best day of my life” Cassian choked out. He smiled and shook his head, “I had socked Tamlin good in the face,” The High Lord snorted and he rubbed the side of his face, as if remembering “And she turned to me, and used her stupid demaeti powers…and she made me punch myself in the face”

Both Nesta and Feyre started laughing, bracing their hands on their knees. Nesta patted Cassian’s shoulder gently and she laughed, then nuzzled her nose against his face. “Wait, wait. She would have been High Lady?” Feyre whispered. 

“Oh gods, the thought” Azriel laughed. He tilted his head back and he laughed again, rubbing the base of his throat. “Cauldron, can you imagine? She would have punched Amarantha’s head from her shoulders, slapped Tamlin, and bought a new dress all in one day”

“Don’t forget drop kick the King in the balls the next day and then tell Tamlin she needed a new dress and matching hair bows” Everyone was laughing now, even Tamlin. He was staring at the grave, as if he could look through it. 

“Tamlin, was she-”

“She was my mate, Feyre” Tamlin nodded. He sniffed and shook his head, his fingers digging into the rocks and dirt. Everyone fell silent and Rhys’s grip tightened on Feyre’s hand. “My father knew somehow. We were so careful, I promise, Rhys. He must have been watching, gods, that was one of the worst days of my life” 

“Tamlin, he wouldn’t” Feyre breathed, but Tamlin nodded. 

“I didn’t know we were mates. She was just…Chiara. I can’t explain it. I was an idiot” Azriel snorted, rolling his eyes, “It’s funny really. There was this one time we…in Rhys’s bed” Nesta choked and she started laughing, as Rhys snarled. “You think Azriel is the best Secretkeeper? She was even better. And then..my father had me take him and our brothers to where they were” 

Tamlin paused and he wiped the back of his hands under his eyes. “I think it was then I knew, but I didn’t want to believe it. I found her so easily and she was so scared, and I felt that fear. They…they r-raped her and then they ruined her wings and they killed her, while I screamed that she was my mate. But it wasn’t enough. She wasn’t Spring Court material” Tamlin swallowed and he looked away. 

Feyre stared at Tamlin as he pressed his forehead into the dirt. Cassian and Rhys turned away, giving him a moment. And as they all looked at Aidana’s grave, Feyre tried to imagine their lives, so so long ago. She tried to imagine three Illyrians growling when they had to share their sister with Tamlin

She tried to imagine Rhys’s life, if he wasn’t High Lord. She tried to imagine Prythian having a High Lady. She tried to imagine Chiara in Rhys’s place, through everything. She wondered if Amarantha would have still gone after Rhys. No. Chiara would have let herself be locked in the dark for her brothers, just like Rhys had let himself be locked away. 

She would have used her powers against the rest of Prythian, she would have let everyone hate her, she would have been Amarantha’s Whore. But her hope wouldn’t only reside in Azriel, Cassian, Rhys, and Mor, but Tamlin too. 

Feyre wondered if the curse would have ever been broken, or if Tamlin would have even tried. Would he have tried to get her to love her, when his mate was being used the way she was? Would he have hated her as much as he used to hate Rhys? 

Would their families even be dead? There were so many what if’s and different lives they could have all lived. Feyre finally opened her eyes, snapping out of the endless void of what if’s. 

“Tell us about her?” Nesta asked Cassian. Cassian’s head snapped and he stared into Nesta’s eyes, his own eyes filled with tears. “About your mother…I’d like to know what she was like, if you don’t mind” 

Cassian swallowed and he nodded his head. He let Rhys started off first after sharing a nod with him. Rhys cleared his throat and he grinned. “She was perfect. Absolutely perfect. She brought me to the war camps when I was eight, but even before that she would let me fly around the House of Wind. Sometimes she would bring my father up and I would laugh when he screamed. He didn’t like flying, which is still rather funny. My father was never really around and she seemed sad about that, but she poured herself into my sister and I. I came home with Cassian one night..” Rhys trailed off, letting Cassian pick it up from there. 

“I had beaten Rhys for his pants and socks. Of course, him being the High Lord’s son, I lost. Pity, because those were some nice trousers,” Mor shook her head, smiling, “He brought me home and…I had never had a mother’s love before. She didn’t even question it, she just pursed her lips and lead me to a warm bath and then she gave me my own trousers. And shirts, and even socks. She would stay up all night, sewing more and more clothes for us. And she even made a bed and bedsheets, for when I had slept on the floor long enough. I had a meal every night and a bed to come home to. A home to come home to. She didn’t treat me as anything but her son. I think she loved me more than Rhys, but that’s just my opinion,” Rhys snorted and he muttered ‘As if’ and Azriel gave Feyre a long look, causing Feyre to laugh.

“We didn’t get along though, Rhys and I, we still pounded each other into the ground, just for socks. It’s not like it was a valid reason. When we did that, she sent us to bed without supper. But she always snuck me some bread, making me swear not to tell Rhys” 

“Hey!” Rhys shouted and he shoved Cassian, making his brother laugh. Feyre smiled and she watched them, the light in their eyes as they talked about their mother. 

“My turn,” Azriel whispered and Cassian and Rhys quieted, nodding. “Cassian and Rhys dragged me in about a year later. I had survived on my own rather nicely, I just slipped into the shadows. I was so terrified of the Lady of the Night Court, but she was so kind, like you, Feyre. She just smiled and knelt down before me and Cassian and Rhys shoved each other, rushing to go get dinner. She brought her hand up to the gash on my forehead, but I jerked away. And I knew in that moment I had hurt her…so I worked every day after that, to make her feel loved. She made baths and new clothes for me, and she made another serving of bread and soup. I remember this one time, she raced all three of us to the House of Wind and she let us win” Azriel smiled and he wiped his wet face. “A bastard wants nothing more than a mother’s love and she gave it, no questions asked. We were such babies, Chiara complained all the time we stole her mother away. She also complained about so many brothers”

“We really babied her” Cassian added. He smiled and brought Nesta to his side, pressing his chin on top of her head. “She loved me most”

“Well duh, she had the biggest crush on you since she was born, Cauldron, Cassian, pull your ego out of your wingspan” Mor laughed and she cuddled next to Azriel, staring at Aidana’s wings which they had placed over her grave. 

“They sound perfect,” Feyre whispered. She kissed Rhys’s cheek gently and her husband engulfed her in his arms and his wings and he buried his face in her neck. Feyre looked at Tamlin, only to find him gone. Feyre smiled sadly and she hoped that wherever Tamlin winnowed, he would be okay. 

Feyre turned back to her family and she held them gently as they cried over those lost and those gained. She looked back at the graves, at Nepharis, at Aidana, and at Chiara. She whispered, “Thank you,” and brushed the dirt between them. She thanked them, for the Illyrians and Fae she was blessed to call a family, and she thanked Aidana for taking care of them so well. She thanked Chiara, for offering an undying hope. 

The End 

I gave you guys some relief, because I didn’t kill anyone. This is actually something I hope happens in ACOWAR. I hope Cassian, Azriel, Rhys, and Mor get some closure. Their mother and sister were ripped apart, literally, and I hope Tamlin brings them the final piece : their wings. 

I hope you enjoyed!