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After reading Mermaid!AU fics I had to draw Mer!Rhys and Mer!Jack. It’s been on my mind for months

The first pic has Mer!Rhys wondering why this human has metal pieces stuck on his face. Jack just wants to hunt some fish to eat. // The second pic shows Mer!Jack, which I quickly drew right after finishing the first one, probably spotting and/or luring his next meal. Don’t get distracted by his glowing and glittering golden scales; he’s poisonous..!—Edit: I forgot to add gills lmao.

Rhys and Jack’s mermaid designs were inspired by the following fics:

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Golden ArowanaScleropages formosus

[LIST] 170819 Park Concert - NU’EST Fansites / 170821 ver.

A list of all NU’EST photo fansites present at Park Concert. The names listed here could include video sites that are active on Twitter, so fans can follow their twitter handle whenever they post things on their YouTube. A separate list for Park Concert fancams will be uploaded soon. Feel free to let us know if we missed any names!

HoO Roman Naming Conventions

In Rome, typically a man had four names. EG Gaius Julius Caesar, or Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus. 

  1. Praenomen: The personal name, given at birth by the parents.
  2. Nomen gentilicium: The “gens” or family name
  3. Cognomen: Another personal name, but usually descriptive, either of achievements, place of birth, or physical attributes. These could also be used to denote the branch of the gens, and there could be many cognomen attached to a single name.
  4. Agnomen: A name commemorating a special victory or event

This got me thinking, what are the names of the Roman demigods? Of course, since I have no chill, I decided to come up with some. 

Jason is a pretty big deal, especially since he threw the Titan Krios down from his throne on Mount Othrys, so he definitely has an agnomen. I think I’ll follow the tradition and name him after what he defeated. Also, Jason looks pretty striking with his blond-white hair and blue eyes, so we can add that too. So we come to Jason Grace (Iason Gratius) Formosus Titanus, Jason, Fine Formed and Victor over the Titans.

Octavian, funnily enough, was never given a surname. For now, we’ll just call him “Smith.” As a legacy of Apollo, why not give him a cognomen to denote that? And I’m sure that Octavian fancied himself worthy of an agnomen, so we come to Octavian Smith Apollonine Græcus; “from Apollo,” and victor over the Greeks.

Reyna has a very substantial name, but for now we shall stick to the naming conventions of Rome. Reyna did something to make rank as Praetor sometime before SoN, so she most likely has an agnomen, but since we have no idea what it was we will just have to go with a generic one: Reyna (Reina) Ramirez-Arellano Magna, or Reyna the Great.

Hazel just managed to squeak in as a centurion before SoN, but Frank is still probatio, so they probably have no cognomen or agnomen until after the series. 

Considering his size, Frank probably has a descriptive cognomen and an agnomen after the Giant War. To me, his most spectacular achievment was his field promotion on HoH, when he commands the dead Romans. Frank Zhang Ingens Mortuus. Frank Zhang, Big and Leader of the Dead.

Hazel has her crowning moment of awesome was when she defeated Sciron with her magic, so she gets her agnomen there. Hazel (Coryli) Levesque Maga, Hazel the Mage.

Meh, it sounds pretty cool imho.

A very important announcement re: Troodon and Dinosaur March Madness

This is Maymay. She is a rufous morph of Troodon formosus. I got her from a shelter where her former owners left her after they realized that caring for a Troodon is a large investment of time and effort.

Maymay is the sweetest stem bird you will ever meet. She likes head and neck scratches and showing off her wings and tail while stretching. She’s not a huge cuddler (stem birds generally aren’t) but she always likes to be close and will follow you from one room to the next.

However, it’s come to her attention that some people think that Archaeopteryx is a better dinosaur than Troodon. This has made her very upset and I don’t have enough canned tuna to make her feel better. I also have work to do and it’s hard to do that while giving her consolation neck scratches. Please, don’t upset my fluffy borb. Vote Troodon and Maymay will love you forever.

Also, if you don’t she’ll maul you. Please don’t make her do that. It will make everyone very upset :(

anonymous asked:

Heyo! I saw a post discussing a few new articles on this forum I'm on. Apparently Troodon formosus is no longer a valid genus. We now have Latenivenatrix mcmasterae and Stenonychosaurus inequalis. Not sure how this affects your dinosaur project but I just thought I'd let you know! You can find articles about it by googling something like "Dino hip discovery).

Huh, I hadn’t heard about that. I’ll have to check that out!

(one really quick google search later)

It doesn’t really chance the dinosaur project thingy, though. The real life animals are still the same, even if they might now come with a different name. That’s more on the cladistic science than morphology. I had decided early on not to use actual scientific species names in the project thingy, since it’s told from the tiny theropod tribe’s point of view, and using big sciencey Latin words doesn’t fit in their mouth. I’ll keep an eye on it in case I want to have a small info text included about the background knowledge, but we’ll see.

The Weirdest Trial in History,

One of the Popes of the 9th century, Pope Formosus’ reign was fraught with war, chaos, and political intrigue.  During his five year reign Formosus made many enemies, among them was his successor, Stephen VI.  Pope Stephen hated Formosus so much, that he would take weird to a whole new level in order to exact revenge on his former enemy.

In January of 897, about seven months after Formosus’ death, Pope Stephen ordered Formosus’ corpse exhumed from its grave and put on trial.  In what would become known as the “Cadaver Synod”, Pope Stephen charged Formosus with a number of crimes including perjury and having ascended the Papacy illegally.  During the trial, Formosus’ rotting corpse was propped up on a throne and clothed in Papal vestments.  Stephen himself acted as prosecutor while a church deacon was appointed to serve as Formosus’ defense attorney.  While judges were appointed from local priests, the synod amounted to nothing more than a show trial in which Stephen maniacally screamed, raved, and hurled insults at the dead corpse.  Formosus’ was declared guilty on all charges.  As punishment, his corpse was stripped of its Papal vestments, three fingers on its right hand were removed (the fingers used to conduct blessings), and all orders issued by Formosus’ were nullified.  Formosus’ corpse was buried in an unmarked paupers grave.  Later it was again disinterred and cast into the Tiber River.  

The Cadaver Synod turned out to be Stephen VI’s undoing, as the people of Rome were too weirded out by his bizarre and insane behavior.  He was quickly deposed and imprisoned, where he was strangled to death during the night.  In the meantime Formosus’ corpse had been recovered from the Tiber and reburied in its proper grave at St. Peters Basilica.  The next Pope, John IX, nullified the Cadaver Synod and issued a Papal decree banning the trial of a dead person.