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We'll be ok » Jughead Jones x Fem! Reader #2

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Female Reader

Smut: no ;) Warnings: mentions of adult themes, swears (i think). P.O.V :Yourself Requested: nope :,)

And there it was, a start to a rather harder expected life than you needed.

One line changed it all. It was pink and very preppy, incased inside were very bold letters ‘Pregnant’.

Shock, fear, anticipation all words to describe what you felt. Sure babies were something you wanted in the future, but now? A junior couldn’t take well enough care of a baby than some would think.

Your mother - very supportive - suggested telling the father. Your mother was the only one in your life at the moment and the only one who you believed held the answers to this.

Jughead. A boy you fell in love with since a very young age, it blossomed between you two, of course you had to exclude Betty which she admitted wasn’t so bad after all. But as you walked into school that rather warm day you noticed the connection between them. The subconscious flirting and gestures. That’s when you turned around, walked out the door and broke down.

No one payed attention. And that was unusual. Being partial friends with Cheryl has given you an reputation that you didn’t quite understand. No, they just walked past too deep in thought with what teacher would possibly give out a pop quiz.

Jughead came out of the obnoxious building along with Betty. “Y/n?,” he sounded confused but most of all concerned. He side hugs you, his chin resting gently on your head. “What’s wrong,?” He continues, “something I did?”

Yes and no. “Juggie,” your lips quivering and an also confused Betty is watching this scene unfold. “Please, tell me!” People are almost staring yet they seem to dismiss it, almost everybody does at least.

You break his embrace and whisper it. “What?” He couldn’t hear, you speak louder. “I’m pregnant.”

The fear and anger in his eyes mixed with remorse. He turns around probably hoping to wake up or escape. No escape. Not even the usually talkative person is daring to speak. Betty’s staring blankly at the ground. If this could get any awkwarder.

“You’re joking right? This some kind of sick joke to distract us from recent events, or you just take pleasure in my pain?” His glare is now cold. Everyone stares.

“No!” That’s all you could manage before you leave the school fully. You walked home, not bothering to check in in the first place with the school. Your in tears over the whole thing and you nearly hyperventilate.

Its been a week since that fateful day. Jughead and you haven’t spoken since. A lot of glares had already been sent your way thanks to classmates. Veronica was there though, alongside Cheryl. It wasn’t until your friends had set you up at Pops with Jughead miraculously that you could talk it through.

“Sorry.” That was the first word since, and it came from him. “I understand what you must be thinking, but it takes two to tango.” You didn’t wan’t to be hostile you just were. Being 8 weeks along wasn’t all that fun, especially with all the hormones.

“No, it’s definitely on me. I reacted hastily, my decisions unaccountable, i’m just fucking shocked overall,” and he was right. Everyone was shocked, you were innocent, definitely not one to do the dirty with a first time boyfriend. But it seemed someone had punished you for even meeting each other.

“You going to keep the baby?” You bit your nail. Yes, no questions asked. It was a part of you and a part of Jughead, you had to, you were responsible yet also deviously excited. You nodded. He placed his hand atop yours and at that moment knew you guys might make it.


Part 2 ? Series? Naw ok. I’ve been writing this for 3 days. Im almost proud ya know? Request! Ask me something?

hurricane pt 2 (sebstan)


after kicking sebastian out of her apartment the week before, you just happen to run into him at an unexpected time. 

word count: 3.6K

pairing: seb stan x reader

warnings: smut (daddy kink, light dom/sub) angst

a/n: still working on my summary skills tbh

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Adorable - Damian Wayne x Reader

A/N: It’s another double feature tonight folks! I paired up two requests for this one because it just made sense. 

Can you do something like your day 25 but with Damian? (requested by @too-many-fandoms666) / omg omg “really hun, you’re adorable” where you say it to damian and he gets all defensive like “ i can murder you several different ways with my bare hands i am not adorable???” (requested by anon)

Day 25

“So?” You asked looking expectantly up at Damian. He was hanging upside down from the ceiling of the villain’s lair with an angry pout on his lips.

“I have it under control.” He insisted as he struggled against his binds. You crossed your arms over your chest and raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“Right … “ You trailed off slowly. You plopped down on the ground and sat cross legged as you stared up in taunting silence at your boyfriend. He glowered down at you but still worked on freeing himself since you clearly weren’t going to do it unprompted. “You know, hun, you’re adorable when you pout like that.” You giggled.

“I can murder you several different ways with my bare hands. I am not adorable.” He frowned with his angry pout that you wanted to kiss away so much. “Shouldn’t you be taking care of the guards or something?” He asked as he worked to pick the lock binding his hands together.

“Already did.” You shrugged.

“You’re sure of that? I hear footsteps.” He pointed out while he lifted his body up to start releasing his legs. The door to the chamber started to open and he quickly went back to the position in which you had found him hanging.

“Shit.” You swore and sprung back to your feet as a flood of guards swarmed into the room. You suppose that you might have missed a couple of them when you made your sweep of the base. They wasted no time in trying to take you down and you easily fought a good number of them off but you quickly grew annoyed that you were doing all the work.

“You going to join the fun anytime soon, Sweetie?” You asked with a hint of annoyance.

Eh. You can handle it, can’t you?” Damian said with a smirk not making any move to free himself when you knew he could any moment he wished to.

Not my point, Love.” You retorted countering a guard and effectively sending his body stumbling Damian’s way. He rolled his eyes, catching on to what you wanted him to do. In a flurry of activity the guard stumbled into Damian while he simultaneously freed himself and inflicted a final blow to knock the guard out. As soon as he was freed and upright again, Damian joined the fight by your side. You fought ferociously side by side with your boyfriend and the two of you easily overcome your foes.

“So?” Damian asked with a raised eyebrow when you knocked out the last of the guards.

“So what?” You inquired.

“Are you going to apologize for calling me adorable?” He asked crossing his arms over his chest expectantly. You smiled and slowly shook your head.

“Nope. You’re still pouting, so you’re still adorable.” You said with a smirk. You walked up to him and wrapped your arms around him. You stood up on the tips of your toes and gave him a quick kiss to his cute little pout. When you started to pull away, Damian uncrossed his arms and pulled you back into a deeper kiss.

“Apologize or face the consequences.” He warned with a devious smile hinting at his lips.

“Or what?” You challenged pushing your chest upwards to make yourself appear bigger next to his towering bulky frame. An evil glint shone in his eyes for a brief second before he leaned down, scooped you up, and threw you over his shoulder. You shrieked and commanded that he put you back down.

“Not until you apologize!” He said.

Never!” You cried, giggling over Damian’s shoulder.

“Then you leave me no choice, Beloved!” He cried dramatically. “It pains me to do this but I have to teach you a lesson.” He warned placing a solid smack to your bottom as he carried you out the door to the car. You couldn’t help but to think you were going to enjoy your punishment. You might have to call Damian adorable more often…


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“He did what?!” Jensen exclaimed, his eyes wide.

“He.. asked me to be part of his next music video” you repeated slowly, brows frowned.

“I don’t understand what the problem is with Brendon asking me to be in his next music video, Jensen” you crossed your arms over your chest.

“Of course you don’t” he rolled his eyes “(Y/n) do you have any idea what that video is going to be about? Do you there is a freaking kissing scene?!” he shrieked.

This time you rolled your eyes “Yes, Jensen. I know that very well. What I don’t know and can’t really understand is what your problem is with that”

“My problem? I don’t have a problem. Why would I? Like- like what I’m jealous of him and don’t want you to kiss him?” he said nervously.

You shrugged “Don’t know. Are you?” you raised an eyebrow at him.

“What?” he all-but-squeaked “No” he let a nervous laugh “N-no of course not why the hell would I be jealous. I- I’m not jealous”

“Ok then but what is your problem in me taking part of the video?” you insisted.

“The problem is that you are going to kiss him (Y/n)!” he said as if it was the most simple hing in the world “You are going to kiss him and who knows if that dick of friend of yours-”

“Hey!” you scolded cutting him off.

“Yeah, whatever. Who know though if he decided to take advantage of it”

“He won’t. Brendon is my friend” you defended.

“Yeah well how can you be so sure” he insisted.

“I am. And even if he does-” you shrugged “Who cares. I certainly won’t mind” you mumbled, more jokingly and to yourself but Jensen caught it.

“What!?” his eyes widened more “Would you?! Hell no forget it!”

“Hey, what are you my father and I didn’t know? Look Jensen I am going to take part in the video whether you like it or not, ok? I just wanted to share the news with you because you are my friend and I know would be happy for me”

“I am happy for you-”

“you don’t really seem like it” you cut him off.

“I am. Really. And I trust you. The one that I don’t trust is Brendon.” he crossed his arms over his chest “He’s most probably going to just take advantage of the situation and- even if he doesn’t. How sure are you that they won’t add more kissing scenes or even a bed scene huh? How sure are you about that?!”

“I’m not, ok? I’m not. But even if they do then I’m just going to go along with it. Unless you didn’t know it a video clip is like a scene in a TV show or movie and on top of all it is acting. I don’t if you’ve ever heard about it but it is what we do in Supernatural as well” you said matter-of-factly.

“I know perfectly well that it is acting. All I’m saying is that… what if it gets real at some point?” he raised an eyebrow, the worry impossible to hide from both his face and voice.

“It won’t! I promise it won’t!” you exclaimed “But it is not just that, is it? Jensen, spill it.” you added.

“No it’s nothing” he brushed you off.

“Yes it is. Come on say it”

“It’s nothing. I just- I was just thinking that- See all I’m saying is that we haven’t had a scene like that and we’ve been working for years together in Supernatural. You are going to kiss him for a video but you haven’t kissed me and that’s… unfair” he ended up mumbling, crossing his arms over his chest again.

You only stared at him, blinking a couple times while trying to comprehend what was going on. Did he really say that?

“You want me… to kiss you?”

“Yes” he seemed to answer without thinking “I mean no” he added quickly “I mean it’s just- just saying that we’ve been working so long together a-and we haven’t had such a scene and you- you- Oh never mind. Forget that I said it” he grumbled and averted his eyes from yours.

You opened your mouth to speak but were cut off by the sound of your phone BEEPing. You opened it and saw that Brendon had just sent you a message.

‘Filming starts in 2 hours, don’t keep me waiting or else I might punish you ;)

P.s. they added a bed scene ♥ We’re going to have fun for sure’

Oh dear you thought 

Praying mostly that Jensen didn’t read it as well.

“Damn it” he growled straight behind you and you jumped, turning to face him “I’m coming with you. Just wait till I grab a few things” he said and was gone in an instant.

Oh dear indeed.

Weekend readings

Mostly TFW recs - but some weeks others might sneak in there. It is a semi weekly thing. I won’t have as much time each week and those weeks I focus on my own writing. 

Feel free to tag me in your stuff - I won’t promise I will find time to read it all but I will do my best. 

One Shots


Kiss proof (Sam x reader) by @thegleegeneration - Sam helps the reader test a lipstick and there are more than one way to do such things *wink wink* 

Discussing Heroes  (Sam x reader) by @waywardimpalawriter - The reader tells Sam what he deserves to hear. Fluffy and sweet even if Winchesters are a little pigheaded. 

Nothing left but you (Dean x reader) by @mrswhozeewhatsis - So sweet and fluffy the ending almost made me cry! *high five*

No Hunter’s Rule (Dean x reader) by @ruby-loves-supernatural - yeah no way in hell that rule would last around someone like Dean ;)

Campion Chef (Sam x reader) by @ruby-loves-supernatural - so sweet. Love the kiss!! 

Pixie Cut (Dean x reader) by @waywardlullabies - Dean being an amazing boyfriend! Love it. 

Ohana means family (Dean x reader) by @waywardlullabies - Super sweet and it has one of my fav disney songs in it (Dean singing it too - ouch my heart!!)

My first love (Dean x reader) by @daydreamingintheimpala (sorry it won’t tag you hun!) - I love this so much. The one that go away but somehow found their way back. 

Not weak (Dean x reader) by @loveitsallineed - such a wonderful description of how anxity feels. I love how Dean opens up to her too. Well done Caroline!


Guilty Pleasures (Dean x reader) by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid - Holy fuck that was hot! Fair warning you will need a cold shower or 20 after this!! Damn Sundae!!

Right Now (Dean x reader) by @kayteonline - I will just give you a qoute:  “Well it’s a spot only a widely experienced man like yourself can reach, with hishuge knowledge in this field,” you shot back at him with a smirk.

Public Scandals (Dean x reader) by @winchesterinterrupted - Holy shit that made me wanna go to a bar with Dean!

Stolen shirts and dirty laundry (Destiel x reader) by @mysupernaturalfics - Hot as fuck and so very sweet!! Love this.

Pleasure and Punishment (John x reader) by @winchesterswoonathon - You need this in your life trust me! Dom!John is hot AF!!

Different Payment (Sam x reader) by @faith-in-dean - I wouldn’t mind paying him like that!!!

Born to Run (Dean x reader) by @nichelle-my-belle - So beautifully written. Love how you capture the emotions Belle!

He might win (Dean x reader) by @vilemalapert - Dean and reader gets in a dirty talk compertion. We all win ;)


Cross your heart (Dean x reader) by @nichelle-my-belle - letting go is never easy! Be warned this made me cry so hard!

One Last Goodbye (Sam x reader) by @faith-in-dean - Franzi broke my heart into a million pieces with this one!!! Reader doesn’t want Sam to say yes to Lucifer but she is just too late.


Hearts Wide Open (Jensen x reader) by @d-s-winchester

Balconies (Bartender!Reader x Mechanic!Dean) by @lipstickandwhiskey

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Black Ink (Author!Dean x Pianist!reader AU) by @spnimaginesblog

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you know what I love about the diner scene love speech? directly following karen experiences clear hurt and pain, disappointment and despair, and dare iI say heartbreak (everything frank had spoken of) in intense succession and it has nothing to do with matt. 

the placement of the speech informs us how frank views love, then launches into a whole arc of karen being put through that by him. it’s a little guileful, this parallel; matt is arguably karen’s endgame love interest, but i think the writers set up this season as a depth check of their relationship. matt and karen obviously have feelings for each other, but at the same time they both experience something stormy and passionate with another person, elektra and frank, respectively. these relationships widen the emotional terrain and make for a damn good parallel. whether she realizes it or not, karen cares deeply for frank. the speech is as much for the viewers benefit as hers, because while she might apply the content to her and matt, we can apply it to her and frank because fuck… when she thinks he died on that boat, when she screams ‘you do this, you’re dead to me’, when she looks up at him on top of that building in the midst of a firefight with tears in eyes… 

it would seem frank was right after all. the ones you care most about are the ones who can hurt you the worst. 

anonymous asked:

For the prompt - “that… that was a lot different than I thought it’d be”.

  • “that… that was a lot different than I thought it’d be”. 

Frank Castle had experienced more broken bones and gunshot wounds than anyone else in Hell’s Kitchen. It was a low price to pay for getting rid of the city scum. But every now and then he came home aching more than he usually did. In his line of work, things quickly took their toll.

On the night that he interrupted a dockyard deal, Frank turned up at Karen’s apartment instead of the run down old shack that he had been hiding out in on the outskirts of town. He liked to go past Karen’s place often to make sure that she was alright, that she wasn’t getting herself into the same old trouble. But on this night he didn’t want to keep walking past.

He told himself that her apartment was closer, it made sense to go there to patch himself up, and after all they had both agreed to help one another.

‘’Jesus Frank,’’ Karen gasped as she looked up from her computer, her hand going straight toward the gun on her desk.

His body was so bulky coming in through her fire escape, it almost gave her a heart attack. It only took a moment for her to realize that he had been out ‘working’. His face was bloodied and his whole body seemed weak.

‘’Ma’am,’’ he nodded over to her before collapsing down on the couch with a groan.

‘’What the hell happened?’’

‘’You got a clean-up kit?’’ he asked, ignoring her question. ‘’I’d hate to bleed all over your couch,’’

Karen huffed in frustration and hurried into her bathroom, searching for her box of first aid. She could care less about the blood on her couch, but Frank’s face was beginning to disappear underneath it all.

Frank looked around the apartment while she was in the bathroom, noticing the stacks of paper beside Karen’s computer and the gun that laid beside it all. She had listened to him when he told her not to keep it hidden away in a drawer, that if she was going to go hunting down all the crime in this city, she would need it close by.

‘’It’s got the basics,’’ Karen told him as she sat down a box full of bandages, rubbing alcohol, sterile pads and a needle and thread.

‘’That’s all I need,’’ he groaned as he sat himself up.

Karen watched him nervously, wondering how was still able to go out every night and fight when it resulted in this.

As he reached for the sterile pads in the box, Karen caught his wrist and looked down at his hands with her mouth hanging open.

‘’Frank,’’ she breathed, staring at his mangled skin. ‘’How…how did that happen?’’

‘’Do you really wanna know?’’ he looked up at her knowingly.

Karen frowned at him and pushed the box aside, sitting down on her coffee table in front of him. She still had his wrist in her hand and she soon pulled the other into her lap as well. Frank let her move his arms to lay still against her.

Grabbing a few pads from the box, Karen poured the alcohol onto them and braced herself even though it wasn’t her who was going to be feeling the sting.

‘’Hey, hey, I can do it,’’ Frank told her, seeing the worry in her eyes.

‘’Not with your hands like that,’’ she shook her head. ‘’Stay still,’

Frank grit his teeth as he felt the alcohol seeping into the cuts in his skin, burning him like acid. It was a familiar sensation, but it was one that never became bearable. Karen’s forehead creased with concern as she cleared the areas around his wounds, noticing how many there were. He was swelling above his cheeks and mingling with his already purple skin.

‘’I don’t know how you do this,’’ she told him quietly, grabbing a few more pads.

Feeling her hands caress his face gently and searching for any other marks she had missed, Frank focused on his breathing, not wanting her to hear his shakiness.

Little did he know, Karen was doing the same thing. Lately there had been this tension between them that neither of them spoke of despite the both of them feeling it.

Karen moved on to cleaning up his hands, bandaging them carefully and gently, making sure that there was no way anything would get into his wounds.

‘’One of these days a first-aid kit isn’t going to cut it,’’ Karen told him.

‘’Well then you won’t have to worry about me scaring the shit out of you anymore,’’ he shrugged.

‘’I would rather you scare the shit out of me every day than have you die out there,’’ she told him, no hint of joking in her voice.

Frank stared back at her, his mischievous grin turning into a look of slight confusion.

‘’What would it matter to you?’’ he asked. ‘’Ain’t like I’m a damn saint,’’

‘’That doesn’t mean you deserve to die,’’ she shook her head. ‘’You’re not a bad person,’’

Frank laughed and looked over toward the window.

‘’You’re out of your mind,’’ he muttered.

‘’You do bad shit, I know that and I don’t like it, but you do it. But you know I understand why, I understand you-‘’

‘’You don’t know what you’re talking about,’’ he looked back at her, leaning forward. ‘’If you knew me, you’d lock your damn window, you’d call the police, you’d tell me to stay away from you,’’

Karen stared back at him, her expression giving him nothing to go on.

‘’Is that what you want me to say?’’

It had become silent between the two of them, Karen’s body gravitating toward his as they both leaned closer without realizing it. Frank was looking everywhere but at her eyes, hoping she wouldn’t see through him, but he already knew she could.

Karen reached her hand out slowly, testing to see if he would back away. But he didn’t. This time, when her hands ghosted over the skin along his jaw, Frank’s skin shivered. Karen gently ran her thumb over an old scar, feeling her arm shake.

Finally, Frank looked up at her.

‘’No ma’am,’’ he answered, moving forward and wrapping his bandaged hand around the back of Karen’s neck.

She felt herself pulled to him instantly, their lips crashing together as if the world was crumbling around them. Frank held her as close as he could, wondering if she was going to break them apart at any moment. But instead her lips opened invitingly and Frank took the hint, deepening their kiss.

Karen’s hands moved into his hair, her fingers tracing over the shaved area at the bottom, feeling him hum in response. Frank’s knees were on either side of Karen’s body as he ran his hands from her hair down her back, resting on her waist as their lips broke apart softly.

If they didn’t each need a deep breath of air, they were sure they would have never stopped.

Lips swollen and pink, Karen stared back at Frank with a small, cautious smile.

‘’That…’’ Karen begun, her voice quiet and sweet. ‘’that was a lot different than I thought it’d be,’’

Frank didn’t take his eyes off her, their lips once again only inches apart.

‘’How’d you think it would be?’’ he asked curiously, his breath touching Karen’s skin, making her shiver.

‘’I thought…it would feel wrong. That I would feel wrong,’’

‘’You should,’’ he told her. ‘’I’m not a good person Karen,’’

‘’You’re not all bad Frank, there’s good in you,’’ she assured.

‘’You don’t know that,’’ he argued softly, their foreheads touching.

‘’I do. I’ve known it all along, and I just felt it,’’

A small smile tugged at Frank’s lips, but he refused to let it grow.

‘’That so?’’

 Karen smirked.

‘’Actually, you might need to kiss me again to make sure,’’ 

Frank’s hands locked around Karen’s waist, pulling her closer once again.

‘’Yes ma’am,’’