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Dear grad students

As a recently graduated PhD, I completely understand your stress, your worry, your anxiety, your exhaustion, your endless sense of uncertainty, your feeling that even though you do all you can, it’ll never be good enough. Before I graduated, I heard lots of scary things from my mentors- that it would never end, that things get even more stressful after graduation, that in order to be successful you have to work nights and weekends for the rest of your life, that I’d have to pick between research and clinical work. 

 I want you to know those are scare tactics, not reality. 

 Life gets better post-PhD. I sleep better, my skin is clearer, I’m more mindful, my immune system is better, I can focus on TV enough to watch an entire episode of Sherlock, I’m more motivated and able to do fun social things in my free time- and I actually have free time! 

 And it’s still possible to be successful at work. I spent college and grad school learning how to work well. How to work efficiently and effectively. How to prioritize my responsibilities. How to learn new things. How to set my own deadlines. How to work with other people, who may have completely different working styles. How to receive critical feedback. How to live in an uncertain world and be confident in myself anyway. 

Now I use all those skills, and my mentors and colleagues take me seriously. They trust my skills and my work. I don’t have to prove myself constantly anymore. Work is better. It’s easier, and I’m more effective. 

Best of all, getting out of grad school has ended the tunnel vision grad school creates. I can see my whole life now, and prioritize what I want, rather than only seeing grad school stretching into the endless future. My whole identity doesn’t have to be centered around grad school. My goals don’t have to be solely academic. 

Which is amazing because I get to be a complete person, and because it means I have more options for my life. The further I get away from grad school, the more I realize I don’t have to get that tenure track job at some super prestigious university to be happy or successful. I have options. And I can pick what’s important to me- the perfect job, the perfect institution, the perfect financial package, the perfect location. I don’t have to put academic success first in order to be a good scientist or to prove myself. I can pursue the right life for me.  

You can, too. You can make it to the other side. You can pursue happiness and success. Keep going. 

no, brain, we do not have time for (and will not get tenure by doing) a study of whether hatred of the word “queer” is not just generational but regional, depending on slurs in use in our particular location in people’s various youths. 

Reasons for quitting academia:

  • Consistently have to apologize to white men who are themselves assholes and in the wrong
  • White men are expected to do less service or teaching, and get rewarded when they jump the gun or behave inappropriately
  • Women must be twice as good to get the same opportunities as men, and this is particularly true of people of color
  • Women and people of color in positions of power buy into the system and do not do the work to protect people low on the hierarchy, pushing the burden of success and safety onto them
  • Faculty participate in diversity initiatives supposedly to improve diversity in the field, but then continue to behave in unjust ways
  • Endless push to get more underrepresented groups and women into the field, but without fixing the conditions that make them quit in the first place
  • Academia values productivity, measured as number of publications, at the expense of quality and depth
  • Faculty positions require teaching, administrative duties, student mentoring, and research for promotions and tenure, but the dearth of faculty positions and the dwindling amount of grant money means that junior faculty are pushed into overwork (60-80 hours per week) to meet the basic expectations of university administrations
  • Overproduction of PhDs means that getting a PhD only qualifies you for more training, requiring multiple moves and extended periods of instability
  • Overproduction of PhDs also means that extremely qualified academics end up going to ‘low-tier’ schools to teach, pushing research expectations up everywhere regardless of course-load or financial support
  • Academic work is undervalued so that both postdoctoral work and the majority of faculty positions are severely underpaid, especially as they require much more than 40 hours a week to fulfill all expectations
  • Postdoctoral trainees are often considered little more than indentured servants, and are treated neither as employees nor as students
  • Most academic positions are in geographical locations that are undesirable for most academics
  • Getting a job, getting tenure, and getting promotions depends as much on politics as on your quality as a researcher or teacher
  • Pervasive belief that academia, more than a job, is a vocation, to which you must sacrifice everything or be considered unworthy or undeserving, to the extent that looking for better opportunities is considered immoral or questionable
We All Fall Down - Sixteen

“Because I’ve seen this sort of thing before Y/N. And with everything I know about Spencer Reid, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest.”

Will’s words shocked you into silence and you felt the atmosphere in the room shift. You knew the others wanted to ask and you also knew that Will was regretting saying anything in a room full of people who already wanted your husband’s head on a plate. It was Emily that gave in first.

“You can’t just say that and leave us hanging.” She tried to make a joke of something that really wasn’t something to joke about and although you appreciated her efforts, it fell flat.

“I shouldn’t have said anything,” Will shook his head solemnly at which you made a decision. You wanted…. no, you needed to know.

“But you did,” you told him. “And you can’t unsay it. What did he do Will?”

Will frowned, shaking his head again. “I can’t… I shouldn’t…”

“Is it on a police record somewhere? Is that why you can’t tell me?”

“No, it never went on record. I shouldn’t even know about it but I do because of my father.”

“Not to be blunt Will,” Emily again and you knew full well she was going to be. “But your daddy isn’t with us anymore. So it’s not like he can get in trouble for you telling us.”

“Please Will? If he’s done something, I need to know. Did he hurt someone?”

Your brother in law closed his eyes for longer than was usual and when he opened them, he looked around the room, staring the occupants of it down, one by one.

“You CANNOT breathe a word of this to anyone. Especially Spencer, Diana or JJ. I’m not even sure Diana and JJ know.”

You sat forward in your seat, draining the last of the whiskey. Emily took it and refilled it, sitting down at the table as well, as Luke moved closer. You felt a sense of trepidation, and almost excitement, like you were going to be told some horrific and terrifying ghost story that was going to give you nightmares instead of something about your own husband.

“We won’t say anything,” Emily promised him, Tara nodding along with her. Will looked over to Luke.

“I won’t say anything,” Luke told him.

“And you won’t do anything either,” Will stated and Luke glumly nodded. “You sure you wanna hear this Y/N?”

You nodded at your brother in law and he gave one last sigh before he began.

“Alright, I have no proof Spencer has been physically violent, let me just say that. But there’s something off about the way he treats women. You all know that my father moved here and became sheriff after he and my momma divorced right, and that when I used to come visit him for the summers, that’s how I met JJ?” The others nodded and you did too even though you had no real knowledge of this. You knew Will wasn’t from around here, his southern accent gave that much away, but you had no details on the origin of him and Jennifer. Given how closer Spencer and she seemed to be, Spencer rarely spoke about her to you. Will confined on and you listened intently.

“So when we started dating, my daddy told me to be careful, and to watch out for her twin. He was reluctant to tell me why but I could always get information out of him that I shouldn’t have. Turns out, there was an incident when Spencer was 19. He was home from college for the summer and he and his father thought it would be a good idea for him to offer some tutoring sessions. It would look good to his professors and would give him some teaching experience. Having had his first novel published and being somewhat of a teenage prodigy in the literary world, his services were snapped up and he spent the summer tutoring, before suddenly leaving two weeks earlier than planned. My father was really good friends with Raymond Greenaway…. ”

“The owners of Greenaway’s?” Luke interrupted and Will nodded. “I know his daughter Elle, she was two years above me in school. I had the hugest crush on her ever.”

“So did a lot of people boyo, so did a lot of people.” Emily winked at Luke suggestively and you chuckled despite the situation.

“Yeah, so did a lot of people. Spencer included,” Will spoke, causing Luke to frown.

“If Spencer was 19 though, Elle would have been what, 16?”

“She turned 16 the summer he was tutoring her. You see, Elle Greenaway aspired to be a writer too, some of her pieces were published in the local newspaper and from what I’ve read of her work, she was very very good….”

“Hasn’t she published her own book? I’m sure I read somewhere that she was up for an award or something…”

Emily reached out and punched Luke in the arm lightly. “Stop interrupting.”

Will continued on. “Anyway, she was one of Spencer’s clients, her family paying him to tutor her until they decided they no longer required his services. Raymond asked my father to have an unofficial word with the Reid’s, he didn’t want nothing on record but he didn’t like the way Spencer behaved around Elle. Diana treated Raymond’s wife too, so he didn’t want to cause upset as he was very grateful but he was concerned. Said he found notes tucked inside Elle’s books from him, notes that were very complimentary of her work but he said they also seemed like love letters. When Raymond asked Elle about them she didn’t seem worried, saying how Spencer would sing her praises each time they met and tell her how her writing was brilliant, how her words were setting his soul on fire….”

Something twigged inside your stomach, a horrible sensation.

“Then she let slip that Spencer was giving her extra tutelage that her parents weren’t paying for, asking her to meet him at the library so they could work together. Her daddy felt uncomfortable with that, so he put a stop to the lessons. Two weeks later Elle talks to her father, suddenly scared. She liked Spencer, she really did, but he was now turning up at the diner she was pulling shifts at, sitting in there all evening until she finished her shift. He was leaving notes for her, telling her how he missed her, how he wanted to see her again. She couldn’t swear to it, but she woke one night and thought she saw him outside their house, watching. My dad went and spoke to William and literally the next day, Spencer had gone.”

Will looked at you, checking you were okay and you nodded, sensing there was more.

“Around three years before you and Spencer married, Y/N, William donated a lot of money to the school Spencer was teaching at. Around 50k. Diana didn’t know anything about it until she saw the bank statements. I shouldn’t even know this either but I was in the house doing some work for them and overheard their argument. William said the money was a donation to help Spencer get tenure there which considering he resigned a year later and transferred, that didn’t seem right. So I did some digging of my own. There’s nothing in Spencer’s own file but there’s a complaint from his teaching assistant at the time. She thought that professor Reid was becoming far too fixated on some of his female students, and thought it should be investigated. That complaint should be in his professional file but it’s not. It’s only because I dug, that I found it. I don’t know exactly what happened there but given the fact that a large sum of money was paid and that teaching assistant was no longer assigned to him after that summester, I suspect that William threw money to make whatever Spencer had done, or not done, go away. Now I don’t know about you guys, but that gives me the creeps. And then Y/N, and please darlin’, don’t take this the wrong way, but then there was you.”

You nodded, dumbfounded. You felt three pairs of eyes on you and knew they were about to ask. “Not tonight, please. I’ll explain what he means but not tonight.”

Emily reached out and squeezed your shoulder as Will took another breath to speak.

“Do you all understand why I’m concerned now? Some might argue that he’s not actually done anything wrong. That being a little creepy and problematic doesn’t make you an abuser….”

It was Emily’s turn to interrupt him. “No but the things you’ve said…. That makes him obsessive and easily infatuated, persuasive perhaps. And that can make someone dangerous. Especially when they don’t get what they want.”

You wanted to defend Spencer because the things that were being said seemed to be making him out to be a monster. And was he really that much of a monster?

“It sounds like he’s got some issues yes,” it was Tara who actually came to his defence, if you could call it that. “But if Y/N says he didn’t hurt her and hasn’t hurt her in the past, then we have to believe her. I agree with everything you’re saying Em, and Will, what you’ve told us is certainly worrying and definitely will not leave this room. Right now though, we need to not go on a manhunt and accuse anyone of being something we don’t know they are. Right now, we’re here for Y/N.”

You were thankful for her input, mainly because you weren’t ready to deal with the things that had been said this evening and what they could possibly mean. You yawned, suddenly feeling extremely exhausted which triggered Will to stand.

“Y/N, doll. I’m sorry for whatever happened tonight. Even retracting the things we’ve just discussed, what Spencer did tonight was still inexcusable. I still have a key so I can go around tomorrow when he’s at work and get you some things if you’d like?”

You started to nod and then suddenly shook your head. “He’ll know then, he’ll know that someone knows where I am. He threw me out, let him live with that for a while. See if he does anything first, see if he tells anyone what he did. I can get by for a few days.”

“I have clothes you can borrow and you can stay here for as long as you need, right Tara?” Tara nodded at her partner’s words and you felt relief.

“Fair enough. Just call if you need anything though. I’ll stop by tomorrow night to check up with you, okay?” You nodded at Will, thankful that he was looking out for you. It felt nice to actually have people caring.

“I’ll stop by too if that’s okay?” Luke asked and you nodded, making a note to make sure his hoody was washed so you could return it, if your blood would ever come out of it.

“We’ll both be off then and leave you in the extremely good hands of these ladies.”

The men made their exits, Will kissing you on the cheek as he left and Luke squeezing your shoulder. After assuring both Emily and Tara that you were honestly okay, you asked if they could show you to where you would be sleeping.  Emily led you to a large, airy bedroom with a bed that you just wanted to crawl into and never get out of.

She leant in, wrapping her arms around with such intensity that you thought your bones might shatter and then you would be nothing.

“We’ve got you babe, we’ve got you.”

It was only after she left the room and you closed the door that you allowed yourself to cry again.

lmao bye. yalll know you don’t have to listen to your professors … like even in mathematics you can fucking invent shit outside of what they teach lol that doesn’t play by their rules, if you put in enough time and research. of course learn your basics, but like professors are human and have biases 

… and theres usually a reason why they get hired and tenure lmao…. because they uphold the university typically.. and universities profit from capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and so on. 

The Doctor is a Lady

So for those of you who pay attention to Doctor Who, Jodie Whittaker has been chosen to replace Peter Capaldi as the 13th Doctor (as they are “officially” numbered in the current show’s canon). And she’s also the first female Doctor, in the show’s current canon.

I’ll spare everyone who’s not interested my Doctor Who rant by putting it under the cut, but for those who are in the know I do have a quick question: I haven’t watched the most recent season. How does it compare to Capaldi’s first two? Or to get to the question I’m really trying to ask, does it begin to drop all the bullshit about focusing on the Doctor’s persona and start telling compelling stories with compelling characters again?

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Do you know any j2 Fics with chubby jensen or jared? Most good ones were deleted on lj and there's isn't much on Ao3. Help

hello dear! sadly I don’t know a lot of about this trope,only the famous, and I am sure you’d read them already, these are what I could find on my library:

Slipped Inside Your Right Back Pocket   Jared is a spoiled, pampered, Manhattan brat. His problems range from deciding which pair of Gucci shoes to wear to creating seating arrangements for dinner parties. He’s had the privilege of inheriting an incredible talent from his incredible aunt: singing.

Except, at the debut party for his first album, it completely bombs.

After a page six worthy tantrum, and under the advisement of his aunt, Jared flies to a remote island on the Pacific for a ‘spiritual and creative treatment program.’ He expected pool boys and marble whirlpool tubs.

What he gets are hikes into the wilderness that cause sunburns and a myriad of other unspeakable atrocities. And the assistant village captain, Jensen, who, as a leader of people, doesn’t own a single pair of dress shoes or silk shirts. If Jared can last six weeks on the island, his aunt will produce an amended album. If he comes home early, he’ll have to navigate the music industry on his own.

Featuring Cher, Filipino moms who don’t take no for an answer when it comes to food, and songs by kd lang, Nathaniel Rateliff, Lady Gaga, Sturgill Simpson, and Birdy. Based on the anime and manga Barakamon.

Living Together 101   If Jared wants to keep his New York apartment, he needs to find a roommate. If he wants to get tenured, he needs to publish more. Jensen, who’s also teaching at Columbia, seems like a perfect fit: easy-going and responsible, but also quiet and unassuming. When they become friends, it’s a bonus. When they pretend to be a couple, it seems like a great idea – until it all falls apart.  Loosely based on the Barbra Streisand/Jeff Bridges schmoop fest The Mirror Has Two Faces.

A Surfeit of Tarts   Jared schemes and keeps a recipe journal. Jensen begrudgingly eats the flan.

The Gifts They Gave   The Padalackles watch old home movies of a Christmas past.

For the Love of Jensen Ackles A.N.  I wanted to write for spn_ficathon, but I was too late to sign up. So, I stole a prompt. Is that illegal?

The prompt: A J2 version of The Ugly Duckling. Jensen is the fat kid at school and Jared either bullies him/is his only friend, but because he’s younger he doesn’t stand up to the bullies. The boys lose touch but meet again in college where Jensen has lost the weight, but is still very self-conscious and shy. Feelings ensue and they go back home to visit Jensen’s family/friend and meet up with the bullies again.

Pool Side Politics  Jensen is shy, awkward, and a little chubby. Jared is outgoing, fit, and generally sexy. And he happens to be Jensen’s pool boy.

Cold Turkey Sandwiches   Post-Thanksgiving J2 fluff wherein Jared is a holiday gourmet and Jensen likes cranberry sauce from a can.

Jensen Ackles: Bigger, boned. [or Go Downstairs and Get Me Some More Sugar For My Coffee.] Barely a week into filming, Kripke approaches, small steps and scratching at his neck, hunched. When he mutters, “Does Jensen look kind of …fleshy to you?” the bread roll half eaten in Jared’s mouth topples out.

Learning to Love the Chub  For this prompt at the Chubwinchesters drabble-meme: Dean has put on a good fifty pounds. Sam finally tells Dean that he really likes it and would like it even more if Dean was bigger.

The Monster Returns  This is a sequel to The Monster and has basically no other plot than Dean’s kinda fat, Sam’s kinda fat, they both love being fat and love each other being fat.

No Take Backs Dean is 5 months pregnant. He looks stunning with his cute, round belly and his chubby face and hands and everywhere.

Pig!Dean Funnily enough, there isn’t any pie or vengeful witches or waitresses or Sam eating veggies (and whole wheat, what the fuck?) or demonic pregnancies or bodily fluids involved in the unmaking of Dean Winchester. It’s the usual brand of weirdness when the boys are on a hunt, only this time Dean winds up as the other white meat – that is to say, a pig. Sam, unspoken fondness for Dean’s animal self, thinks karma’s got an awesome sense of humor.

also, @tipsysam posted a wonderful list HERE

And you can find the chubwinchesters community on livejournal and AO3 HERE AND HERE

hope this helps a little ♥

10 things that absolutely happened in Baker Street after Series 4 ended...

So, like most of us in the Sherlock fandom, I have had a great variety of thoughts about the events of Series 4. For instance, I have thought about the many details from Canon they included (“The Six Thatchers” story line was a really cool update in my opinion), and the details they chose to omit for some godforsaken reason (that sweet moment from “The Three Garridebs”), and why.

But, if I’m honest, I have thought a lot more about the lives of our heroes following the ending (if S4E3 is indeed an ending). And about how that ending was, honestly, as true to Canon as it could be (Sherlock and John together solving crimes at 221 B for the rest their lives), and offered us even more than we hoped (John has a daughter and Sherlock is involved in taking care of her in some way).

So, in my mind, the following are 10 things that absolutely happen after Series 4. 10 things any sane Sherlockian will be on board with. These aren’t in any particular order.

1. Sherlock and John never again have another major falling out, like the one after S4E1. They are each other’s family. That is that. And they both deeply understand it now. 

2. John apologizes sincerely and extensively for taking out his grief and rage on Sherlock and beating him up. Sherlock explains that he doesn’t think John needs to apologize; John convinces him otherwise. Sherlock forgives John, because of course John is always John and thus he is always forgiven. They go downstairs and continue their game of Monopoly with Mrs Hudson (game which, of course, Sherlock doesn’t understand the rules of, either). That is the night that John moves back in to Baker Street, with Rosie.

3. They spend a whole week redoing the flat, again: they baby-proof, clean, demolish and painstakingly make over the large upstairs bath into Rosie’s room. When I say ‘they’ I mean John and a mate down at Speedy’s who also works in construction. Sherlock has none of it and opts to leave Rosie with Mrs Hudson in favour of solving five cold cases before returning five days later. 

4. Sherlock and Rosie become, eventually, father and daughter. Sherlock, of course, never thought about this happening - ever. But, sure enough, he finds himself offering to babysit while John’s at work more and more, to the point where Molly and Mrs Hudson almost never have to anymore, unless Sherlock’s on a case (read: Sherlock and John are on a case). Many, many times, he sings silly songs, and spins her around and bounces her on his knee and crashes with her on the couch because he’s been awake on a case for 72 hours and he didn’t realize it. When she is 3, he teaches Rosie to play a tiny 1/8 size violin, which he then replaces on her birthdays as she grows. When she is 4, he starts giving her lectures on science and teaches her while she looks through his microscope. He has also taken to reading to her nonfiction appropriate for children her age, as fiction is handled best by John at bedtime. The way she looks at him when he reads is so utterly John, he is almost as bewitched as she is. So he doesn’t have the heart to mock the way the authors sometimes trivialize the scientific/historical concepts. He just corrects them as politely as he can (just barely steering clear of insults) and reads. When she is 6, after she asks about her mum (for the nth time), he is finally honest, because he knows John couldn’t have been. Yet it is also him who plays the violin to soothe her to sleep after she is done crying in his arms. When she is 8, John asks Sherlock to please finally assume Rosie’s legal guardianship, only to find out Sherlock says no. Sherlock asks John if he can instead adopt her. John agrees and Sherlock does (in record time, because Mycroft gets involved). Rosie already calls Sherlock “pa” anyway.

5. John, eventually, dates sparingly - and then not at all. Whether he likes it or not (he finds that he does) he is already in a long-term relationship, even if it isn’t (yet)/won’t ever be romantic. That has always been the case, right? It has always been him. Sherlock, and now Rosie and Sherlock, very nearly occupy his entire heart. There is simply no room for anyone else. Not after Mary. It doesn’t even cross his mind to meet someone else with intent of a serious affair. 

6. They both find therapists and stick to treatment at least for a little while. Sherlock’s therapist happens to be the second most patient man on the face of the planet (the first being, of course, John Watson). He is also, well, not a complete idiot. And he is just as annoying as John about Sherlock’s substance abuse problem, which means he must be doing something right. John’s therapist is an older army vet, a widower, who understands John’s anger issues and adrenaline addiction nearly better than John does himself. The very calm, mild-mannered, highly empathetic man is a stark contrast to both Sherlock and Mary, and John, oddly enough, finds he can work with him just fine.

7. Eurus and her brothers now have something of a relationship. Of COURSE she can’t leave Sherrinford again, but she does have her moments of sanity. Few and far in between though they may be. And in those times she helps Mycroft with matters that Sherlock is too much of a diva to tend to, and amuses herself composing music alongside Sherlock. She does plot their deaths, and in general people’s deaths, often in her mind, of course, but that’s beside the point because she is left absolutely no way for those plans to come to fruition. She receives lots of gifts from her family. But never again any special visitors.

8. Molly leaves for the United States when Rosie is 10. Because she needs to. After a few years of struggle, she ends up as one of the pathologists on a coincidentally all-female research team at Johns Hopkins. As she works she is hit by the notion: she is done admiring the brilliance of men whilst overlooking her own. Over her career, her team publishes dozens of peer-reviewed original research articles, crucial to the development of several new medications. She is also the editor of the general and organ-systems based anatomy curricula at three newer medical schools, where she teaches said courses. Her students, she finds, become like her children. And, given her reviews, they like her very much as well. So much she gets tenure, in fact. Whenever she is not too busy, she visits London again. She gets a coffee with John, and goes shopping with Rosie, who now is 24, and in graduate school. And she takes a walk with Sherlock. He’s aged very well, the bastard.And he is a little warmer, kinder, sweeter. It’s finally nice to be just friends. 

9. Sherlock gets that knighthood. After one of the best cases of his career, actually, one John blogs about in particular detail. John takes him out to dinner to celebrate when they get back from the official string of engagements.

10. John publishes his blog in book form and it becomes a best-seller. His private practice doesn’t exactly thrive, but he does okay. Primary care offers a quiet little alternative to the life-or-death situations in his writings.

That is it. That is my collection of headcanons.


11.  John makes a very strong point of celebrating Sherlock’s birthday, since he went so long without doing so. He also ropes Rosie into doing it. In fact, she is the only one who ever manages to plan a surprise party that actually surprises Sherlock.

12. John’s hair continues to be on point for eternity. So do Sherlock’s cheekbones (obviously).

13. Mycroft gets to his ideal body weight. Which is a small mercy, since he is almost, not-quite-trying, definitely-not looking for his goldfish. In between taking down the Trump presidency and knocking down a few terrorist cells.

Feminist scientists say citing research by straight, white men promotes ‘a system of oppression’
They argue that scholars disproportionately cite research done by white men and ignore the voices of experts from other groups.
By https://www.facebook.com/kristineaguerra

“Mott, a professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey, and Cockayne, who teaches at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, argued that scholars or researchers disproportionately cite the work of white men, thereby unfairly adding credence to the body of knowledge they offer while ignoring the voices of other groups, like women and black male academics. Although citation seems like a mundane practice, the feminist professors argue that citing someone’s work has implications on his or her ability to be hired, get promoted and obtain tenured status, among others.“

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i can't get this out of my head so imma throw this in your direction because why the hell not: Nightvale AU, Victor = Cecil Palmer, Yuuri = Carlos the Scientist. Please discuss?

oh my gosh, let me just lie facedown and bask in this. Victor Nikiforov, the Voice of Night Vale, who excels at his prescribed role in life but never thinks far beyond it, not until this gorgeous boy rolls into town and demolishes and reshapes his worldview. He was always the perfect observer of his town, but Yuuri makes him a part of it in a whole new way.

(He shares his wedding plans with everyone on air. They have never been happier for him. Even Makkachin, the standard poodle floating about four feet off the ground in the station washrooms, seems really invested.)

And then meanwhile across town, Yuuri has two grants to write, a book to publish if he ever wants a shot in hell at getting tenure, and a temporal mystery to wrap his head around, and these days his head is spinning on a good day… and then he turns on the radio and there’s this beautiful voice and he feels as calm and steady as he ever does. And he doesn’t even mind that wedding thing that much. Every radio show needs a running gag, right? And besides, when Victor starts joking like that, sometimes Yuuri thinks about how nice it’d be if he actually meant it.

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I saw on a post of yours earlier, you mentioned being an archeologist. I've always thought about getting into archeology as a career, but I don't much about it. I don't know what the work is like or how it pays. May I ask you a few questions about it? What kind of jobs are there? What kind of degree do you need to get an archeology job? How easy is it to get one. As an archeologist, what do you do? How easy is it to find work in the field? Thanks so much for everything you do, I love your blog!

My answers are going to be in the context of the United States because that is where I am and what I am familiar with. This may vary depending on other countries.

What kind of jobs are there?

There are primarily two kinds of jobs for archaeology: commercial and academic. Commercial archaeology primarily consists of Cultural Resource Management (CRM). CRM is when companies go in to assess the archaeological and historical significance of a construction or work area before construction or work can begin. These kinds of projects are normally done for state and federal projects or commercial projects that involve the state or federal government. Most of the work consists of surveying, digging test pits, and doing limited salvage work before construction/work begins. If the survey, test pits, and salvage work uncover something truly important and significant, the construction/work project has to work around the designated area. This could mean reducing a highway, moving the location of a building, and not putting up an oil well.

Academic archaeology focuses on research, but you must be affiliated with a university, museum, historic park, etc. While academic archaeology may focus on research, often you must do other things like teach classes, design and set up exhibits, write reports to the government, etc. For academic archaeology you do much less field work. If you become a professor your time is split into thirds. One third is teaching and all its trappings, one third is grant writing, and one third is field work including excavation and lab analysis. Somehow you have to fit in writing articles for high impact journals, book chapters, or entire books to ensure that you can get tenure or just hold onto your position.

What kind of degree do you need to get an archeology job?

If you do just CRM all you need is a Bachelor’s. But you will be restricted to seasonal and part time work forcing you to move around the country chasing jobs to pay off your bills and student loans. You can move up to being a crew chief in which you oversee teams of people in CRM, but you need a Master’s. If you get a PhD you can become a Private Investigator (PI) for a CRM company. You may be able to publish some of your work, but you also handle working with companies to meet their needs and requirements for archaeological work in accordance with the law.

For academic archaeology you need a PhD. You cannot really do anything else without it.

How easy is it to get one?

A BA is easy, usually four years. A Master’s takes work and can be as little as two years to more. A PhD takes a lot more work and you are looking at 4+ years.

As an archeologist, what do you do?

I’m pursuing the academic route. So what I do is design research questions to answer using data collected from the field. This can be my own data or I can do a secondary data analysis on data collected by others. 

Typical work consists of finding a site, mapping the site, placing test pits for potential excavation units, digging said excavation units, carefully documenting soil levels, soil changes, and the presence of artifacts within the unit, analyzing recovered material, and publishing a paper on your findings. The same hold true for CRM, though there may be less lab work and publishing depending on the project budget.

How easy is it to find work in the field?

For CRM it can vary. Sometimes years are booming and CRM companies are in desperate need of field workers. Other years it seems as though the only jobs available are those that require a MA or above. On top of that you have to scramble around for work. A couple months in Nevada, two weeks in Texas, three months in Tennessee, two months of no work, three works in Utah, etc. It is not a field with regular work opportunities.

The academic route is … depressing. Even if you go through all the hurdles and get your PhD there is a slim chance of finding a university position and an even slimmer chance that the position you get pays well and is a tenure track position. I don’t like to think about it.

This is the reality of archaeological work. It is bleak, depressing, and sad. As important as some of the work is and as interesting as some findings can be, there never seems to be enough public support to help drive and fund more archaeological work. If you want to get into archaeology you have to want to do it more than anything else. You have to be at peace that you’ll have a massive amount of student debt. That you’ll be poor for 10+ years after high school while you try and get a PhD. That you may be left behind while everyone else is buying a house, starting a family, and living life. 

As bleak as that sounds, the pure thrill of finding something, of doing an analysis that answers a question, the excitement of learning something new about humanity and its past, the light that flares up in someone else’s eyes as they learn something new and get excited about it makes all of that bleakness melt away. At least, it does for me. And that’s why I chose this path and why I started this blog.

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Oh, it’s well documented that men are afraid of emotions in women ;)

Indeed. And it wasn’t even like bad emotions. I was just so happy when he handed me my rehiring letter that I cried. And then he was like….were you worried you weren’t getting rehired? and I’m like….OBVIOUSLY. 

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This week: Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot

Sarah: I think that we should first state that we are currently blogging this from what we consider the present: Wednesday, the 11th of July.

Ann: I hate to break it to you, Sarah. But it is actually the 12th of July.

Sarah: Well, I am in the past. Apparently. Changing it.

Ann: *Lucy screams in the distance*

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I’m literally talking to management and customers and pretending to be a manager because the real manager who makes twice as much as me says “this job is a waste of my time” meanwhile I’m working 35 hours a week, full time student, with no benefits because they won’t change my descriptor to “full time”
That’s the working world folks.
Thanks to those who have offered advice on jobs to apply for, I’ve just applied for a few more. You are a light in a dark world.

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Why is so HUGE the distance between what we perceive and feel as viewers about the show and what the creators think they are doing or telling? Have you ever experienced this with any other series? This is maddening and I am not crazy.

I’ve never experienced this with another series but I’ve also never followed a show as closely as I follow Homeland. The gulf probably starts after the show was renewed for the final three years. Before, I never felt like the show I was watching (or wanted to watch) was that radically different from what the creators were doing.

I could write my damn dissertation on all of Snape’s sub-textual coding.  Feminine coding?  Check.  Queer coding?  Check.  Class coding?  Check.  Race/religion/ethnic coding?  Check.

Snape is one of the biggest single collections of historical literary coding in contemporary literature.  I could go on.  Witch archetype?  Check.  Negative Jewish archetype?  Check.  Surrogate mother figure archetype?  Check.  Ugly=evil archetype?  Check.  Queer-coded threat to the heteronormative narrative archetype?  Check.

Classism.  Antisemitism.  Sexism.  Queer phobia.

My first published work as an academic is going to be a collection of essays on Severus Snape, just you watch.

I am so not going to get tenure.

Getting increasingly personal meme

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One insecurity:

  • that everyone secretly hates me (thanks, anxiety!)

Two fears:

  • illness
  • failure

Three turn-ons:

  • intelligence
  • sass
  • humor

Four life goals:

  • getting tenure
  • building a house
  • meeting Catherine Russell
  • finding a way to like myself

Five things I like:

  • Serena Campbell
  • my tumblr squad
  • campy movies
  • playing Overwatch
  • having summers off

Six weaknesses:

  • sassy middle-aged ladies
  • pizza
  • procrastination
  • bourbon
  • inability to say ‘no’ when I really should
  • a really sharp blazer

Seven things I love (things not people):

  • my cats
  • my neck/shoulder heating pad
  • my house
  • napping
  • road trips
  • coffee
  • losing myself in a good fic/book

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the moment i get tenure you bet your fucking ass i get a mao portrait hung on my wall and a giant cnt flag hung behind my desk. confusing pretentious leftist undergrads and infuriating right wing undergrads is an aesthetic.

how the hell did Ross Geller get tenure?

he’s never at work, he’s mentioned that his findings are always be challenged some paleontology journal, his professional relationships can be misconstrued for sexual harassment or verbal abuse most of the time