or happy holidays i guess

  • [Yuuri Katsuki, Victor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky are watching a movie together. There is a knock at the door.]:
  • Victor: Yurio, do you mind getting the door? I think Yuuri is asleep and I don't want to disturb him.
  • Yurio: yeah, whatever. *leaves room to open door*
  • Otabek: *begins playing Christmas music.* shhh *holds up card that says "tell them it's carolers"*
  • Victor: who is it?
  • Yurio: carol singers.
  • Victor: oh. Okay.
  • Otabek: *flips card* it reads: with any luck, next year I'll be the Grand Prix champion.
  • *flips card*: you'll be 16
  • *flips card*: and maybe your dads will let you date
  • *flips card*: but for now, let me say
  • *flips card*: without any hopes or agenda
  • *flips card*: because it's Christmas
  • *flips card*: (and on Christmas you tell the truth)
  • *flips card*: to me, you are perfect
  • *flips card*: and I will love you
  • *flips card*: until we both retire
  • *flips card*: merry Christmas.
  • Yurio: *smiles*
  • Otabek: *begins to walk away.*
  • Yurio: wait! *runs after him*
  • Otabek: *stops*
  • Yurio: *kisses his cheek* by the way, we don't celebrate Christmas until after the new year.
  • Otabek: oh.
  • Yurio: also my dads are watching that movie right now so they totally know what's going on.
  • Otabek: right. My bad.
  • Yurio: why don't you come inside?

– dedicated to @leahlahote. merry christmas, from the shittiest secret santa ever! 

What a Festive Night…

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
I hope the preview from last week hyped up some people, I’ve been so excited to share this for a while now, I’m glad I could finally post it!


The background alone and without the blur!

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Last night I had to peripherally start Neo on my patient when they’re pressure tanked because despite the day nurse’s best efforts the crit care doc didn’t put a central line in them. Then this morning when that doc came in he was like, “So, he’s on vasopressors and he doesn’t have a central line, right?”

Originally posted by thankformakingmeafighter

No motherfucker, you didn’t put one in yesterday and we don’t have crit care docs over night!


“Aren’t you excited?” Davina asked as she mulled over the stalls and picked up a sparkling ornament.

“Why it’s just a stupid holiday, besides I doubt we’ll do anything for it.” You sighed and Davina pouted.

“That’s just sad, I’m going to see Marcel and Josh.” She told you and you nodded.

“I know you made me tackle someone to get Marcel’s gift.” You rolled your eyes a swatted at a glass ball ball.

“Anyway, I should head back… see you soon.” Davina hugged you and ran off, waving as she hurried off with her many glossy bags weighing her down.

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'Tis the season!

So I’m doing a little December ‘winter smut’ fanfic giveaway this month.

You don’t have to follow me but just like or reblob before Saturday 3rd December, end of day GMT and I’ll randomly pick out someone to write a mini-smut-fic for. I’m guesstimating somewhere around the 3-5k word count mark.

Fandoms include but are not limited to:
Attack on Titan, Yuri on Ice, Voltron, Marvel.
My faves to write are ereri/any ereri ot3 such as ererijean or eruriren/victuuri/klance/winterfrost.

Please note I’ll only write the smoots if you’re 18+ and I won’t be writing anything I’m not comfortable with!

Happy Holidays, I guess! 😅

Well, since I haven’t been on top of @missladytale’s page as often as I should, and I’m of course in the holiday spirit, I made this <3

My Christmas gift to you??? I dunno man I tried, but TAKE IT WEH o//

Not only do you take that, but you can take this too:


I mean you don’t have to but I made it for you anyway bc I wuv u :3

Anyway idk what to say anymore except to take my crusty art because I was bored. Happy Holidays I guess :)

|| Melon Sans by missladytale ||


This is my final post of the year! I’ll be back on 2017! 

This meme is everywhere on Internet, so i decided to make my own!  😏

Enjoy! You can share it if you want to, but please credit me, because it’s all made it by me, no you can’t steal (i guess it’s too obvious, haha)