or hand marks just to show how tight america grips it

Balconies - Peter Parker

request -  Can you write one about peter using his webs to swing you around the city and then peter and you go on a rooftop to see the sunrise or something? IM SOERY IF IT SUCKS IVE LOVED PETER SINCE I WAS 9 AND IVE ALWAYS THOUGHT OF THIS

a/n - while writing this i was so happy because this gave me the opportunity to write about the most dorky version of peter LMAO but i apologize for the ending i was so struggling with it so much and i went back and forth with so many ideas i hope its not shitty :( but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spiderman fic if you want and follow!

Sundays were set to be my lazy days, especially around the evening. During the school week I’d think about the comfort of sitting on my couch and literally becoming one with it, with a bowl of pretzels beside me and my hood up while some music plays in the back. This time round, I was preparing coffee for myself peacefully until the door had three knocks bounce off of it.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, not expecting my mother to be home until an hour from now. I went to the door and unlocked it, opening it and having Peter zoom through the crack without saying a word.

“Um … hello.” I said, astonished at how quick that just happened. I closed the door and turned back to only see him pulling his suit out of his backpack and struggling to change into it, almost tripping while taking off his jeans.

I chuckled and made my way back to the coffee maker, taking the fresh mug and sitting down at the small dining table within the apartment. I kicked back and watched the show in front of me, laughing here and there at the absolute dork standing in front of me.

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Monsta X reaction to their S/O asking for a slow passionate night.

Requested by : @curator-of-cute

Request : Yoooo I see mx scenarios and I’m in! can I request a smutty reaction where their partner asks for a slow and passionate night (you two normally get real kinky)

Warning : Smut (kinda)

Wonho : (Hos,eok)

His eyes widened slightly as you suggested the idea of having slow, sensual, loving sex. He then smiled softly and started walking towards you, where you sat on the couch. He started prepping kisses kisses on your cheeks, your nose, your neck, your ears, your collarbone, your forehead….. and finally your lips. “No…. I’m not gonna have sex with you…. I’m gonna make love to you…. I’ll teach you to love every inch in your skin, your body, your curves, your face, everything about you.” your eyes teared up a little as he picked you up and started walking upstairs. He then put you down on the bed as he peppered you with slow, passionate kisses. He then took off your shirt. “You’re not wearing a bra, huh? you prepared for this….” He chuckles softly as you giggle too but he suddenly latches his mouth on your nipple “H-Hoseok!” you let out a choked gasp as he runs his tongue slowly on your nipple, rolling it in his mouth. He then comes up and kisses you deeply as he wraps his arms around your back bringing you closer to his body. He then pulls away and looks deeply into your eyes as he speaks. “I love you, and I’ll love every inch of your body tonight. Just let me love you baby girl….”

I.M : (ChangKyun)

“Y-you want me t-to make love to y-you? I-I mean a-are you sure?” Changkyun asked as you both were laying down on the bed. “Yes Kyunni…. I mean only if you want to?” You said shyly, looking down to avoid his eyes. “O-of course I agree! I wanted to do it but I was kinda afraid to ask….” Changkyun says as he runs his hand through his hair as he blushes lightly You smile taking in his rosy, soft blush. You go to answer but he shuts you up with a kiss and gets on top of you as he starts kissing your neck slowly, finding your soft spot quickly, he starts running his tongue over it with pressure. You start letting out soft whimpers as he starts sucking at it, nibbling on it with his teeth leaving deep blue and purple mixed into green marks. “These marks…. they prove my love to you….” He says as he stares into you eyes, you getting lost in his eyes. You start kissing behind ear softly as you flick your tongue on his earlobe. “G-gosh, you know how to work me up so quickly…” He trails off as he dives down and takes off your pajama shorts. “Let me treat you tonight, show you what real loving is”

JooHeon : 

“Of course my love, your wishes are my commands.” He says as he takes your hand, leading you into the bedroom, walking slowly as smiles at your shorter form.When you get in the bedroom and both of you stand in front of the bed he speaks. “Strip for me sweetie. Keeps your panties on only” You nod as you start stripping in front of JooHeon, his eyes staring at your curves in pure adoration. “My god babygirl, You are carved by the gods themselves….” He gapes at your form, taking you in, staring at you as if he’s  trying to print you, burn your image into his mind, even though you are already carved into the depths of his heart, not only having a special place in his heart, but owning all of it. He then strides to you, smashes his lips to yours but the kiss wasn’t rough, it was sweet and passionate, that one kiss spoke a million words that your mouths couldn’t utter. As he brings your body closer to his, he pulls away, panting and slightly sweating as his breath hits your face slightly “Let me taste you Jagi, let me love you like a real lover would…. No rushing, no hurry, just us tonight combining our love into one…. Don’t you agree beautiful?”

Kihyun : 

“Is that what you really want Y/N?” He asks as his thumb rubs over your palm in small, soothing circles. “Yes Kiki….. Please?” “Okay okay, don’t give me that pout, you know it breaks my darn heart you little witch.” He chuckles as you giggle along with him softly. “C’mon you little witch, let’s go to our bedroom” He says with a big, proud smile drawn on his face. “Hm, you seem to like the idea more than I do, and I was the one who suggested it in the first place” He smiles widely as he pulls into his chest, squeezing you tight, as if you’re gonna vanish or disappear at any given second. “That’s true my little vixen, i want to show you how much you’re worth my dear.” You raise your eyebrows as you stare into his brown, bright eyes that hold the whole galaxy in them, “So first I’m a little witch, then I turn to be a vixen and then you have the guts to call me dear? Pfft the nerves of this man” You roll your eyes fighting off a smile as he laughs out loud, his head thrown back and his Adam apple bobbing. You laugh softly with him as he grips you closer. “Now let’s get down to business,shall we my fair lady?” “We shall, my handsome lover.”

MinHyuk : 

“Really?! I would like that a lot baby! That’s a brilliant and amazing idea!” Minhyuk yells loudly causing your eyes to widen as you slam your hand down on his mouth. “Shhhhh! We don’t want South AND North Korea to know that I asked you to have sweet, passionate sex with me!” “Um, I think you just told America too Y/N…..” He stifles a laugh as he grabs you by your hips. “Stop pouting baby girlllllllllllllll” He says as he starts tickling you softly. “H-hehe okay okay I’ll stop! I’ll stop!” He stopped tickling you as he stared at you in awe. “S-stop looking at me like that Minnie! You know it makes me feel uncomfortable” He chuckled as he saw your cheeks get slightly tinted with pink blush. He then started to run his hands down your back till they landed on your butt, he squeezed slightly making you gasp as your thighs quivered. He started tracing circles on the inside of your thigh, then lightly tapped your clit which made you cry out softly. “N-not in the living room Minnie…..” “Okay baby girl, let’s go make love, shall we?”

Shownu : (HyunWoo)

“Wh-why? Do I not show you enough loving, my darling? Was I always after my needs that I forgot yours my dear?” He asks as hurt fills his eyes and he looks down on the ground as if afraid to look into your eyes. “No!!! That’s not what I meant!! I just want slow, sensual, sweet love making with soft music” You say as you quickly grab his chin and bring it up so he can look up at you as he bit his lip in anticipation to what you’re going to say next. “I just want my sweet, cute, handsome, sexy and so many more, boyfriend to make love to me till the morning comes and we’re spent out on our bed, covered in our juices that prove our love process” You quickly kiss the tip of his mouth when you finish talking. “Is that it my love? I am very capable of that. Don’t worry, I’ll make you orgasm so many times but with slow and sweet loving. We’ll be very spent and I’ll cover you up with my marks and you’ll mark me too. Sounds good darling?” “Yes Hyunnie, sounds great….”

HyungWon : 

“Hmm….. Cheeky cheeky babygirl… Is that what my jagya wants? A slow pleasure-full night?” He says as hi raises an eyebrow at you, his mouth quirks up in a smirk as you blush and hide your face in his chest. “No no no, no hiding sweet cheeks.” He lifts your head up so your eyes meet his as he winks at you, causing you to slap his chest playfully. “I take it back, bye” You turn around to walk away but he quickly grabs your hand, turning you around causing you to slam into his chest, as you feel it vibrating from his laughing. “C’mon jagya, you know I was only kidding and playing around with you. I would to love to make my baby’s wishes come true. You already know that your wishes and dreams are my commands.” He lifts up your shirt up slightly as runs his finger-tips very slightly on your sides, causing goosebumps to cover your whole body. He smiles lovingly as he takes your hand and lead you to the bedroom, closing the door as you both entered. “Let me show you my true loving colors tonight baby…. Just let me and I’ll take you to another land…..”

First reaction everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think about it? Is it good? Bad? Needs to be longer? Shorter?

2. fleeting goodbyes and hasty kisses

Im Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1.8k

Genre: Fluff(?)

Author’s Note: Second in the series inspired by this post. More Jaebum feels from my own mind, but is that even surprising anymore? 

First in the series: 1. sweet raspberry lemonade in the summer

terrible moodboard made by yours truly, in an extreme rush so please forgive me

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anonymous asked:

Hey! I love your writing!😍 Can you write about Tom x Reader at a red carpet/award show & he gets jealous when your fave celebrity flirts with you? Leads to smut? Oops🙊 Thank you love💋

ooh i love this idea thank you! again this is smutty so prepare yourself

Pulling into the driveway of a swanky hotel in London you step out in a pretty yet not outstanding day dress and some cute little heeled boots. It’s not enough to catch the eye of the lingering paparazzi but the odd camera starts to flash as soon as Tom gets out the car.

That’ll soon change; you think as your driver grabs the bags from the boot of the car. Inside is your dress and Tom’s suit for tonight’s premiere of Infinity War along with all the trimmings such as jewellery, makeup, perfumes and shoes.

Hand in hand, both of you check into the hotel and make your way to the suite to start getting ready. It’s only 10am, but you know from experience that red carpets take hours of preparation

And sure enough, within 15 minutes of your arrival people are buzzing around your suite, helping the two of you to get ready. Not much can be said between the two of you as you’re both slathered in makeup and drowned with perfumes.

Then you’re dragged into separate rooms to get changed; your favourite part! Something about getting changed away from Tom makes it feel like your wedding day. Like in a few moments you will be walking down the aisle in the custom-made Givenchy dress you’re slipping into for the premiere.

However, you’re sure at your wedding you wouldn’t be sporting a dress that so obviously represents Spiderman. You’re wearing tight, lacy floor length with the lace precariously covering all your important assets - you can’t afford a nip-slip on a night like tonight! If you were to look from a distance you would think the dress was covered in black flower patterns. Like you are the human embodiment of a poppy! However, looking closely you see that black spider patterns have been embroidered on the dress in tiny sequins.

Clutching safety pins, needles and tit tape, there are numerous people fussing around the dress to make sure it looks perfect for the evening. Your job is to stand in the mirror and see all the last minute transformations to your look; like a sudden change of hairstyle and the addition of a choker necklace.

Just 15 minutes before you have to leave for the carpet, everyone disappears. Probably rushing off to make sure Tom is looking as dapper as possible. After all, he is the star everyone is looking to meet.

With no one fluttering around you and your dress, you enjoy a moment to yourself in the suite’s living room. You watch out on London skyline, thinking about just how different your life is now. I mean, who else can say they’re sitting in a posh hotel in London, wearing a Givenchy dress and going to a premiere with their movie star boyfriend?

Soon enough, Tom enters the living room with his entourage of people. Yet he doesn’t look flustered by the constant fussing over him. Instead, he strides in front of them, adjusting his cufflinks and running a hand through his hair. Tom is in his element.

When he sees you, he stops and stares. He can’t simply believe how beautiful look; with your hair pinned up in a loose bun and makeup looking much better than you could have ever done. And then he’s sees the dress and he’s blown away!

Not because it’s designed with Spiderman in mind, although he wouldn’t stop talking about that. Tom is drinking in your figure in the tight fitting dress and can’t get over how lucky he is to have you by his side tonight.

Tom strolls up alongside you where you stand at the window. “I can’t believe I get to call you mine!”

You bowed your head in embarrassment but smiled nonetheless. Before you had a chance to reply, it was time to leave and so you were both rushing to get downstairs.

Luckily, the premiere was not too far from the hotel. In fact, you had to wait in tons of traffic to get onto the carpet so you were not the last of the Avengers team to arrive on the carpet.

When it was your turn to walk the carpet, you were overwhelmed by the amount of cameras on you. You had been to numerous premieres and events but you still could never get over people’s eyes (and cameras) on you.

Tom understand how nervy you got and so gripped your hand tightly, leading you to where you needed to go. You stood together; Tom in his classic, sleek-black Hugo Boss suit and you in your custom dress perfectly complimenting each other. Even when you’re standing together, Tom would have one hand on your; resting on your back and your arm to reassure you.

After a while, you get comfortable on the carpet. In fact, so confident that when asked for an interview you jump at the opportunity.

Obviously they’re just interested in getting scoops on your relationship or Tom, but you know Tom’s within earshot so he’s well aware what you’re doing.

“So you look fabulous tonight girl!” The interviewer cheered. “Who are you wearing?”

You swished around the dress at your feet, watching as the tiny black spiders glimmer under all the lights. “Tonight’s the first time I’m wearing this gorgeous custom-made Givenchy!”

“Oh wow! And I see it’s Spiderman inspired?”

You nodded at the lady interviewing you. “Yes, well the designer and I came up with the concept when we saw Tom’s costume for this film. I really love the design and I think it incapsulates the character well!”

“Are there any other Avengers’ costumes you would like to make dresses from?”

“You know, I really like Captain America’s costume, not sure how I could make that a dress though!” You chuckled. “I don’t really have the abs for it!”

“Is it true you have a huge crush on Chris Evans?” The interviewer pops in.

You laugh, feeling yourself start to blush. “I’ve been a huge Marvel fan for years and one of my first favourite heroes from this universe was Captain America. He was really who got me into the Marvel universe!”

“Oh, and here he is now!” The interviewer shouts as Chris Evans stands at the start of the press line. She calls him over and eventually Chris strides over, taking you by surprise.

“Hi Chris, I have [NAME] here and she was just telling me she has a massive crush on you!”

Chris Evans smiles and laughs. “It’s a shame ol’ Spidey got to her first! Could have showed her what a real American hero is like.”

He finished his sentence with a wink, leading you to blush more - cheeks almost the colour of your dress!

“I have to go, but have a nice evening!” Chris said, planting a kiss on your burning hot cheek.

As Chris walks away, you turn to thank the interviewer but catch eye contact with Tom who is now glaring at you. It was going to be a tough evening for you!

It was obvious Tom was jealous. From the way he tightly gripped onto your waist when talking to his co-stars to the somewhat evils he was giving Chris the whole evening!

You just laughed. You had never seen him this jealous before but perhaps you hadn’t ever gotten a kiss from your celebrity crush before. And Tom knew how much you loved Chris Evans!

Not only was Tom insanely jealous, but he was also pissed. It wasn’t your fault, you knew and so did Tom! But it didn’t stop him refusing to talk to you all night.

The only time you did speak was on the way back to the hotel where Tom started getting handsy.

Without waiting a second after getting in the car, Tom dived on you; kissing at your neck before it developed into sucking. You knew what he was doing; trying to leave marks all over your skin so everyone knew he was yours and yours only!

But you didn’t care if he left crazy markings all over your neck and body, when he hit the right spots you couldn’t care less about wondering around London in hickies. In fact, you would embrace it.

Just before we got to the hotel, Tom’s hands started to wander, dipping down and under your skirt. His fingers danced over the cloth covering your core, making your stomach and centre tingle with excitement. This is what he did to you, if only he knew!

The journey back to the room was long, despite being a 5 minute walk from the driveway. Firstly, Tom had to sign autographs for fans outside the hotel, which meant you proceed ahead to give him some time. Then once he was done, he had to know his schedule for tomorrow and talk about tomorrow’s press junket. And then finally, it was the elevator - the slowest elevator ride ever! If it had been you, you have ripped his clothes off right then and there. However, with his managers and publicist in the lift with you, it wasn’t appropriate timing.

Instead, you said goodnight before rushing into the room, taking your clothes as you raced to the luxurious bedroom.

Immediately, you allowed yourself to flop back onto the King Sized bed and watch as Tom slipped the last remaining items of clothing off. Then it was just the two of you, observing each other’s glorious naked bodies.

His slim body was toned yet soft, especially in the dim light which gave him an ethereal glow. One of your favourite things about him was his natural curls. At this current moment, his hair was beautifully dishevelled from constantly wrapping it in your fingertips in the car, and he never looked so gorgeous! You were lucky to have him, and he was going to make you remember that.

Without hesitation, Tom crawled over your body and kissed your lips. Starting with a few pecks to the lips and neck, before the two of you were kissing deeper and deeper. You couldn’t help but moan into the kisses when Tom started rubbing at your clit, causing your body to tingle again.

It wouldn’t take long and the both of you knew it, but you had no reason to rush so you took it slow. And Tom knew exactly what to do; gently playing with your clit for a few moments before moving onto your core.

It had been a while since you received so much attention from him. That’s why it was nice to have Tom softly caress your inner thighs, leaving small kisses there while he made your legs shake, hitting all the right spots with his fingers.

When he wasn’t leaving kisses on your inner thighs, his mouth was lapping at your clit. Repeating the same motions as he fingers, his tongue stimulated your core in ways unlike before and you were in heaven.

What helped you to reach your high, apart from Tom’s expert attention, was hearing him hush the words “you’re mine”, “only i get to do this to you” and “only mine, babygirl” over and over again.

* newly added fics to my fic rec page as of 05/29/17

Amazing Sin by thecheshirepussycat (56k) [au, friends to lovers, pining]

Gears started turning in Louis’ head. Purely mischievous gears that had Louis formulating a revenge plan against Taylor. He’d had enough of sitting around and taking it. If she was going to call him a whore, then fine, he’ll act like one for real. “I’m going to say something, and as my friends you are obligated to love me anyway.”

“This can’t be good,” Niall said, Zayn just groaned.

“So I know we have this strict ‘no lashing back at Taylor’ rule with me, but what if I can get press revenge a different way?” Louis asked. He wasn’t expecting an answer, because they knew by now to just go with it. “What if I stole her boyfriend?”

Or, the story of Louis ‘Steal Your Man’ Tomlinson.

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Poker night

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader.

Warnings: Swearing, unprotected sex. Guys, STD’s are a real thing, and so is pregnancy, so if you don’t want any of those, wrap it before you tap it. And if you’re a lady-liking lady, protect yoursellf too. Of course.

@famefox​: Love, may I request a story with Tony, please? I don’t remember if you write smut, but if you are, can it be smutty one? If not, doesn’t matter. :) The Avengers having a game night where They play poker. (If smut - reader and Tony doing it after the game on a table :D ) if not, than can it be only poker, where Tony and reader have a sweet cute moment during and after the game? Thank you! <3 :) :) sending love!

A/N: I feel like I’m kinda rusty with smut, so this probably sucks.

@orangepenguin5 @shelvesandwhelves @john-benderr @muffinz323@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7 @that1awkwardfangirl @sammiesamness@shamvictoria11​ @famefox

Originally posted by barkingbeard

It was Friday night at the Avengers tower, and unlike other nights, most of the team had gone out either to their own places, or somewhere in town; the only ones around were Tony, Steve, Natasha and (Y/N). The girls got themselves beers and some snacks, and sat in front of the TV, whilst Captain Rogers and Iron Man finished some paperwork downstairs.

“So, how’s everything with Tony?” Natasha asked before taking her bottle to her plump lips. “Shell-head seems to be calmed down now. Love hit him hard”

“Nat, we’ve been together for over a year now” (Y/N) cocked an eyebrow, “don’t you think we would’ve broken up a long time ago if love hadn’t hit us hard?” she took her own beer to have a sip. “I’m just glad we both settled down, I personally think I needed it”

“What are my two favorite people talking about?” Tony announced loudly as he crossed the doors to the common room. “God, (Y/N), working with Cap makes my life so dull, yet here you are, making my days brighter and blah, blah, blah”

“Calm down, iron head” (Y/N) laughed heartedly as Tony kissed the top of her head, “or I’ll call you a whambulance”

“Always so supportive, baby”

After having a pizza and a few more beers, Natasha decided it was time for the few teammates to have a little fun. After all, it couldn’t just be all business and no fun. Tony suggested they should play poker, and thanks to Steve’s pleading, it ended up as a real innocent game. No stripping for anyone, to Tony’s misfortune.

After a few hours of drinking and playing and laughing, Steve and Natasha called it quits for the night; (Y/N) and Tony stayed in a little longer, listening to Tony’s hard rock playlist that Jarvis started playing just a few minutes ago. She moved around the small man-cave at the rhythm of the guitars in the back, while her boyfriend enjoyed the small show.

“Oh well, oh well…” (Y/N) purred as she gently placed her hand over Tony’s shoulder. “What am I gonna do with you, bad boy?” her grip became tighter, but her voice only got softer. “Does Mr. Stark want to fuck me?”

“Very much, indeed” he replied, trying to keep himself together and inside his suit. “Would you stop teasing me, please? I’m sure as hell starting to feel a little uncomfortable in these pants”

“That’s just my plan, Tony” she whispered to his ear, biting his lobe gently and letting go of him. Tony’s quick reflexes made him stand up and grab (Y/N)’s hand. He pulled her closer to him, and now, as she looked up, she met his mischievous eyes that stared at her in such an animalistic way, as he grew hungrier of her.

“Oh no, you’re not going anywhere”

Tony leaned to crash his lips on hers, devouring her whole. His hands took no time to reach her thighs, helping her jump and cross her legs around his waist. The table, once used to play an innocent game of poker, was now about to be the only witness of a sleepless night.

Tony sat her on the table and started to lift up his shirt. (Y/N) followed in suit and helped him getting rid of his belt. Their lips met sporadically as they found themselves very busy with feeling each other’s bodies. (Y/N) held on for dear life to his broad shoulders as Tony unclasped her bra and tossed it away to the other side of the room. His hips slowly rocked forward in the space (Y/N)’s legs granted him.

“Aren’t you excited, baby?’” (Y/N) teased.

“You’ve been making those faces all night and letting fucking grandpa America hold you and talk to you so fucking close.” He placed both hands behind (Y/N)’s neck, and grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her head back. “You can bet your sweet ass I almost lost it.”

(Y/N) giggled wickedly and dug her heels on his buttocks. Moving her body towards Tony’s, she went to his neck. It was his weak spot, she knew she could raise hell only by giving him the right ministrations, and boy she loved seeing her beloved shell-head going insane with just a little push.

A soft groan emerged from Tony’s lips as he felt a set of teeth digging in his needy skin. His hands roamed down her naked back and helped her get rid of her jeans. Getting down on his knees, Tony kissed her innermost thighs gently, feeling how she trembled each time he came closer to her wetness. She rested her elbows on the green surface and lifted her torso to get a better view of what Tony was doing, but then she saw nothing. Keeping her eyes closed and mouth hung open was all she could possibly do for herself. Tony was raising hell, or more specifically tidal waves, inside her. Her toes curled, her breath out of control, her head hanging to the back and the countless moans were the hints Tony had to understand that she was fully enjoying herself. That and her soaked folds.

“You know why I paid so much money for this table?” Tony asked as he propped himself up again, holding (Y/N)’s hands to help her up too. She shook her head clueless. “So I could bring up women here and well-” (Y/N) cut him off by huffing loudly, getting ready to jump off the table and get her things. “No, wait. You’re actually the first one I bring up here… No one was more worthy than you… I love you, ok?”

“I love you too, Tony” she smiled heartedly and leaned forward to crash her lips on his. This time the kiss was gentle, lovingly; (Y/N) rubbed herself to him, feeling every inch of her skin mix with his, and how they became one. She hummed softly when their tongues met and swirled in one another,

Tony slowly pushed himself inside her. (Y/N) rested her head on the crook of his neck, breathing unsteadily as she felt how he filled whole. As she became used to his size, she returned to her earlier job, his neck. Her caresses were not soft anymore; she put herself onto the task of leaving multiple love marks on his skin, action that Tony thanked by thrusting in and out faster and harder each time.

Shit” (Y/N) whispered blissfully.

Tony pushed her body just a few inches away from his, and placed his hands again on the back of her neck and rocked his hips roughly against hers. Her skin became slippery due to sweat and heat, but his hold on her was tight enough to keep her in place.

(Y/N)’s climax was left unannounced; she came before she could possibly put it into words, and Tony followed in suit just a few moments after. Lying on the green mat of the poker table, she took long, deep breaths to collect her shaking and moaning self. Tony supported himself with his hands on the edge of the wooden table and his head hung forward.

“Buying this table was good call, Tony” (Y/N) smiled carelessly.

“You can bet your fine ass it was” Tony looked down at her and helped her getting up again. “I should get more of these and keep them around the tower, right?”

“Damn right”

Don’t Blame Your Daughter

I’m gonna come to @johnnythirteenguns‘s house and kick his ass for this, but anyway. 

Summary: What sad siblings do I love almost as much as I love the Barebones? The Winchesters. This is the SPN x Fantabi fusion that literally no one wanted.

Warnings: Violence, homophobic language (LIKE IN THE FIRST LINE I’M SORRY), sexually explicit content, character “death,” past sex work, bottom Graves (lol), a piss joke. Also I didn’t edit this.

There’s some implied Tina/Chastity and Queenie/Chastity in this because [jazz hands] lesbians. Also Langdon/Credence, but not explicit and Langdon dies in a fire as is the SPN tradition.

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Derek Hale From HR

For @yoshifics who…well I didn’t know what you wanted but the Admin was like “You’re writing hot office smut? Give it to them!” so I did! Happy holidays and a happy new year, celebrate with sterek smut! :) ♥

by @nogitsunelichen

So Stiles usually is not that bold. That being said Derek Hale from HR made him bold. There was just all that muscle under those extremely tight button-ups (like come on those biceps should not give him awkward cubicle boners). Not to mention the guy was graced with glorious stubble and cheekbones so sharp they could cut diamond.

At this point his pathetic infatuation on Derek Hale from HR was a little much. His twelve year Lydia phase wasn’t this bad. Stiles used and abused any opportunity to talk to Derek. With Lydia it had just been admiring from afar and shoving love notes in her locker.

Which was the other thing; Derek Hale from HR was a guy.

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Feel better? (Matt Miller x Reader) (Request) (NSFW)

Originally posted by bloodlessanimal

Anonymous: Matt Miller x Female reader Boss smut where their together and kinzie finds out and is like ‘really? Youre the president and can have any guy but you want matt miller?“ or something but he overhears and reader makes him 'feel better’ about it? ;D

Word Count:1031

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Don’t Bite - Jungkook - Pt 2

Aaaaand finally (after like a week or two oops) comes part two! This chapter does have smut and mentions of blood, so beware!! Thank you all for so much for the support on the first part too - it’s my most popular post since I started this blog ^^ I also want you guys to know (I know a lot of you are American) - I am aware the legal age in many states of America is 18 and I said that reader is 17, however in the UK the legal age is 16 and I am English. I am not promoting sex with minors. Just thought I’d clear that up in case anyone said something :)

PT 1

“What are you doing?” You whispered, a little bit of the original dread returning as his lips grazed your neck.

“It’s best if you relax. And don’t ask questions.” He replied, his equally hushed tone making shivers run through your spine. 

“But surely you’re not going to-”

“Yes. I’m hungry and you smell so freaking good.” he murmured, pressing soft kisses to your skin in a strangely relaxing manner.

“Won’t that make me a vampire too?” you asked, shaking a little in his hold. His arms were tight around your waist, holding you as close to him as possible. You felt his low chuckle against your skin as he continued with the kisses, moving up and down as you only grew more and more apprehensive.

“You watch too many films. I won’t turn you unless I want to turn you. Now relax or his will hurt more than you want it to.” He stopped with the soft kisses and positioned his mouth over the vein over your neck, sinking down as you slowly relaxed in his arms. You felt a quick, sharp pain but that faded quickly, and you felt dizzy as the blood rushed to the sudden puncture. You felt it running up through you, and it was a strange sensation, but not painful. You felt warm and tingly but you could tell he was being as gentle as he could, one hand finding yours again and holding it as he pulled his teeth from you. He wiped the small dribble of blood from his chin with a goofy grin, not saying a word as he stared at you. Before you could process the situation his lips were on yours, him being careful not to snag you with his teeth as the kiss soon grew heated. His hands gripped your waist tighter than before as he led you to sit on the corner of a bed, more than likely his bed, and one of his hands came up to your neck. He held the back of it so he could angle your head perfectly, giving him full control of the kiss as he remained careful but increased the passion. He pulled away shortly, looking down at you through half lidded eyes. He smiled at your expression, suddenly lustful despite still being a little confused. One moment he was drinking your blood and the next he was kissing you with more fervor than expected. “I think I owe you one for letting me do that.” he whispered, voice husky as his hand left your waist and started running up your leg. You still wore your school skirt and so you were already rather exposed, his cold fingers gracing the skin with a ghost-like touch.

“So do I.” you responded, pulling on his shirt to reattach your lips. His tongue immediately entered your mouth as you leaned back against the headboard and he crawled over you, hands roaming your body as the atmosphere grew even more heated. “Right now.” He pulled away from your lips, smirking at how bruised they now looked, and moved down to kiss your jawline. His lips placed gentle kisses along your neck, lingering a little longer over the marks which showed where you’d been bitten. He got lower, kissing along the neckline of your shirt before sitting back and pulling your shirt open. Not a single button broke. “Wait.” You said, making him stop and look back up at you.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking suddenly concerned. You laughed slightly and pointed to your camera, which was long forgotten on the floor. He smirked again, licking his lips slightly. “Oh yeah, your friends wanted proof. Well, if that’s what they wanted. And if that’s what you want.” He bit his lip and stood up, picking up the camera and resting it on his bedside table. “Your friends are in for quite the show.” he raised his eyebrows and leaned down to connect his lips to your skin again, pulling your shirt completely off and leaving it discarded on the floor. His lips ghosted over your collarbone before he started suckling on the sensitive skin, making your breath hitch and a breathy moan escape your parted lips. He was cautious all the way, alternating between gentle kisses and sucks that left purple marks on your skin. He kissed along the lining of your bra before lifting your back and unclipping it, eyes snapping back up to meet yours. His were incredibly caring, and his whole demeanor confused you. One minute he was mischievous and bore that sexy smirk you grew increasingly fond of, and the next minute he was gentle and tender. “Are you sure this is what you want? I mean - isn’t it a bit weird to you? Coming into an old wrecked house everyone thought was abandoned and having sex with a vampire stranger?” he laughed as he sat back on his knees. You whined impatiently and nodded, shrugging your bra off and throwing it down.

“You can’t get me this worked up and then question my motives.” you groaned, blushing when you looked back up at him and found his gaze wondering your half naked body. “Don’t do that.”

“But you’re so beautiful.” He breathed in response, words barely audible as he pulled his own shirt over his head. You felt your face heat up as his eyes kept scanning you, your own drawn to his toned chest. He took your hands in his momentarily and kissed you again, still passionate but a lot sweeter this time. His fingers couldn’t keep still, running over your stomach and breasts. You moaned into the kiss as he did, which only spurred him on. You gasped as you felt him grow harder beneath you, the restraints of his trousers obviously bothering him.

“Pants.” You panted, hands moving down to fumble with his belt. He sat back again with a smirk.

“What about them?” He raised an eyebrow, eyes boring into yours.

“Take them off.” You growled, losing patience. He laughed at your eagerness and swiftly removed them leaving him in only his boxers. He hovered back over you, face close to yours but lips not touching. He lingered for a little before grabbing the sides of your skirt, throwing it to the floor and putting you in the same situation as him.

“Now…” he whispered, hand slipping under the waistband of your panties and one finger running over your wet folds teasingly. “I don’t know anything about foreplay or dirty talk, so-”

“You’re doing a good enough job.” You mumbled in response, your heated core showing him that you weren’t kidding - he was already turning you on enough. He chuckled and kissed you again, lips quickly moving back to your neck as his finger moved to your clit, rubbing in slow, gentle circles that made you whine. “Stop teasing me.” You murmured as he entered two fingers into you, only allowing to go them halfway in before he started pumping them. You ground down onto his hand so that his curling digits were all the way in, making him chuckle.

“Patience lady. You’re so needy all of a sudden.” He whispered against your skin and removed his fingers, quickly licking them clean. He didn’t seem to realize that every little thing he did only made you hungrier, your hands tugging the waistband of his boxers keenly. “Didn’t I say patience?” he frowned a little but reached down to remove his underwear nonetheless, yours joining them on the pile of clothes on the floor. “What are your friends gonna think when they see you like this for someone you’ve only just met?”

“You started this!” you cried, tugging on his hair earnestly and kissing him again. All reasoning and sensibility gone, your head was controlled by lust as you pulled back and looked him in the eye. “I want you. Now.” You grumbled, cheeks burning. He sighed and complied, reaching into his bedside drawer for a condom and pulling away from you to put it on. The loss of his close presence made you whimper; saying you were restless at this point would be an understatement. You still didn’t know how you’d gotten to this point, but you didn’t even care as he positioned himself at your entrance. He slid the head of his cock up and down at your core, tongue battling with yours in a series of sloppy, needy kisses. You were already losing your mind.

“It’s not too late to stop this.” he said quietly, eyes back on yours.

“Yeah, well, it’s too late for you to be saying that.” you sighed against his lips as he kissed you deeply, pushing himself in with a small grunt. He opened his eyes to check your facial expression, which only displayed pleasure as you leaned up. The new position allowed him to slide even further in, both of you groaning in unison as his lips found yours. After getting you so worked up he could tell he didn’t have to let you adjust, your slick wetness letting him move with ease as his hands moved back to your hips for leverage. He started slow, too slow for your liking, and so you rocked your hips in time with his thrusts to feel as much pleasure as you could. You moaned gently, head spinning from the feeling of finally being filled by him. His mouth hovered next to your ear, breath hot.

“Don’t be so quiet. I want to hear you.” he whispered, his words alone eliciting a louder moan from you. He smirked triumphantly, quickening his pace as a dull heat began in the pit of your stomach. “You’re so tight.” he murmured, lifting your hips to angle himself better. You cried out at the new angle, which allowed him to hit unknown places deep within you that had your vision turning white. 

“Jungkook, I-” your orgasm was fast approaching with every thrust, leaving you breathless as it hit you. You didn’t need to finish your sentence as he could tell what you meant, his own orgasm imminent. He kissed you deeply as you clenched around him, body shaking as the pleasure became almost too much to handle and you came around him. He came moments after, cock twitching inside you as he spilled into the condom. He stayed within you as you both rode out your orgasms before pulling out, both of you panting heavily as he disposed of the condom and collapsed onto the bed next to your worn out body. You were both covered by a thin layer of sweat, still lost in your highs as your head spun. He pulled you to him, arms wrapping themselves around your waist as he pulled a blanket over your quickly cooling bodies.

“Your friends are never gonna speak to you again, are they?” he chortled, one hand moving up to brush your dampened hair away from your face. You smiled lazily, reaching over him and turning the camera off.

“Who cares? That was so worth it.” You breathed. This seemed to please him as he smiled fondly at you.

“You just had sex with a vampire. Not many people can say that.” he pointed out. “Too bad you only agreed to stay here one night.” You raised an eyebrow and shuffled closer, looking up into his eyes. 

“I’ll be coming back here, for sure. You can drink my blood any time.”

“It sounds so weird hearing you say that.” he laughed, kissing the top of your head. “But I’m glad. I thought you’d leave in the morning and I’d never see you again.” 

“Why would I do that? Giving up someone like you - I’d be crazy!” you gestured to him, his ego obviously boosted with every word.

“That makes me so happy, because I think I’m actually falling for you. Do you believe in love at first sight?” he asked quietly. You shut your eyes, already giving in to the exhaustion, and rested your head on your chest.

“I didn’t before tonight.” you admitted. “But my view has changed.” He smiled down at you, planting another kiss on top of your head.

“You look absolutely beat. Get some rest.” he whispered. You didn’t answer, already taken over by sleep as he pulled the blanket further over you and joined you in slumber, one tangle of limbs on a bed you didn’t think you’d be spending the night on. You sighed blissfully and relaxed against him. This was by far the best dare you’d ever had to do.

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Well for the blog’s first smut I am pleased xD 

-Admin Belle

"I don't even know who I am anymore"  "That's okay because I know you. I know you better than anyone”

A/N: This was a request from anon: Hi! :) Could I request “I don’t even know who I am anymore.” and “That’s okay because I know you. I know you better than anyone.” for a Steve X reader please? Xx.
This was the first time that I wrote for Steve, I hope you enjoy it. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes (pointers and tips about my grammar are appreciated since I want to get better). 

Pairings: SteveX Reader

Prompt: Reader helps Steve adjust to the modern lifestyle. Slight angst/fluff

Warnings: Don’t think there’s anything..

Word count: 941

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You were there when they found him. It was the longest moment of your life, waiting for them to bring him out of the ice. You weren’t happy when you were sent off to a mission the same week as he laid on  that hospital  bed waiting to open his eyes. You were constantly distracted thinking back to the time you knew Steve, before he crashed into that ice not to be recovered for years. You hadn’t aged a day since that, not look wise at least. You had become friends with Steve being another test subject of Abraham Erskine, both being quite shy and weak but full of heart. You would admit that you started caring a great deal about him, you sort of felt he could have been the one for you seeing as no one had ever made you feel the way he did again.

‘’He’s awake’’ your heart started raising over Nick Fury’s words on the phone. ‘’He’s quite shaken from the shock of being back, I thought it would be a good idea for you to meet him’’ Nick explained. 

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Cheating With Him

Harry: “Babe… I’m gonna go get ready for the show,” Ashton says, eyes downcast to his phone as he stands from the couch you’d both been lounging on. “Alright… love you,” you say, watching as he walks away and it doesn’t escape your notice that he fails to respond. It doesn’t escape Harry’s either. “What’d you do today?” He questions, taking up the spot Ashton had vacated. “Nothing really, just sat around… you?” You question, looking up from the book in your lap and Harry shrugs. “Same, I wanted to go exploring but it’s hard to do during the day… I usually wait until it’s dark to go out and explore the cities,” Harry explains, crossing an ankle over his knee and you nod. That makes sense. He’s less noticeable during the night. The fans are usually asleep at night. “I’ve never been to Chicago,” you murmur, glancing out the window of the hotel suit. “Come with me later then,” Harry offers, a genuine smile on his face when you turned raised eyebrows and wide eyes to him. “It’ll be nice to have company,” he tells you. He’s been offering this for the past few weeks but you’ve always turned him down. Dating Ashton but sneaking out at night with Harry never seemed appropriate. But, the less attention Ashton paid to you and the more attention Harry paid made refusing his offer harder each time he made it. “Alright,” you concede finally and you can’t stop the chuckle at the bright smile that takes over Harry’s entire face. “Meet me in the lobby at 1, yeah?” He questions, tugging you closer to him during the chaos of backstage before One Direction follows 5SOS. “Yeah, I’ll be there,” you tell him, staring up into his warm eyes and you can’t seem to forget the look behind them. It leaves you breathless and tingly, body buzzing even after Harry steps away from you when Ashton wraps you in his arms. He’s murmuring against your neck, words that escape you as you watch Harry through the crowd of people make his way towards the stage. He turns at the last minute, catching your eye through the strobe lights and gives you a bright smile that you return while wrapping your arms around Ashton’s shoulders and press against him. That was the first night you’d snuck out of your hotel room to explore a city with Harry under the cover of dark but it wouldn’t be the last time you did it. You went through the same routine for several weeks, Harry finding you in the chaos before a show to give you a time to meet and you’d follow along. “I called ahead,” Harry explained effortlessly, watching as you walked around the Assembly Room at Independence Hall. “You called ahead?” You questioned, turning at the gated way to the front of the room where the Deceleration of Independence was signed. “You love history… you’re reading about Washington’s Spies, I thought this would fit in nicely with what you’re reading,” Harry explains, watching your eyelids rise to widen your eyes in shock and he shrugs. Ashton had never done something like this, something that meant so much to you no matter how boring it would be for him. “It’s interesting, listening to you explain everything makes it interesting… I’ve never thought about it much, you know… since you people broke free from the empire and all,” Harry added, swiping a finger along the table the Georgia delegation had sat at in 1776. He let out a surprised huff of air when you barreled into his chest, fingers gripping the ends of his hair as you pressed a hot kiss to his lips. Harry staggered back from the force of your embrace, hands gripping your hips tightly to keep you both upright as he rooted himself against the table at the backs of his thighs. He kissed back. Just as eager. Just as hot. His right hand cupped the back of your head, fingers tangling in your long hair as he kept your lips against his. His lips were persistent, asking for more but never taking too much. He kissed like he talked. Slow, deep, and passionate. A cough broke you both apart. You turned away from the owner standing in the doorway with an embarrassed flush to his cheeks, wiping your lips off as Harry moved off the desk he’d been leaning against. “I just wanted to ask you to wrap up the tour, it’s late,” he said, turning away from you both before making his way back towards the entrance. Harry glanced at you, your head in your hands as the weight of what you’d just done, what you’d wanted to do, hit you full force. “I’m not gonna forget this happened,” Harry said softly, holding the car door open for you as you slid into the passenger side. “Harry, I’m taken,” you reminded him, breath catching in your throat when he leaned into the open car door with one hand on the door and the other on the door frame. “If that was true you wouldn’t have been sneaking out with me the past few weeks and you certainly wouldn’t have thrown yourself at me in the Assembly Room,” Harry retorted, leaning into your space until you’re sharing the same breath. “I did not throw myself at you,” you respond, moving to cross your arms over your chest but Harry presses his lips to yours and you forget how to move. You forget how to breathe. This wasn’t right, there was no doubt. You loved Ashton, truly. But Harry, he noticed. He paid attention. He got you into the most important place in America (in your eyes) simply because he knew of your love for history and the book you’d been reading lately. He knew that you read. Ashton didn’t notice those things. He didn’t notice anything lately. “Just, say yes… say yes to this,” Harry panted several minutes later, car parked off by itself in a dark corner of the hotel parking structure. He had you laid out against the back seat, panties thrown to the front seat and dressed pushed up beneath your breasts leaving you exposed to him in a way you’d never been with Ashton. His breath panned across your neck, creeping up your cheek and invading your senses. You were helpless but to say yes. With a quick thrust Harry was inside you and you gasped at the sensation of being full, legs jerking upwards against his sides. The sex was quick and hot, breathy moans that you couldn’t contain filling the small space of the car and Harry’s groans of curses filling your ears as he fucked you in the backseat of the car he’d rented for the day. You scratched at his back, leaving angry red marks in your wake as you struggled to hold out a little longer. To prolong the pleasure coursing through your veins at Harry’s thrust and his touch. He was having none of that. He reached between you, fingers slipping against your slick folds until he pressing the pad of his index finger against your clit and rubbing in time to his thrusts. You were done with, spiraling over the edge of ecstasy and into absolute pleasure. With the tight grip your walls had on his dick at your orgasm, Harry tumbled after you barely pulling out in time to spill against the inside of your thigh. Afterwards, you watched breathlessly as he struggled to catch his breath and put himself back together. He cleaned you up silently, helping you back into your panties and leaning back enough to allow you enough space to sit up straight and stretch your sore back. You left after that, stumbling out of the back seat and towards the hotel doors in tears. Your guilt ate at you for the rest of the night and no matter how hard you scrubbed you couldn’t wash away the feel of Harry’s hands and the things he’d done to you with them. “Damn mate, you get attacked by a wildcat or something,” Ashton teased a few days later, glancing at the marks healing on Harry’s back from your indiscretion. Harry glanced over his shoulder, hands in the arms of the shirt he’d been in the process of pulling on and he shrugged. “You could say that,” he answered, eyes meeting yours over Ashton’s shoulder. You blushed but couldn’t look away. “It was worth it,” Harry admitted, eyes on yours at his words and when you found yourself in his room that night you didn’t allow yourself to feel guilty.   

Liam: Waiting was never your strong suit. Being patient wasn’t your strong suit. Waiting on Liam was impossible. You were paranoid, too paranoid when Liam was late to meetings like this. You worried he’d figured out what you both were doing was wrong and that he no longer wanted to be a part of it. You worried he was done with you. Done with someone who couldn’t give him all of them. Someone who was someone elses. “Sorry I’m late love,” Liam breathed, slamming his car door shut as he closed the short distance between you both outside of the lake cabin Liam had purchased months ago. “I got held up at the studio and I couldn’t get away, Niall wouldn’t shut up,” Liam teased, arms wrapping around your waist to pull you against his chest. You sigh, arms tightening around his waist and bury your face in his chest. “I thought you weren’t going to show, I thought you’d finally figured out this wasn’t what you wanted anymore,” you admitted, tipping your head back against your shoulders to glance up at Liam’s quizical face. “Of course I want this, I want you… no matter the circumstances,” Liam promised, bending to press a kiss to your lips. “Honest,” he added, squeezing your hips before he bends to pick up the bags at your feet. “Come along, we’ve only got tonight before you have to go back,” he tells you, another reminder that your time together was limited. Would always be limited. He leads you up the path and after unlocking the front door, leads you inside towards the bedroom. “You don’t have to be sad, I don’t mind sharing you… I mind, I mean of course I don’t want to share you but I manage just fine. At least I get a part of you,” Liam assures you, lips pressed against exposed skin he’d revealed by removing your clothes to leave you naked against the soft sheets. “Liam… don’t do this,” you beg, shifting your head so you can stare down at him as he takes up residence between you thighs. He grins, lips pressing against the inside of your thigh and he shrugs while throwing your legs over his shoulders and you moan. Your fingers slid into his hair, tugging firmly to press his tongue against your folds harder and sigh. “Love you,” you murmur softly, dragging him up your body until he’s laying over top of you and you cradle his hips between your legs. “I know,” he assures you, lips to your neck as he thrusts inside. You stay mostly silent, letting out soft gasps and quite moans as Liam brings you both to orgasm. You tighten around him, everything you have squeezes tight and Liam is once again amazed at the hold you have on him. Mind, body, soul, spirit, heart; you hold it all in a tight grip. Liam groans loudly, teeth digging into your shoulder as he empties inside you before he collapses at your side. You leave the next morning, silently and in the early hours of morning so you won’t have to look at Liam’s sad eyes. You promise yourself this would be the last time but that lie doesn’t even faze you anymore. It doesn’t make you feel any better. It doesn’t work anymore. You know it’s just a lie. It holds no truth in your heart. Because, even if you aren’t fucking Liam your heart still belongs to him and that will always be the worst part about cheating. And the best part of cheating. 

Niall: “When are you coming home?” You question your husband, seated at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and the morning paper. “Another week or two, I’m sorry but this is taking longer than expected. I really hate James sometimes,” Josh states but you know he’s lying. James is his work buddy, his pal. They go out for drinks after work and hang out on weekends. Josh was the first person to find out about James’ wife and her pregnancy. “You should go by and see Abby and the baby, give her motherly advice and what not,” Josh suggested and you sigh. You don’t have enough time to visit a new mother. Not when you have five kids under the age of ten to raise. “Niall’s gonna stop by to see the kids, he should be there later tonight,” your husband reminds you before he gives you a final goodbye and hangs up. You spend the rest of the day cleaning up the house, scrubbing the house spotless for the rockstars appearance. Every time Niall stopped by the house to visit his childhood friend, you stressed yourself out with ensuring the house would be spotless. “Am I too early?” Niall questions from the backdoor, standing in the opened french doors and you spin around while dropping the sponge in your hands to the ground. “You’re early… the kids aren’t home from school yet,” you rush out, bending to pick up the sponge and glance around at the kitchen you’d had yet to clean. “Trying to clean an already spotless house before I get here? James tells me how you worry… love, a little dirt never hurt anyone,” Niall teases with a hearty chuckle, shutting the back doors behind him as he steps into the kitchen. “You’re… famous, and anytime anyone comes over I stress about the house. You’re nothing special,” you tell him, annoyed that he’d arrived early. Niall just shrugs and reaches for the sponge in your hands. He tosses it to the kitchen sink and drags you into the living room to relax until your kids return home from school. “They’ve gotten so big,” Niall states in dismay, watching from the kitchen window as your five kids play in the back yard. “Thank you, for helping with their homework,” you say, already exhausted at having the kids by yourself while your husband is away. “Keeps me smart,” Niall assures you, watching as you rush around the kitchen to put dinner on the table on time. He watches you as you struggle to get your kids to eat their vegetables. As you struggle to get them showered and dressed for bed and wound down enough to sleep. He begins to understand why you complain when your husband leaves on business. “Sit down, have a drink,” you hear, a glass of red wine appearing in your peripheral vision as you get the kids backpacks ready for the next day. “You can do that later, have a seat. Take a breather,” Niall finishes, taking a seat on the plush couch at the back of his legs and watches as you stand up straight and tense your shoulders. You do as he suggests and leave the backpacks by the front door. “Does Josh leave alot, on business?” Niall questions, tipping his beer against his lips as you take a long gulp from your wine glass. “Yeah, every other month it seems,” you admit, downing the rest of your wine and Niall raises his eyebrows in amusement as you hold your glass out for him to refill. You down another glass of wine and Niall tries to keep up by tipping back two beers for every glass you drink. “He, like, never wants to be home! He’s always out; at work or with friends or for whatever reason. I’m left with the kids, it’s hard… hard raising five kids alone,” you admit finally, letting out a huff of air in annoyance and Niall just lets you vent. He gets the feeling that you don’t have many people to vent to about your problems. “Why doesn’t he want to stick around? Am I not enough for him? Are our kids not enough for him? I’ve given him a beautiful family and he doesn’t even care,” you say softly, a tear slipping down your cheek and into your wine glass. “You’re perfect, you’re enough and if Josh doesn’t think that than he’s a worthless git,” Niall assures you, wiping away the tears on your cheek with the pad of his thumb and lifts your chin to look at him. You’re close enough to share breath and Niall’s gaze narrows in on your wine stained lips and before you can react, he kisses you. You drop your empty wine glass to the carpet and launch into Niall’s chest, hands wrapping around his neck and push him back into the couch cushions. Niall leans back against the arm of the couch, pulling you into his lap and grinds up against your cloth covered center. “We… can’t, this is wrong,” you mumble, weakly pushing away from Niall but this doesn’t feel wrong. Josh hasn’t touched you in months, he’s barely even looked at you in months. This is the first time you’ve felt wanted in a very long time. “Just, don’t think about it,” Niall begs in a breathless murmur, lips against your neck as he tugs you against his chest again. “You could have anyone you wanted, anyone in the world. I’m not enough for you,” you whisper against his ear and Niall sighs. “You’re more than enough for me, god… you’re so sexy, I’ve been jealous of Josh for years. Each time you gave birth to one of his kids I wanted it to be mine. I want you to be mine,” Niall admitted, tongue loosened from the alcohol. With a gasp and a moan, you pressed your lips against his again. After that it was a heated fumble of fingers against clothing to rid the necessary garments so you could have sex. “Fuck,” you moaned, teeth nipping at Niall’s ear lobe as he presses you back against the couch cushions. He fucks you hard, fingers gripping the arm of the couch at the back of your head as he thrusts into you harder and faster. You can’t stop the cry of pleasure that rips from your lips and into the dark air of the living room, legs tightening around his waist. “Mommy?” You hear from the top of the stairs. Niall groans and pulls out. You both fumble back into your clothes and just in time, your three year old daughter appears at the foot of the stairs. “It’s alright baby, let’s go back to bed yeah?” You questions, taking her little hand in yours and lead her back up the stairs. You don’t turn around to see Niall, you don’t turn to see the look in his eyes. You don’t turn to look at him at all. You allow yourself to forget that you’d just cheated on your husband as you tuck your daughter back in bed. When you wake up the next morning, Niall has already made breakfast and gotten your kids ready for school. Which is already more than Josh ever did. You feel guilty. Not for cheating. For not choosing Niall when you had the chance. 

Louis: Louis and you have known each other for years. You’d lived next door to him and his family for years. You’d grown up together. When he skyrocketed to fame in One Direction, you’d kept in touch. It was easy to do when Jo made sure Louis didn’t forget his home life or those he’d left behind. Every time he came home to visit, he always picked you up to spend the day together; whether it be at home or riding around. He made time for you and the rest of his friends. He was one of the first people you’d told about getting into Oxford and you could swear he was more proud than your own parents. When Lottie got her license, she made the two and a half hour drive to see you every other week. You were family. He was family. He wasn’t surprised when you’d called in tears about the prospect of your boyfriend cheating on you. “Louis… I just, really liked him! He made me feel special and now, I feel so stupid!” You sobbed, holed up in your bedroom of the apartment you shared with three other girls down the street from University. “Babe, I’m on my way. I’ll be there in a few hours, just… please don’t cry,” Louis begged and you could hear him rummaging around his room probably grabbing a few things for the impromptu trip to Oxford on his time off from tour.  "You don’t have to come here,“ you try to tell him, wiping the tears from your cheeks as you try and do as he asked. "I’ll be there in a few hours, I’ll call when I park so you can let me in,” Louis assures you and ends the call. You clean up your room while you wait. Cleaning helped to calm you down, it gave you something else to focus on. “I’m here,” the text reads on your phone and you leave the apartment and hurry down the stairs. When you open the door to the apartment complex you see Louis standing on the curb holding a grocery bag and a brown paper bag. “I got Cherry Garcia and tequila,” he says with a bright smile, holding the bags up in triumph and you’re struck by how thankful you are for him. He’s a little shocked when you wrap yourself around him and squeeze tight to his chest. You’re not the most affectionate person. But he just wraps his arms around you the best he can while holding the bags and smiles against your shoulder. “Come on, let’s get you cheered up and drunk,” Louis says, steering you towards the entrance to your building and follows you up the six flights of stairs. He gives a brief greeting to your roommates and ignores the way they stare at him. They always stare. He’s mostly used to it. “He’s not worth your tears,” Louis tells you an hour later, ignoring the movie in the background as you cry into the ice cream carton. “But… why am I never enough? Why am I always the one getting cheated on?” You question, knees to your chest as you lean against the pillows propped up against the wall behind you. “Guys are stupid, if we can get away with it or think we can get away with it, we’re gonna do it. Pussy is pussy,” Louis states, shrugging as he tips the tequila against his lips and kicks another throw pillow off your bed. “Stop that,” you demand with a giggle, slapping his chest with your spoon of ice cream and he scoffs. He scoops up a finger full of ice cream and rubs it on your face and then its a fight of who can cover the other in the most ice cream. “Shit, sorry,” Louis mumbles, pulling away from your neck after he licked a strip of ice cream off your skin. “Why’d you do that?” You ask, leaning over him to set the bottle of tequila on the night stand. “You’re hot, sometimes I just want to touch you,” Louis admits, eyes boring into yours and your eyebrows lift into your hair line. Louis grunts, hands shooting out to steady you in his lap as you push him to your mattress with your lips pressed to his. “Let me fuck you,” Louis begs against your lace covered breasts and you nod. “Jesus yes,” you mumble, fumbling with the TV remote to turn up the volume of the TV and he chuckles. “That’s not gonna help,” he tells you, tugging off your oversize sleep shirt and you shrug. “They’re gonna stare even more now,” you tell him, getting the innuendo behind his previous statement and he raises an eyebrow at that. “Lets give them something to stare after then,” Louis teases, teeth nipping at the insides of your thighs before he covers your body with his. He shifts you over onto your hands and knees and kneels behind you, hands on your hips as he reaches for the condom you hold out for him. He protects himself and you before he slams into you, hands gripping your hips when you launch forward from the force. He’s quick and hard, tugging your hair back to suck his mark on your neck and you can’t get enough of the feeling he leaves behind. You grip the sheets in your fingers as Louis quickens his pace, murmuring about how close he is and before you know it, you’re both groaning loudly at your release. Afterwards, he collapses at your side and you both stare at the ceiling in silence. “So… is this going to be awkward now?” Louis questions, turning his head to look at you and you shrug. “Probably but, we’ll manage,” you assure him, smiling when he takes your hand in his and kisses your knuckles. “We can keep doing this,” Louis states with a grin and a waggle of his eyebrows. 

Zayn: “What are you drinking?” You hear a voice ask from behind you at the bar. You turn and see a dark haired, brown eyed gorgeous man and you stare. “Vodka cranberry,” you finally respond, watching as he holds his index finger up for the bartender who immediately comes to take his order. “Sure thing Zayn,” the guy responds and sets off to make the ordered drinks. “Usually they trip over themselves for the women, not the men,” you tease, leaning against the bar and give him the once over. It makes sense; this Zayn guy is absolutely gorgeous. He’s the meaning to the words “God’s gift to mankind,” without a doubt. “I’m kind of a big deal,” he says nonchalantly with a shrug, nodding his head to the bartender as he passes you your drink and downs his shot. “Famous?” You question, looking at him over the rim of your glass and he purses his lips in mock confusion. He leads you through the crowd, nodding to a few people that acknowledge him and before long you’re in the VIP section. “Look up Zayn on goggle, tell me what you find,” he challenges, leaning back against the couch cushions as you stare at him but do as he says. Pages on pages about Zayn Malik of One Direction pop up and after clicking on images, you find that he is in fact famous. Super famous. And talking to you. Watching you figure out who he is. “So… you’re a boy bander?” You question with a small smile, crossing your left leg over your right as you lean closer to him. “Dance moves not included,” he teases, waving a finger in what should be rhythmical but winds up being humorous. “Got a boyfriend?” Zayn questions suddenly, cutting to the chase as to why he’d bought you a drink. You consider lying. “Yes,” you answer simply, watching as he processes the information. “Serious?” Zayn asks, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees as his eyes wash over you. You consider lying. “Yes,” you respond, leaning forward towards him and he nods. “Does he live here?” Zayn asks, setting his beer bottle on the table in front of him as he turns his body into yours. “No,” you respond, doing the same with your glass. “Want to get out of here?” He questions, leaning into you and you let him press his lips to your neck. “No,” you tease breathlessly, fingers tightening against the Henley he’s wearing. “Bathroom,” Zayn offers. You consider denying him. He’s famous so you don’t. You just stand and outstretch your hand to him and he takes it with a grin. He lights a cigarette and you wait. He offers it you and you accept the cancer stick and take a long puff, watching as his eyes darken. He pulls you behind him down the hall, inhaling the rest of the cigarette before stubbing it out outside the bathroom door. “Last chance,” Zayn says, bathroom door open and you know there’s really not a last chance to back out. You walk past him into the bathroom and lean against the bathroom sink as Zayn gives you another once over before he shuts the door behind him. He locks it in place and stalks towards you. You’re up against the sink, dress pushed up your thighs and underwear on the floor in a matter of seconds. His nicotine laced breath pants across your lips as he sweeps you up into a heated kiss. His fingers are between your legs in seconds, hitching your legs up against his hips as he rubs you into a heated frenzy of pants and begs. “Please, just fuck me,” you demand, tugging his hair roughly as you pull his lips to yours in another rough kiss. He isn’t gentle and he doesn’t give you time to adjust to his size or girth. Just fucks you into the porcelain sink that is sure to leave marks at your hips and thighs. You try to care, really but you don’t. “Harder,” you gasp, digging your nails into his back and he complies with your request. Your head smacks back against the mirror and for a moment your vision blackens around the edges from the force of the smack. You come quicker than you’ve ever come before and he follows quickly after, pulling out and spilling against the dirty bathroom floor. “Feel bad?” Zayn questions, tucking himself back into his jeans as you clean yourself up. “No,” you answer truthfully. You should but, he’s famous. He’s hot but mostly famous. Cheating with someone famous never counts.   

Snapback - Luke Hemmings [smut]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Can you do a one shot thingy which your dating Luke where it’s like really cute and fluffy at first and then he fucks you in his SnapBack and only his SnapBack (the maroon one he wears a lot omg)”

A/N: Didn’t know if you meant he was wearing it or you were so I did a bit of both

Word Count - 829

Tour has been great, you get to travel across America with 4 of your best friends, one of which being your boyfriend Luke, as they live out their dream on stage almost every single night. You can tell how much Luke loves performing, seeing him jump around on stage every night, occasionally throwing you a wink, it’s obviously his favourite part of the band lifestyle along with meeting the fans. You too love watching him and meeting the fans because why wouldn’t you but your favourite part of every day is just after a show when they’re all just chilling backstage. Everyone’s at least a little tired and you just sit and mumble conversations to each other.

One day, after a smaller show, you’re all in the dressing room, Ashton is lying on the floor, Calum is curled up in an arm chair, Michael is at a desk swinging on his chair and you are sat on Luke’s lap on a sofa. He has his arms wrapped around your waist hugging you tight, kissing your cheek or your neck briefly every so often as you just enjoy his company. Every so often you steal the snapback he’s wearing but he just giggles and takes it back since it’s his favourite.

You wiggle around a little before yawning so Luke says, “You can have a nap here if you want, babe, we’ll be going home soon anyway”

You nod and lie back still half sat on Luke and you fall asleep.

“I- uh, I’d better be getting her to b-bed,” you hear Luke stammer an hour or so later when you are woken up.

He wraps his arms around you and you wake up properly so he puts you down, grabbing your hand and puling you through the building and the short distance to the hotel.

“Luke what’s the rush?” you question but he doesn’t reply.

He practically pushes you into the hotel room and backs you against the wall placing a hand either side of your head. He stares at you, his eyes dark with lust and instantly you know why he’s in a hurry.

“What the fuck were you dreaming about?” he questions before pecking your lips gently.

“I don’t know, why?” you respond with a small giggle.

“Because you wouldn’t stop wriggling around, you know how much torture that was?” he makes his kisses a little harsher.

“Was it now?” you raise an eyebrow kissing back.

His hands grab your waist and he pulls your body to his, toying with the hem of your shirt before getting rid of it altogether. You unbutton his pants and he kicks them off, now paying attention to your bra as he get’s rid of it. His hands find your chest and soon you’re wearing nothing at all, as is Luke, apart from the snapback still secure on his head. He lifts you and lowers you down onto the bed leaving a trail off sloppy kisses down your body, teasing you as he gets dangerously close to where you need him most.

You whine and he looks up at you with a smug grin on his face, “You like that baby?”

“Fuck, Luke don’t tease,” you say.

“What you gonna do about it?” he asks, a question he’ll soon regret as you’re sick of waiting.

You grab him by the shoulders and flip him so you’re straddling him and you begin grinding your crotch against his for some friction. You stop and let your fingers trail down his torso and up his hard length, hardly touching him. Luke lets out a loud throaty groan and digs his head into the pillows.

“Are you ready?” you smirk, hovering above him.

“Yes, holy shit yes,” he pants.

“One quick thing,” you say before grabbing the snapback from his head and placing it on yours.

He moans again, the sight of you in only his snapback obviously turning him on more. He grips your hips and you grip his shoulders while you lower yourself onto him. Slowly you begin to bounce yourself on him, Luke’s hands guiding your speed but gripping you so hard that he’ll probably be leaving marks.

“I’m so close,” he practically whimpers.

“You ready to let go baby?” you say, playfully biting your bottom lip.

He doesn’t reply but he lets his head fall to the side, pulling his lipring between his teeth. Luke let’s go with a last euphoric groan that sends you over the edge, riding out both of your highs.

You collapse down onto the bed next to him, his arm draped around your shoulders as he lazily rubs circles up your arms and kisses your forehead.

“That was so fucking hot,” he manages to say when he’s regained his breath.

“I should fall asleep on your lap more often,” you smile. “And I’m really growing attached to this hat”

“Speaking of which,” he says swiping the hat from your head as you gently hit is chest.



Let’s Be Honest

Here is my contribution to that pesky missing scene in 3.14 :D 


Fitz sat on the little cot in the corner of the lab, sitting as still as he could as Jemma examined him.

He tried not to wince when the fabric of his shirt brushed against his wound, biting down on his tongue and hoping the pain didn’t show on his face. She was doing her best not to hurt him, he knew that, and he didn’t want her to worry.

She noticed anyway of course.

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, her hands drawing away to avoid inflicting anything further. “It’s your shirt I… I may need you to remove it.”

His face fell flat, the pain forgotten. “Um…”

“If you’d rather I find Lincoln-“ she began awkwardly.

“No, no he’s probably busy…“ he said quickly, not wanting to make a fuss.

What would the other agent think if he knew how embarrassed he was to remove his shirt in front of his lab partner? And why? Because she was a woman? Because he… because he had feelings for her? How could they be expected to work together if they constantly needed to ask the others for help? No. It wouldn’t do.

Jemma bit her lip, staring at him uncertainly. “It’s completely up to you. I know with the way things are between now it might be a bit… strange…”

“I don’t want to let our relationship interfere with our work,” he told her assuredly.

A smile tugged at her lips and she nodded, relieved. “Me neither.”

He smiled back before hurrying to undo the buttons. It needed to be done carefully of course. Too fast and he’d come off a bit too eager, but too slow and he may end up looking like he was stripping for her. Popping out buttons had never been so daunting.

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