or going to try to

Thanks for a great time at Kobe Day 2 of the
Aqours 2nd Love Live!
Everyone at Kobe was so warm! And passionate!!
Next up is Saitama! Hm? Isn’t Saitama!!??
My hometown….!!!! Lol
I’m gonna work up a good sweat at Saitama too!!

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Miranda, my angel, it's that time again: i need a new phone background and only Michael will do. SHARE DAT GOOD SHIT. i know your Michaelpics folder has to be ridic by now 😏

you didn’t specify how many… so… here’s my top three and some extras are under the cut!!!

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uh friendos idk if it matter so much but i guess im gonna be away for some couple of days…. its a lot of things happening in my personal life and i just want to solve and make sure everything its ok.
its a hiatus?? i dont know.. but im really fragile these days and i just want everything gets better.
i’ll miss u all, all the love 💗💗

And Michiru has been unboxed.

Hey guys, I’ve got good news and bad news. Good news is I’m totally moved in to my new place. Bad news is I won’t have wifi for awhile.

So uh, I guess I’ll be going on a forced hiatus until I get that good wifi shit.

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I love reading your tags under all the FFXV posts. It's hilarious and always so damb relatable. 😂

LOL I’m glad they’re amusing, cause I literally just start word vomiting some mess and then I realize I should stop clogging up tags with my rambling

But then I go right back and do it again. CAUSE I’M TRASH

My patient has been running V-tach off and on all night (mostly on), nothing we've done has helped, and the v-tach alarm is one I can't turn off...

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D&D a week ago: We’re very proud that Daenerys’ council of allies is mostly women. We’ve got an older woman, women of color, queer women. It’s great.

D&D now: They’re all dead, except Yara who has been kidnapped and tortured so that Theon can save her.

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Hi just passing by to say that I love your art, it's so cute and fluffy and sexy and perfect 👌👌👌 also I love punk Lance filled with piercings and blushy nerd Shiro, just A+ stuff there! I can easily see Lance bending over to pick up something "accidentaly" and Shiro looks and boom, tiny thong panties in pink (or black cuz hes punk 8'D) anyway have a good day 💕

DUDE thanks!!!! i am always impartial to a blushy shiro 


“I have a female friend who lives alone and she has BTS songs in her playlist, so I asked if she was their fan. “Oh, that’s for turning on when I go pick up the delivery,” she said. I asked her what she meant, and she told me they’re actually not songs but recorded conversations of the members called “skit”. You can see which skit it is in the photo below.

She said “Want to hear it?” and played the skit on on her computer’s speaker. It sounded like there were people inside when hearing from the doorway, and it became an even more plausible disguise with two pairs of dirty men’s sneakers on the shoe rack. I was heartbroken.

My friend started joining a hip hop club after she moved out to live on her own, and she learned a survival tip (?) when living alone from a senior member there, which was to turn on skits when picking up delivery. She said after looking through various skits, that group’s skits were the most natural-sounding.

My friend turned off the speaker and said, “I’m really thankful to them~ I think I’m gonna buy their album, to repay them~”. It’s just… It’s not like they did anything directly, but I’m kind of thankful to them too. They eased the anxiety of a girl living alone, even if it’s just for a while.

Sometimes when I listen to skits, I think “Why did they put these in?”. I just feel so bitter that someone is using them this way. Anyway, since this seems like a good method, I’m posting this to share with other people. The world is sad.“

okay i’m not trying to spread any hate, and i have nothing against the girls but IF.. and i mean if because we still don’t know much about ‘love yourself’ yet.. anyway if they’re doing a “love story” and try to connect it to hyyh i’m not okay with that. 

hyyh isn’t a love story it’s much more than that. it deals with a lot of mental issues, abuse, friendship and family problems. i HOPE they’re not trying to force the “this girl came into my life and her love fixed everything” cliche because that’s bullshit and real life doesn’t work like that. love doesn’t fix mental issues and magically make everything okay.

what i’m saying is hyyh deserves so much more than just a generic ‘love will win’ ending that’s been done 100000 times before and i really hope bighit has other plans for the plot. i mean isn’t the concept supposed to be about loving yourself?