or good advertising depending on how you look at it

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I've been looking at various apartment finders and trying to calculate what rent I can afford. The rent that apartments advertise, does that include utilities or does that depend on the apartment?How do you go about finding that out, just calling?Also I'm at the point in my life where I'm hoping to land my first well paying job soon. Is it better to find an apartment with a lower rent than what you can afford and save for a house later down the road or nicer apartment thats borderline affordable

Good questions!

Apartments will normally say something like “utilities included” or “hot water included” somewhere on their advertisement. If they don’t explicitly say this, then that amount that’s being advertised is the rent only. Including utilities or heating in their price is a selling point for apartments, so if extra amenities are included, you’ll see them listed somewhere in the add.

All the apartments I’ve lived in have included hot water, and my current apartment includes heat and hot water. I live in the northeast, and if you live in a cold climate then I would highly recommend looking for a place with heat included.

Here are some common amenities:

  • Hot water: Most places will include this because it’s a super cheap. If you have your own washer and dryer, odds are you’re paying for water.
  • Heat: Apartment complexes with gas heat will include heat in their monthly cost. Electric heat is like 5 times as expensive as gas so it’s never included.
  • Electric: Some apartment do include electric, but generally they’re privately owned and not part of a large complex.
  • Internet: I have personally never met someone whose internet was included in their rent, but these apartments do exist.

I would recommend looking for a place that is on the lower end of your price range. Look for a place that is secure, but fairly inexpensive. It’s better to avoid living paycheck to paycheck if at all possible. Worst comes to worst, and you’ll start saving lots of money for your future!