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Detlef to Vera: *stares at the one boob* (SHOT)

“Hmm? Do you like what you see?”

“I don’t do it much nowadays, but you seem like a good guy~! For a few shiny coins, I could show you a lot more than—”


“Gyah! M-m-mom!!? S-since when have you been standing there?! I- I was just kidding around!!!

Family Drama

pineappleheadmarco​ (I love you so much for both of these prompts, but especially for the Mephishura one because that was perfect and ended up being far bigger than all the other prompts, ehehehe).

“I’m sorry that I got way too into playing house and accidentally kissed you passionately.”

Title: Family Drama
Pairing: Mephisto Pheles x Shura Kirigakure
Genre: Romance/ Humor
Rating: T
Word Count: 10,031 (I told you I really loved this one)

Disclaimer: I do not own Ao No Exorcist or the characters, they belong to Kazue Katō.

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For the ask thing, Kasamatsu, Furihata, and Midorima :)

Oh I went to bed yesterday not expecting any more asks taha. Thank you.

(already did Kasa)

Furihata- Fav kouhai: So any first year then? I’d say Akashi but he hardly feels like a kouhai with the way he lords over everyone. He was kouhai-ish with Niji senpai tho so.. Maybe Kise too. I feel very protective of Kise. And I realised today it’s because he actually reminds me of my best friend. Don’t know how I never noticed that before.

Midorima- Fav voice actor: Gyah! It’s a tie between Ono Kensho, Kamiya Hiroshi, Kimura Ryouhei (wow his name is hard to say out loud), and Suwabe Junichi. DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE BECAUSE I WILL NOT. 


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♡ ♢ !!! yesss you are such precious & talented person i just adore you

ᴡʜᴀᴛ sᴀʏ ʏᴏᴜ?┊⊰

     gy a h  please  you  are  killing  me  what  did  I  do  to  deserve  you ???  HELP  my  goshhh  your  THING  in  my  inbox  has  no  right  to  make  me  feel  this  way  asdfjsdklfj

     ple a s e  kelsey  u  cannot  say  this  when  you  yourself  are  just;;  a  being  made  of  pure  wonderfulness  I  CANNOT;;  EVEN  BEGIN  TO  SING  YOUR  PRAISES  aight  you  are  so  sweet  and  we  haven’t  interacted  but  when  we  do  talk  over  IM  I  just  gyah

Gyah… to all you lovely people who send me these kind and encouraging asks… Thank you so so much… I’m reading them everyday… and they inspire me so much to make more… but I feel sorry that I’m not answering them all… But they make me truly happy!!! (இ∀ இ`。) I just can’t find the time… and I have.. umm.. kind of 80 unanswered asks on this account…  ((유∀유|||)) so ummm… I’m really sorry!!! Wah!!

  • Elsword: Hey, hey, Allegro told me a good ghost story!
  • Raven: Allegro? This better be good.
  • Chung: Tell us, tell us!
  • Add: (G-ghost story..!)
  • Elsword: This story is about *closes the lights* THE GHOST CAT!
  • Raven,Chung, and Add: Ghost cat??
  • Elsword: Yes! It is said that it's fur is raven black, it's eyes are as white as the full moon... And it stalks the night during a Lunar Eclipse... Filling the darkness with its ominous meow... And it sounds like this... *opens a flashlight below his chin* ... meeEEEEEOOOOOOWWWRRRR!!!
  • Chung: Gyah!
  • Raven: *opens the lights* Please, that's all legend. Nothing's true with it, right Add?
  • Chung: ... Add???
  • Elsword: Where is he??
  • *at the kitchen*
  • Add: G-g-ghost cat??? I-I ain't afraid of a cat... Nor a g-g-ghost!! E-e-everything can be e-explained by science, RIGHT??? *sweats and shivers*
  • Ciel: *goes to Add with a tray of cookies* Think about cookies, Add. THINK. ABOUT. COOKIES. AND YOU'LL BE OKAY.
Time Hijinks
  • Add: *drops the research material about time travel* Once that I mastered Time Travel, I can travel back to the past and change my fate... And my parents...
  • TTr! Add: *travels back in time* NO, STOP!
  • Add: GYAH! Are you.. Me??
  • TTr! Add: I am you from the future! I'm here to tell you to not continue the research!
  • Add: Wha? I don't understand, why would you.. Me, stop this important research???
  • TTr! Add: Listen to me! Time Travel is no joke! It messes with your head! My head! And especially my future self! You got to stop! Before you, too, get turned into a monster! Like all the other Adds!
  • Add: Other.. Adds?!
  • TTr! Add: It's already too late for me--
  • DE! Add: *opens up a portal from the future then grabs TTr* What did I tell you about going back into the past???
  • TTr! Add: Gyagh! SAVE YOURSELF!
  • Add: Is that also me--
  • TTr! Add: CHANGE YOUR FATE!!! *gets dragged back*
  • DE! Add: BTW, I suggest that you don't eat too much sweets. And do work-outs. A lot. Bye~ *closes the portal*
  • Add: .... *throws away the research material* I don't want to end up like that... *sits down and eats a bar of chocolate* I'll just gather more nasod codes.