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@baekhyun-mochi-cheeks tagged me a few days ago to post some selfies and I finally got the courage to do it !!!! hi, it’s me feat. my chubby cheeks ^^

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  • Lance: *finger guns* hey, cool beans, how are you?
  • Keith: *whispers* he’s so cool
  • Pidge: you have such low standards

every time there is a new game with beautiful new characters there is always someone who goes “at least my character isn’t a top model” as if they want to be applauded for that because apparently looking like a top model is “bad” or “not realistic”

okay but what is wrong with looking like a top model???? 

and why do you have such a low opinion of top models? we all suffer from the society we live in and its beauty standards. you think top models don’t? you think they don’t work hard, that they don’t feel pressure? that they don’t have a life and hobbies and people they love and books they like to read and dreams? what, you decided they’re all superficial? do you even know what goes on in their life????

and what is the link between looks and top qualities you might look for in a Pathfinder????

hate to break it to you pal but THERE IS NO RELATED LINK.


I mean, by all means, go and make an average looking Ryder and be proud because it’s your Ryder, but don’t do the whole “looking down at beautiful Ryders who look like top models” thing, it makes you look insecure, petty and ignorant 

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Don't let those haters get to you Miss Soka! You're amazing and a rainbow in human form. XOXO Outlandish anon

Back at cha’, Outlandish anon. You are very sweet for spreading cheer in fandom. I am not going anywhere.

The intimidation, harassment, bullying, and doxing facing our community here is real. It impacts peoples’ lives and experiences. Behind each screen and keyboard, there is a real person with loved ones, responsibilities and dreams and desires. To threaten their safety and security under the framework that two actors might or might not be together is not just beyond the pale; it reminds us of the power of cyberharassment and its implication. When supported, consciously or subconsciously by either the stars of the show or the production, it wields a life of its own. We do what we can to protect ourselves; I have nothing but utmost respect for those who have decided to lay low and/or close their account because this is not about standing tall, proud, and strong in the face of repeated harassment. It is not about weathering the storm and pushing through the evil that permeates fandom. It is about protecting oneself, loved ones and staying sane and safe.

When we circle back to where it all began, one has to wonder why the idea of love, real or imagined, between two people in a world full of hate and destruction is so threatening and distasteful that this perception induces the need to slander and potentially self-incriminate.

i think one thing i do RLLY like about star vs is while i hate love triangles like

theyre handling it rlly well imo

like star is aware she likes Marco but she doesnt wanna make things a pain n she doesnt wanna hurt Jackie or Marco n like…. its just so Nice to see it?? n like Star IS jealous and we see that but she never takes it out on Marco or Jackie (okay, not PURPOSEFULLY) n she tries to get past it bc she doesnt wanna lose Marco n just
idk i think its rlly well handled and 10000% better than ‘jealous girl is mean and awful to them both n ruins them and almost the friendships too but somehow its okay anyways n they end up together’ 

they pulled all the captain planet episodes off youtube, which i was initially grumpy about, but it turns out they are releasing every season of it for digital download in april, which i am now ecstatic about

i will pay for season one a third time just make them available in australia, cn

I actually can’t believe people send anon hate like what the fuck are u doing with your life hahaha this isn’t even towards me it just baffles me that people have such low respect of others and themselves

hey, so long story short: my personal life is shitty as fuck right now, and i honestly haven’t been this low since december. with that being said, i’m going to take the weekend and this last week of march to…mull things over, i guess. there’s a lot going on, and i haven’t had enough time to process it all fully, let alone figure out how to ‘ fix ‘ things.

i know that i’ve had my bouts of lows in the past and that those have usually resulted in me becoming grossly inactive and coming back…but also not really at the same time…but i feel as though this time will be different. i really like it here, and i really like you guys, so i will come back, and i’ll make a genuine effort to make my returned presence here as constant as possible like i ( kinda ) have been these past few weeks…

…for now, however, i’m signing off. i’ll be on snapchat ( frickthepopo ) and discord ( Memecita#9085 ) if you wish to keep in touch, so hmu there. i’m so, so, so sorry that this is happening, but i’ll try to bounce back as soon as possible. thank you so much for understanding nonetheless, and i’ll catch y’all whenever. please take care of yourselves.♥


I apologize for not updating my shop’s social media in while. I’ve been keeping bit of a low profile fulfilling orders in the backlines and hoping not to get more orders than I have the materials to make. My material supply was bit low on D-rings, however this has now been fixed and I’ll try to revive my shop.

First thing I started working on was updating my material supply on my made-to-order listings of course. I’ve been ordering quite bit new materials but taking photos every week of the new additions can become quite a pain with so many things that this has taken me longer that I would like to admit.

Nonetheless, new ribbons, charms and base colors have been added!

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Is it common - or at least not entirely unusual - to lose the ability to do ridiculously basic things and even bodily function when one is low on spoons (like low enough that they barely even have the CONCEPT of spoons)? Like, could a person who's basically completely out of spoons have a hard time doing things like walking, sleeping, not crying, not having accidents, etc.? Thank you

Yes, especially for autistic people. When we run low on spoons, we tend to lose a lot of our abilities temporarily. Basic tasks can become monumental or impossible. Walking, talking, and almost anything else can be exceptionally difficult or impossible. 


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Hey Jo! I am starting 100 days of productivity in the next month [when I will be a senior and I blv it will help me to deal with that year] So, is there anything that I need to prepare or get before I start + do add some tips on how to stay motivated on days when I might feel low. Thank you! Have a great weekend! :-)

hey, sorry about the late reply! i personally don’t think there’s anything you’ve got to prepare, the 100 days of productivity are mostly just doing at least one productive thing a day for 100 days!

and here are a few links for motivation / productivity

hope this helps, love! xoxo

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i have a good random tip for low calorie snacks!! this may seem odd but going down the baby isle at the grocery store is a good idea bc besides baby food they have a lot of snacks like crackers etc and they're all mostly super low in calories! also freeze dried fruits??? the best thing honestly (strawberries and apples) they're usually nice and tart it's like candy and if you binge and eat the whole thing then it's usually only around 100 cals!!!

That is so true, I love baby food! It’s seriously amazing except it’s really expensive, otherwise I’d eat it all the time 😋