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Get to Know Me Tag!

Thanks, @helenpowers, for tagging me!

Relationship status: Happily married to a beautiful wife.

Favourite colour: Navy.

Pets: Two vicious guinea pigs (I’m joking, they’re lovely and jump around a lot).

Last song you listened to: Lean with it, rock with it 🎵 … Holding Onto You by twenty one pilots.

First fandom: Not quite sure, but I got really obsessed with Blackadder at one point.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, running, photography, wandering about London, playing the drums/guitar, digital painting (not that I’m any good at it).

Currently Reading: Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (loving it so far!)

I tag @wimzik @jericbowers@vivien-reis@shortstoryz​, but no pressure if you don’t wanna do it :-).


My pets!
Sophie the guinea pig,
Levi the bearded dragon,
Pixie the leopard gecko,
Ana the rose hair tarantula,
Esme the tuxedo cat,
Stinky the siamese,
Callie the budgie,
and Pippa and Lil Bit the chihuahuas 😊

I was tagged by @obsessions-and-dreams :D Thank youuu~

NAME | Katherine
NICKNAMES | I don’t really have one! My sister calls me some stuff and Liz calls me endearments and things buuuut I don’t think I have an actual nickname. 
HEIGHT | 5′5″
ORIENTATION |  Pretty gay
FAVORITE FRUIT | Oooooh um strawberries, bananas, apples, watermelon, cantaloupe
FAVORITE BOOK | Oh gosh. I’ll just say Harry Potter. 
FAVORITE FLOWER | Hydrangeas (the bluish ones!), sunflowers, calla lilies
FAVORITE SCENT | vanilla, mint, fall scents, my girlfriend’s shampoo >w>  
FAVORITE ANIMAL | ALL OF THEM red pandas, cats, dogs, koalas, cuttlefish, snails, octopus, manatees, leafy sea dragons, otters, guinea pigs, capybaras, quokkas 
COFFEE, TEA, OR HOT COCOA | Hot chocolate!!!! Only tea if it’s very strong and coffee if there’s a bunch of non-coffee in it
AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS | It varies. Somewhere between 6-8 I’d say is normal. 
CAT OR DOG PERSON | Ooooh both. I love them both and I’ve had them both. I’m always biased toward my own pet in particular. 
FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER |  NO ummm Belle, Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger, Kylo Ren, BB-8, Amy Santiago, Captain Holt, Dana Scully, Velma, Aragorn, Steve Rogers, Matt the Radar Technician, Kenneth the Page, so many. Sooo many. 
NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH | Depends on how cold I am! Usually 1 blanket and 1 sheet but sometimes it’s 2 blankets
DREAM TRIP |  I’m going to Chicago again :D aaaand hmmm Australia would be so cool, Italy would be so fun, somewhere with the Northern Lights would be amazing
NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS | 600-something but I’m pretty sure at least 50 of them are spam-bots because I’m too lazy to go through and block them unless they actively try to interact with me. 


It’s a chorus of squeaks with Mortimer and new Buddy Castiel! I’ve never interacted with guinea pigs before so this was pretty cool. They’re very cute.

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Aaaaaand they’re off!


How to wake up a piglet.