or francisco

He followed her. Without knowing why though. There was something about her that made him want to chase her. There was something about her darkness that felt like a sunshine hidden behind a heavy cloud ready to burst heavy burdens of sorrow through the sinful ocean. Insane, her eyes read. Insane as much as him, or craziest even. The incomprehensible fire in her eyes couldn’t be slaked by the storm she was dancing careless. Instead she awaited it with open palms, like cavans await the soft watercolours. And at this moment, she was nothing but the softest petals of a bloody red rose that the wind brushed rushly and he, felt like the bitter thorns that pinched his desert heart. He hated how she was creating a swirl of sand bothering the monotonous he hid behind.

And now he was in the rain when he always would have chosen the warm shelter.

—  The hidden truth - wattpad

Muni Shot

San Francisco, California

by IROMO | Instagram: @iromo_