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Alamo Square by BOG ~ MOL
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San Francisco, CA.

Same bed and breakfast, CS and KJ are a floor down from where the LR shoot happened. 

Really not a fan of the fact that they are systematically taking everything special away from KJ and CS.

Also, it’s such a difference. The only photos we have of Scamhart there are photo shoots. 

Whereas with KJ and CS we have fan photos and photos of the fucking bathroom floor. 

CS and KJ were on a romantic getaway. LR and CS were literally just doing a photoshoot. I don’t understand how Scamharts think it’s normal for a supposed couple to literally never take stories of each other or even hear each other’s voices in their stories. 

And, may I just point out, CS turned off his tags on Instagram three hours before LR posted those photos. Which means those photos being posted was planned. It wasn’t a spur of the moment decision, CS knew they were going up three hours ahead of time. 

I hope this ends soon.