or get a haircut

“Dream, there you are. What are you doing?”
“Hmm…I wonder if I should get a haircut cuz my hair grow. But…I wish my hair was a beautiful black hair of look like you.“ 
“Why? I think you don’t need to change.”
“I love you both your hair and this color.”

“T-Thanks brother…(What are you doing brotheeeeeer!!!!!)“ 

Let me just say one thing…
Joke-san, thank you so much for creating DreamBrothers. I love you and they.

If I get an especially nice person on the other end at Chase and convince them to remove a few insufficient funds fees I can pay my phone bill and maybe also even get a haircut! I hate this transition between jobs.

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Additionally, nothing can convince me that Anakin's haircare strategy during the Clone Wars wasn't "let it get so long I can put it in a ponytail, then cut it off with anything sharp lying around". Then Padmé tidies up his uniquely shitty haircuts while he mends her clothes.

Oh my gosh, this would not surprise me. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Obi-Wan or Ahsoka or Rex or Kix didn’t sit him down whenever they got a chance to give him a decent haircut, whenever they noticed it getting too shaggy but it hadn’t gotten long enough for him to ponytail and chop it yet.

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I'm sorry I'm sending way to mutch 😔. Well my question was how would the nations react to there capital doing weird things randomly. Like randomly did there hair,get a piercing/tatoo,etc? Thank you!~

It’s okay, sending asks is fine, haha. Sorry that I totally forgot this was in my inbox!!

Kuro: What is Tokyo doing, dying their hair hot pink? Kuro would be fine with tattoos, piercings, anything. But Tokyo’s hair is black, and getting their hair dyed to hot pink would mean frying their wonderful hair. They’d have to cut it all off to get it back to it’s normal health.

Luciano: Did Rome get a new haircut? Luci has to admit it looks nice, but getting their ears pierced somehow with their regenerative abilities, Luci would appreciate some warning upfront. But he’s fine with it.

Allen: Damn, those tattoos are fucking awesome. Al is perfectly okay with DC doing whatever the hell they want, as long as they want to.

Oliver: Ollie is a-okay with London’s music choices of Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, or whoever the fuck you listen to. But dying their hair black and getting a belly piercing is pushing it. Despite his passive-agressiveness and overall internal fuming, he’ll let it go. For now.

Did Melissa cut her hair? Or were those pictures a bit deceiving?

Idk how I feel about a Kara with shorter hair… she’ll look good that’s not what I mean. I just associate Kara with long hair and with those hairdos that are harder to pull off with shorter hair. Also, both Kara and Supergirl get the same haircut at the same time… are you telling me no one (especially Lena) will get suspicious?

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