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LBM17 is over, but I have a little gem for you: Visiting my favorite “item shop” on the convention. I went there like 5 times a day (because it was nice and cheap) and greeted the cute cashier this way upon entering. Always.

The convention was amazing. Being Ardyn for three days (instead of two) was the best thing ever. Really. It was so much fun meeting all the other FFXV Cosplayers. Maybe a small selfie-post will follow later. (and i have a cute little clip of Noctis)

So I had cause to rewatch episode 3 of Critical Role today, and that one has some Dang Good Moments:

  • The world’s most awkward assassination. Vex has her very dramatic and badass “We’ll rescue her, and we’re going to kill your god!” line, and then everyone just sort of looks at each other awkwardly for like five full seconds of silence, and Vax just sort of grins with a “?????” expression and finally slits the duergar’s throat.
  • All the various watches standing guard at night fail to roll well enough to figure out what’s up with the seal of Bahamut carved into the wall over their camp, so it’s just a long procession of, “Huh, that’s pretty.”
  • Scanlan sneaks alone into a war camp and gets front-row seats to the brain-sucking extravaganza.
  • Vox Machina actually comes up with what might be their best and most successful plan yet: use Hallucinatory Terrain to slightly extend a chasm overlooking a 1000-foot drop and lure the enemies into charging forward. It still involves Grog calling it a “rim job”, Vax flicking double-birds, Vax nearly losing the flying carpet permanently, Vax nearly dying, and a lot of confused yelling, but hey, that’s about par for the course.
  • The Wrath of Vex, Prequel Edition: “You lost our flying carpet, you unconscious bastard!”
  • Vex and Keyleth rebelling and stealing the carpet to go check out a cave.
  • Vex and Keyleth managing to make friends (allies) with a mind flayer. Keyleth gives him a tulip. Scanlan sings him a song based on “Sexual Healing”, which he enjoys thoroughly. Everyone tries to name him Clarence. What is this show.
  • My favorite thing is this room full of professional voice actors doing a full-body sympathetic cringe every time Matt pulls out his throat-destroying Clarota voice.
His Shirt

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Words:  1273

This is just a fluffy wedding night one shot that I wanted to write. 
Warning: There is mention of le smut, but it’s not really there, there.

A/N: If you want tagged in anything let me know.

          You were laughing as you watched your husband dancing with his buddies at your wedding. You couldn’t believe this day had finally come. You were now married to your best friend. You were the luckiest woman alive.

           Chris looked over and caught your eyes, immediately making his way over to where you were watching him, “Come on, Beautiful,” he held his hand out to you.

           “You’re dancing with the guys,” you said.

           “I want to dance with my wife,” he insisted, pulling you to your feet.

           “I love that,” you smiled as he pulled you into his arms, against his solid chest.

           “That you’re my wife?” he grinned, kissing you.

           You nodded, “I can’t believe today actually happened.”

           “Well, believe it, Baby,” he smiled, twirling the two of you around, “Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.”

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Burb Request: Morning sex with Harry. Slow, Hot, and Heavy 😈🙈


Sort of giggly when he rolls lazily on top of you. The softest kisses to your neck, a bit wet, while he lazily tries to position himself at your entrance.

It isn’t really kinky, or anything more than good old fashioned missionary sex. But the thrusts are so slow, so DEEP, and his soft kisses to your neck are so perfect, that you can’t help but let out whimpers with every one.

He stops occasionally to grin down at you, all puffy eyes and messy hair. “Did you sleep well, my love?” With a kiss to your nose.

There are tons of interrupted yawns. Maybe because he thrusts a little too hard and you gasp mid yawn. Or maybe because your pinky finger travels a little too close to the most sensitive of his spots. Either way, this is some of the best sex you’ve had.

You become a bit self conscious when he smiles down at you. “What, Harry?”

“You’re just pretty,” he says, thrusting again. “Specially in the morning. When your hair looks like this.”

You’re about to protest when he kisses your neck during a particularly good thrust, and your toes curl. He inhales softly through his nose. “Smell pretty, too. Smell like you.”

You can feel yourself getting close, so you dig your fingernails into his back and he hisses. “God baby, you’re going to kill me.” He looks at you with sleepy eyes while his hand reaches down to rub at your clit. “Are you close, sweet girl?”

And you ARE close. Your eyes squeeze shut and your bottom lip finds its way between your teeth. Your moans become desperate grunts of “MMM MMM MMM” with every thrust and you gasp the minute you tip over the edge. Everything comes out in one long groan of “fuckharrythatfeelssofuckinggoodfuck” and the clenching off your walls mixed with the sinful noises your making is enough to send Harry over the edge as well.

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The more I've become comfortable with my asexuality, the less tolerant I've become of sexual content in my day-to-day life. I'm not outright saying it's disgusting or anything, but I don't try to fight the fact that it makes me wince/cringe. Some of my friends and family have noticed and asked me to stop and just "be normal," but I hate having to just grin and bear it every time there's a sex scene on tv. It's taken me years to become comfortable reacting naturally, and I can't just change back.

I’m very proud of you for reacting naturally. As long as you’re not shaming anyone else for their reactions, they have no business shaming you for yours. It’s a sign of growth you’ve not only become aware of your natural reaction when it’s not the same as those around you, but that you also feel comfortable expressing yourself organically. Don’t change back.

- Ino


his smile deepened and he cocked his head to the side. it almost hurt to see him this way. “will you say it?” he asked.
         I hesitated, feeling danger crowd in on me. 
aleksander,” I whispered.
         his grin faded and his grey eyes seemed to flicker. 
“again,” he said.

Twenty Seconds

“Hello, everybody! And welcome back! How are you? Good? Good. I’m wonderful!” Jack claps his hands together, “And as you can see, I’m joined by somebody today.”

“Hello.” Joe offers a small wave to the camera.

“The one and only ThatcherJoe is back on my channel!”

“For some reason, yeah,” Joe laughs.

“And what are we doing today, Joseph?”

“You haven’t actually told me that part.”

“Right,” Jack grins over at the camera, “Time for round two of Real Would You Rather!”

Joe groans, letting his head fall into his hands, “Are you serious?”

“Come on, Joe! It was fun last time!”

“I ended up doing all of them!”

“That was your own fault,” Jack points out, lifting his phone. “Now, on to the first one….”

The game continues for a while, before Jack comes across one he was slightly unsure about including, knowing how Joe got.

“Okay, Joe.”

“Yes, Jack?”

“Would you rather go kiss a random person for twenty seconds, or kiss the person next to you for twenty seconds?” Jack lowers the phone to look at Joe, who’s blushing lightly.

He knew the older man avoided the kissing question last time, but over the months since then, the two had grown closer, and Jack was wondering what would happen this time. Would Joe still be too uncomfortable to kiss him? Or would he just do it to avoid kissing a stranger?

“Where do people come up with this?” Joe chuckles nervously, running a hand through his hair.

“No idea, but you have to decide.”

“Well, since we’re currently quite a few floors up, and I don’t particularly feel like going to find a neighbour…” Joe takes a breath, meeting Jack’s stare, “I guess I’ll kiss you.”

“Do you want me to cut the video just before, to make them think we did it?”

“It’s just a kiss. Right?”

“Right. Just a kiss.” Jack replies, his eyes darting down to Joe’s lips quickly, watching the pink tongue wet them.

They shift to face each other, and Jack places his phone behind him before placing a hesitant hand on Joe’s thigh, leaning in slightly, “Ready?”

“As I’ll ever be.” Comes Joe’s hushed reply as he leans in as well.

Jack can feel his heart racing, and he jumps lightly at Joe’s hand coming to rest on his one cheek, but everything else fades away when their lips come together.

The kiss is careful at first, simple, but then Jack leans in further, suddenly craving more of the lips on his. Joe’s hand moves around to the back of Jack’s neck and into the hairs at the back, pulling him closer as Jack’s tongue licks along Joe’s bottom lip, teasing the mouth open.

It isn’t until Joe moans into the kiss that Jack realizes they are falling back against the bed, but he can’t stop, and so the kiss continues, his one hand slipping under Joe’s shirt, the older man arching into the touch.

Joe’s phone suddenly beeping with a new message causes the two to break apart, their lips swollen and eyes dark as they stare at each other, panting heavily.

“I think that was more than twenty seconds…” Jack says softly, reluctantly removing his hand from Joe’s body as he sits up.

“Uhm, yeah,” Joe sits up as well, his cheeks burning red as he runs a hand through his hair, his gaze locked onto his lap. “Do you have another one? Or are we good?”

“We should be good,” Jack replies, his mind hazy, “I just have to close out.”

“Right. Then, yeah.”

Somehow, Jack gets through his closing, and Joe is up and out of his seat as soon as the last words are out of the younger man’s mouth.

“I have to go. But, I’ll see you tomorrow? Okay. Bye.”

Jack remains sat there, even after he hears his front door close loudly. He lifts a hand to his lips, the feeling of Joe’s warm ones against his still lingering.

The camera remains staring back at him, and curiosity takes over Jack’s mind as he reaches out, removing it from the tripod.

And as he watches the clip over again, he swallows.

There’s no denying it. He and Joe need to talk about that kiss.

Which is exactly when the other man decides to avoid him for the next few days, despite all of them having plans to go out for dinner.

Joe feigns a sudden cold, a lie Jack doesn’t believe for a minute, but he understands its a lot to process, and so he leaves Joe alone.

Even as he constantly thinks about the kiss, and rewatches the clip over and over again.

Jack ends up filming a different video, not quite ready to post the video he had filmed with Joe, although he has already decided to cut out that entire moment, wanting to keep it for just him.

And at some point, Jack realizes that he wants the kiss to happen again. He wants Joe.

He wants to be with Joe.

That’s when he knows its time to talk to him.

“Oh, uhm, hi.” Joe blushes when he opens the door to see Jack standing there. “I didn’t know it was you coming over.”

“I know you didn’t.”

“What are you doing here, Jack?” Joe turns away from the door, leaving it open for Jack to step in, closing it behind him as he follows Joe further into the flat.

“We need to talk.”

“About what?”

“You know what about.”

“It was just a dare!”

“Was it?” Jack cocks his head, looking over at Joe.

“Yes.” Joe replies, but he avoids the stare.

“Sod it,” Jack mumbles to himself, surging forward, his hands coming to Joe’s face, pulling him in for another kiss.

For one brief moment, he panics, because Joe remains frozen under his touch, and just as Jack goes to pull back, he feels arms wrap around him, and the smaller body mold against him.

Joe is kissing him back.

This time, when they break apart, there is no mention of a time frame, or wondering if they had enough footage.

“This is new.” Jack says instead.

“Just a little.”

“Do you want this?”

“So fucking much.” Joe mumbles, pressing his lips against Jack’s again.

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Number 11 for natan pls :>


11) tangled legs (or legs tangled idk)

Lucifer is ten seconds away from tossing Natalie off her bed.

“Stop that,” he growls, lifting his head off the pillow just enough that he can peek over the curve of his bicep.  Natalie grins deviously, mirroring him, and runs her left leg up his right calf again.  He resists the urge to reach down and bat her leg away.  

“Am I bothering you?” she coos.  She does it again.  

“Your leg is all stubbly and gross,” he says.  

“Are you getting itchy?”

“No.” Yes, holy Father above, he’s going to rip his leg off.

“Then you won’t mind if I keep going,” she replies.  Natalie rubs her calf against his once more, and has the fucking audacity to laugh when he glares at her with all the force of Hell behind his eyes.  

“Girl…” he trails off.  Natalie has known him long enough to know what that particular inflection of ‘girl’ means: I’m the motherfucking king of hell, do you really wanna go through with this? 

Natalie has known him long enough but has clearly learned absolutely nothing because she looks him dead in the eye and does it again.  

“Something wrong, Lucifer?” she asks innocently.  Lucifer runs through his options.  Throwing her off the bed will just have her crawling back for more.  Tickling her until she can’t breathe is probably not the smartest idea given that it’s pollen season and her lungs are suffering enough as is.  He can put some old-school Britney Spears on and see how she feels after the fiftieth loop of ‘Toxic’…but this is Natalie, so she’ll enjoy that more than anything.

Father, this girl is…ugh.

Natalie rubs her leg against his once more, dipping too close to the side of his calf closest to his other leg, and Lucifer grins.  Giddiness floods his very being when he catches the look on Natalie’s face - which can only be described as oh shit.  In one quick movement, he has her leg locked between both of his.  

“Something wrong, Natalie?” he parrots.  Her bottle-green eyes narrow.  The grin on his face only widens when he feels her try to tug her way out, to no avail.  

Lucifer - 238, Natalie - 195.

“Lucifer, lemme go,” Natalie whines.  “I promise not to do it again.”

He stretches, cat-like, and lets out a fake-yawn, closing his eyes.  “Nah, I’m comfortable.” And he is, really.  The bed is warm, the sun is hitting his back just right, and Natalie’s leg doesn’t feel so bad touching his when she’s not being purposefully annoying.  He feels…lazy.

“Lucifer, I have chemistry homework.”

“Too bad.”

“I’m gonna fail my class because of you.”

“How unfortunate.”



“Lemme go.”


I still remember
The first time
I saw your face,
Smiling that
Guileless grin.

Open as always,
You held nothing
Back. Hands

An iridescent
Offering of
Pure bliss.

Perhaps your
Smile is a bit
More muted;
Your shoulders

Slouch beneath
A world of
Worries, but
Still I see,


When I look at you.

remember when simon forgot to be mad at raphael and made a cheesy Dead joke in front of his mom? remember how he grinned, showing teeth even, and checked to see if raphael was doing the same? remember how raphael smiled shyly and looked away? remember when they briefly forgot they weren’t a couple anymore.

i think about this a lot


Gif source:  Joker

Imagine meeting the Joker.

——— Request for anon ———

You’d heard the stories. Hell, he was infamous around Gotham, and here you were, meeting the Joker.

You didn’t know whether to be excited or terrified as you sat on the plush sofa you’d been escorted to by one of his men. Not that you showed either emotion on your outer appearance. After all, this was business.

It was his laugh that announced him, ghosting in from beyond the elaborate door and the guard standing in front of it, “Ha… Ha… Ha…” At the sound, the guard takes a single step to the side and the door opens, in striding the green-haired man you’d only ever seen in his mugshots. “My, apologies,” Joker says with dramatic flair, flashing you an insane grin that shows the glint of his teeth, “for keeping you waiting.”

You smirk as his shoes tap the floor with each of his steps towards you, an entourage of his men coming in behind him, “It was worth the wait.”

a little tease of the oneshot i’m writing rn (i’m like halfway done and it’ll probably be up tomorrow morning at some point):

It starts in the pit.

Their backs pressed against one another, breathing in sync. The putties falling to pieces at their feet as they kick and punch with every ounce of strength they can muster. Trini feels Kimberly’s muscles tensing and moving against hers, and the sensation stirs something inside her. A mixture of admiration and arousal washes over Trini. She shakes herself out of it and growls, kicking the next putty that comes near her right in the balls (or where its balls would theoretically be). Kimberly turns her head back and flashes a grin. Trini keeps her eyes trained straight ahead.

She will not let Kimberly Hart break her.


He stares, trying to divert his attention from how tall and lean and good-looking the man is to the dark blue uniform he’s wearing, the gold stud that’s shining in his ear, the faint glow that surrounds him, unless that last is Juno’s imagination getting away from him.

“Who are you?” he asks at last, straightening up and walking over to the stranger, who regards him with a warm nonchalance. “How did you get in here? And how the hell did you know my name?”

“Why, Juno Steel, ” he says, still grinning, “If I didn’t know your name I wouldn’t be a very good guardian angel, now would I?”

Moodboard for Raziel, Angel of Mysteries, Ruling Prince of the Second Heaven Peter Nureyev, from @wastrelwoods​’ fic Standing In The Light of Your Halo


▪A/N: ahh thank you so much for 100 followers!!!! this is kind of a thank you present for you guys ;)

▪Pairing: Professor!Sirius Black x Reader

▪Summary: In which Sirius meets a very intriguing girl at a pub up in Hogshead. Fate comes in, and the next thing they both know he’s her teacher and she’s his student. But one thing they do know it that they’ve got the hots for each other.

▪Warnings: teacher x student relationship

▪Words: 455 (this is so short omfg)

It was the first, official, day of Hogwarts. Y/N got a good amount of sleep and dressed herself to perfection.

The girl sighed, looking at herself in the mirror. Nodding in approval of her outfit, then grabbed her school uniform which consisted of her robes. Afterward, she grabbed her school bag, then fled her dorm room to meet her friends at the great hall for breakfast.

The moment she got there, she grinned when she saw them. “Hey, guys.” The girl greeted when she sat down with them.  

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Rachel asked.

Y/N nodded, “Good, much better than before.”

Hilary decided to change the topic, “You should have been awake to hear Dumbledore’s speech yesterday, there was this really hot teacher that he introduced.”

“He is the definition of man candy,” Rachel added on.

Y/N nodded, smiling while she ate her food. She really didn’t care about any other guys, her mind was only thinking about the man she met at the bar.

Once breakfast was over and the bell rang, all the students grabbed their bags to get to their first class of the day. The girls continuing their conversation, while Y/N just looked straight ahead.

They arrived at their first class, transfiguration; the trio decided to sit in the back, while the professor was writing his name on the board. “That’s the hot teacher we were telling you about,” Rachel whispered to Y/N.

She nodded, not even looking up; too focused on getting a piece of parchment to start copying her notes.

When the professor turned around, he looked at the class. Though one person caught his attention. More like one girl. It was the girl he met at the pub. “Holy crap.” He uttered. [the gif]

To which the class heard, and turned around to see what he was gazing at. It was just Y/N. The girl heard the commotion and looked up from her work. Only to be knocked out of the air by the sight before her. It was him.

The man she met at the pub.

He looked as handsome as ever. Only just wearing his work clothes—a buttoned up white shirt, along with black trousers.

Y/N leaned back in her chair, a heavy weight settling on her chest. And a look on her face that just says she’s seen a ghost. “I’m sorry.” She uttered, once everyone has looked away.

The girl was sorry, though. She lied about her age, and that she graduated Hogwarts. She was genuinely sorry.

The man cleared his throat, “Um, I’m Mr. Black your new transfiguration teacher.” The moment he introduced himself, all the girls leaned their head against the palm of their hand, giving him the heart-eyed look.

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