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Weird bands you should check out

Idk I felt like making a list:

Glass Animals - literally sounds like a liquid in my ears

Mother Mother - relatable and uses really nice flats and sharps in their singing

Tally Hall - gets that ol’ brain going. almost every song is in a different style

Rob Cantor - made the Shia Lebuff song and used to be the yellow tie from Tally Hall

Andrew Jackson Jihad - real nasty slice o’ life but good

Cosmo Sheldrake - like old folksyish but with minimal instruments and words and nice beats

Lulu Mae - not so much weird as really sweet. I knew these people irl and they’re really close in my heart

Radical Face - soft and thought provoking

Loch Lomond - indecipherable lyrics but strangely addicting. you literally can’t find set lyrics to “the mountain” anywhere online

I probably forgot one or two

Don’t Look Behind You - Part 2

Part 1/  Part 3

Summary: Stiles saw you the first time when he was void and became insatiable of you. Even when Stiles was free from him, he still found himself pining over you and wanting you to be his.

Prompt belongs to the greatest @sincerelystiles (Link to the prompt)

Warning: Contains smut and everything coming along

Pairing: Void!Stiles x Reader

Word count: 6854

A/N: It took way much time to finish this one!!! But I’m kinda proud? A lot of people asked for a part two so here it is! I’ll tag everyone that left a feedback on the first part, but sadly I can’t find the asks about it, so sorry I can’t tag everyone. If the notification of the tag only bothers you just tell me and I’ll remove it!! Thanks to @maddie110201 who’s always there to give me some motivation and awesome feedbacks! And help me. A lot. I love you.

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I didn’t know how it ended like that. How I ended up in such a situation and how this situation could have such a denouement. My breath had been lost in my lungs for a long time, unable to breathe normally, I had to bend over and put my hands on my knees. It was burning, my chest was burning, my whole body emitting the heat all over me. I was so hot and my legs were soft just to have him so close to me, in the other room. I wanted him, so much it was uncontrollable. I had to do everything to stay calm, stay sane. Because I knew, if my skin were to be in any contact with his, he wouldn’t be the only one insatiable. I was losing my mind, I was confused and my ideas were no longer clear.

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RFA+V+Saeran find out MC has an addiction. But it's something very strange and bizarre, almost as if MC belongs on My Strange Addiction. How do they react?

Haha, this was crack more than anything…hope you laugh!


  • He caught you with a thing of make up
  • “Huh? Oh, babe, I didn’t know we were going out tonight.”
  • You turn around and give him a confused look, “We are?” 
  • He watches in horror as you carry out your original intention and eat the eyeshadow
  • So that’s why you were buying so much makeup….
  • He thought you were a make up guru, but turns out you’re addicted to eating eyeshadow
  • He doesn’t even know where to go, but he does research cuz…honey, you need help


  • He thought you were sick
  • You were carrying around a toilet roll all day and the supply went down
  • “Aww, honey, do you need extra tissues? I think we have a box of softer ones in the closet–”
  • His words die on his lips as you scrunch up some toilet paper and shove it in your mouth
  • He’s so worried since that can’t be healthy
  • He confiscates all the toilet rolls in the house
  • When you have to go to the bathroom, he’ll only give you a designated amount
  • No snacking in there, MC!”


  • When you asked her for some extra baby powder, she thought you just needed to use it for dry shampoo
  • She didn’t expect you to inhale it on the spot
  • She drives you to the doctor right away
  • She’s really worried…how long have you been doing this?
  • Afterwards, she looks up some psychiatrists in the area because she’s pretty sure it’s not normal


  • He found out when he knocked over a wine glass by accident
  • He goes to clean up the mess, but you stop him
  • He watches as you continue to crush down the broken glass in tiny pieces and then eat it
  • Aww heck no
  • He has a doctor come over
  • Firstly, to check if your throat is okay
  • Secondly, because…he ain’t tolerating that crap he nearly had a heart attack


  • You keep sniffing a bottle of windex whenever you’re in the kitchen
  • He’s pretty sure you’re just messing with him
  • “MC…you can’t prank me. I know it’s just blueberry gatorade or something.”
  • “No, I just like the smell of windex,” you reply solemnly
  • He still doesn’t believe you so he grabs the bottle and takes a big whiff
  • He just looks you in the eye before emptying the entire house of chemical cleaners
  • Becomes one of those organic moms with all natural cleaners 
  • Obsessed in case you have another one of your urges…


  • You two are walking one day and you get to this gravel
  • You reach down and scoop up a handful
  • And start eating them
  • Saeran is in denial as he watches
  • When you’re done, he just nopes away from you
  • He can’t stomach this crap


  • He came over to your house once
  • Only once
  • Because you had an addiction to collecting the most creepy dolls
  • But he won’t say anything
  • But he doesn’t like coming over
  • “Do you…want to come over my house instead?”

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Drabble: Frank Castle

Just a small, sweet little Frank drabble.  Just so y’all know, this is all for my girl @bigbadfrank …luv you babe  ❤️ (also i really hope you like this…pls….validate me….)

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Achoo! The sneeze wracks your body, making Max jump and look at you from his doggy bed.

“Ah, fuck,” you mutter, holding a hand to your nose and searching for the tissue box with the other.  “Gross as shit.” Your nasally voice is muffled by your fingers, but it still sounds absolutely pitiful.  

You finally find the box of tissues half buried under a blanket.  You hurriedly wipe your nose, then toss it onto Frank’s nightstand where it joins the others in your tissue graveyard.  You fall back against the mountain of pillows you’ve collected against the headboard and sigh.  Allergy season sucked balls.

Every inch of your body aches, and your nose would not. Stop. Itching. You’re sure it looked red and raw and disgusting by now.  You groan again.

“Ah, fuck me!”

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and i’m still alive after all of the scars, you want to feel like stars, but you’re scared to burn so bright, and i’m still alive after all of the self-hate, you wanna love yourself, but you always ask your shadow if it’s okay to miss your ex, and i’m still alive even after coming to terms that a part of me will always love you, sometimes in order to grow, you must lose a part of who you used to be, scratch that, it’s all of the time, and i’m still alive after all of the nights, i’ve seen many mornings without you and today is just a new day to say my goodbyes, and i’m still alive after seeing myself crack open a skull that is filled with nothing but more poems, i’m still alive, i’m still alive, i replay memories to keep myself sad, but i replay memories to keep myself sane, it’s not so bad if you’re conscious of it, it’s not so bad if i’m conscious of the fact that a small part of me will cling to your name when dark becomes closer than skin and the moon is just another smile that i can’t forget, and i’m still alive after all of the poetry, my heart still beats, my soul still feels like it’s missing a home, and i’m still alive after i used your lipstick to color in my favorite flowers, it’s just a shower thought, it’s just a means to an end, prose pieces sprinkled with the things that i love, the bookstore poetry section is where i left your love letters, to the moon and back, i’m still alive, to the sun and icarus’s wings, my heart too is made of wax, and i’m still alive even if a part of me is forever dead, a love like this and a love like that, no wonder i keep running back, to a person that’s no longer there, to a home that was never ever going to be stable, to an addiction that outweighs a body high, to a mind that can’t grow into full size, there’s no point in maturity if your childlike curiosity is destroyed, there’s a philosophy in believing that true love exists and just like magic, i believe in rituals and spells, no wonder i keep writing poems about my what ifs, what if we never fell apart? darling, my darling, i’m glad that we ended up this way, today is weird, today is strange, but this day, it’s all mine.
and still i’m alive. with or without you.
—  i’m still alive

I submitted this about a week ago without any explanation, just the image. I thought just putting it out there would somewhat cleanse me of how it makes me feel when I look at it, but I keep scrolling back down and seeing so many reblogs and misconceptions of what this message actually meant. So I want to tell the story. 

The boy who sent me this message was my first love. I met him in my science class at school when I was about fourteen. He had chubby cheeks and brown eyes and he smoked weed and hung out at the skatepark late enough every night to worry his mum on purpose. He was friends with about three other boys who used to skateboard every day and blaze all the time and they were all really loud and really rude and they wore them ugly clunky DC trainers (I think only British people will understand the significance lol). I made friends with all of his friends before I met him because, being completely honest I had made a purposeful move to start hanging around with him and his friends because they were ‘cool’…Looking back and looking at how it all impacted my life, he was not ‘cool’ and he is the decision I regret more than anything but at the same time he made me the person I was supposed to be and I am so much stronger for it. 

I was trapped between being confused about who I was and which crowd I wanted to hang with and what direction my life should head in, and then I met him and he made the decision for me. I fell HARD, stupidly hard. I honestly look back and think it was so deep that if he told me to jump I would jump, bark I would bark. It was maaad. 

I started mixing myself up in a load of stupid shit. I was hardly at school and we always used to meet at a hole in the bottom of the huge school park and fight through the brambles and weeds to get to an abandoned mental home and sit down there for hours just laughing and play fighting and smoking. I remember we ran away from our last day before summer break and sat in the graveyard with a homeless man for the whole day, and he was telling up stories bout the hippy days when he was a kid and how he used to live in South London and take refuge in mosques when the police were after him. I could sit and tell stories forever but the point was, I kept running away from home to be with him and I basically lived at his house and we wouldn’t go to school and we used to go camping for days at a time and just get real fucked up. I was so in love that I didn’t care about anything but him, we lived about 10 miles away from each other at one point and he used to walk the journey regularly to come see me. 

This went on for about two years until he started getting into drugs reaaal bad and hanging out more with riskier people than harmless stoners he used to be with. Despite pretending I was so grown up and making lots of decisions when I was with him that a sixteen year old girl wasn’t really old enough to make, I couldn’t quite hack it. He started getting drug therapy after getting taken into the station and strip searched, they found nothing but were suspicious and admitted him to our schools addictions therapy. I was made to go to therapy sessions on his behalf after he became cold towards his therapist and the man basically told me that I was his only hope because his parents were essentially useless (he walked all over them) and his friends were pretty sketchy. I can’t tell you how many times I remember trying to nurse him back to some kind of sanity so I could take him home to his mother. 

Things started taking a turn for the worst and it is so strange because when I think about this period of my life I see it in a bleak grey in my head. It was such a dark time of my life. I want to go back and drag myself out of his house, out of his life. Ever since I was 14 I’d been sleeping with him and he had always been so rough with me and pushed my head into the pillow so I couldn’t breathe and he would slap me until I had burns all over my bum and he hurt my boobs so much they hurt for days. I literally think about being 14 years old and feeling bullied into sex like that and it makes me well up. I was once with my friend and I was watching TV with her and he had barged into her kitchen living area with two friends and started doing coke off the kitchen surface and literally dragged me out the house. It was all getting worse and worse. There was a pill going round my area a while back that really fucked you up and he took too many and I found him asleep in the abandoned mental house after about a day and a half looking for him. He was off his head one night and told me he was about to jump off a bridge near his house and I had to call his mum and send her down there because I was away with my mum at the other side of the country. The list of ridiculous stories continue… I got them coming out my ears honestly 

I still loved him so much and I sacrificed so much to look after him that I was so emotionally drained, I was always ill and weak and tired. He was manipulative and nasty but I didn’t realise until it was too late. He had said so many things to me over three years that I had drilled into my brain. He used to pin me up against walls and punch the wall next to my head until his hand bled. He was so emotionally manipulative that I was so terrified of breaking up with him because I genuinely believed I couldn’t live without him, and I had given up so much to be with him that it seemed like I had to stay by his side. He once cut open my palm in a drug induced rage and then his own and made me promise in a blood oath I would always love him. I still have the scar on my hand and it makes me cry. One day we’d had a massive fight because I told him I was sick of living like that and I wanted him to stop doing that to his life, he was so clever and kind when he wanted to be and I had faith that he could turn everything around. I’d seen the boy who he was before it all and I just hoped to tap into a different version of him.

The next week he had sex with a girl in my year that had always openly disliked me and been nasty to me. I rang him and cried down the phone, I literally just didn’t understand. He said he had 'moved on’ and that he 'loved her’. The only thing I ever received from him after that is the message I’ve submitted, he was high as fuck on some kinda drug and texted me that. Weird. 

Him and his friends tried their hardest to bully me under the orders of his new girlfriend. She turned all the girls I was friends with against me because (we were in a huge girl group of about 15 at the time and me and her really didn’t like each other and the rest of the girls were mutual friends, it wasn’t a real friendship group, they were all fake friends and when I look back it was so bitchy and toxic) But yes she turned them all against me, for the whole summer I had things screamed at me in the street and snapchat videos where the girls would say they were going to kill me and call me so many horrible names. I was sent videos of him and his new girlfriend kissing and hugging. I had a girl that I didn’t know come and try and fight me. It was hell. I watched the person who I loved more than anybody become the nightmare of my everyday. It was fucked up. FUCKED up 

It eventually all simmered down and I made new friends and rebuilt my life. I ended up getting good grades and managed to get into a good sixth form college. He failed every single exam and so did his girlfriend and his friends didn’t do very well at all, they went to a shitty college because they didn’t get into mine. !!!god sent miracle!!!! I do still love him, to be so honest with whoever (if anyone) has read this far. It has been two years and I still think about him everyday. I feel guilt saying that I love him because I know I deserve better and I am not doing myself justice by saying it. It is weird because I feel exactly how he did when he sent me this text two years ago. Life is a strange thing and it doesn’t owe you anything. I love him but I would never want him back. 

I rebuilt my life and I am such a strong soul now and I am so happy and I have such a beautiful life.  He fucked me up for such a long time but now I’m sharing this story because I’m at the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The Dream Daddies: a thesis

Listen this game is the only thing I’ve been excited about in what feel like years so here we go, observations of the boys

Listen he’s the perfect shoujo manga bad boy, he’s probably a dick at first but then you see him pick up a kitten in a rain storm, he just wants someone to talk about mothman with dude, go squatching with him. Amanda would love to go camping. he probably loves slam poetry but will refuse it at all costs.

Damien: okay,,, this one is rough, this motherfucker looks like he is a dedicated vampire larper, or that one fuckin episode on my strange addictions of that lady who sucked blood, but how far have people gone before for the #aesthetic. All in all he’s probably a bit high maintenance but he knows what he wants and that just so happens to be the Victorian era (c. 1837-1901)

Craig: this man is most definitely the guy who wakes you up at 4 am for a run because “it’s so beautiful out rn babe” and he looks so fuckin sincere you gotta wake up and walk behind him as he’s jogging circles around you, but this doesn’t happen often, he knows u love ur sleep, so he usually gets coffee ready after his four am run and wakes up the kids and you for breakfast while he sips his protein shake. He probably loves taking the kids to extra circulars.

Joseph: okay I know what your thinking,,, this mother fukin twunk looking prissy ass man, he most definitely runs the PTA and scoffs whenever Patricia brings store bought goods for the yearly bake sale, but also he knows it’s all for the kids so he won’t say shit. He most definitely brought you a pie he baked when you moved into the neighborhood, and it probably was one of the best pies you’ve ever eaten. (His grandmas recipe). His kids are probably so well behaved no one knows how he does it. And yeah he looks really vanilla and boring but don’t forget “extensive knowledge of knot tying” ;0

Matt: Matt, Matt Matt Matt Matt Matt, this man looks like the sweetest person you’ve ever met in your life, the friend zone is real and it’s a 5 foot proximity to this man, however he also looks like he can sass you within an inch of your life, don’t try to burn him, he will incinerate you in an instant. He probably makes hella good coffee and shyly asked to kiss you before he did, he’s a cuddler and a probably really warm so if you have cold hands you will have thermal equilibrium. Ideal. Plus he will take you, his daughter, and Amanda to a daddy daughter concert and you’ll melt.

Hugo: our first released boy. Probably a lil antisocial at first but then u ask a question about a book and suddenly it’s been three hours and somehow he’s talking about the differences between Shakespeare’s writing and Oscar Wilds, and your lost in his infectious enthusiasm about literature. You could probs listen to him all day (you do) plus he helps Amanda with her homework and her grades have been getting better and better, he’s found a way to teach her so she understands it all. You’re swooning. Plus he offers to do the dishes after dinner.

Brian: THIS MAN WILL GIVE THE BEST HUGS. He loves his children and his garden and his dog and soon you. He just wants a quiet life, and yet once you all go to an amusement park and he’s taken you on the roller coaster 7 times. He pats your back while you vomit so that’s a plus. He has the best dad jokes and probably makes a room brighter when he walks in. He however has a competitive streak, so family game nights are few and far between. But he doesn’t mind (he’s still the reining scrabble champion) just let him love you.

Anyway Dream Daddies game?? ∞/10 don’t talk to me


Series Summary: Frank’s one-night-stands turns into more than he thought, and this girl is more than she seems.

A/N: Alright, last chapter before I leave for the week.  Hope you enjoy!

Frank Adler x reader

Word count: 1216

Summary: Movie night doesn’t go quite as planned.

Warnings: minor-ish wounds


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Audio Drama Podcast Recs

Because I’ve gotten a few questions over time about podcast recs, both from people who are curious about audio drama, and fellow denizens of Podcast Hell™ who need something new, I wanted to put together this list so I could go a bit more into detail about why I love and recommend each of these amazing audio dramas.

Rather than trying to rank them, I tried to organize this list roughly based on popularity, at least based on my dash! More well-known shows are listed first, and then my faves that I don’t see getting nearly the love that they deserve. Especially with the volume of new innovative audio drama being created, there’s some really good stuff out there not getting nearly enough attention. Which is not to say that, if you’re a new podcast fan, you have to start with the most popular – but those shows are more likely to have an active fandom. (Of course, there are a ton of great podcasts out there, and plenty (both popular and obscure) that I don’t listen to yet.)

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anonymous asked:

what are your absolute favorite yoonmin fics? Someone has probably asked you this before, but I've scrolled back for so long with no results, and you're my absolute favorite yoonmin blog so I'd love love love to know

my favourite fics are here! but some more recent ones are:

  • IFHY: love hurts. yoongi and jimin realise this.
  • light me up (i’ll keep you warm): (in which jimin has a crush, yells a lot, and maybe falls into like.)
  • look it up: yoongi stumbles on a “yoonmin” video while trying to find his most viewed fancam. upon realizing the fans have noticed he tends to stare at jimin, yoongi becomes hyperaware of their interactions. did the fans realize something he himself didn’t even know?
  • want me: jimin needs attention and his boyfriend is kind of being a huge dick.
  • shall we date?: jimin just wants to stay home and play games, but his roommate has other ideas. or: 4 times taehyung sets jimin up on a terrible blind date and 1 time it isn’t so bad.
  • make me your wish: jimin wants to see the flowers, but yoongi might have given him a little more…. and maybe vice versa. (au where the genie wish-granting system is an actual legalized business, and each city is appointed one “wish-granter” whose job is to offer its inhabitants three wishes in their lifetime.)
  • who’d have known: yoongi thinks jimin is too happy. jimin’s just trying to be happy and make others feel the same.
  • out of your arms (i’m out of my mind): if being right means being without yoongi, jimin would rather live a wrong doing life.
  • perfect blue: while contemplating the loss of his job in the middle of an urban mini-mart on white day, yoongi meets a strange truck driver and decides that going on an impromptu road trip would be good for him.
  • deeply addicted (to the prison that is you): yoongi becomes infatuated with jimin’s ass… and then falls for jimin himself. 
  • helpless: yoongi goes into his rut and jimin helps him through it for the first time. (aka they have gross, messy sex non-stop for a few days) 
  • when you smile like that: jimin falls in love with yoongi every time he smiles at jimin. 
  • pull me closer in the backseat of your rover: jimin had just wanted to get off. he didn’t think he’d end up with a boyfriend at the end of it all.or, another friends with benefits au.
  • perfect is the sound of you breaking: jimin likes being good, he likes being perfect. 
  • practice makes: the facts in the case of the unfortunate min yoongi: the gay that can’t suck dick. 
  • praise me like you should :“i like it when you compliment me,” he bursts, “you have this way of saying things,” he’s staring down at yoongi’s lap, too afraid to meet his feline-like stare, “it’s nice, how you validate me… how you tell me how good i’m doing at any given thing.” (or: jimin loves to be praised).


  • electric love: the dream jimin is having isn’t feeling so sweet anymore. or, alternatively, the soulmate/abo mashup no one asked for, featuring namjoon as an english tutor, taehyung as a (not so) starving artist, jin and kookie being as sweet as ever, salty suga, helpful hoseok, and emotionally vulnerable jimin.
  • i wrote this for you: jeon jungkook is a frustrated reader who just wants to have a decent conversation with his newly proclaimed favorite author, an up-and-coming young adult novelist min yoongi, and maybe force out the ending of his cliffhanging heartbreaking motherfucking breakthrough debut novel. (a.k.a. a love story told in jungkook’s perspective)
  • just a little company: “we’ll have a strictly business type relationship. you give me company, and i’ll give you money, or buy you whatever you’d like. it’s your choice, you can choose if you’ll take my offer.”
    “it’ll be a no strings thing, hyung? no attachments at all?”
    “nope. i don’t want to date, i have no interest in it right now. you’ll be my.. investment. you’re cute, i’m bored, and i don’t mind splurging a bit.”

What if Simmons was reduced to a kid? I bet Sarge would still try to make him do some job.. but maybe this time he would get some praise for that…
“can you do addictions?”
“y..yes sir?”
“then you can still work. take this orange juice and go make the inventory of the base” 

with Grif it will be a strange friendship… and i bet grif is the perfect napping spot in the whole base for a kid! (and he knows every good snacks)

(this is for you @franktoosaku ! i managed to draw something for your ask <3 ) 

magnolia-monday  asked:

Girlfriend you look amazing!! Would you ever be interested in doing a blog post about your healthy eating and exercise routine?

thank you! 

I’ve talked about my recent healthy eating/exercise routine a few times over the past few months, but here is a more detailed explanation because I have been getting this question quite often. I do want to say though that I am not a nutritionist or health guru by any means- these are just things that have worked for me :) different things work for different people!

I lost about 10 pounds last semester. My main priority for my senior year was to treat my body the best that I could by changing my exercise and eating habits (my intentions were not to necessarily lose weight). My other priority was to be more mindful of how I spend my time in general. Though eating healthy and working out in college can be difficult at times, I have found it to be very rewarding. I think it’s always a great thing to make positive goals for yourself- no matter how small they may seem. 

Here are some things that worked for me over the past semester or so:

Healthy eating

  • At the beginning of last semester, I decided to transition towards a vegan diet. I now eat about a 95% vegan diet. I eat vegan as frequently as I can. However, a few months ago, my friend’s mom cooked only grilled chicken, so in that case, I did eat that. I eat vegan when I can, but if a friend/family friend is only serving meat, I will eat it. For me, eating a vegan diet isn’t necessarily an ethical thing for me. It’s definitely more about the benefits that come with eating a plant based diet (documentaries like Forks Over Knives really touch on this topic).I am very lactose intolerant (and I have been for pretty much my entire life), and I have been strictly dairy free for several months now. I feel my best when I eat a vegan diet, though it isn’t the easiest choice while living in Mississippi. When I do eat dairy, I have an allergic reaction, and I’ve learned it’s just not worth it (even though Mac & Cheese is like my favorite food on the entire planet). 
  • I feel like I mostly eat small meals throughout the day instead of a traditional three large meals. I eat a TON of Lara Bars (the chocolate brownie and mint chocolate ones are my favorites), almonds, raisins, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds (I eat these with a spoon a few times a week, which I think grosses out my roomies/family), coconut milk yogurt, skinny pop, almond milk, blackberries, blueberries, kind bars (which have honey- but most are dairy free), and hummus. We just got a Chipotle in MS, and I went 4-5 times last week with friends, and it’s super easy for me to eat vegan there. I always order 3 soft tacos with black beans, lettuce, and guac. I also recently learned how to make Acai bowls, which I am super proud of! I make them with frozen acai packets + medjool dates + almond milk + bananas + frozen berries + chia seeds (all in my blender). On top, I usually add blackberries, agave granola, and pumpkin seeds. However, some of these ingredients can be hard to find in my tiny college town, so I do drive to Whole Foods in Memphis about once or twice a month (and to also see my high school bestie who lives in Memphis). For meals, I do go to Panera quite often now that they have brought back the black bean soup (yay!). I get that a few times a week, and I love it! If you do eat meat, you should try the Panera turkey chili soup. It’s really healthy & yummy (and dairy free!)!
  • In the future, I would like to eat 100% vegan, but that is not always possible, especially in the deep south. After graduation, I would really like to eat a vegan diet 100% of the time if I can. It’s really helped the way I feel throughout the day and it has definitely cleared up my acne. I also find it has made me appreciate food more and really learn about what it is I am eating & how it affects my body/the way I feel.
  • I do not drink alcohol (I am almost 22, in case anybody was wondering). I have had alcohol maybe twice in the past 6 months or so. Giving up alcohol was a huge decision for me, but it has been such a rewarding, positive experience for me personally. I think it has definitely contributed to my weight lose, and it has cleared up my skin. But most importantly, it has given me more time to focus on the things and people in my life that are important to me. On that note, I mostly drink water & I drink a ton of water every single day. I believe it’s so important to stay hydrated. I do go to starbucks usually once a day, and I almost always get a trenta unsweetened ice green tea (I am a little bit addicted). 
  • For cheat meals, I love getting a bean burrito without cheese from Taco Bell (no shame). I also love Chipotle chips & guac. Oreos are my other guilty pleasure (because they are strangely enough dairy free..). 

Working out

  • I started going to Orange Theory at the beginning of last semester, and that has made a huge difference! OTF is not easy by any means, but it’s incredible. It’s a science based workout class that tracks your heart rate while you work out. I find it really challenging, but fun at the same time. I go 2-3 times a week depending on my school load (school is always my top priority). If you have an Orange Theory Fitness near you, definitely try it out. The first class is free! My mom goes every single day and loves it as well. I couldn’t recommend it enough! 
  • On days I don’t have time to go to Orange Theory, I usually workout at my apartment’s gym (though I definitely don’t work out every single day- especially if I am super busy with school/sick/etc.). I usually workout for about 30-40 minutes, and I walk/run on the treadmill for 1-2 miles and lift weights (I also do a lot of abs/arm work). 
  • On weekends, I love to go hiking/walking with friends out on the trails! I go alone sometimes when I am stressed out to clear my mind. Being in nature is such a great stress reliever, and I really enjoy going on walks.

I hope that could answer your question! Again, I am no health expert by any means. These are just things that have worked for me!



I’ve been listening to a lot of TED Talks and I was inspired by this speech called “Strange answers to the psychopath test” by Jon Ronson, so I added quote from this to my weekly summary page! I recommend you all to watch it, too! :-)

P.S: I just can’t let go of my green/blue theme + ootw sketches lol

What is your favorite speech? I’d love to hear recommendations :’)

some of the things btob invented
  • christmas (release of the winter’s tale album in 2014)
  • furry and furrisim (same as above)
  • halloween (thriller, 2013)
  • giyomi player (ilhoon)
  • 예지앞사 (changsub)
  • cosplaying (eunkwang and sungjae in every isac ever but also changsub as The Official Halloween Mascot Pumpkin, tin man from wizard of oz and bunch of other random crap; also ilhoon as draco malfoy and riche rich )
  • ugly dance (eunkwang with the help of changsub)
  • the color red (minyuk)
  • being petty (eunkwang with the iconic hell venus and saying that he wont watch shows changsub appears on because he didnt watch him on idol cooking show, changsub doesnt forgive people who forgot to shake his hand and peniel and the origin of Pencil Shin)
  • asmr (minhyuk)
  • impossible ideal type (ilhoon who wants to date bart simpson but with a literal S as body)
  • taking pet bugs on walks (L.U.V mv, 2016)
  • running (reference: minhyuk in any given music video and also isac)
  • pet kink (minhyuk but often quote in correlation to peniel as he is his enabler)
  • getting away with murder (ilhoon)
  • architecture (the time hyunsik utilize the hotel room to build a gaming station for changsub)
  • irl special and sound effect (peniel)
  • that episode of my strange addiction where the person was addicted to pretending to be furniture (hyunsik and ilhoon in mtv dairy)
  • ugly fashion (ilhoon as the reverse tim gunn)
  • cooking (sungjae and eunkwang in idol cooking show, 2016)
  • calling your friend’s father hot (changsub in future diary, 2016)
  • going to weddings to steal the groom (eunkwang in dear bride mv, 2016)
  • pranks (hyunsik in general, but honorable mention to the time sungjae pretends to shave changsub’s hair when he was asleep)
  • kingsman the movie (all of them)
  • bb cream (hyunsik)
  • the art hoe culture (hyunsik)

by far my favourite additions in USUM: 

  • the villain themes. not even the villains themselves, the themes. they didn’t have to make remixes but they did anyway!
  • also the cute moment with cyrus and rotom i guess. strange how such a short scene can be so humanizing for a 10 year old villain.
  • rotom’s good. i dont care what you say. that little guy earns me 800,000 every time i go through the pokemon league.
  • ultra warp ride is addictive


Let me start by saying that Peter Terry was addicted to heroin.

We were friends in college and continued to be after I graduated. Notice that I said “I”. He dropped out after two years of barely cutting it. After I moved out of the dorms and into a small apartment, I didn’t see Peter as much. We would talk online every now and then (AIM was king in pre-Facebook years). There was a period where he wasn’t online for about five weeks straight. I wasn’t worried. He was a pretty notorious flake and drug addict, so I assumed he just stopped caring. Then one night I saw him log on. Before I could initiate a conversation, he sent me a message.

“David, man, we need to talk.”

That was when he told me about the NoEnd House. It got that name because no one had ever reached the final exit. The rules were pretty simple and cliche: reach the final room of the building and you win $500. There were nine rooms in all. The house was located outside the city, roughly four miles from my house. Apparently Peter had tried and failed. He was a heroin and who-knows-what-the-fuck addict, so I figured the drugs got the best of him and he wigged out at a paper ghost or something. He told me it would be too much for anyone. That it was unnatural.

I didn’t believe him. I told him I would check it out the next night and no matter how hard he tried to convince me otherwise, $500 sounded too good to be true. I had to go. I set out the following night.

When I arrived, I immediately noticed something strange about the building. Have you ever seen or read something that shouldn’t be scary, but for some reason a chill crawls up your spine? I walked toward the building and the feeling of uneasiness only intensified as I opened the front door.

My heart slowed and I let a relieved sigh leave me as I entered. The room looked like a normal hotel lobby decorated for Halloween. A sign was posted in place of a worker. It read, “Room 1 this way. Eight more follow. Reach the end and you win!” I chuckled and made my way to the first door.

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anonymous asked:

Can I request Kuroo, Iwaizumi and Shinsou scenarios (separately) about them being jealous because another guy is getting a lot of their crush attention? Let us get into their mind - write from boys POV!

{Okidoki! Hope this works for you! I made it gender neutral since there weren’t specific pronouns to use! Also, I accidently wrote them as being together already…oops! If you want me to rewrite, just yell at me in my ask box, and I’ll write another one hehe, sorry!}


Who is this guy? Why is he so close to them, and why are they letting him hang onto them??

“O-ow! Iwa-chan!! I didn’t even do anything!” I look over at Oikawa and notice my hand gripping his forearm tightly.

“My bad.” I say, releasing the arm I wasn’t aware I was even gripping.

“So mean! If it bother you so much, just go grab them!” He suggests, tears in his eyes, and rubbing his arm. I snarl at him, telling him it doesn’t bother me. He scoffs and holds up his now red arm.

“I beg to differ!” He says, and then lowers the arm, looking up at me, he smirks. “If it doesn’t bother you, maybe I should go talk to them, too?” He asks, I scrunch my eyebrows at the thought and stand up. “Go get ‘em Iwa-chan!” I hear as I walk towards them. The scumbag is now leaning over them with an arm around their shoulders. Who does he think he is?! As I approach them, my parnter’s eyes light up. I give a tiny smile to them and then look at the guy with a bit of a scowl.

“Hey, why don’t you sit with me and Oikawa?” I offer a hand in my love’s direction, still looking at the random guy. They grab my hand quickly.

“Okay!” God they are too cute for their own good.

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anonymous asked:

okay so this is very specific and im really sorry about that but im having a rough go of it and i need to read something i can relate to. So do you know of anything where one of the boys has an addiction (preferrably drugs, but alcoholism works too) and has been in recovery/sober for a while, but then they get into a big fight and the addict goes out and uses and breaks his sobriety? And then maybe a happy ending somehow idk, this is specific and strange, im sorry. thank you for everything <3.

I’m sorry you’re going through a bad time, I’ll do my best and I hope these are at least a little what you were looking for:

That Reflection Man by SkyisGray

Political AU - Steve is the son of a Governor and the grandson of a Vice President. At 18, he meets Bucky. At 24, he marries someone else. At 25, he’s elected to the House of Representatives, and Bucky overdoses. But their story is really just getting started.

Thawing by Paint_Stained_Heart

Heroin. It’s a helluva drug.

Everything we have for addiction is here.

anonymous asked:

frankly i don't think tf2 and ow will ever be comparable in terms of fan videos because the tf2 models are available for free as the default models in sfm, while any ow models would have to be ripped from the system and would be harder to find in the steam workshop (the same goes for the audio clips used in game)

I completely agree that TF2 videos are on their own level of creativity and dedication.  The SFM ones are absolutely gorgeous, and the competition ensured by the Saxxy’s encourages animators to constantly work on improving while giving them a platform to show off their hard work. The GMOD videos are almost at a Surrealist level of uniqueness that will take years for any fan base to even compete with.  

There are so many layers, in-jokes, precise timing, and facial expressions and walk cycles worth of an Annie Award, that it takes either going in with complete understanding or no attempt at understanding to try to comprehend the what the video is doing.  

Originally posted by jababu

That type of calculated chaos is going to give any competing fandom a run for their money if they want to attempt to surpass it.  It’s basically (d)evolved into it’s own category of humor.  Team Fabulous 2 even made the 2017 video game edition of a world records book.

But people created over 700 porn animations using Overwatch characters BEFORE the game was even released.  There are currently 71 OW assets    (ones tagged under the search “overwatch” anyway) available in the SFM workshop, and people will keep adding to the collection.  There are a lot of Youtube videos dedicated to showcasing OW character voicelines, which is only one of probably a few ways to acquire them.  If people really want an asset, they’re going to find a way to get it.

I think that the TF2 community has definitely set the bar for fan animated videos, because of good humor, quality (or lack thereof) animation, and sometimes just because of the nonsensical pandemonium is strangely addicting.  But, personally, I don’t entirely agree with your reasoning.  

Accessibility doesn’t determine quality.  It’s like you’re saying that your cookies taste better because they’re easier to reach, when it should really be about how the time, effort, and care you put into the cookies made them amazing.  And really, why turn this into a stiff baking competition when we could just be eating the cookies that the fandom hands out and enjoying each other’s oh-so delectable work?

One Last Appeal

Nines Rodriguez x Reader

Words: 426
Plot: Nines goes out looking for the fledgling after Ventrue Tower blows up. He’s worried he’s lost her forever.
A/N: I got asked a while back to write more Nines and Vampire: The Masquerade stuff. And I did the thing! I hope you like it. I love the community for this and am happy to be here.

Originally posted by archiekennedy

Nines felt the explosion in his bones before he saw it; a pillar of fire and smoke rising from Ventrue Tower, debris raining across downtown L.A.
He’d known this would happen, of course; he’d had some idea that Jack would load up the sarcophagus with god knows whatever he had and blow LaCroix sky high.

There were only a few unknowns, and there was a fucking big one weighing on Nines’ mind as he limped down the high street, the scars on his face and body still fresh from that werewolf taking a chunk out of him.

Was she alive?

Damsel thought he’d gone soft, and maybe he had. But the kid was something special; she made him feel like he was somebody. He’d always been somebody, no two ways about that. His name - for better or worse - was all over the city. But with her, he felt like he mattered. He didn’t know if she felt the same; never had the time to ask. Business, then pleasure.

And now, the fire engulfing the tower, he wondered if she’d made it out. If she’d burned in there with LaCroix. 
He wondered if any of it would mean anything if she was gone.

He came to a stop down the street; the listening as the sound of cop sirens got closer. He didn’t want to be around when they were looking for survivors and found he wasn’t quite alive. But he had to find her.

“Kid!” he called out, collapsing against the brickwork of an alleyway. His throat ached in protest; his wounds were still healing and his body craved blood. But he could hardly think of that now.
His head started to spin. He couldn’t remember the last time he felt this weak; this vulnerable. He knew dawn was coming soon and he’d have to make it back to The Last Round, with or without her.

Nines turned, his eyesight muddled and his head hazy. Despite that; he’d know that voice anywhere. He’d followed that voice all over L.A. 
He’d follow it anywhere. Anywhere at all.
“(y/n)” he breathed, pressing a hand to his side. This must’ve been the first time he’d ever used her name. He liked the way it sounded on his lips as relief washed over him. “I thought-”
“I know. But it’s over, Nines. We did it” she grinned, slumping down next to him in the dingy light of the alleyway. The sound of sirens was approaching; but they were out of sight. And if they weren’t, they just looked like two well-dressed drug addicts. Just another pair of ghosts.

“You look like shit” she mused, wiping her mouth on her sleeve. Nines could smell her blood - copper and incense, all strange in his nose.
“Been worse. Been better” Nines spat, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers “tell me you knew Jack would blow the fucking building”.
(y/n) chuckled, pausing for a moment.
“I…considered it a very big possibility. I legged it the hell out of there just in case. Turns out my instincts were pretty spot on”.
“Jack and I are going to have words” Nines sighed, wincing slightly.

“Wait a minute-” she started, her hair falling over her shoulder as she turned to him “-you used my name.”
Nines smiled slightly, his teeth pushing down on his lip.
“Don’t get too used to it, kid. They’ll think I’m going soft.”
(y/n) shrugged off her jacket, folding it in her lap as she looked back at the tower. He could smell the smoke on her hair; see the sharp curve of her cheekbone illuminated by the streetlamp.
“What now?” she asked, her voice seemingly very distant and far away.
Nines lifted a hand, brushing the backs of his fingers against her hairline. He swallowed, hard. His fangs stuck into his lip as he tensed his jaw.
“Whatever you want to happen” he muttered, his eyes trailing to her lips.
She turned to him, her eyes glinting.

“This” she breathed, pushing her lips to his.


When the sun rose and the police scoured the scene; the alley was empty. A new day dawned on Los Angeles, the sun shining brightly in the sky.