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Do you think that Louis still gives Harry a card on his birthday? Not a store-bought card, but one like he gave him for his 17th birthday. One in which he writes down all the things he's grown to love about Harry and how much more he means to him with each passing year. And Harry definitely has them up somewhere and still gets giddy and teary every time.

YES 😅😅😅

“The novels of Dostoevsky are seething whirlpools, gyrating sandstorms, waterspouts which hiss and boil and suck us in. They are composed purely and wholly of the stuff of the soul. Against our wills we are drawn in, whirled round, blinded, suffocated, and at the same time filled with a giddy rapture…But where are we? Surely it is the part of a novelist to inform us whether we are in an hotel, a flat, or hired lodging. Nobody thinks of explaining. We are souls, tortured, unhappy souls, whose only business it is to talk, to reveal, to confess, to draw up at whatever rending of flesh and nerve those crabbed sins which crawl on the sand at the bottom of us. But, as we listen, our confusion slowly settles. A rope is flung to us; we catch hold of a soliloquy; holding on by the skin of our teeth, we are rushed through the water; feverishly, wildly, we rush on and on, now submerged, now in a moment of vision understanding more than we have ever understood before, and receiving such revelations as we are wont to get only from the press of life at its fullest…No such restraints were laid on Dostoevsky. It is all the same to him whether you are noble or simple, a tramp or a great lady. Whoever you are, you are the vessel of this perplexed liquid, this cloudy, yeasty, precious stuff, the soul. The soul is not restrained by barriers. It overflows, it floods, it mingles with the souls of others…Out it tumbles upon us, hot, scalding, mixed, marvelous, terrible, oppressive — the human soul. ”

The Common Reader, Virgina Woolf, 1923.

Smitten [ Bucky Barnes x OC ]

Prompt : Ivy is such a bookworm and Bucky finds it really cute and he is the only one who actually listens to her when she talks about books and he eventually uses her love of books to ask her out.

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x OC (Ivy)

Genre : Fluff  |   Warning : None

Author’s Note : More Bucky x OC Fluff! tell me what you think! I hope you like it :)

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There were people bringing a huge wooden shelf to Ivy’s apartment again. Bucky watched Ivy standing by the doorway with a giddy expression on her face as she told the workers where to place it. She didn’t even notice his presence, her eyes focused on the newly furnished shelf that just arrived. It was neatly placed on the empty wall across the living room. There was a new cream-colored loveseat near the bookshelf and Bucky recognized the light grey afghan she painstakingly knitted a month ago draped over it. He raised his metal hand and knocked on the door and gave her a smile when she turned around in surprise. Her smile widened when she saw him, her white teeth flashing, and he could see dimples forming in her cheek. It was one of the little things she did that always left him breathless.

“Look! I got a new shelf for my books!” She skipped towards him.

“It’s really nice, Ivy.” He nodded approvingly. Honestly, she could stack cardboards and Bucky would say it’s the best bookshelf in the whole world. They made a way for the workers to leave before she closed the door behind them. She excitedly took his hand—his metal one, and dragged him towards the new bookshelf.

“You could put that books you bought last week here.” He told her, beaming when she fervently nodded.

“The team said I shouldn’t be buying more bookshelves.” She made a face before she turned to face him. “I think they’re just jealous I get to have a lot of books.”

“Uncultured swine.” Bucky dramatically shook his head though his face melted into a fond expression when he heard her tinkling laughter.

“What brought you here, Bucky?” She asked when she has stopped laughing.

“I’ve come bearing gifts.” He raised his right hand and showed her the small paper bag she hadn’t noticed earlier. The smile and the hug she gave him were really worth the trip to the awful bookshop yesterday.

* * *

Bucky never told anyone how much he loves to listen Ivy talked about her books. He could sit on the couch and listen to her talk about the book she was currently reading and not fall asleep (unlike Stark and Barton who passed out ten minutes into the story). He loved watching her face brightened when she mentioned her favorite character, how her eyes would bright with fresh tears when she told him about a character’s death, or how she would launch herself onto the couch and started her long passionate rant when he asked her about the book, not caring if half her body was draped over his lap.

Bucky didn’t need to. His close friends (especially Steve) knew. Steve would stroll around his apartment and asked him about the books Bucky neatly stacked on the coffee table, lips quirked into a smirk when Bucky stammered a reply. Natasha found the interaction adorable and decided to be their personal paparazzi (Bucky didn’t find out about this until Natasha came clean). And Sam. God, Sam—the little shit, who was a little to eager to make fun of his crush on Ivy. Speaking of crush…

“Bucky?” Her voice snapped him out of his thoughts. He turned to her with a sheepish smile.


“You look a little distracted.” Ivy asked as she poured milk over her cereal.

“I want to ask you something.” He spoke out, eyes not leaving hers. She quietly sat next to him and nudged him to continue.

“There’s a book festival, like, few blocks from the place I grew up and I was wondering if you want to go there…with me?” He hesitantly asked.

He watched her face contorted into a confused expression before she finally smiled.

“Yeah, sure!”

“I’ll pick you up at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Is that okay?” He let himself relaxed and smiled back.

* * *

It was official. It was very official. James Buchanan Barnes was very smitten by Ivy. He picked her up at nine in the morning and they spent hours walking through each book vendors before they left to grab some lunch. There were a dozen paper bags scattered around their legs as they ate their lunch at the café across the busy street. Ivy looked like she went to heaven and Bucky mentally gave himself a pat on his back for taking her to this festival.

“Thank you for taking me here, Bucky.” She said when they finally got back to the tower. She leaned closer to plant a kiss on his cheek. Her cheeks tinged an adorable shade of pink when she pulled away. Bucky flashed her his lopsided grin.

“It’s a pleasure.”

“It was a lovely date.” She said again, grinning when Bucky choked on his own saliva.


“Steve and Natasha told me.” She chuckled. “And you’re the only person who pay attention to me and really care about me, so…” She trailed off.

Bucky felt heat rising to his face and he tried to look away from her eyes. He was going to kill Steve and Natasha after this, he thought. His train of thought was once again broken by her voice.

“Do… do you want to do this again?” She asked.

“YES.” He quickly said. “I mean, yes. I’d love to take you out on a date again.” He blushed. He was sure he was the one going to heaven when she kissed his lips before she went inside her apartment.

Everlark First Kiss

For @everlarkedalways, the first Everlark kiss I ever wrote. [cringe] From We Grow Back Together (PiP r7)

He looks at me, and I meet his gaze. I can see that he’s nervous, and in realizing that, I notice I’m trembling. I feel weightless and giddy.

He leans toward me then, slowly, and gently places his hand on my cheek. I can feel the warmth of his palm against my cool skin. I close my eyes and nuzzle against his hand, bringing my hand up to hold his so that he can’t pull it away. I’m worried that if I let go he’ll vanish. My cheek tingles at every point where his skin meets mine. His thumb moves down, toward my mouth, and brushes my lower lip. My lips part, and as they do, he leans in and kisses me.

His kiss is soft and passionate and tastes of cinnamon and nutmeg, and as we kiss, I wind my fingers through his hair to hold him close. It is our first kiss without cameras, outside of the Games, completely alone. This is our first kiss as us. The kiss is long and deep, and when we break for air, he presses his forehead against mine, our eyes closed. Our breathing is irregular and labored, and we both laugh from exhilaration. He wraps his arms around my shoulders, and I wrap mine around his waist, and neither of us notices or cares that the sun has set. We sit blissfully together like this until it’s time to go to bed. And then, in the sleeping bag that we share, he holds my face in both his hands and begins to plant kisses on me. My forehead. My nose. My eyelids. And my mouth. He holds my face in his hands until we fall asleep, protected by the watchful stars.

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Can we just talk about protective and dominant zero ? Is there anything sexier ?

Seeing any side of Zero that isn’t the faux one makes me giddy! So if/when we do see his protective side…I will cry, cause it’ll just be way too cute seeing Zero do things he, himself never thought he would do.

And to answer the second question anon:

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69. “Why the hell are you bleeding!?”

Thanks to @tracyrcat and two anons for this prompt! And yeah, pretty sure nothing will happen like this, but my muse took me here.

Everything sounded too loud. His footsteps as he climbed the stairs and walked across the floor of the hallway. The jiggle of his keys as he pulled them from his pocket. The way the key scraped against the inside of the lock as he pushed it inside. The click of the deadbolt as it was unlocked. Connor shuddered. Everything in his being told him he shouldn’t be home. But he ached for the familiarity of apartment 303, the sights and smells and Oliver. Oh God, Oliver. He ached for Oliver the most. His mind screamed at him as he opened the door, feeling too giddy to finally cross the threshold into his safety.

Even after removing his shoes, Connor’s footfalls sounded like elephants pounding across the floor to him. He just wanted to get into their room, strip off his clothes, hide them, and shower.

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You rolled your eyes. You hated this. It was their ways of getting you to do stuff and spilling secrets. “No, I’m not doing it.” A couple of boos went around he group. Tony stood up, a beer bottle in his hand, 

“Anyone who doesn’t want to play,” His eyes resting on yours, with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Doesn’t want to share their secrets.” 

“But-” Tony interrupted you, grinning.

“I would like to think of this as a team exercise. A bonding one. Anyone who doesn’t want to play, doesn’t want to bond.” You rolled your eyes. Huffing, he clapped his hands together in a giddy way, and span the bottle. You saw scarlet waves enveloping the glass, and conincidently the glass stopped in front of you. 

“Real mature, Wanda” Rolling your eyes, yet again. Tony high-fived Wanda under the table. 

“So Y/N, Truth or Dare?” The other avengers grinning at you. Sighing. 

“Dare.” This was going to be good.

“I dare you to..” Tony began.



((Hey guys! I just wanted to say that all of you dorky and cute osmt ask blogs always make my day. You guys have made today so wild, I laughed so much and now I’ll be too giddy to sleep, haha ;;; . I’m glad I made an ask blog, I got to meet all of you! Even though my Totty blog has become a shitposting area + the butt of everyone’s joke.

and y’know what, just to get it out there, if you’re alone, I would love to chat.  ♥))


The shore was something he had never quite seen before. Instead of dirt and rocks lining the grey sea, there was a thin line of the ground powder that had once been part of a stone, now worn down by the consistent beating of the water on the shoreline. Sand. Sand was a distant memory to him, something that he had experienced as a young child. Sand filled the orient’s land, the place where he had been formed. Sand belonged with heat, not with the cold wind that now bit at him unrelentingly.

The ocean was as cold as the ones back home, as bitter as snow. He hadn’t waited a moment to discover this, the moment he was in one of the smaller boats that would carry them to shore he had dived into the waves, ignoring the calls of the Frenchman behind him. He had swam, then waded his way to shore, freezing, sick, but giddy with excitement. It had been so long since he had felt anything outside of the wooden deck, so not even his fear of water could deter him from jumping in. When François got to shore he explained this, pale hair plastered to his forehead and the light in his scarlet eyes matching the energy in his smile. Perhaps his childlike excitement was why he got off easy with his friend. Perhaps it was the fatigue of their journey.

After being scolded by the blond nation, Gilbert was sent to sit on a nearby boulder as a “punishment”. He didn’t mind too much, it gave him the opportunity to watch the scenery around him. After many many months of nothing but the ocean and stars, any land would have excited the German boy. This land, however, was particularly intriguing. François had spoken about this land he had found in his exploration, but not even his florid words could capture the landscape’s features. The ocean’s shore was lined by a thin strip of sand, and then the sand turned into rocks, a much more common sight. A forest came after the rocks, or at least the boy assumed it was a forest. There were trees he had never seen before, but still the sight filled him with a sense of familiarity. He had spent the majority of his life in forests, it was comforting to know that even the New World had trees.

Gilbert shivered as the wind came again, shaking his head in an attempt to rid the water from his hair. He turned his gaze from the sailors who were busy with France setting up a temporary shelter to the forest line, idly scanning the trees to find any familiar types. A movement caught his eyes, so small that for a moment he was positive it didn’t exist. He glanced back at the French, then towards the area of movement again, this time paying closer attention to detail. After a moment of looking he saw something else move, a dark shape against the forest green.

Squinting against the dusk light, he was finally able to make out silhouette. It was a child, and in the dark lighting he could hardly make out details, but as one of the sailors got a fire started, the light shone on the shape for a moment, making a pair of soft violet eyes reflect the flames. Everything else forgotten, the boy began to slide off the rock he had been placed on, intent on finding this child. But before he could do more than make eye contact with the stranger, François spoke out to him, calling him back to the temporary camp. The child, frightened, fled back into the shadows of the forest.

Gilbert stopped, watching the trees for any sign of the foreigner, but quickly gave up on his efforts as the nation called for him once more. For now the prospect of food and warmth interested him more than whatever native had been disturbed by the noise on the shore. Practically running now, the white haired boy returned to his friend, the child already a distant memory.

Idea: Akumatized person makes musicals happen all over Paris. (Idk why they would. Maybe they’re a musical enthusiast and are angry at all the musical-haters out there? lol the world is now ONE BIG MUSICAL NOW GUYS MUAHAHAHAHA) 

And, of course, victims under their spell have to dance and sing until the 1 song is over, then the victims have an “intermission” period where they can runaway. So, LadyBug and Cat Noir will get to do a song or two together (imagine LB being super annoyed and Cat being all giddy about the whole thing, because I’m totally headcanoning Adrien as loving musicals now.)

part 2 to this piece of rubbish here

stuck on you

Read on Ao3

summary:  adrien is still an idiot (but he’s owning it) and marinette is still pretty stubborn (but she relents just enough)

thank you so much to heather my beta over at @allthegoodbooksaretaken because she’s amazing and deserves all the good things

ugh and apparently tumlbr doesn’t like good things because it took all of the italicised things out of the last post and i just had to go back and put them in individually and i had to do it for this too uggghhhh but anyway here you go

let’s be friends and we’ll hold hands - get giddy; grouplove

can i be close to you? - bloom; the paper kites

bonus quote: rooftop sinning - COOL; troye sivan

Anything would be better than this.

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Jude can't be subtle at all when around Zero. I mean like how has nobody noticed the way he looks at him and vise versa. It's cute.

Hello beautiful!

haha he really never can! I actually like that about him.. He wears his heart on his shoulder and he is proud of who he is :) I always love how giddy Jude gets around Zero.. Yeah, I never understood how people couldn’t see their love for each other :) They are super cute and adorable! I hope you are having a great day! Love you!

Time is Up

The Vault door rumbled.  Sandy flinched.  But the footsteps that entered this time weren’t the thumping waddle of Joe’s boots.  Nor the light patter of a pup come to deliver dinner.   An unfamiliar man’s voice was talking to Miss Giddy.  

Sandy laid in bed and stared at the ceiling.  Her time would come soon.  Her second daughter had been born alive, but barely.  The babe’s breath stopped on the second day.  Three strikes were up.  She wouldn’t be kept on as a Milker, her milk had always been adequate, but not abundant.  All she could assume is that she would be put out.  And that’s what she thought about every second.  Warm sand between her fingers and toes.  Looking up into the unfiltered sun.  Air dry and crisp.  She had no way of getting home to her family, and no idea what she’d do.  But wandering deep into the wastes and dying a free woman wasn’t that bad of an idea in the end.  At least she’d sleep one night under an open sky.

When Miss Giddy appeared in her doorway with the Prime Imperator, she didn’t know what to make of it.  She was still bleeding, she was in no shape to leave.  But the History Woman fussed over her, confusing her with kind goodbyes.  The tall bald man took her hand, and led her out into the green gardens behind the Vault door, and shut it firmly behind her.  

“What about Joe?  Is he… can’t I… goodbye?”  She had loved him once.  They had a daughter.  She didn’t know what she had expected, that he would come to see her?  But the last time he’d visited she’d spit in his face.  

Suddenly, she was overcome with fear and regret, she twisted her wrist away, tried to run, not even knowing where.  But the Imperator grabbed her.  “Not so fast” and slung her over his shoulder like a sandbag.  She struggled and kicked, but to no use.  Her uterus cramped suddenly, and she doubled over, collapsing into him, and crying as he carried her off.

But the door he dragged her to didn’t lead to the outdoors at all.  Sandy panicked again, kicking at him with what little energy she had left.  “Where are you taking me?”

The Imperator flopped her down, and she came face to face with a silver haired woman.  


2.7.16 One month on T!

Voice is a-changing!

Kept trying to wipe some shit off my upper lip for the last few days…got a tiny bit of fuzz and I’m stupid stoked.

Boners and my libido are amazing!!! I had zero sex drive before this and I’ve always been ridiculously sex positive plus I’m poly so I’m, like, the most excited 13 yr old boy in the whole world. Morning wood makes me fucking giddy. Yesss.

Still have hives and no one’s noticed any bottom growth but all good.

I’m definitely having some changes in my psyche, too. A bit more analytical, detached, and forward which isn’t a bad thing for me.

Been having some panic attacks and crying spells on and off amidst the new chiller feels. I’m trying to bunker down for the next few months while lady bits shut the fuck down. Menopause is no joke, y'all.

Oh, and I’m getting a tripod soon. Sorry for the wobbles. Yesss :D

It might be nothing, but when Organic is trying to save Angharad/the baby, Joe is positioned in a way where his pelvis is faced to organic/Angharad/Miss Giddy, he only shows his face to them when Organic calls him, it’s because of the gigahorse angulation of course.

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*Kicks open askbox* male crush asking the Matsubros out? (I shall spam you with love *wiggle eyebrows*)

Osomatsu: Would be super excited to find out that you reciprocated his feelings, and immediatzely spread the word about his new boyfriend

Karamatsu: Would be like “I’ve been waiting for this moment.” but actually he’s super excited and his face is beet red. He’d pull a rose out of nowhere and give it to you

Choromatsu: Would ask if you were kidding and when you said you weren’t he’d literally jump for joy and be super giddy about it that he’d be visibly shaking

Ichimatsu: Would give you a super awkward “Thank you” and shyly hold your hand since he was too nervous to say much else

Jyushimatsu: would get so excited and drag you all the way to his house to tell his brothers and parents and he’d drag you back to where y'all were at and start planning a first date right off the bat 😎

Todomatsu: Would try not to appear too excited cause it interfered with his cutesy aesthetic but he’d tell you how happy he was to be dating you and hold your hand, swinging them back and forth happily

Dating Hyunseung Would Include
  • his constant smiles that will make you feel all giddy inside. 
  • although he was busy he’d make time for you, when you needed somebody to talk to.
  • he was delicate when he talked to you because he knows how fragile you are. 
  • his kisses were like sweet chocolate kisses to you, and you always wanted more. 
  • dating an idol was hard but you guys made it work out and pushed through to conquer your problems.
  • he’d often be in the practice room late at night, so you’d stop by after your classes and have a very late dinner with him.
  • you’d catch him practicing his dances as you walk in, he’d immediately stop and embrace you in his sweaty arms.
  • you’d giggle and run away from him only to be hugged even tighter and have kisses planted on your face. 
  • after your late dinner with him you guys would talk about things that happened during your day. 
  • he’d end up sitting between your legs with his head on your chest.
  • when the members were around there was always competition, to see who would be able to steal his attention. 
  • overall you’d have so much fun with him and go on exciting journeys together when he’d have time.
  • there was not a minute when his mind wasn’t thinking about you. 
  • it was like you were his oxygen bag and he needs you in order to survive.
  • of course there were people who disapproved but their opinions didn’t stop you guys from being happy together.

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