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Twins 😢💜 #rip

hot take: you can be any amount of cores that you want. who said you had to pick one? wanna be a goblin? be a goblin. wanna be a moth? be a moth. wanna be a fairy and a dragon but cant decide which? fuck it, be both! who said you could only be one thing!!! wanna make a sona, but have too many cores to choose from? combine them!!! make the ultimate grandmother crow who lives in a cottage and is also a witch!!! make a dragon/fairy/goblin mix!!! go crazy /and/ stupid!!! be whatever you wanna be! dont let anyone stop you!!

& I understand: when people say the tongue

is the strongest muscle in the body, they mean it is strong enough

to hold an entire history on its back & still sing.

Brandon Melendez, from “Etymology of Absence, Ending in My Grandmother Singing “México En La Piel”,” Gold That Frames the Mirror

honestly grrm missed a huge opportunity in neglecting to explore Jon’s relationship to the staff and servants at Winterfell. They all obviously would have known him from infancy and played a huge role in raising him. I refuse to believe this sweet motherless little boy didn’t get smothered in pats on the head from every maid and serving woman. I absolutely cannot imagine a world where he didn’t cling to Old Nan like a barnacle until well past an appropriate age. 

I recommended my favorite author of all time to my grandma a few months ago. Around Christmas I called her, and she mentioned she’d read all of Tamora Pierce’s work.

“You mean all of the one series, right?” I asked.

Nope. My grandma did not fucking stutter. She read all 40 odd books.

I haven’t even read all of Tamora’s books, and here my grandma has read even the new ones.

I was out fangirled by my grandma.

Yesterday I called her to wish her good luck on her heart surgery today. Before hanging up she asked, “Are there any other authors you recommend?”

I texted her a list of a dozen books. I expect to hear her thoughts on them the second she gets off the operating table.

A follow-up Actual Doodle of a Flight Rising Tundra because I do take Dragon-ing seriously like a Real Adult

I wasn’t a huge fan of the tundra art on the site but that doesn’t matter when you can just …draw it…yourself