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Did a minor makeup test for Ayr yesterday - I got a new eye shadow and liner I wanted to try out, as well as actually filling in my brows now that I have product for it! No ears or Vallaslin, just testing out the eyes.

I’m going to go back to the black liner on the bottom but I liked the eye shadow! And couldn’t resist popping on the wig and my Cullenite shirt that I’ve only worn once so why not, and grabbing my Cullen plushie that the wonderful @martini-september sent me for Christmas ♥ ♥ ♥


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IDEA!: If/When Matt is found(likely when), I think I know what he'll do in the group. He probably won't Pilot one of the Lions BUT, he can help Coran keep the castle up and running while Allura pilots Black lion. I think Keith will lead the team, but he'll probably stay with red. And I thought of a great way Shiro can come back W/out going back to the status Quo--his bond with Black was damaged and he can't pilot anymore. But he still stays around for guidance.....I hope he comes back ):

Mm, I really like the idea of Matt being rescued and working with them in the castle. The Voltron crew really REALLY needs a support staff. Right now they basically have Coran doing everything, and that’s too much. Poor man needs assistant. And Matt is a scientist and probably knows a lot of tech, so presumably he would be able to pick things up and help out.

I still don’t like the idea of being without Shiro for any length of time. And since Season 2 emphasized him strengthening his bond with Black so much… I don’t know. I’ll have to wait and see what the show does.

“ p.s. keep an eye out for a good gift for Remus from the lot of us!! xo ”

Reminder: Kakashi loves you.

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Okay, why is no one talking about the Black Mercy? Or how it could have latched on to Lena and Supergirl has to dive into Lena’s mind, only to find that Lena is happily married to Kara with two kids, and she has to convince Lena to leave reject this world for a world where Kara has no idea who she loves? I would cry if this was a thing.

That could go two ways. One, Kara would try to convince her that it’s not real and they’re just really good friends irl. Or two, Kara could say “come back to reality and maybe we’ll have this for real someday”

But honestly? Lena would never go back. With black mercy there would be no more Luthors, or the pressure of leading L-Corp and the media, and no more loneliness. Just Kara and their kids. She would for sure stay in black mercy forever if she got a chance.

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