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Watching Nancy and Normani on Monday makes me think Nancy will adopt her lol. She was so cute and kept holding her hand. I love a mother/daughter bond

The mutual respect is palpable. I think Mani got the awestruck of the legendary skating Olympian sickness that was going around lol One and probably the only reason I liked that Normani danced first on the premiere night was that once she was finished she had the opportunity to just hang out for the rest of the show. My future five got so much screen time because she was practically just chilling backstage. We got many glimpses into her personality Monday, it was cute for sure

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Hii! Have you had the opportunity to see BatB yet? If so, what were your thoughts? 8D

Hi! I haven’t been able to see it yet and I probably won’t be able to see it for another week or so? Not sure? It isn’t high on my priorities but I have heard that it is cute and fun and pretty, so I’d like to watch it eventually. 

I can safely say that whatever the outcome, I am not at all precious about the source material, and a lot of the critiques I’ve seen of the movie are perceivably valid, but I am probably the only person alive right now who….actually wasn’t offended by the adaptation existing in the first place? I don’t think the original BatB was perfect (and some of the animation…was…ehhh…*looks at Belle*…off) and if I wanted to hear good singing, I’d just listen to the Broadway cast recordings, haha. *shrugs* 

If only I could be this passive of Frankenstein or Sherlock Holmes adaptations ha HA


Nice au where Keith has a cool motorcycle and Lance think he is really smart at flirting. Keith is falling hard for it anyway.

mutual pinning? more like mutually being dorks and getting flustered all the time 

I just wanted to see them riding together :3
Also, helmets are really important kids 

Now whoever is giving Michael and Lindsay shit over the sex reveal can fUCKING STOP IT


in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

(dont tag as mcr//eaper i will Fight You)

Seriously though? I never thought that anything could top this :

But I was so wrong. Dead wrong.

This scene.

This scene alone managed to reduce me to tears because look at the desperation and love in their eyes. Look how they refused to look away from each other as they desperately sprinted towards their reunion. This shit is even more dramatic than fucking Titanic.

As if that wasn’t enough, they even had to drop this fucking bomb on me.

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You know, I really, really liked this episode because of the way it clearly showed how much all the gems and Greg were grieving. 

Greg knows what babies are, and knows Steven is Steven.

 A baby. His responsibility now. He’s completely not ready for fatherhood. 

He’s not ready to be alone and dealing with this; he’s so afraid of messing things up. He wants Rose back to help him, but he understands: she’s gone.

 And she’s left him with a confusing baby that doesn’t do what babies should do.

What should he do now?

Amethyst doesn’t understand that Steven isn’t Rose. 

She thinks it’s what she’s used to: shapeshifting.

 Clearly, Rose is just having a fun little phase as a baby. But… she’s not stopping. 

And Amethyst doesn’t get why. Even she’s never done this for so long. 

Why won’t Rose come back?

Garnet knows Steven isn’t Rose: he’s just Rose and Greg’s fusion. 

A piece of Greg fused with a piece of Rose; she’s seen this fusion coming for ages. But even a perfect fusion can come undone, and… she wants to see Rose again. 

So… unfuse. She knows, fusion is amazing, but hey, just briefly. Why… why doesn’t Rose know her? Why doesn’t Rose know Ruby and Sapphire?

She just needs to see you, Rose. 

Pearl also realizes Steven isn’t Rose, but she thinks Rose is trapped. 

Her gem has been held captive by this… this human baby. Rose is right there, they can get to her! All they have to do is… is get rid of this baby. 

Poof him. Let Rose reform. It’s a normal gem thing. But… but they can’t. 

Steven is important. Steven is what Rose wanted… but she doesn’t understand why. She needs Rose to explain it to her. She can’t do this by herself. 

Why is this baby so important to you? 

All of them are suffering, and all of them need each other to cope. To accept what has happened and to accept that they don’t have the answers. To grow and change with each other.

To learn who Steven is and how he fits together with them.

so. here’s a nice little graph I made of the 18-49 demographic ratings for episodes 8-16 (note: 8 is included to show the dramatic drop like damn). you see those peaks? the red dots?

those are the episodes lena is in

△ “You can control it, Credence.” 


okay so this got out of hand but anyway