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AU for 12x11

Sam hasn’t been blackout drunk for a couple of years, not since the night that he got Dean back from demonhood and put away nearly an entire bottle of Jack. That time he woke up face down in his pillows, fully clothed with his dislocated shoulder shooting violent bolts of pain down his spine. This time, he comes to with the sky wheeling white above him, his clothes damp and his knees muddy and twigs and leaves in his hair. He sits up, hauls himself to his feet and staggers forward a dozen yards or so to emerge onto a jogging track, a woman in bright lycra thudding past with headphones in her ears. His legs are bruised and aching and his mind is… fuck, so foggy, a great roiling cloud of nothingness, and he has to stop thinking about that right fucking now if he wants to stay calm. He runs his hands through his hair, dislodging a beetle and a shower of debris, tries to straighten up his clothes. He finds his phone in his pocket, the screen shattered and dead. Great. But the next woman down the track has a guy alongside her, a personal trainer maybe, so Sam steps forward hoping that he won’t intimidate them both away.

“Hey,” he says, hoarse. “Can I – I’m sorry. Can I borrow your phone?” 

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iris - the goo goo dolls // better together - jack johnson // the scientist - coldplay // silhouette - aquilo // you are in love - travis atreo // say something - a great big world (ft. christina aguilera) // kiss me - ed sheeran // sleeping in my t-shirt - zak waters // thinking about you - edwin raphael // tennyson - adam barnes // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // love at first sight - the brobecks // she is love - parachute

anonymous asked:

Hi sorry i have a genuine question how does kiwi reference sex w underage girls??!! I really had no idea and now I feel queasy but thank u For calling it out lmao

this section:

Hard candy dripping on me ‘til my feet are wet
And now she’s all over me, it’s like I paid for it
It’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this

‘hard candy’ is a term used to refer to pre-teen to teen girls. a lot of people have been sourcing urban dictionary as it is the most accessible source which has lead to cries of “it’s just UD it means nothing, harry wouldn’t know, he didn’t write the song alone,” etc etc. 

UD is not the source of the term. it’s a term that’s been in use for years and i believe entered the mainstream lexicon with this film:

which is specifically about hunting down pedophiles.

i’ve seen claims that he’s referring to a cocktail because it’s also the name of a cocktail, which first of all: there are millions of drink names that could be used. this is a specific choice, and if he wanted to be risque i can think of dozens of drink names off the bat that are explicit and/or suggestive. second of all, why is he talking about “paying for it” if it’s not something illegal or immoral or unethical? what is there to pay for if this is all good in the hood? third of all: he’s been emulating 70s icons who have all been known to partake in underage ~~“trysts”, so is it really so farfetched to see this as purposeful? there’s been no attempt to hide the sexism in any of his other lyrics or his actual behaviour. heck, even ‘carolina’s original backstory had her underage which was only changed when fans caused a ruckus, which suggests they didn’t think this would be a big deal. 

contextually, it is clear to me that this is an intentional reference to underage girls that they probably didn’t think would register or cause an uproar (which… i guess they knew their audience since people are now jamming to it and want it released as a singe) and that it would fit into the 70s rockstar persona. 


Saturday’s Stud Part I

Bordeaux’s Eight Man,Marco Tauleigne, Is A Ten Plus to Me!

Sexy As Frackin’ Hell, Baby!

And Just Damn Cute to Boot!


Chibi Soulmates au!

Chibi!Victor appears the first time in Yuuri’s life!

And Yuuri’s family saw it before their very eyes!!!
Chibi!Hiroko is half-pig like Yuuri, while Chibi!Toshio is half bear. For Mari… tbh, I feel like she’s a strong independent woman type. She COULD have a chibi in the future, but who knows!

**Also! I’ll try posting it here in my main art blog since, I feel like I SHOULD be putting my art stuff here, rather than my side blog. I’m still working it out, but all artworks will be posted here, and then reblogged on vikyuuonice.

EDIT: Here’s a continuation!

anonymous asked:

What do you think the twins would be like if the director had not been pulling that shit? Like what is the purpose of an experiment to break about twins?

From what we can gather, it was essentially a psychological experiment. See what happens when one twin gets things that the other one doesn’t, and how that affects the relationship. Why they felt the need to do this? God knows. Honestly, god knows. That’s the answer to half of PFL’s ‘experiments’, there’s like no purpose to half of them except to fuck shit up good.

If the Director hadn’t fucked with them, they’d most likely have continued just as we saw them in their first season 9 appearance. Their relationship was never perfect; North was too patronising and overbearing, South was bitey and mean sometimes etc etc, but their jabs at each other before were likely never actually meant to hurt long-term. Their relationship was playfully antagonistic, brother and sister causing nuisances for each other, getting annoyed at each other. They were close, very close. They worked perfectly together in a fight.

If the Director wasn’t being an asshole, they could have been one of the Project’s greatest assets because of how well they worked together. Their relationship wouldn’t have fallen apart as dramatically as it did. If they were treated with the same respect, been allowed to work together, they could have achieved a lot.