or he thinks he's gonna die

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Thier relationship lasting long enough that Sans starts dreading Frisk's birthdays. It truly hitting him that one day Frisk is going to die and he isn't and he's going to have to learn to live without them and that just terrifies him. He tries to keep it all bottled up but one day he just breaks and Frisk comforts him and tells him that things are gonna be ok even if they aren't around anymore. (I'm a such sucker for tragic immortality romance shit ok.)

Ah, well that depends on your pov of how long monsters live.

*vibrates* I think you’ll like the end of my series then.

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Do you think ford will do the evils

honestly, no i dont. the 3 things we know most about ford is 1. hes stubborn as hell 2. he holds a fucking grudge like no other and 3. he hates bill

i dont think theres any way in hell he’s gonna be like “ok bill yea lets do this i’ll join you” especially after he screamed “I’LL DIE BEFORE I JOIN YOU” in wmg1

as for this screencap

i think this is probably a sequence where bill is trying to convince ford to join him, talking about or showing him the kind of power he can have if they join. bill needs ford to help him with the barrier around gravity falls, hes going to try to bargain with him first, that’s what bill does.

also if ford REALLY became a fucking GOD then i dont think disney would include that in the trailer, that seems like an enormous spoiler if it actually happens in reality, and not just some projection by bill or inside ford’s mind. 

and plus, i think ford is a good man. i dont think he would betray his family and his humanity like that. i have faith in him

Okay but i don’t think y'all realise something…
If we’re getting 8 new singles…that means he’s gonna have to promote them…on live radio….again….and we all know what happened the last time he did that….and now we have EIGHT chances to get something new…..so the possibility is high…
Ok basically we’re all gonna die

“B-Free says he’s going to bitch slap BTS the next time he sees them”

well good luck, Jeon Cena is waiting for you, should I call 911 in advance? because you’re sure as hell gonna need it

I Need Help

I really don’t like asking for stuff like this, but I really need help. My rat, Kipling is very sick and I need money for a vet bill, I’m scared he’s gonna die… I spoke to an emergency vet, and she said I need to get him an appointment as soon as possible. We think he might have a lower respiratory infection, which can apparently be very deadly for rats. I’m really scared he isn’t gonna make it regardless of what we do because of how he was born, but I don’t want to give up. I want to at least try.

I created a GoFundMe and you can find it here;

Please, if you have the extra, donate to this. I will appreciate even the lowest amounts of money donated, I just want him to get help.

Edit;; If you see this post, please reblog it to help me get word out as fast as possible. Thank you.

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What if: Earth 2 Iris works with Earth 1 Barry and co to take down Zoom. And gets really heart before they leave back to their earth (I don't want her to die) and he has to leave not knowing if she'll be okay and she urges him to not give up on her earth 1 self no matter what, that their love is worth fighting for on any earth. (I imagine a similar scenario with future Iris and present Barry or original timeline Iris and this Barry).

Now that Robbie Amell said he’s gonna kill a series regular as Deathstorm, this is sounding even more possible! But, like you, I don’t expect E2 Iris to die because that would push Barry away from his one true love and not towards her. 

I think it would be great if something big enough happens between E1 Barry and E2 Iris (or even if he witnesses something between his doppelganger and E2 Iris) that it makes him want to fight for her again. Which will coincide perfectly with Iris meeting Scott and realizing she’s ready to date…

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Hope you can make ot7(there can be vmin/jikook tho) fic where bts think that jimin is gonna die but its actually a misunderstanding. Pls make it a little sad at first. Thank you. Btw i love ur story a lot

Pairing: jiminxOT7 (or no pairing maybe? Slight vmin if you squint?)
Length: 907 words
Rating: PG-13

Jimin was determined, he was hardworking and always put all of his efforts into his performances, so when he felt he lacked in something he would push hard, too hard even, that he would be left exhausted and on the point of breaking, the others would always scold him for that, but nonetheless they didn’t stop him from trying.

He was lying on the practice room floor when one of the staff members found him, she was just going from door to door checking for equipment there weren’t being used, but left on anyway so she could turn them off, like she did every night, when she glanced through the glass doors and was horrified to see Jimin on the ground in a very weird contorted position like he had just fainted and fell there, his eyes where half open and unfocused and his expression was dreadful.

She really didn’t think twice before running through the hallways to find someone to help since she was too afraid of doing something herself and really didn’t know any CPR if necessary, she barged into a room where she was almost certain at least a few of the boys were in and by the time, luckily, all six of them turned to look at her she was already hysterical, fearing for something worse.

“Jimin- Jimin-sshi was lying on the floor, he was…it looked like he had fainted, I’m not even sure if he was breathing, oh my God!” Her voice broke and she was on the verge of tears.

At that their eyes grew wider and they immediately showered her with questions of “What do you mean?”, “Not breathing? ,“Where?” ,“What happened?” and so on, they gathered around her, practically on top of her and she didn’t know what to do or say but to lead the way to where Jimin was, so they followed her.

Flashbacks from when he fainted on stage where replaying on everyone’s mind and they could only pray nothing like that was happening again, they couldn’t bare that kind of pain once more, of having someone you love so dearly falling before your eyes and not knowing what to do or what might become of them.

Namjoon and Yoongi were greatly worried of course, but it was visible they were still recollected enough, whatever they were thinking, as worse as it could be, it didn’t show that much through and one way or another they knew they had to remain calm, be the pillars for the rest of the group, no matter the outcome.

Jin was clutching at his chest, his eyebrows knitted a typical motherly concern as he shook his head rushing bad thoughts away. Hoseok was hyperventilating and chanting God’s name in an already high pitched voice, he really couldn’t help overdoing each one of his emotions.

Taehyung’s eyes were red and watery and he sure hoped everything was fine or he would be crying rivers, both out of sadness and anger, he could stand seeing his best friend hurt in any way. Jungkook was biting down whatever rest of nails he managed to fit his teeth under, he was so nervous he could barely concentrate, tripping on something on his way.

Namjoon was the first to enter the room and spotted Jimin on the ground, his shock was lessened as he saw the smaller man’s chest moving up and down, so at least he was breathing, he kneeled down and lightly shook Jimin to check for his level of consciousness. Tae moved passed everyone who were surrounding his friend and desperately called “Jiminie.”

Jimin’s eyes opened and they were heavy sighs from all of them, relieve to see him awake, but still concerned for his health. He looked at all those people staring at him with worry and was really confused.

“What happened?” He asked, seating up with the help of Namjoon.

“Jiminie, you fainted, are you feeling dizzy? Are you alright?” Someone asks and he was still very confused to know who.

“Did I?” Jimin didn’t recall anything like that happening, but then again, he was very tired, so it might be true.

“Yes, she saw you falling to the ground.” Hoseok says, pointing at the girl on the corner of the room.

“Hum, but the last thing I remember was lying on the floor because I was exhausted from practicing, then eventually I fell asleep, are you sure of this?” He asked her for confirmation.

“Eh…I don’t really…I didn’t see him falling actually, I just saw him down and it was weird…and… oh my god I’m so sorry!” She bowed at least twenty times hiding her completely red face behind her hands and repeating apologies no end.

Yoongi was actually the first to start laughing at the whole misunderstanding, and soon everybody was laughing too, they were just too glad nothing had actually happened to Jimin and that incident would probably be a hell of a story to tell over and over again for the rest of their careers.


Ok, it might not be as sad as you requested nonie, sorry, but I hope you like it anyway :) I can just imagine their reactions when realizing the misunderstanding LOL.

  1. Vmin (Little Star)
  2. Nammin (Improvement)
  3. Jihope (Fall for you)
  4. Jikook (Hero to the rescue)
  5. Jinmin (Special guest)
  6. Yoonmin (Hyung’s favorite)
  7. Vhope (Coming out)
  8. Jikook (Epitome of cute)
  9. Vmin (Worth getting grounded for)
  10. Vmin, Jikook, Jihope (You dance, we glance)
  11. Jikook (A reason to change)
  12. Jikook (Keep touching me)
  13. Jikook (For you)
  14. Jikook (Failed mission)
  15. Vmin (We flow with the River)
  16. Vmin (Love in pictures)
  17. Nammin (Color me golden)
  18. Jihope (Cry on my shoulder)
  19. Jikook (In the sea)
  20. Jikook (Nothing will ever feel this right)
  21. Jikook (Off with their heads!)
  22. Vmin (Trust me)
  23. Jikook (Love is not over)

I don’t like the way they animated genjutsu scene because again it’s different from the manga and even if the change is subtle it still gives different impression. The whole point of it is that we can’t see Sasuke’s eyes in 693. We can’t because it hurts him to do so, because even if this is just an illusion he’s showing her some terrible things and Sasuke can’t look her in the eyes, nor we as readers can see his face because there’s probably nothing else than pain. Sasuke does it because he thinks he has no other choice. He’s protecting her not only from certain death in case she would interfere but he’s also doing her a favor, in his mind, by choosing this specific vision where he breaks her heart - rather metaphorically than literally. He thinks he’s either gonna die or come to the point of no return and that’s why he wants her to let go and give up on him. This isn’t something pleasant nor easy to him. He only does it for her sake because he probably thinks that’s the only thing he can do for her - help her to move on. It doesn’t mean he wants it and considering the fact that he’s her husband now we know it for sure.
So seeing his eyes and that wild look when he’s about to pierce through her chest actually bothers me.

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slutty confession: one time a boy touched in the halls ( he bumped into me) . i think i might have contracted an STD



“Rabbits might die from loneliness….but this ones gonna die from boredom Kaneki” laying back the bed, you’d think it would be all happy happy after you found your best bud after like a year of him being missing.

  And it had been, but once the dust settled and everything calmed, the only question he could think of was…

What now?

  Besides harboring a ghoul of course, maybe they should talk about that, Kaneki seemed distant, like he’d leave at the first chance he got, to think he just got him home too.

“Would you like to talk Kaneki?” he didn’t want to scare him off.

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Do you think any of them had (or has in the case of Taiyang Qrow and Raven) an embarrassing irrational fear?

I would DIE of happiness if Qrow has a secret fear of heights. Like. I would ASCEND onto ANOTHER PLANE OF EXISTENCE from sheer JOY.
The time his fight took him up onto the structures around Beacon’s courtyard he was just like “DON’T LOOK DOWN DON’T LOOK DOWN DON’T LOOK DOWN” the whole time.
Every time he’s in Ozpin’s office near the windows he’s just like I’m gonna vomit.

Okay but Qrow and Raven both being afraid of airship rides. Heights don’t scare Raven but flying, inside a hunk of metal??? Terrifying, for both of them. Raven literally never takes an airship if she can portal.

Taiyang had mild agoraphobia for a little while after Summer died, but after a while he overcame it. How funny would it be if he had a fear of cats, too, which is why he got a dog, but then Yang and Ruby bring Blake home like “ay this is our cat faunus friend.”

Summer… no, I think she was pretty level-headed.



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just had a thought of bucky calling out "steve" when hes getting tortured cause he wants steve to help, but he keeps seeing himself falling farther away from him

seb stan did say that we were getting bucky flashbacks so if one of those flashbacks is bucky calling out “steve” when he’s about to be hurt/tortured then you can buy my tombstone right now!!!!!!!!!!! cause i’m gonna die!!!!!!!

i wonder how steve deals with rumlow saying that bucky remembered him. i wonder if steve ever starts to think about whether bucky screamed his name, screamed for steve to help him before he got put in the chair again. imagine what that would do to steve.

A possible debunking of Stanley’s death

We all heard of the theory that Stanley is gonna die in the end do to the many incidents where his likeness is like melted, burned in some way shape or form he comments that his headstone should be bigger than Fords and he landed on a coffin in one point, the mayors death is to obvious yadda yadda yadda.  Well I think that theory is just a bunch of Hot Belgium Waffles and hears why

  1. 1. The ‘hints’ felt too obvious, honestly if Stanley did die I would not be all “OMG Stan is dead why must he die” I would be like “I see that coming from a galaxy far far away.” I don’t know about you guys but that kind of a reaction is the last thing you want when making a plot twist, a twist is something that should catch people off guard not hoping that a theory of yours would come true just to please the believers of said theory and say to the doubters I told you so.
  2. 2. He’s to major of a character. Guys this is Disney where talking about, do you think Disney will take the plunge to kill off a major character and risk making kids so upset they wont get out of there rooms and have a bunch of parents flooding there customer service with complaints of said series finale. “But Disney has killed off characters in there movies why can’t” Most characters who are killed off are parents and other good relatives and I only character who I can think of is killed off but doesn’t come back from the dead is the firefly but he only appears through the half way point of the movie
  3. 3. There is no point of killing him off. This is the series finale, there won’t be anytime to comprehend the death of a major character and let the characters grow because of it, and what will Bill gain from killing against Stan? to get Dipper and possibly Ford to be numb from the loss? that just spells shock value all over it

Now that part is out of the way I’ll tell you who I think will die in the final episode, there is two people actually. First is the shape shifter

My theory is that the shape shifter will die disguised as Stan because as you can see in Weirdmageddon part 1 the wave of weirdness freed Rumble McSkirmish so why not free the shape shifter as well, and in Dipper and Mabel vs the Future we get this cipher in a spaceship it says “specimen has escaped, is changing forms” which means he might have a bigger part, face it the shape shifter knows more than he lets on and I want to know on how he know the things he knows OK.

The other makes a lot more sense if you really think about it, it’s Ford Pines

I know what you thinking “But Bill says that Ford will die at the age of 92 of a heart-attack”. That is the most flimsiest excuse I ever heard of. Just because Bill can see into the future does not mean he cant change it, heck he never gave Dipper the password to the laptop as part of his deal so what made you think that hes not lying about Fords death  

1. As mention above, a lot of Stan’s images have been set on fire, guess whats also on fire

and even earlier in Dreamscapers when Bill talks about his prophecy he shows a six fingered hand, then it poofs and also the Stan crap might instead represent Ford along, aside from some minor details, they look a lot alike if your not careful, and if you think of Stans comment that he wants a bigger headstone than ford, that is if Ford already had a headstone and thus died first so yeah.

2. According to Alex Hirsch Ford is meant to serve as the journals in human so Ford has serves his purpose, he had his to have some character development but he became the most uninteresting of the Pines family come Journal three to explore his character

3. Unlike Stan, Ford actually has a reason to kill Ford since hes gonna discover his true motives and Bill must kill him before it gets leaked to the pines, and if it did The Pines will have the morale to kick Bills ass so it seems less like shock value but a death with meaning  

4. Ford hasn’t been to this earth in thirty years and so much as changed. He’s not fit to live in this world, hes to far gone in his paranoia and obsessions to ever function in gravity falls, besides Stanley took his identity and that’s how the people know him for most of their lives so finding out that there are two Stan’s will only slow things down and cast doubt, the citizens must never find out about Ford, some secrets are meant to be kept secret.

Even if Stanley did die what mythical creature is often associated with fire? the phoenix

the Legend of the Phoenix is that when it dies and turns to ash, then for some time its resurrected from those ashes. My point is that if Stan actually dies no doubt there will be a away to resurrect him and I know just the thing, the time wish.

I think that Blendin Blandin or a another version of the time baby will feel sympaphy for the Pines loss and either one of them will give them the time wish for free so Stanley can live another YAY!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings I hope this theory and possible debunking will shake things up a little so you can get a new perspective on the whole thing.


whenever I think pruaus is too happy I imagine prush running in and swinging Rod around and trying to marry him in the courthouse soon but won’t explain why because he doesn’t want to break rod’s heart

it’s because he gonna die before their original wedding date :’)))))

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What do you think about em now? Lots of people saying his new stuff is bad, hes boring/got no personality and that he looks old. I'm in two minds about it. I obviously dont want him back on drugs but I wish his charismatic self would show more. I think he is focusing too much on lyrics than making good beats and nice flow too. Im still a die hard stan tho dont get me wrong

but i feel like you grow with the artists, people’s taste evolve and some are gonna like his new stuff and others are gonna hate it and they’ll prefer his older stuff, i don’t think he needs to prove anything at this point so he’s just making music that he likes and he shares it with us, and i personally loooove his new stuff and older stuff so im good lol

and i feel like since he’s so private now, he doesn’t do a lot of interviews, so when he does them he gets so awkward because he’s just not used to them, and drugs helped him in the past with that, that’s why he was so charismatic i think, but now that he’s sober he’s more awkward….yeah i’d love to see him more chill in interviews and less awkward but as long as he is healthy and good, then im happy

and with the beats yess i agree, he used to do a lot of beats and now he’s been working with different producers, but it’s been different in every album, so i guess we just have to wait and see what he does for he’s next project and hopefully he’ll do more beats, that’d be awesome….actually at this point i don’t mind what he does…i just want new music from him! lol