or girr

  • Jude: That's it. It's official. I am retiring from gay.
  • Jude: That's right, I'm straight now.
  • Jude: From this moment forward, it's going to be a steady diet of boobs and dudes.
  • Jude: Damn it.
  • Jude: I am no longer interested in men, I am only interested in ... men.
  • Jude: Come on. What?
  • Jude: From this moment forward, it'll be on a steady diet of chicks with dic- DAMN IT
  • Jude: I love girr...GUYS
  • Jude: My favourite thing to touch is the vaa - PENIS!

Our dog, Girr, is really sick. He’s been tested positive with parvo and valley fever. We do not have enough money to keep up with all his payments for medication. If anyone can help with anything as simple as a dollar, it would be greatly appreciated. We love him very much And want him to get through this. We could go on forever about how wonderful these 7 months have been with our puppy up until he got these sicknesses… But most of you already know how lovable he is.. He’s been there for us so now we need to be there for him..

Guys- tis the season not to buy shit you don’t need, but to truly GIVE. My friend Justin and his girlfriend have an adorable 7 month old puppy and he needs your help!
Buy one less beer- instead donate that money to save a life.