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  • *Sun and Neptune, 10 years old, lunch time*
  • Neptune: Aw man
  • Sun: What is it?
  • Neptune: Billy's coming here for my lunch again.
  • Sun: He won't get it IF I STEAL IT FIRST
  • Sun: *takes Neptune's sandwich*
  • Billy: *gets to him and takes the sandwich*
  • Billy: You thought a filthy animal like you would be a match to me? Gimme!
  • Sun: Hey, aight man.
  • Billy: *eats whole sandwich in seconds*
  • Billy's face: *red, redder, red as blood*
  • Sun: I hope you like Ghost Peppers. Because I did, and I put some in that sandwich
  • Billy: *passes out and mouth starts wathering*
  • Neptune: Thanks bro
  • Sun: No prob!
  • Professor Strongarm: KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDS
  • Neptune & Sun: AW MAN.
Boo! // Kim Taehyung


the prompt: When you have time, could I request a ghost!AU with Taehyung of BTS? Where you move into a new apartment but don’t know that it’s haunted. And ghost!Tae is so ready to scare you off by pulling some horrific haunting stunt, but wait, you’re actually really cute?? And nice?? Pretty soon, you discover his existence (which explains all the weird things that have happened), so he takes to teasing you from the shadows and making your life difficult and just generally being a loveable nuisance~ Humorous everyday scenarios between you two ensue… Possibly ending with a love confession from Tae?

words: 3474

category: fluff + comedy

author note: i researched poltergeists for this and it was really scary •_• also, i want ghost!taehyung to be my best friend. enjoy!

- destinee

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Bad Occult Advice’s Guide to Achieving Spirit Sight

Temporary methods:

  • Meditation
  • Chanting
  • Asking a deity really nicely
  • Visiting the crossroads
  • Thinking happy thoughts
  • Trying really hard
  • Thumping a tarot deck against your forehead
  • Rolling up your old battered copy of Teen Witch and smoking it
  • Enchanted velcro
  • Drawing a ghost on your contact lens
  • A perfect eyeliner job that’s really on fleek

Permanent methods:

  • Double dog daring a deity to give you spirit sight
  • Inviting a ghost to live inside your eye
  • Staring crosseyed like you’re solving a Magic Eye picture, but all the time
  • When you close your spirit eyes, a fellow coven member opens theirs, and then you go on rotation to ensure full coverage
  • Painting an eye on a rock and just asking that rock what’s up with the spirits every now and then
  • Erecting a house on the crossroads and never leaving
  • Glue

do you ever think about how much Bail Organa must have FREAKED OUT when the Ghosts contacted him all, “uh, hey, so this might sound weird, but we think Obi-Wan Kenobi is alive, do you know anything about that?”

“Rea – uh, really? That’s, uh, that’s interesting. Why would you think that? Also why would you think I know anything about that, you know, just saying.”

“Uh, well, you know.  Force vision.”

*internal screaming*

Bail Organa can predict and head off many things, but the Force doing weird shit is not one of them because it’s totally out of his wheelhouse, so when it comes up, he has to do his best to keep everything related to it in his wheelhouse.

self care is being thrown unceremoniously into an existential crisis wondering whether or not grantaire was an artist, spending several hours researching jean-antoine gros (and finding out he was kind of a lousy artist), re-reading the brick to try to decide upon the reliability of grantaire’s narrative structure, and finally coming to the conclusion that the only way to find an answer is to conduct a séance to contact the ghost of victor hugo and demand answers

I Thought I Lost You Forever

Imagine: Imagine being supernatural gifted and because of your gift, you can come back from death and confessing your feelings for Elijah, when he thinks he has lost you forever and Klaus giving you his blessing with his brother.

Notes// CREDITS TO AUTHOR. Whoever emailed this in, didn’t write their account. I do not take credit for this.


I could see him. He was standing next to the tree I fell from, when we first met. I literally fell at his feet and instead of bursting out in laughter, he remained a gentleman and asked me if I was fine. At this moment I couldn’t say anything, I just stared into his warm brown eyes.

Later, I learned he was one of the Original Vampires, whom the supernatural community was afraid of. Elijah saved my life that day I fell from the tree, and since then, I have not been afraid of him or his siblings.

Witches wanted to sacrifice me, to get more power and because of my ability to walk between two worlds, as I liked to call it, I was the perfect choice.

I was always able to sense the presence of ghosts and the people I have met in my earlier life. I do believe in reincarnation and the fact that I could sense Elijah’s Presence when he was around, was proof to me, that I indeed had known him from a previous life of mine.
The witches had taken me from one of my days off from college and from the moment everything blacked out, I couldn’t remember anything, not even how I died.

Elijah’s Brother Niklaus came closer and didn’t said anything, they just stood next to each other in Silence. I always called him Klaus, unless he was in Trouble, then his girlfriend would yell his full name. Every time when that happened and I happened to be in the room, he would turn to me and say “I’m in trouble” with his Devil Smirk as I called it, because he was never really bothered when one of his siblings or his girlfriend called him by his full name.

“We will avenge y/n.” he promised Elijah, it seemed like that Elijah didn’t care for avenging me.

“It won’t bring her back” he replied.

Revenge would not bring me back, but I could see him. So dying the witch I was, I should be able to get through the barrier that made it impossible for Ghosts to make physical contact or been seen by people who aren’t like me supernatural gifted.

But when I see him, what would I tell him? That I love him? That I was too scared he wouldn’t feel the same way? Because I knew he had Feelings for Hayley a long time ago.

Before the witches took me, I overheard a conversation he had with Rebekah, where he told her that he had feelings for someone, but it wasn’t Hayley. I was so scared of the answer that I didn’t wait, I just took off. Now maybe, I have the chsnce to tell him how I feel but I am not sure if I am strong enough to enter the real world again.

“Elijah” I spoke his name gently and it seemed like he had heard me, because he looked straight into my eyes.

My hand reached out to him, and he looked at my hand and within seconds, I felt his warm Arms around me, his lips on my ear whispering, “I thought I lost you forever Y/N”.

My heart seemed to explode, my Face in his hand, his Lips on my mine. The feelings racing through my body were undescribable.

When he released me from his firm grip, I took all my courage and whispered “I love you Elijah”. The smile what broke through on his face by my words was truly heartwarming.

“I love you too my little angel” he replied and his words brought me back completely in the world I had shared with him before my death.

“I know you two would like to be alone now but I’m happy you’re back Y/N and make my brother happy” Klaus gave us his blessing before disappearing and leaving me with my love.

“How is this even possible?” Elijah asked me while he hold me close and searched my face for answers as if he couldn’t believe that I was back.

“I don’t know, I’m just glad that I could see you and I won’t leave” I replied and kissed him quick.

Elijah smiled, “I won’t ever let you out of my sight again Y/N” he made clear and I smiled at his words. Since the day I fell at his feet, I had always thought he was special, now I know how special he was indeed. He was my soulmate no matter how awfully romantic it may sound. He was my one true love.

amiawitchyet  asked:

Do you know hot to contact ghosts or some form of minor spirits? (Im sorry if im saying this wrong)

I got this ask 5ever ago (I’m so sorry that I’m answering it this late), and the reason I’ve delayed is because I’ve struggled to answer this question for years.

The one thing I do know is that you have to have a lot of confidence in your abilities. This is because with spirit work, you can easily psych yourself out. Especially if you do spirit work with other people—I sense something there, but is it really there? Is there one over there, too? Once you start doubting yourself, your senses like getting scrambled, like when you get anxious taking a test and forget very basic things that you already know.

As such, my recommendation for starting is energy work. I would do some of the energy techniques I talked about in this post. Learn to sense your own energy, then you can sense plant energy, then astral spirits or spirits of the dead. Once you’ve got energy work down to a point, you can learn to tell different energies apart and possibly even speak to entities. Here are some other posts to get you started:

Here’s an exercise to increase your intuition

Here’s a post to help develop psychic powers

Here are crystals that help psychic development

Here are some reliable astral projection techniques (imo)

A better guide than I can come up with on communicating to spirits

Tuning to the Dead

I also have a spirit work tag that is constantly being updated

I wish I could help more, but I feel like a lot of the others whom I’ve linked to can explain this stuff way better than I can. I hope this helps a bit!! (^v^)

anonymous asked:

Do you have any prompts for a flamboyant necromancer? Thanks! <3

“I know you!”

“We’ve…never met?” 

“I’ve spoken to your grandmother. Lovely woman.” 

“She’s been dead for-” 

“I’m a necromancer, duh. Anyways, hello.” 


“Can you just shut up and let me talk to the dead? Thank you.” 


“The dead give the best advice. You wouldn’t think that, but they do.” 

“What kind of advice have you received?” 

“Tons! For example, I know plenty of ways to avoid getting myself killed.” 


“Contacting ghosts isn’t like texting, I have specific things that need to happen. That includes you getting out of here, they don’t like strangers.” 

Happy writing!

-Ashley <3