or good advertising depending on how you look at it

relationships-goals  asked:

If you don't mind me asking, how does an average guy get a girl like you? I'm like average looks, nice smile, 5'10" Spanish Portuguese, African, from Canada and can't get a girl like you if my life depended on it 😐

Tbh I don’t generally talk to guys who advertise themselves as average bc they try too hard to get me and make me feel like I’m more of a person than they are and I’m not into that lol
You’re good looking!! Don’t underestimate your own appearance!
I think my big turn offs are try hards and clinginess in the early stages. I like being treated nicely, but I also want to joke around and have fun not just be catered to. So when I get messages like these I just assume the guy is the type to act the way I don’t like lol
Bottom line be yourself and don’t let someone’s physical appearance change how you treat people in general ❤