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The reaction of BAP with a girl added to their groups and their relationships with her, I really like. So I was wondering if you could do that for BTS or Got7 and if you can do both that'd be awesome but if not that's fine too. Love.your blog. 💕💕💕

I’m really glad you enjoyed it!! I will do both. For now, here is the BTS one. [:
Other versions: B.A.P // EXO // GOT7

Jin: Mama Jin is Mama Jin. He’s going to be her knight in shining armor, always making sure the other members stay in line and mind their manners around her. He’ll also constantly be getting after Namjoon for quiet a few of the things he says and does to test her limits. Poor Jin will nearly be driven nuts trying to keep things in order. All the while, he and the newest member will develop a very humble friendship. As her own way of showing her appreciation for Jin’s efforts in maintaining some sanity amongst the group, she’ll happily ask for cooking lessons and let him have his hay day in sharing one of his best talents with her in such a way.  She will easily and happily become his guinea pig for trying new recipes.  They will also have this subtle habit of helping one another improve their weakest points - she will stick around and practice the choreography with Jin, and help him improve on parts that are hard for him without making a big deal about actually helping him to save his ego, in return he subtly helps her with vocals and overcoming her nerves about being added to one of the most popular Kpop groups.

Suga: This is another one that will end up having a special kind of relationship with this girl member. When she first comes along, he’ll be one to keep his distance and offer little for a warm welcoming, but that doesn’t mean he’s a blatant jerk about it… just nonchalant per usual. Basically, things would remain stagnant between the two until a random moment in the studio where she offers a little suggestion for change in the beat or the key that gives one of his songs a completely new sound and things transpire from there. He would actually find great joy in working with her and pushing even more boundaries musically with the changeup that she offers. It will also be great fun for others to watch how open and excited he becomes when they engage in conversation over a shared interest, not to mention the completely mind numbing, ear melting awesomeness that they create together. This girl would quickly become one of Suga’s favourite people once she can get him to open up.

J-Hope: If it’s at all possible for this ray of sunshine to shine any brighter, the addition of this female member to the group would be the very thing that brings that out.  He’s such a sweet, easy going guy that easily befriends others and with her it would be no exception.  I think when she first comes, he would have no hesitations about taking her under his wing and helping her assimilate to all the changes.  He’d be more than happy to help her learn all the choreography and would also team with Jimin and Jin in making sure she’s well cared for as well.  This all would lead to a close, sweet friendship between the two - and probably a much needed one for Hoseok.  After being cast in a shadow of the more popular members, it will be a sweet breath of fresh air to have a girl outwardly cheering him on and constantly offering him an ego/confidence boost whenever he’s running low.  He would also be more than happy to return the favor any way he can.

Rap Monster: Better watch out for this guy. Though he’d have this outward appearance of being a good leader, he’d also have this habit of constantly tossing subliminal, flirtatious suggestions at the poor girl. Granted, Rapmon wouldn’t be a straight up dick about it. He keeps things extremely subtle to begin with (to the point it’s hard to tell if there was sexual innuendo involved or not) and had she been obviously uncomfortable with things, he would immediately back off. But no. She’s going to dish it right back at him and make his head spin from the fact that he very well may have met his match. And though they have this strange bond over dirty jokes and whatnot, they also have a tendency of seeking out one another in the middle of sleepless nights to discuss philosophical ideas and whatever odd thoughts that might come to mind. Because she’s got a different perspective than the rest of the group due to her gender, Namjoon will have a ball picking at her brain and they will develop a deep, yet bizarre bond.

Jimin: Ugh. His sweetness would be lethal. This guy would be all sorts of just too perfectly respectful with the girl. He’d be a complete gentleman in making sure she’s always well taken care of and that includes her taking care of herself. He’d be the one reminding her to eat and rest even though he’s not the best at doing so himself, so this would become something they do for one another. It’s their own deal ‘I’ll eat if you eat" “I’ll rest if you rest”. They’d have a pretty special friendship of being each other’s guardian.  He would also be the one that is very conscious of how the fans respond to her.  Whenever they are promoting or have a broadcasting schedule, he would be sure that she gets plenty of chances to speak and show the fans what a wonderful person she is so they can love her as much as the rest of the group.  He will also do his best to shelter her from any backlash she may receive out of jealousy from the fans or simply hurtful things said about her because of the sudden fame.  I’m more than sure she would do the same and constantly remind him that he doesn’t need to change his appearance for the fans, but simply remain happy and healthy for their love.

V: Contrary to what most people would think, Tae would actually be one of the most guarded with the addition of a female member. He’s not going to be exactly outward about this, but there will be a notable distance he keeps between himself and this girl. Still the sweet ray of sunshine that we know and love, he wouldn’t be one to exclude her in activities, but he also won’t seek her out to join him on adventures either. This isn’t something that lasts forever, but he does keep himself guarded for quite some time as he works through how to react with a female around all the time. In the end, she will end up being a very close friend just as the other members. He’ll come to see her as a sister and partner in crime rather than a threat to him of sorts.  I can see an unimaginable amount of energy between the two, and once they do become close, they very well may be a point of annoyance to the rest of the group… in the best way, of course.

Jungkook: This boy will actually be silenced with curiosity.  We all know how shy he can be around females, and it will be no different with this girl when she first comes.  For a while, he will be noticeably quieter as he tries to work out how to act around her.  Even she will pick up on this and gently work his nerves until he overcomes them.  I think this change would bring on a completely new side of Kookie for everyone to see.  Once he gets used to having this girl around, I can see him taking on a whole new level of confidence and oh boy will the fandom have to look out then.  You think the smirks and the hip thrusts are bad now?  As for their friendship, they will definitely have a unique bond.  There will probably be a noona-eque relationship of sorts between them, and of all the members, I think this fella would possibly be the most likely to develop feelings for her - whether it’s just a little crush or more.  With his youthfulness and probable inexperience in dating (not to mention the lack of girls around for the most part) it would just be too easy for this poor fella to have a soft spot for the girl that’s always around and so happily spends time with him.  I don’t think things would ever go beyond that, though.  It would forever remain just a simple, innocent, one-sided crush.