or forgetting either version of the word

In the Dark

Rating: T (just for a kiss and references to ‘’that month’’)

Warnings: Fluffy? but not OOC; I actually made up a whole plot to justify the characters’ behavior. (that I didn’t write because the day when I’ll write a novel length story is yet to come)

It is a cold, bitter December night, not the anniversary of that dreadful night but unpleasant all the same. Ciel’s treacherous mind wanders back to similarly cold nights spent behind cold iron bars and the soft silkiness of his duvet starts to feel more and more like the harsh bile and spittle-covered wooden floor of a rotting cage. He can’t sleep.

“Sebastian,” he hears himself murmur into the cold night. “Come here.”

Mere moments later, the onyx-swathed form of his butler comes into sight. He can barely make out the silhouette, faintly illuminated only by the violet glow emanating from his right eye. He knows Sebastian is there but he still has to consciously fight the urge to crawl out and cling to him, to demand countless reassurances that he is not back there, that he can’t be hurt anymore.

“Yes, my lord?” The butler asks, in a deeper, much more feral voice than usual.

“Lie with me,” Ciel commands.

Unlike usual, Sebastian doesn’t stall, doesn’t suggest a cup of honeyed warm milk as a suitable replacement to his presence, doesn’t lie stiffly above the covers. Instead, he pushes them back after deftly removing his own clothing and settles under them, pulling Ciel against his shirt-clad chest in a gesture that’s almost warm, if it weren’t so fiercely possessive.

“Tell me a story,” Ciel demands, hands clutching at the other’s shirt so ferociously he might just tear the cloth off.

“Oh,” an amused sound of surprise escapes the butler. “And what kind of story would the young master prefer?” he inquires, rubbing soothing circles along the boy’s back.

“Tell me a tale of ravenous demons and greedy humans with nothing but their soul left.”

Sebastian complies. “Once upon a time,” he starts, “there was a small child who was faced with much undue suffering. He prayed to the heavens for salvation, but the lord paid him no heed. In his last moments, just before his life was ended by the mindless cruelty so ubiquitous in humans, he managed to find enough strength to save himself.”

“And then?” Ciel prompts, comfortably nuzzling against his impending death.

“Then he met a demon, a demon so entranced by the beauty of the child’s unwavering persistence, by the sheer, raw strength of his will that he formed a contract with the boy, promising him his service and unending loyalty until the child fulfilled his ultimate desire,” Sebastian says, leaning closer to brush soft lips against Ciel’s brow.

“That's… a highly sanitized version,” Ciel remarks with a bitter laugh.

“Well, we wouldn’t want to spook the young master, now would we?” Sebastian replies with a chuckle, smoothing errant locks behind Ciel’s ear.

“…It was always so dark, back then. It makes me forget sometimes—”

“No one will ever hurt you again, young master, not for as long as I am here.” Sebastian interrupts with a harsh growl. “I would slaughter them all over again, were it possible.”

Something, maybe the way Sebastian’s gaze flashes red while he speaks the words, maybe the fact Sebastian can’t lie to him either way, maybe just whatever small part of childish naivety that month didn’t rob him of, makes Ciel believe him completely.

“You wouldn’t have a meal if it weren’t for them.” Ciel states plainly, wistfully running a hand along Sebastian’s jaw.

“True enough, but you are so much more than a simple meal, my young lord.”

“Is that so?” Ciel questions with an impish grin. “What am I then, Sebastian?”

“You are mine,” Sebastian says, as if stating a simple fact. He presses a kiss to the tip of his nose, “Mine to taint,” another to the corner of Ciel’s mouth, “mine to break,” yet another to the opposite corner, “and mine to care for, if I so choose.” Finally, he kisses the boy full on the mouth, feels the impossibly soft lips, and delights in the eager, albeit somewhat clumsily inexperienced, response he gets.

Just like every other touch Sebastian gives him on nights when the past refuses to stay buried beneath thick layers of maggot-infested dirt, the kiss helps him, grounds him, tells him that he still here, still alive. That—and not some base urge intensified by his pubescent mind—is why he responds eagerly, letting Sebastian thrust his tongue past his lips and explore the warmth inside.

They yearn for decidedly different things, the boy and the demon bound to him, but, at least to Ciel, the hunger in Sebastian’s eyes resembles his own need for something solid to clutch to more than ever. He understands, Ciel thinks, astounded. He knows, that’s why he…

“Stupid demon,” Ciel says the minute Sebastian’s mouth leaves his own, but, even to his own ears, it sounds much more like an endearment than an admonishment. And for once, he finds he doesn’t mind at all…

The butler doesn’t answer, simply looks at the boy some more.

“…thank you, Sebastian.”

“Am I to assume the young master is unwell?” Sebastian asks, pressing the back of his hand to Ciel’s brow.

“No, I feel quite well, as a matter of fact.” Ciel responds, a look of bewilderment settling on his countenance.

“I apologise, then, young master, but since you went as far as to openly display gratitude…”

“Bastard,” Ciel grouses.

“I humbly beg your pardon, my lord.” Sebastian chuckles, going back to rubbing mindless patterns along Ciel’s back.

After a spell, Ciel speaks again. “I don’t fear it, you know.”

Sebastian’s hands still. “Don’t fear what, young master?”

“The day you’ll take my soul.”

“Young master…”

“You wanted to, I could sense it.”

“I would never—”

Ciel reaches out, putting a hand where Sebastian’s heart resides. “I know,” he assures. “I know, Sebastian, don’t worry. And if anything, I’m glad that’s how my life will end.”

Sebastian smiles, and clasps Ciel’s hand. “I made a much better choice than I could’ve ever hoped for, all those years ago.”

“You saved me, all those years ago.”

Sebastian’s hand moves to softly caress the lid of Ciel’s right eye. “Not many would regard it as salvation, little one.”

“Not many would cling to a demon for comfort.” Ciel retorts with a mild flush that the demon can see clearly in spite of the dark.


And so, in the dark, framed by eerie shadows, in the arms of a ravenous beast, Ciel Phantomhive sleeps soundly.

… … … … … …

A/N: I really like this one.

If you want me to write a story for you, just send me an ask. (Nothing sexually explicit, though.)

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I'm still never going to get over that BV scene?? Like I could be 60 and still be talking about it?? Also, this could just be wishful shipper in me, but it looked like the video was cut and the scenes were switched around. Like, Taehyung asked Jungkook why he was in his bed BEFORE the cuddling. When he asked this, he was wearing a sleeve that's not there when they were cuddling. Doesn't make sense for him to wake up, and put on the sleeve without noticing Jungkook was there too. But who knows.

Taekook fanmeeting grandma version will become real one day. I’m sure of it!!!!xD Damn it WHAT WAS THAT?!?!?!? *screams* ..i can’t believe we saw it!!!!!And they showed the cuddling part!!! *screams some more!!*

..but why you aren’t telling me you’ve read the theory that’s going around?O.o (..the sleeves were folded btw..during sleeping it seems at some point,the left one got loose) I don’t share the same view with the fellow shipper though because the room lighting/cutting parts and the missing pic moment&phone..doesn’t show enough to view things as turning facts.But Taehyung probably continue sleeping with Jungkook either way because he was still adorably half asleep and ready to pass out!Awwwww!!xD So imo, no harm done or off track if you wanna view things in different order…i’ve mentioned my view over it ->here<- but what i wondered when i’ve read it,is.. what’s the question ppl were looking the answer to?!:o To make a theory or searching for stuff beyond means you’re looking for an answer of a bigger question from what you can or cannot see.

~You want to confirm that Taehyung indeed kissed his arm while knowing is Jungkook?You can’t confirm it either way because even if he knew, how do you know he isn’t dreaming of someone else or something?You searched for that answer because of no-shippers or skeptical ppl?The antis will use every window they can get of such moments anyway.. no point playing along to that game. The answer though is that he saw him..he does open his eyes but it’s that half-asleep kinda state where you will know then but probably forget in the morning and even if he wouldn’t, he is like half sleeping..he probably kinda “woke up” because Jungkook pulled his arm from him and he felt it while sleeping and that’s why he turned to him after all and cuddlessssss.. I’m sure many have been into that position and know what it feels like in which i cannot find the proper words to properly explain it.. You think after sleeping together many times *stuck together version* since predebut days, he cannot recognize him even while sleeping though?I would be surprised!:o ..consciousness is something that doesn’t work the same way while we are sleeping. He could forget it in the morning easily unless it was more like a nap mood going on. That bed after all,was meant for one person and it just tell us that either way, Jungkook wasn’t suppose to sleep there. Taehyung also does those random-kissing-body-parts with Jungkook.. we know that too. How do you think that ear kiss happened?Because i’m sure as hell there was no such game going on that time!!haha;p

Look at Jungkook’s reaction btw.. someone is not asleep yet!huhuxD <3

~You want to confirm that Taehyung was also aware that he was cuddling Jungkook while sleeping? Why you need confirmation of it?Don’t you already know he does that even while still awake? sleeping Taekook is a treasure we were lucky to see more than one or two times!!*sobs*

What we didn’t know,and that holy video gaves us an answer to.. is Jungkook’s side in Taekook sleeping. We were getting signals here and there but actually seeing it happening in motion in front of our eyes after memories of “don’t bother me when i’m sleeping” or “the bed doesn’t fit us” etc … 

*SURPRISE* !!!!!!!!!!♥    //falls to the floor//  (ಥ﹏ಥ)

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I need hunk and pidge broth stuff... please...

mmmmm i sure do love friendship soup

  • Because they are the two Technologically Inclined Nerds Paladins™ they end up doing a lot of repair work/tinkering together, both on the Lions and around the castle in general.
  • Sometimes though the panels are like really high up the wall, or something is out of reach, so to compensate Pidge just climbs up Hunk and sits on his shoulders lmfao.
  • They like to scare Lance by waiting for him to round a corner in a darkened hallway and then run at him, Pidge on top of Hunk’s shoulders. Lance screams every time.
  • If Keith/Lance/Shiro are in the room as them, Hunk and Pidge will fake technobabble at each other using random words that they either made up or thought of off the top of their head. They’re basically living versions of this jargon generator.
    • Hunk: Try to encode the VGA spyware, maybe it will transmit the haptic panel!
      Pidge: No way! It makes ten times more sense to use the cross-platform MAC array to encode the microchip!
      Hunk: Nope. You’re forgetting one of the crucial laws of space-engineering: You can’t transcode the internet without generating the high speed MAC transistor!
    • Lance: My best friend’s are so smart :’)
      Keith: I don’t understand a word they’re saying, but they must be right.
      Shiro: Zarkon doesn’t stand a chance!
    • Pidge (whispering): What the hell are you talking about
      Hunk (also whispering): I have no clue lol
  • Pidge often goes Hard and doesn’t sleep for three days straight or drinks nothing but space coffee or stays in the same clothes for like a week. Hunk often follows Pidge around trying to coax them into doing something even vaguely human like eating, sleeping, showering, or good god Pidge at least brush your teeth.
  • Hunk spent a couple weeks scavenging Galran/alien tech and presented it to Pidge and together they made Pidge a brand new alien robot pal. It looks almost exactly like Rover, with a few more obvious Voltron influences. It’s still triangle-shaped though so they nickname it Dorito.
    • Dorito can fly but it can also land on the ground and cruise around on wheels.
    • Dorito is programmed to beep like R2D2 and Pidge deliberately coded Dorito to swear in a code which only Pidge and Hunk can understand. Hunk is appalled by Dorito’s language. Pidge is very proud of their child.
  • When they’re working together they like to help each other put their hair up in pigtails
Novel Time: Find Your Rhythm

Hello, NaNoers!  We’re approaching the halfway point to this month ― and I’m sure the pressure has been felt by all.  The funny thing about NaNoWriMo is that, oddly, the deeper you’re immersed into the month, the harder it is to continue.  But once you’re getting closer to the end, that Week 1 inspiration will kick back into high gear ― so keep the faith!  If you have any questions or problems, you know I’d love to help you out!

Originally posted by fxckem-im-queen

The main struggle of NaNoWriMo, in my experience, is not actually the maintenance of the novel itself ― the plot, the characters, the theme ― although these things can make for extra stress.  The biggest issue, and the most discouraging one, is keeping up with the word count.

When we look at the goal from the beginning of the month, we see 1,667 words per day and think that as long as we put in time every day, we’ll get it done.  But there are many things that can interfere with our progress.  For one thing, the month before NaNo started, I was prepping these posts with plenty of spare time – and then I got sick, and barely finished up before November 1st.  Sickness, work, school, friends and family members, and any kind of surprise that interrupts your day can get you behind that count quickly. Because of this, I’d like to share some tips to absolutely nail that word count.

Six Tips to 1,667 Words

1. Set Time Apart for Yourself

My most common mistake while writing, especially during a long daily project like NaNoWriMo, is to fail to devote my time 100% to it.  While trying to multitask can help you get some things done, writing is almost never one of those things.  It requires total immersion into your world of words – so don’t try to do it while watching TV, or while working, or while doing homework.  Don’t have any other windows open on your computer.  Don’t try to do that back-and-forth, “I’ll write a paragraph and then play a level of this game as a reward,” sort of thing. Give yourself a set amount of time, even if it can’t be at the same point every day, and use the time completely.  Then reward yourself.

“People on the outside think there’s something magical about writing, that you go up in the attic at midnight and cast the bones and come down in the morning with a story, but it isn’t like that. You sit in back of the typewriter and you work, and that’s all there is to it.”
― Harlan Ellison

2. Abolish Your Inner Editor

There is one archnemesis to writing, and it is not work, and it is not your crazy family, and it is not college, and it is not the TV or the internet as all the old farts insist.  It’s your inner editor, and it wants to kill you.  So kill it back ― harder.  Kill it with fire.  Kill it with thirty strong minutes without using the “backspace” key, if you’re brave enough.  Allow yourself to write without thinking about the mistakes, because that’s what NaNoWriMo is about ― writing 50,000 genuine words without abandon.

“I would advise any beginning writer to write the first drafts as if no one else will ever read them – without a thought about publication -and only in the last draft to consider how the work will look from the outside.”
― Anne Tyler

3. Even if You’re a Pantser, Plan ― Just a Little Bit

For some of you, this looks like a total buzzkill, but I’m not talking about outlining here.  All I suggest is that every evening, before you close out that word document, leave yourself a little note ― a plan for tomorrow.  Give yourself an idea of where you left things, because even if you feel confident now, you may forget your intentions later.  Not only will this help you start more smoothly tomorrow, but it will keep you from that annoying pre-writing phase.  You should never have to figure out what you’re going to write just before writing it.  It’s too constricting.  Instead, give yourself time to think between the plan and the paper.

“The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.” ― Agatha Christie

4. Diagnose Your Problems ― and Consult

I will say firsthand that I am not a teamwork person, and I do not like sharing my stories with people before they’re finished. That’s just the way I am.  But I’ve learned from experience that sometimes, the best way to solve plot holes or clear out your writer’s block is to talk.  And you can talk to yourself in the mirror; you can write out your thoughts on paper and ramble on until something becomes clear, because sometimes that works.  But sometimes, it helps to talk to other people ― even non-writers who won’t have a clue what you’re going through or even what’s happening in your story.  The odds are good that another person will have a fresh perspective, and they can help point out to you the things you’ve stopped noticing.

“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say ‘It’s as plain as the nose on your face.’ But how much of the nose on your face can you see, unless someone holds a mirror up to you?” 
― Isaac Asimov

5. Don’t Require Inspiration, but Do Use It

Sometimes, writing a novel can be too immersive, in that we hole up in our houses and snuggle under blankets and write so hard that we forget how to write.  There will be some who will tell you to wait and write while you’re inspired ― and some who will tell you to forget about inspiration and force the muse to bow at your throne.  I’m here to tell you to do neither.  Take some time before writing to go on a walk.  Listen to music, both your favorites and some new songs.  Watch those movies and TV shows that get you excited about what the movie version of your book would look like.  Do yoga, eat candy, solve a puzzle ― anything that makes you happy, without involving The Words, should work.  Give yourself soul food, so that when it comes to writing time, you’re not waiting and you’re not starving, either.

“If you get stuck, get away from your desk. Take a walk, take a bath, go to sleep, make a pie, draw, listen to ­music, meditate, exercise; whatever you do, don’t just stick there scowling at the problem. But don’t make telephone calls or go to a party; if you do, other people’s words will pour in where your lost words should be. Open a gap for them, create a space. Be patient.”
Hilary Mantel

6. Compete with Yourself

One thing I cannot emphasize enough about NaNoWriMo is that, no matter how good you’re going, there will come a time that you fall behind. Unless you’re extremely lucky, there will be some Mid-Month Catastrophe that will throw you off-kilter.  So whenever you’re feeling particularly inspired or productive, and you’ve got the time to keep going, keep going.  Getting ahead not only feels good, but it will save you in the long run.  Only stop when you’ve run dry ― and sometimes, not even then.

“Write while the heat is in you. … The writer who postpones the recording of his thoughts uses an iron which has cooled to burn a hole with.”
Henry David Thoreau

So there you have it – six steps to kick that word count’s ass.  Go do it! Go kick that figurative ass!  And don’t come back on tumblr until you’ve finished!

If you need advice on writing, fanfiction, or NaNoWriMo, you should maybe ask me!

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Wow, so POTO PRAGUE has Christine sitting on the Phantom's lap during PONR? Just when I thought that her spreading her legs open wasn't bad enough....wonder if it gets racier.

“Point of No Return” is admittedly one of my favourite scenes in the replica stage version, so maybe I’m extremely judgemental. But I’ve honestly never seen a non-replica version I’ve thought worked well. In fact, I find most of them quite bad. I mean…

CZECH REPUBLIC: Excuse me, WHAT am I watching? Lap dancing? X rated home video?!? Whyyyy would you even…??

POLAND: That red couch looks like a giant red mouth. The whole scene looks like an obscure bordello scene from a 1980s Wild West movie. The Phantom looks like Zorro or some carnival pirate. Can we just…. NOT?

FINLAND: …that time Christine and the Phantom ended up in a bondage club and it got really awkward…

ESTONIA: I’m still not sure if this is a deleted Queen of Spades scene from “Alice in Wonderland”, or actually “Point of No Return”…

RESTAGED TOUR: …so if it’s ain’t lapdancing, it’s table dancing….

HUNGARY: I’m semi positive to the Budapest version, despite both table dancing and an interesting unmasking. But the SHOES, oh Lord THE SHOES!

2004 MOVIE: I didn’t forget about Zorro and Esmeralda in the movie version, don’t you worry. But frankly, it’s one of the duller and forced versions of PONR out there, I’d rather forget about it.

And no, I didn’t forget about the Romanian one either, it just basically felt like a 2004 movie rip off where the actress pulled the same face for 5 minutes. 

Apparently PONR is a really hard scene to get right? At least according to my taste. I find that the scene is more heated and sensual where there’s lots of restraint and unspoken words than in versions forcing the sexuality. I can see how it’s easy to end up there, but it often feels unnecessary? So, yeah.

On Miraculous Orthographies and Names

As all of us know, a show is–before anything–something you listen to.

Orthography rules don’t really exist for it until the creators release official written information. However, you will find here a list of common orthography errors you may find in fanfiction that are kind of…striking, and worth a correction.

I strongly advise you to read this post, especially for the Genderbent! AU which contains an involuntary, yet to-be-corrected-at-all-costs mistake.

Keep reading


Sometimes when we look at the elegant statues and columned temples of the ancient world we forget that they were people just like us. The Romans were passion  sporting fans, habitual gambler, sloppy drunks, and weren’t shy about it either.

The above pictures are one I took (with exception for the top picture, mine was fuzzy so I went to google.) of the brothel in Pompeii. The romans would call a brothel like this a Lupanar, or wolf-den. Lupa, the Roman word for a prostitute, being the feminine form of the Latin word for wolf. Recalling the myth of Romulus and Remus being suckled by a she-wolf, (or in some of the versions the farmer who found the twins beside the Tiber river’s wife, who was a prostitute). The Lupanar in Pompeii is a decent sized building from what i recall, with 10 little “cubicula” where the business got done. In the hall overhead were frescoes of various sex scenes, displaying different positions.  You’ll note that the elegant furniture shown in the paintings doesn’t live up to the brick and plastered Bed, which would likely be covered with a mattress and fine sheets, and I suppose the quality of the furniture wasn’t really on the client’s minds. The Lupanar was easy to find if you follow the Phallus’ carved into the road leading the way.

On the walls there is graffiti, showing us yet again how human, and down right vulgar the Romans were. From the Lupanar many are written and even responded too, in a dialogue of sorts between various clients and even the prostitutes. there are over 100 graffiti inscription from the Lupanar, So I’ve put a few choice ones below, for your amusement:

“Here I fucked many girls.”

“Lucky guy, you fuck well” Possibly “Lucky guy, you get a good fuck.”

“On june 15th, Hermeros Screwed here with Phileterus and Caphisus”

“I (a woman) was fucked here”

“Scordopordonicus here fucks well whomever he pleases”

There are also references to the girls who perform fellatio (and one reference which make indicate a male who performs fellatio). Two of the rooms (both on the south side of the building) contain Graffiti that talks about homosexual sex between men.  And one referece to cunnilingus, though this may be meant as an insult, as men were supposed to be the ricievers of pleasure and women the givers.

The taverns in Pompeii would also serve as brothels, with the barmaids being prostitutes. We even hear of a female proprietor of a tavern who indulged in prostitution. Indicating that the profession was not relegated to slaves, and thei presence of grafiti by the prostitutes themselves indicates that they were literate. Here is some examples of tavern graffiti, and they can tell an interesting story or two:

“Whoever wants to serve themselves can go on an drink from the sea.”(over a picture of a woman carrying a pitcher of wine and a drinking goblet.)

“I screwed the barmaid”

“We have wet the bed, host.  I confess we have done wrong.  If you want to know why, there was no chamber pot”

“Restituta, take off your tunic, please, and show us your hairy privates”

“Two friends were here.  While they were, they had bad service in every way from a guy named Epaphroditus.  They threw him out and spent 105 and half sestertii most agreeably on whores.” (Quite a Sum of money, 900 sestertii was the annual pay of a soldier at the time.)

“Weep, you girls.  My penis has given you up.  Now it penetrates men’s behinds.  Goodbye, wondrous femininity!”

“Apelles the chamberlain with Dexter, a slave of Caesar (the emperor), ate here most agreeably and had a screw at the same time.”

“Apelles Mus and his brother Dexter each pleasurably had sex with two girls twice.” (these two were really out on the town"

Tavern graffiti gives us a slice of every day drama:

[Severus]: “Successus, a weaver, loves the innkeeper’s slave girl named Iris.  She, however, does not love him.  Still, he begs her to have pity on him.  His rival wrote this.  Goodbye.”.  [Answer by Successus]: “Envious one, why do you get in the way.  Submit to a handsomer man and one who is being treated very wrongly and good looking.”  [Answer by Severus]: “I have spoken.  I have written all there is to say.  You love Iris, but she does not love you.”

The Romans weren’t shy about other bodily functions in their graffiti either:

(From a tavern or pottery shop) “Lesbianus, you defecate and you write, ‘Hello, everyone!’”

(outside the door of a house) “To the one defecating here.  Beware of the curse.  If you look down on this curse, may you have an angry Jupiter for an enemy.” (I don’t blame this guy, If people pooped outside the door of my house, I’d curse them too.)

(Outside the city gate) “Defecator, may everything turn out well so that you can leave this place.”

 (At the public latrine, written thee times on a wall) “Secundus defecated here.” (Must have been his favorite spot.)

(On the walls of a public latrine) “Apollinaris, the doctor of the emperor Titus, defecated well here”

(On the wall of a water distribution tower) “ Anyone who wants to defecate in this place is advised to move along.  If you act contrary to this warning, you will have to pay a penalty.  Children must pay [number missing] silver coins.  Slaves will be beaten on their behinds.” (Good policy, no pooping near the drinking water!)

Finally a collection of graffiti from various places in pompeii:

(Vestibule of a haouse) “The finances officer of the emperor Nero says this food is poison.”

(Gladiator barracks) “Floronius, privileged soldier of the 7th legion, was here.  The women did not know of his presence.  Only six women came to know, too few for such a stallion.”

(On the wall of a possible brothel) “Gaius Valerius Venustus, soldier of the 1st praetorian cohort, in the century of Rufus, screwer of women.”

(Gladiator barracks) “Antiochus hung out here with his girlfriend Cithera.”

(On the wall in the street “Theophilus, don’t perform oral sex on girls against the city wall like a dog” (I guess teenagers in every era are the same.)

(Gladiator Barracks) “Celadus the Thracian gladiator is the delight of all the girls.”

(Wall of a house) “I have buggered men.”

(Another brothel wall) “Blondie has taught me to hate dark-haired girls.  I shall hate them, if I can, but I wouldn’t mind loving them.  Pompeian Venus Fisica wrote this.”

(In the Atrium of a house “If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girlfriend.”

(On the wall of a house) “Atimetus got me pregnant” (oops)

(On the wall of a house) “I don’t want to sell my husband, not for all the gold in the world” (aww)

(Public market) “Secundus likes to screw boys.” (The same secundus who likes the same toilet?)

(Wall of a house) “My lusty son, with how many women have you had sexual relations?” (uh oh)

(Room of a possible Brothel) “Vibius Restitutus slept here alone and missed his darling Urbana”

(Above a bench outside the one of the city gates) “If anyone sits here, let him read this first of all: if anyone wants a screw, he should look for Attice; she costs 4 sestertii.”

(In the Basilica, essentially city hall/courthouse) “The man I am having dinner with is a barbarian.”

(In the Basilica, essentially city hall/courthouse) “Virgula to her friend Tertius: you are disgusting!”

(In the Basilica, essentially city hall/courthouse) “The one who buggers a fire burns his penis”

(In the Basilica, essentially city hall/courthouse) “Epaphra is not good at ball games.”

Finally and perhaps most appropriately, from the walls of the Basilica “ O walls, you have held up so much tedious graffiti that I am amazed that you have not already collapsed in ruin.”

Zelink Week 2017

Hosted by @tfloosh and @kobaltwolf

The time has come again for another Zelink Week! With a lot of help from @kobaltwolf, we have decided to make Zelink Week two weeks long and pose and extra challenge for week two dubbed the Master Quest.

The Zelink Week Master Quest is just a set of slightly more challenging prompts to stir your creative juices. The prompts are taken from the Seven Sages’ elements from Ocarina of Time, but feel free to take these prompts out of the OoT realm if you wish. We can’t wait to see who will take up the challenge!

Zelink Week will last from January 8th 2017 to January 21st 2017

Here are the prompts for each day:

Zelink Week

January 8th: The Beat of Your Heart
January 9th: Discourse
January 10th: The Breath of the Wild
January 11th: Hazardous
January 12th: With You
January 13th: Courage, Wisdom, Power
January 14th: Breathless

The Zelink Week Master Quest

January 15th: Light
January 16th: Forest
January 17th: Fire
January 18th: Water
January 19th: Shadow
January 20th: Spirit
January 21th: Time

Anyone can participate! Be it fanart, fanfiction, or anything else your creative minds can come up with, we would love to see it for Zelink Week. Even if you only want to submit something for one day, that’s perfectly fine. If you just want to only submit work for the first week, that’s A-okay too. You can even pick and choose prompts from both weeks to do; just remember to post them on that prompt’s day.

Other Guidelines:

  • It is Zelink Week, so all your lovely work should be centered around Zelink, or Link and Zelda from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • Even though Zelink Week won’t start until January, you can get started now! Just remember to post your finished work in January.
  • Any incarnation of Link and Zelda is acceptable, including TetraXLink and Fem!SheikXLink. From Skyward Sword to Ocarina of Time to Wind Waker and beyond! You can even do Breath of the Wild if you want to go crazy! Headcanons and AUs are welcome; feel free to use your own versions of Link and Zelda.
  • Tag your submissions with both #zelinkweek and #zelink week so that everyone can see your lovely work and reblog!

Feel free to contact either @kobaltwolf or myself if you have any questions, and don’t forget to have fun and be respectful! Please spread the word by reblogging this post, so others can join in the fun. Thanks in advance to all those who want to participate. We can’t wait to see all the lovely works everyone creates!

Six Weeks

Pairing: Beca/Chloe, mentions of Chloe/OC

Words: 4608

Summary: You have the date of Chloe’s wedding circled on the rarely used calendar hanging above your desk (circled in red, which is so overly dramatic that you roll your eyes at yourself every time you see it). 

Notes: This is a sequel to Love Love Love, and it probably won’t make much sense if you don’t read that first. I must have written, erased, and re-written this about a thousand times. I’m still not sure I much like how this turned out, but I promised I’d post it, so here we are. ;) I hope you all forgive the lack of beta’ing; I was afraid if I looked at it any more, I would never post it! 

The title and song lyrics are from Six Weeks by Of Monsters and Men.

Alone, I fight these animals, 

Alone, until I get home

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